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May 30, 2017



About A Girl

One of the top CD "Live at Reading", was casted in 2017 with an Awesome Alternative song "About A Girl"
.This is Nirvana`s 208th soundtrack, Out of 340 all .
Lines in the track was created by .It instantly get sky-high on the video platform youtube in 2017, and is watched by 75.77 million audience.The soundtrack was originally composed by Nirvana on the other side it was nicely represented by Nirvana.Prime expert Nirvana did role in three responsibilities, played role as singers, composer and cast.Estimated monetize to Universal Music Group from music track is $164000.Alternative`s star Dave Grohl, Kurt Kobain, Nirvana and Krist Novoselic represented fresh look in this video.Nirvana experienced love for good work of a Alternative track.This song was broadcasted 6 months ago, continuing to be loved by English listeners.Universal Music Group, made live the soundtrack after launching "Lithium" soundtrack carried out by Nirvana.Music track is obtainable on platform itunes for only $1.29 and all list only for $9.99.

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Song Name About A Girl
LabelUniversal Music Group.
AlbumsLive at Reading.
Duration 02:52
Record on 30 May, 2017
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $1.29
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[Spoken Intro]

[Verse 1]
I need an easy friend
I do, with an ear to lend
I do think you fit this shoe
I do, but you have a clue

I'll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night, free
I do

[Verse 2]
I'm standing in your line
I do hope you have the time
I do pick a number too
I do keep a date with you

I'll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night, free
I do

[Verse 3]
I need an easy friend
I do, with an ear to lend
I do think you fit this shoe
I do, but you have a clue

I'll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night
No I can't see you every night ... free

I do
I do
I do
I do

Did You Know?

Music video by Nirvana performing About A Girl. (C) 1994 Geffen Records

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Comment by TheMcLay1992

I could have been your easy friend Kurt :S I would have done anything for you ♥.♥

Comment by patrick

Kurt was really attractive. Damn.

Comment by Roger Baker

dave grohl is beast

Comment by Mackenzie Morris

nirvana has made me cry before for the sole reason that they're incredibly amazing.

Comment by Peter Griffin

Return If Possible!

Comment by Adventure Guruji

this song made me play my acoustic again !!

Comment by zach eckart

pat smear!!!

Comment by Betty RhoPe

Igual love this song..

Comment by Murkee813

look faggot grow up n move on. Your preaching to the wrong party. its been 20 years and your still ragging on a legend. your probly just a grunge rocker who never made it or nirvna gangbanged your girlfriend one time.

Comment by Maria Villarreal

kurt cobain x3

Comment by TheWatev123456789

@MyJaar shut up, homophobe. nirvana isn't gay. if you don't like it, don't watch it. stop spreading negativity. or don't you understand the name of the band? look it up, genius.

Comment by vintagealien

After watching the rehearsal tape , I immediately got nervous FOR THEM when it came to watching this. Amazing job. Favorite band and favorite musician. There are no words. All love.

Comment by lenzz bhondoekhan

214 usernames have justin bieber in it :D

Comment by epichesca

2:55 <33

Comment by vera vieira


Comment by Francesca Di Cesare

I Love YOU!!! <3

Comment by Dual Wield

Anybody know what date he performed this?

Comment by ベーネサリーン

Whatever. This one is for JP. Bye.

Comment by SamuelB55 5

guitar hero

Comment by Rafael Flores

DAVE tocaba con Brochas para pintar????

Comment by Ivan Gmajnički

so your life is f..king miserable....get over it...go listen to your shiti music, and die alone, because no one care for you...so you are jealous because kurt still live in every song and every fan!!!!!

Comment by Bethany Hay

kurt was the most beautiful talented man to ever live rip man.

Comment by cillible king lyricist

heroine makes you do stupid things

Comment by yennie vicidomini

Eric clapton

Comment by Soraya Borges


Comment by Nikolai Bentchev

I just don't understand why ppl keep dropping silly comments about other types of music, comparing and whining about it, when im just here to listen to one of my favorite songs/bands.

Comment by MrFirstNameBasis

1994-the best year of my life. If you were not there, you will never have any idea how great this time period was!

Comment by obglobgablob

Cos hater's gonna hate. You've got to remember that the internet is the sort of fucked up place where some losers will actually go out of their way to find things that they dont' like, so they can say bad things and complain about them.

Comment by sirmars190489

man i cant get over the legend of kurt bein a lefty! lol it fries my brain! you were a legend, once gone but never forgotten!

Comment by Mariah

ew you're dumb

Comment by Miguel Batty

Check out my guitar cover :)

Comment by Tyler Ingram

he made music in the 90s, dumbass.

Comment by MrDiggit91

@xxAnne81 flawless victory lol

Comment by Alriefky Walangadi

This is a kick ass song !

Comment by John Titor

@davidgmperu Y de los que están vivos quién es mejor que él? ¿justin bieber???

Comment by luan brandi

one banda thought of everything expensive everything you could imagine nirvana for me was the best band I've ever heard was almost equal to Beatles revolutionized the history of rock so consider nirvana my favorite band the best.

Comment by ronny4ever123

@dubstebz well, they recently brought back Beavis and butthead, so hope is not entirely lost :)

Comment by Mirah Hhlb

Wtf↓ ok im fucking done with your comments ok. You think you know everything but you don't. GET A FUCKING LIFE AND STOP HATING ON GOOD MUSIC!! People like them including myself so just let them like it because honestly we dont need your opinions because no one cares. I bet you still live with your mom and this is hhow you find joy by pissing people off. Well mission accomplished bastard. Now go suck a dick because Kurt was and still is 1000000 times more amazing than you will ever be.

Comment by Phillip Patterson

The people that disliked this video are morons.

Comment by Royal nash

kurt cobain made the guitar cool again in the 90's

Comment by Patrick Lee

I just saw a culture kings ad before this, kill me now

Comment by Rafaela Sanchez

the best music about a girl of the world

Comment by Fanny Chmelar

The chimy sound from the rhythm guitar makes me jizz. How does he make that sound? I can make a bit of it, but not as good as Kurt

Comment by john doe

what a beautiful smile at the end...oh, kurt..

Comment by Command3rAwesome

is that grohl in a turtleneck?

Comment by KittenSim

Why did he go like that😭😭😭😭 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️RIP Kurt❤️❤️❤️❤️

Comment by supahkitteh96

@skullebrity Amen.

Comment by Carolina Ovejero

PLEASE!!!!!!! DONT NAME That kid in one of nirvana video. It´s makes me feel sad that someone can put kurt and that name on the same page

Comment by Frozen_Hell

i like it, that was the first ever song i learn to play the whole!

Comment by Weefv

aaaaawwwweesome *___*

Comment by TheBronx83

Incredible sound

Comment by nirvanaispus

Nirvana are the worst band of all time. CAYA is knowingly plagiarized from both Killing Joke’s Eighties and The Damned’s Life Goes On. They knowingly plagiarized the same song twice! Plagiarize: to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own : use (another's production) without crediting the source -- Kurt never credited the source. Had Kurt credited the source then it would not be plagiarizing, it would be stealing, ripping off someone. Sorry, its not OK to plagiarize others

Comment by Beth Dunkley

@justagirl12341 what the actual fucking fuck respect the dead! fucking hell!

Comment by Matthew Davidson

About a girl.

Comment by ultimathewarrior

@mandyfoster11 it just means you got good taste in music

Comment by Cne48

how old are you? 5... 80... or just f...... retarded... this is one of the best bands of all time!!! just look at the composition of the songs. I wonder who do you consider as a great band? backstreet boys???

Comment by sweatymcrtshirt

Is there anyone out there that was at this show?

Comment by imkool51391

my absolute favorite nirvana song

Comment by heartshapedlife2

@davidsons5 Truth hurts like a bitch doesn't it?

Comment by TheGuuz

R.I.P Kurt You inspired me so much

Comment by MyMy45MeMe45

hi i'm 14 too and THIS MUSIC IS MY LIFE ♥

fuck off Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, selina gomez and and and (it's only for 6 year old little stupid girls -.- )

Comment by RetroFucknFreak

@Killinemdead1 and you're a no life, obese, 59 year-old man. Don't talk about a legend, when you're no one to talk.

Comment by Fernando Tristão Pacheco

i feel annoyed I can't watch nirvana videos without seeing any justin bieber comments

Comment by Diego Lisandro Ruiz2

Excelente video, le falta una escopeta, pero excelente video :v

Comment by manvilletrain

@slimshady1997ful ya it was gone for a while.

Comment by Sal Luz

@kurtleuven True, but even outgoing music can have musical depth and amazement. For instance, Michael Jackson.

Comment by Khairul Anuar


Comment by andrea garcia

@kurosakifun fuck you looser

Comment by webby260

can't believe dave tired his hair back. he should've let it hang like nowadays

Comment by IAmJawz

@AxleTrade Yes.

Comment by TheRockRockish

oh, my god! you're morgan freeman!

Comment by nowinterweather

@NintendoCapriSun heard about this comment on your BreakingNCS video... so of course i had to check it :)

Comment by kyah feeney

I would have to say seeing this coming from a 12 year old bieber lover would almost make this comment funny if it wasnt so appauling, you really need to find a better place to release your 12 year old agnst, then on a man who has inspired millions of people with his life and music.

Comment by THEANnetWork

@DRGK9 well if he wasn't left handed that wouldn't have led to his back problems caused by the way he held the guitar which wouldn't have led to intolerable stomach pains which led to heroin addiction which led to depression which led to death :(

Comment by malayximus

how old is kurt if hes still alive?

Comment by Johnzilla 2179

Hmm. I have to agree with that. Congratulations, you posted a comment that is more factual than ignorant. I salute you.

Comment by MetallicSon

3 albums? the compilations and eps still had different songs on them silly. Not to mention With the lights out.

Comment by samantha green

I wasn't alive while Kurt Cobain was still alive but I love his music and honestly wish he was still here today. I love him ❤

Comment by Igor Holanda

/watch?v=Cec-KiVpB6A nirvana-smells like teen spirit

Comment by Zjaydee

Strong beatles influence on this one. Cool.

Comment by mikeadozenify

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

Comment by NirvanaFanLP

NO if you dont like them then why listen to them

Comment by kree1964

@AnnHailey1 When I first got cable(over 30 years ago) my TV was tuned into MTV almost ALL of the time. I havn't even so much as peeked at what's on that channel in close to 20 years now. It's a cryin shame what they did to it...

Comment by Blahblah

95% of teens these days will post the same lame statuses about "saving rock" over and over. if your one of the 5% left who isn't a sheep and doesn't copy and paste about what kind of music you like, thumb this up. You don't have to copy and paste it, unless you're a sheep. :D
High five for not being a sheep!

Comment by Purree

@ToWatchMusic Me too ^^

Comment by Antjaman A

Coked out of his mind

Comment by JD

one of the BEST albums freakin ever, I played mine till it self destructed!!!

Comment by beatlezrawesome

@tiagocc21 oh yeah fuck vevo fo posting HQ video of amazing artists!!!!! yeah. whew man they suck for that.....

Comment by taty muñoz la negra

Es bacan Nirvana

Comment by Mary K

2 days in music history that changed the world forever..the death of john lennon and kurt cobain

Comment by Mrcrow300

u make no sense but k i dont see how kurt beying bored could make him and is band bad..

Comment by Shikhar Mathur

This song makes me feel like i am in a different world, a great world. R.I.P Kurt.

Comment by wout konings

@kalodiomenos13 grohl

Comment by Levani K

my grandma

Comment by TheSecretPcode

such a forced smile at the end

Comment by Stefan Oae

@metallicaman31130 for me too!!!

Comment by Yunus Can Yörük

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away MTV played music

Comment by Holden Caulfield

legend :)

Comment by turkwa1

Words from a virgin living in his mothers basement. The Nirvana box set has over 20 + unreleased songs, you fucking muppet. Kurt did have many problems, but he was not as fucked up as you. Regardless , Nirvana as a whole made some dam fine music

Comment by Saygın Korkmaz


Comment by John Titor

@xXxDANMANxXx Except for "Come As You Are"

Comment by Blinkfan

He's not a homophobe hes just a rude douchebag, I'm homophobic but everyone takes it as hating gays, I have gay friends and gay family members it just means you are afraid of them.

Comment by RenegadeNeighbour

I fucking love how this music is still as alive today as it was when it first came out. When niki minaj, flo rida and all the other talentless fucks have rotted away with their ''music'', this music will still be listened to, felt and lived by so many people who know there is more to music than repeditive, computerised, feel good, coporate bullshit. And no I'm not a hipster, I love alot of new music also.

Comment by Black Whiskey

pats just happy to be in the band lol

Comment by justrockon426

@strvlad hey lets do that whith all good rock music; instead of having selfish singers, we could have cool buddies on MTV!!

Comment by Tomayra Holland

As fucked up as it is to say, his masterpiece was the brains on ceiling, wall, and floor painting he ended with. An unrecorded track that undeniably had the most haunted music to date that no-one heard. The tragedy is extremely beautiful and if he had gotten sober, nirvana ft. Bieber would be in our horizon. Nietzsche claimed that he who was full of life could passionately end it and would not be a coward. He in fact was the embodiment of the existential. -paraphrased from "Twilight of the Idols"

Comment by For the love of god, please lynch the clown.

Honestly, I don't think anyone gives a sweet fuck about what music you enjoy. So shut the fuck up, and enjoy the music.

Comment by Alex Sasu

So damn epic! Voice, instrumental, EVERYTHING! Do y'all know how you can spell epic? here's one way: N~I~R~V~A~N~A.

Comment by JPhalfmanhalfamazing

I was born in the early 80's and i was fortunate enough to live in the grunge era. People loved music more than they love now. The first CD i've ever bought was Incesticide...i was 9 years old! This guy was a genius and nirvana made record labels pay atention to successful bands that would never exist if it wasn't for them.

Comment by Raph Smith


Comment by judyleasugar97

I remember when Nirvana became big, and the musical landscape suddenly changed. You just don't want to admit Nirvana not only spearheaded the movement they added something unique to the mix. Btw I didn't listen to the media at that time, that was my own visceral reaction. Despite all your silly words, it still feels great to hear this song.

Comment by JVSON

USA fucking country of racists of shit

Comment by DendyOldSchool

Kurt =)!

Comment by mods23

I remember watching this live on MTV. Still 1 of my favourite all time albums an live performances.

Comment by UCd3AD

Favorite Nirvana song! Thanks Kurt!

Comment by Alejandro Garcia

jamas senti tanto amor como siento al escuchar a esta banda

Comment by heartshapedlife2

@nirvanaispus Music deserves better than most of what we have today. Do some damn research why don't you? Complaining about a band, hmm, let's see what that leaves you with. 0% professionalism, 0% respect for GOOD music, and 0% respect for others. Can't you do anything BESIDES bitching about a band you don't like?

Comment by 0blivi0u5kid

@PoutinePete No this could not have been filmed today especially on today's mtv

Comment by angelika1g6a

and i'd like to have anything what was Kurt's...

Comment by SiquelaTrevisan

Hi I'm X years old and I'd like some attetion because i like Nirvana and I'm so young omg love me pls kthxbai like pls

Comment by The Timinator

I just fucking broke a string on my acoustic thanks nirvana fu

Comment by Nick G

Legend has it; this girl this song is about is Kim Gordon. While on a Europe tour, Kim and Kurdt had a steamy, throbbing affair. So heated in fact, that Kim became infatuated with Curt enough to name their bastard child, Coco, after him (Coco = Curdt Kobane). Kim's then husband, Thurston Moore also of the Sonic Youth, found out about the affair and his fathering of a bastard baby, and would never forgive Kobain.
One day, years later, Mr Thurston found out that Mr Cobane was feeling a little blue, so he offered to hang out with him and do drugs to cheer him up. He accepted, drugs were did, and old grudges flared and Thurston Moore killed K.C. for cuckolding him for so long.
Now you all know, you're welcome.

Comment by Pablo Monterisi

dave you're fantastic!!

Comment by jeffrey1552

i think it is one of the best nirvana songs's ever and i really the way the bass sounds its like its really new but it aint!

Comment by xXxFaLLeNxShaDoWxXx

@Benchpress33 no, fuck johnny...

Comment by Maw ._.

nirvana i love you <3

Comment by Rayaqin

He even wrote a suicide note man...

Comment by Alexhimself

Everyone has something to say. I hope we all end up like Kurt; the man who sold the world. fingers crossed for the end of humanity on dec 25th!!

Comment by alejandra anguiano

dave grohl looks amazing. kurt looks aight.

Comment by Caltack8

krist novelselic is such a goofy looking dude. the fact that he's 6'7 makes it even funnier

Comment by Dante Roth

@babeeshopiez123 mhm he did, id kill for eyes like his

Comment by The Why Not Travellers

anyone else see Marshall from how i met your mother playing guitar on the left?

Comment by nirvanaispus

Its much worse than that... What really befuddles me, is lack of brainpower from Nirvana fans in praising Kurt, their role model, for giving up!!!!!!! That’s what suicide is all about - is giving up. They look up to him for doing as such. It instills upon them to not try - to give up - especially amongst the teens. Imagine what this world would be like if role models such as teachers, their parents, if they were to give up on them? What a cold dark world this would be.
Please tc and have fun

Comment by B-Minus

I can't believe I didn't consider those amazing legends-to-be (let's hope). There are others among them, but I fear overall that, like you said, we will have bands/artists that are as "classic" as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, etc.

Comment by TDG1992

wtf bis wrong with you people stop advertise sites
here we are to admire Nirvana not to learn about sites
RIP Kurt forever in my heart,soul and mind

Comment by Daniel moore

fakers need to die

Comment by Jesse Marzan

justin b. will be the next k. cobain

Comment by Laura Vigupe


Comment by ALIBAMA


Comment by roel valmoria

d best band,rip idol kurt........

Comment by Carlito Lujan

i wish nirvana would make a new album

Comment by inkQbus2009

@RaMir0bj maybe you should go die, i bet you have no musical talent or skills, judging by your shitty opinionated comments,, i can tell you suck big time, bet you get no pussy in life either, besides those easy sleezy girls that my dog has a better chance with ahhhhaa

Comment by The Gingerbread Man

@heavymetalmeister321 I'm 12... How do you think I feel?

Comment by RO_FIX

Amazing Unplugged n Beautiful Stage...

Comment by Str8 Nirvana

@losteffekt Scientists? like i give a shit about science. If you're gona troll do it on a guns n roses video not nirvana. So...Fuck off troll!

Comment by Demanofsteel

so bored Dave Grohl

Comment by Santiago Reyes

@xcx0 Green Day is shit. So is Linkin Park. It being rock does not mean it's good either.

Comment by Seán Austin Lewis

best song ever

Comment by jonni de matteis

1626 persone devono andare a fanculo!

Comment by casualtyarmy87

What an incredible voice!!

Comment by Johnathan Allison

@Tmac1150 why do you think he sent justin beiber here? EVEN H DIDNT LIKE HIM!!!

Comment by SpectreVPH

@BieberBabyBopper Dude I can say just this:
This is not a hevy metal song
It's not objectifying women
I'd rather look at porno videos with girls than with boys...but that's not your case
You are a looser
Fuck you and never comment again on a nirvana song!!

Comment by Scott Kates

@SenorDulce15 Lady Gaga are definatley in the same class, Right in the garbage.

Comment by Sam Arellano

@sharkfantast Justin Bieber is gay

Comment by Sorryscene

Oh My God his voice sends chills down my spine. I love you Kurt.

Comment by Life Hacker

fuk u рÖčŐĎ☼ť endorsers!!!! stop spamming here.... their comments was just on the top of the page because computers were the one that thumbs it up... please flag for spam all comments about рÖčŐĎ☼ť

Comment by Nickolai Lewandowski

no nirvana are like no one cus there is no 1 else in the world that are as gd as them

Comment by Runa Haider

R.I.P. Kurt. We love and miss you!

Comment by Cat Eyland

dave grohl looks like my old riding school teacher in this video ;L
things i'd do to him now though OOFT ;D

Comment by feribazdmeg



Comment by Dead Poet Society

not a fan of this band but at least they were making music unlike the shit now adays

Comment by FinSituation

You will like them the rest of your life, trust me :)

Comment by Selena Smith

His face at the very end...

Comment by Danny Liedorp

FUCK YOU VEVO for only having 39 videos.

Comment by max mustermann

Who's the random guy with the red-white-blue guitar? Dancing Tony maybe? Random guys everywhere XD

Comment by Robert Powell

@ dylanklebod hey asshole, i dont know what your problem is but if you dont like nirvana why were you even on there page to comment? i dotn know what your mom did when you were in the womb, but shes gotta be pretty fucked up to have an asshole like you. and of course you would have a school shooting backround on your page, stupid bitch

Comment by francisco fabela

@frabricion ola soi mexicano i todo el mundo alba de nirvana por ke supuestamente muy buena banda i la vdd io pinso k los ke la escuchan son unos marihuanos pretensiosos osea la eaequrosa genracion que tenia de 15 a 25 años en los 90 i aun peor tontos ke años despues kren ke eso s rock perdon eso no es nada no tiene espiritu

Comment by Юрий Гагарин

мой кумир с малолетства с 10 и до 34-х

Comment by Rafa Velasquez

magnífica versión de esta canción, viva NIRVANA

Comment by Splorgus

Its a shame Kurts not with us anymore :(

Comment by maicon lee

The drugs do our art

Comment by debie chalutax Guitaris

if kurt was still there ......????

Comment by daniel spence

idk wtf ur talking about kurts lyrics have meaning to me, they have more meaning to me then anything ive ever herd, but thats me music isnt something to be judged like a contest everyone naturally has their own taste in music because its like hearing emotion

Comment by FrozenCrewGr

i want to dye my hair like him looks cool

Comment by randyandy1960

have a listen to " IN YOUR MIND " by andrew gerbasi. Good tune. I'm sure you'll like it. Post me a comment if you agree. Cheers!

Comment by PipiJetzt

Next time, please do that without Caps-Lock on

Comment by Paulina Reyes

Krist looks so weird at :48

Comment by Estefania Monsalve

Cuando MTV no era la mierda que es ahora

Comment by jepc92003

@aerrhh well i guess u r d led zepelin or Beatles leading guitar cuz Kurt was very talented n could do music w acoustic n not just electric dupe

Comment by Mark James

@kml2f I think its because today's music tends to be vacuous, there's no real emotion in it, whilst you can clearly hear it with Nirvana

Comment by RebelThoughts82

Your mother should have saved the world a lot of trouble and aborted you.

Comment by shaunn12


Comment by xrayguns

i was surprised Kurt's voice sounds very good live

Comment by Ray Andrei

Kurt's smile at the end almost made me cry.You can really tell that it was a forced smile,and his eyes look like he was about to cry.He really poured his feelings into his songs and you can hear the sadness in his voice.Truly beautiful.May you rest in peace,Kurt and I hope,wherever you are,the pain and misery is gone and you can only feel happiness and warm feelings.Signed,a 16 year old fan.

Comment by Hak an

with dumbass comments like that, I sure hope you get yet another wave that wipes your island clean of every breathing being! Go play under a bus, dickweed!

Comment by Ida Parnetti

Kurt is my dream boyfriend♥ i love kurt so much, he's one of my favorite singers♥ I love Nirvana so much, it's my favorite band♥ R.I.P Kurt :(

Comment by simon says

great..best band in the world, cobain is king

Comment by nirvanaispus

Here's some songs Nirvana blatantly plagiarized pointing them as worst band of all time and proves them to be unoriginal. There's no excuse for any band to be this awful. 1) The Damned “Life Goes On” Z4J2aU6glt0 and Killing Joke “Eighties” x1U1Ue_5kq8 VS Nirvana CAYA 2) Blue Oyster Cult “Godzilla” lVYDA5ko940 VS Nirvana "SLTS" 3) Los Brujos “Kanishka” B9tE1lFbrg VS Nirvana “Very Ape” 4) Fang “An Invitation” 6SC1bwWcido VS Nirvana “Aneurysm” 5) The Cure “M” Uij9XyBizgI VS Nirvana About a Girl

Comment by forbiddenromeo1

@theshoeminator disagree, Tupac and Notorious BIG influenced a very different group of people, but that by no means they were not as talented as Kurt Cobain. All three played a very important part in educating and entertaining a generation. All three are legends and are sorely missed...

Comment by Black July


Comment by LunaStar Walburn

Gone too soon by choice. How sad.

Comment by Budokandamp

Kurt Cobain wrote this song because his girlfriend was jealous because she didn't have song about her. So Kurt listened to a bunch of The Beatles and made this masterpiece that is about a girl Did I just make a pun?

Comment by Sane One

Dear VEVO go f*ck your self!!!

Comment by JoceGamingYt

one of the best songs in history of mankind :D


hehe kurt looks like my dog. in a good way

Comment by Grungehead6670987

Not a bad return on a $600 investment for Bleach, huh? LOL

Comment by judyleasugar97

@NamasteNirvana: Are you sure about that? I thought he broke up with Tracy because she was not an artist or performer. He wanted a girlfriend with similar interests.

Comment by Nikola Iovtchev

@TheHuntress144 its not sexist i watched the statistics sorry if i offensed you i didnt mean to be sexist

Comment by Ricardo ornelas

@f3mpie lyk 4 real people jst listen to the music and enjoy it

Comment by TheStateofruin

I don't usually do acoustic, but nirvana have the songs that were made for it. brilliant.

Comment by nirvanaispus

There you go again, inventing excuses. Similar bass lines? um duh ummm huh? what? doy duh, oh oh yeah something you can count on is I am certainly not as dumb nor as stupid as you. Considering the fact that Les Claypool is one of the most talented bass players of all time, and the bassist for Melt Banana is no where near as such, your teeny tiny itty bitty teeny bopper soggy sponge brain filled with lice has no case. Also if anyone were to consider MB's vocals similar to Les's, well nobody on

Comment by Fernando Guimarey

ahhhhhhhhh i get it, i jus looked at ur account, u obvs jus created that account a few days ago so u can pointlessly troll good videos :) its ok, young children often need outlets to take ther anger out on when "daddy" touches them inappropriately, ur obvs trying youtube, gd luck in trying to find a meaning for your pointless existence and thanks for commenting :)

Comment by alexandra torres

compare this mtv unplugged
lil waynes mtv unplugged.


Comment by Der Brennführer


Comment by Pokon

hahahaha xD

Comment by vieworvoice

@ClassicalWave You know he meant in the spirit that others condiser him a trail blazer for other artists, the whole group, I adore Janis Joplin but wasn't even alive during her time as queen of the blues. Kurt will live on in every generation because good music is always current.. Suicide was a desperate sad man who couldn't control his physical pain and got addicited to morphine and cound't get off. You try to do that and have an incredible wit and depth.

Comment by Henry v Zyl

you had fokofpolisiekar

Comment by Justin MC

lol ok man

Comment by moxfyt

At 1:31 and 1:39 = bruxism

Comment by MycroSparks

@TheDickCesar Guitar Pro 5,but you can google them...Although i think this isnt regular tuned strings so you might need to adjust the sound ...

Comment by Michael Ochoa Nuñez

Gracias kurt por dejarnos este pedazo de musica asi como todo tu repertorio un abrazo en donde estes

Comment by mixalhs gamatoutsikos

@Inspiredbythefire123 you are absolutely right

Comment by chazeman2

@aelix56 sounds painful.

Comment by Abdullah MA


Comment by jaripatah

@Cagaspiar he dont care anymore
do you really think kurt cobain would care about this world anymore?

Comment by chevleclair

i heard this song being played one day at a friend's house, and didn't realize I had been tapping my feet to it until I was told to stop. Cobain was a rare kind of rocker, for then and now. He actually had a little bit of soul in his music, and genuine emotion. Bieber compared himself to this man, and many rockers have, in fact compared themselves to him after. He succeeded at marrying true rock n roll with pop music. It was on my 15th birthday when your death became public. Vi con dios, Kurt

Comment by marIzzy

@bulldogg1111 i totally agree with you!!!!!

Comment by Death kin

We miss you Kurt

Comment by anderson ayres

i´m love this song fuck the world

Comment by devin casemier

I would give anything for you to spell and use the right homophone.

Comment by Didier Busvelle

Ah oui moi personnellement je regrette c'est artiste chanteur auteur compositeur

Comment by luna7557

Kurt Cobain is amazing

Comment by Best Ashok

song title font is like Batman cartoon series fonts lol

Comment by dime bag

20 years of asskicking nirvana r.i.p your gone but not forgotten

Comment by SERGIO BACA

God how awesome music used to be, back when Mtv was about music of all styles!!! Not the same 15 pop artists, then back to I'm 16 and pregnant.

Comment by SL504NYY26

As a black man who grew up in the 80s and 90s I obviously flocked to hip hop as my first love of music. But as I got older I found more and more different styles and I realized that I love songs from all walks of music. This song, Come as You Are, Half the Man by STP, Dolphins Cry by Live, and few others. Let me know that no matter what your social, financial, or ethnic standing.... Good music is GOOD MUSIC. I thank you guys for letting me enjoy one of my favorite songs with you.

Comment by Myriam El Assil

nirvana, evangelion and tarkovsky

Comment by E Duggan

Not that I give a shit about labelling music; i have no idea why i even responded to that, to be honest.

Comment by BoromirFudgeYeah

Go fuck yourself

Comment by Warren Charlton

This song is simply amazing

Comment by Daniel Teer

The last pair of shoes he would where.

Comment by Adalid Castillo

Kurt will always live in our hearts (L)... HBD

Comment by John Adams

this isnt bad, but they are no metro station.

Mason Musso is twice the musician than whoever this guy is (kirk koban?)

Comment by nesaucedo73

You hear so much hype about kurts voice, but in this video it's INSANELY obvious that this voice is a one-in-a-million sort of thing. absolutely ridiculous 

Comment by mikeadozenify

There is only one God and Jesus is not he.

Comment by Germinal Lancelin

bientot 19 ans qu'il est parti et il me manque comme jamais ! chienne de vie !

Comment by BmxDom2k10

@BmxDom2k10 Cobain* My bad.

Comment by RickyHimself

You have no clue what you're talking about. The guys at MTV said Kurt needs to smile more during the show, preferably after this song. So Kurt being Kurt gave this big cheesey fake smile which is what you saw. He wasn't high, it had nothing to do with being high or drugs.

Comment by Xia Love

Some guy said to me that all Kurt wrote about was suicide and that Gerard Way was better, only the funny thing was his opinion was just an opinion mine was a fact. <3 He was a musical genius and I won't let anyone tell me otherwise <3

Comment by Thiago Gracy


Comment by luzmar alvarez

Nice Music <3

Comment by Vale Suárez

Funny thing is that, yes, he did had a gun.

Comment by Silidons

@reiko082 i enjoy nirvana as much as the next guy (hate lmfao though) but i highly doubt nirvana fans are generally intelligent. that is a hilarious comment.

Comment by Jorge Arturo Peraza

Kurt Cobain sonrio al final?, o quiso decir 'thanks' y no pudo por el chicle? se me hizo curioso jaja

Comment by clydefrog217

@79FoxBodyMustang ok, thanks man.

Comment by Lucy Castaño

I Learn to Play the Guitar Whit This Song!!!


Comment by kallia95

he plays wonderful guitar and he has a great voice...that's all that matters

Comment by David Horan

The Seattle Grunge Experience https://www.facebook.com/SeattleGrungeExperience are playing this unplugged set in full at the Rockathon tribute festival this year.

Comment by Evan Ash

And I'm glad to hear you're a fan of C2B3 but saying you've seen Buckethead and then saying Johnny Ramone was one of the greats proves that you aren't a musician. And just because a member from a band says their music was the only reason for another band existing is flawed logic. I could say without my influence you'd never have looked up C2B3...doesn't make it true. Punk would still be punk without the Ramones. Saying Grunge wouldn't have existed is a fallacy because there's no way to PROVE it

Comment by Patrick Kane

His jacket looks itchy.

Comment by Nathalia Rodríguez

Como te extrañamis Kurt; las cosas serian diferentes.

Comment by Arabronx Style

Necesito una amiga fácil
a quién ponerle... atención
y que piense que soy el indicado...

Comment by Tanis Nielsen

@DyIanKIebold so you choose to post this in nearly all nirvana songs?? wow your a nolifer!

Comment by Adam Mickiewicz

@clockw0rkbunneh complain to you dad & mother..

Comment by B-Minus

I wonder if today's music will have any 'classic' artists (such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc.). I feel like nothing is that special about today's music: The instrumentation, the lyrics, etc., not too much is special with a fair amount of the songs that are popular now. I fear that the potential for classics are gone. Oh well, we will always have NIrvana to listen to!

Comment by wout konings

@kalodiomenos13 Kay

Comment by jokerorthethief

there's always bad music in every generation because the moronic masses outnumber the reasonable creatures. you just have to have an open mind and not get stuck in one genre. good music is good music.(not the record label f them) /whisper in flames moonshield, dan auerbach street walkin, the raconteurs carolina drama.

Comment by TheBHall14

I give your first sentence a thumbs up, and your second one 3 thumbs down.

Comment by TheSsanoobab

I srsly have a garage band called voodo that's trying to bring back the so called the genre that's dead aka grunge

Comment by olivia1910

Well you were almost there. ^^ I think it's already something to have been there during the post-Nirvana era, right after Kurt's death.

Comment by maurice huggins

@bobywade517 so true.......looking at what MTV was to what it now is...it's just SAD......

Comment by BoromirFudgeYeah


Comment by RilakosSs

I get really angry when people compare Kurt to God,Well he is good but he is not Kurt...

Comment by Jack RIPPER

press F5 to skip commercials

Comment by marinho nelson


Comment by redcomic619

@mo27574 FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by aldy lima

excelente nirvana!!!

Comment by baobabas99

He looks so sad.

Comment by Jeffrey vergakis

@nirvanaispus i see your faggot ass still going to every nirvana video just to write stupid comments you really need to get a life,job,or a girlfriend u seriously have no life

Comment by vasiliki geo

I need an easy friend too

Comment by vintaks1

Wish I could have seen him live!

Comment by Jean Patrick Arce Yataco

pero no se portugueess!

Comment by Marinês Maciel

Muitoo bom

Comment by Sliver McSilverson

@w0rdisbond You are obviously making assumptions.
First of all, I don't care what race you are.
Second of all. Ghetto people say "niqqa plz", not just black people.
Third of all. You're avoiding the original question, "Who said I hated black people?"

Play nice, tu petzo di mierda.

Comment by Hasnal Wenes

pantek keren bgt

Comment by Nik Mchedlo

bad joke :(

Comment by Elizabeth Wardle

I wish I would've been a 90's teen so much

Comment by BieberBabyBopper

@oldmate6 I didn't comment on this video just to "trash" it. I'm here to help people like you who have been corrupted by heavy emo metal music, like Nirvana! Please take the time to listen to Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus!

Comment by Kranken heit

can anyone give me a complete answer to why kurt cobain killed himself?

Comment by metallicaofhammet

Best Unplugged i ever seen

Comment by Mathew Snow

i think love truly killed him. yes he was sick of fame there for he was goin 2 leave nirvana but love didnt want to lose all the fame and money with kurt leavin so she killed him. she knew that she would get all of his money. but late to find out kurt was goin to leave love but gues what he killed himself before it happend... wow everyone can think what they want but thoughts my opinion
RIP Kurt Cobain.

Comment by Dion Lembut

Axl Rose has 162 Youtube acc to dislike this Video

Comment by Radek Čáp

@HKMikkel fuck you retard

Comment by mark dowling

happy birthday kurt the legend R.I.P.

Comment by pieman1019

@gamecubeable thats not funny

Comment by Jeff ewed

Fuck i wish nirvana was still around

Comment by bunnyalex15

@ThirdTimeRoundBand not necessarily. Guitar hero introduces the young kids to great bands such as nirvana, and keeps the spirit of these bands alive in the younger generation. i think its good for that reason. also, it draws them away from todays crap

Comment by Somos Regios

No she didn't.

Comment by Daisy Clapham

just so gutted.. talent.. was born 1971 then " grunge" hit was like a k pow ...

Comment by Franco Sabella Riverti

@W0w316lord and dave like joey of "Friends"

Comment by Shycreator

guitar hero world tour

Comment by John Doe

@h311inac311 is more laid back?? teen spirit.. well at least for me wasn't very relaxing :p

Comment by Dante Germán

Grunge is a Subgenre of rock.

Comment by Mischiefmaker2u

This Unplugged version is my favorite. "I Can See You Every Night Free..... I Do". Happy Birthday my love. You would have been 43 February 20th. What a waste of a beautiful gift:(

Comment by TheUsualSuspect7


you know that for a fact? Not starting trouble, but it's best to die young, I don't want to see cobain turn into George Foreman , imagine the cobain grill. Just enjoy what they left and be happy that they left the shit rock earth!

Comment by RockCrazyGirls

Happy birthday Kurt ...❤

Comment by Albort Ross

Spot on.

Comment by Devon1798

how did they corrupt it? by putting it on YouTube with nice quality?

Comment by dissident93

...you're kidding.

Comment by ulty77

Love the sarcastic smile at the end haha

Comment by Konstantinos Roukas

Terrific live ,unforgettable.

Comment by L00Gi

What a corny ass smile LMAO

Comment by Cam eron

this is beautiful.

Comment by Soul_Sking Fresh

A self contained rage bordering on insanity,depression,love,pain,hate,joy and exitement. One of a kind. Thanks for sharing yourself to the world Kurt. Rest in Peace.

Comment by nirvanaispus

They are not crazy reasons otherwise you'd be able to refute them. And don't worry, there's plenty more. Um no according to Kurt, there was no meaning in his pathetic lyrics as he stated numerous times and in numerous ways. Wow, you must know Kurt better than he knew himself. No one can - ever - have passion if they are constantly "bored" and "faking it" as Kurt has claimed numerous times and in numerous ways. If you honestly believe there was talent within grunge, then you are not a musician.

Comment by Ana Montero

Mtv died in the 90s. Lol get over it and get used to it

Comment by copsinmyhouse

0:48 "wow that light is purle:)" "man beeing high is great"

Comment by Arthur Raffield

but luckily it survives with bands like to face and green day...

Comment by prettycolors2

44 people are obviously deviant and must be purged...

Comment by Amy Sands

why would vevo think its okay to put a one direction advert before this, bad vevo

Comment by Martina Lousova

miluju nirvanu... škoda že jsem se nenarodila v roce jako kurt cobain. je to můj vzor!!!!

Comment by Lucas silveira campos

This is their best show ever, the others sound like crap(but I still like them)

Comment by Ace Eversole

Dead* man. Great man though. Close.

Comment by Krzysztof Hadrych

Why the god name is god?

the Kurt Cobain name was sold!

Comment by nuril anwar


Comment by seewendy1

people the justin bieber jokes and comments are getting old. just watch the video and listen to the music this is Nirvana, and it has nothing to do with Justin Bieber.

Comment by gringodeltoro1

@RebelThoughts Satan came on earth in mid 90's till now !

Comment by joaoo390

i miss the time the word unplugged didn't make a difference

Comment by Lars Holmgaard Christensen

I hope you are 27.....

Comment by Callarjp1

Guitar, yes.

Comment by Gabriel Justiceiro

you guys there in the U.S. has evolved and cheap thing here in Brazil a PS3 costs around 950 Dollars e in EA's all cheap, roast Thurs I had been born in Brazil and live forever aki F333 Maplestory

Comment by איתי נגוסה

This song is an adventure to me

Comment by Marcus Munitions

Is it just me or is it abundantly clear that this song is about a whore?
By the way, his smile at the end looked really pained, like he was forcing it. How people didn't notice his depression I have no clue.

Comment by daniel dias

could you please shut up? i trying to listen to this.. jesus.. ¬¬

Comment by Matt Dragon

i wish soo much that i could of seem like but i guess i will just watch the awesome videos 

Comment by Michael AKA King Panda

I used to think the first part of the chorus said
take a benadryl
meet me after twelve

Comment by Wondie

This has to be my fav nirvana song.

Comment by nirvanaispus

Nirvana were completely passionless. Kurt couldn’t have because he was constantly “bored” & "faking it" as he admitted several times in several different ways. Don’t believe me? Good. Try it yourself. Recognize when you are "bored" with something and then see how much passion you have. If you are honest with yourself, its a big fat 0. No one has been able to pass that test, and neither can you. Kurt didn't have a hard life as compared to billions that have been through far worse.

Comment by Ashley Desiree

WTF is wrong with you ?
Coming from someone with Justin Bieber as their username.Sorry but Justin Bieber could never create the amazing art like Kurt Cobain did.Kurt was an actual artist who eat,breathed,drank and bled every part of his soul into his creations.Unlike Bieber who is just an entertainer having other people create his music for him.So yeah learn what real music is before judging.

Comment by thiesare tiesto

pensar que todo esse show foi de efeito de drogas.

Comment by Susana de Assumpção


Comment by Shei Freitas

Amo ♥

Comment by Jordan

I really can not understand why almost 4.5k people disliked this song,this man,this band.... ffs...

Comment by Surpreende Habbo

R.I.P Kurt, R.I.P Nirvana R.I.P Grunge :(

Comment by Quackvision

2:54 TROLL FACE...... for ending the song

Comment by issyfluff 123

Kurt Cobain is so beautiful I love nirvana!

Comment by איתי נגוסה

@yo4057 Lol, No llorar

Comment by Cheezy

wonderful memories...takes me back

Comment by nirvanaispus

Um no teeny bopper with a boring boredom which bores a boring bore attitude, MB sound nothing like Primus. Then again, you've heard neither. "Can you even name a song not off of the Sailing the Seas of Cheese album or any other album that is well known?" What does that have to do with anything? Duh. Zero. Zip. Nada. By your teeny bopper reasoning, all songs you know are well known. Yeah, I get it, you can somehow divide 0 into 0.
Kiss a yodeling diaper.
I'm so glad I made your day better.

Comment by anwolfer

Who is Justin Beiber???

Comment by Ayan Ujer

I love
In bloom
Heart shaped box
Smells like teen spirit
About a girl
All apologies
The man who sold the world
Come as you are
I am OBSESSED with them 😍👌

Comment by Diego Silva

Esse galego é muito louco

Comment by coppatop


You are bad, you have bad taste in music, and you should feel bad.

Comment by Macker51

@AlexandraStumpCobain memoried? really?

Comment by vieworvoice

@ClassicalWave Yeah, a rock band. Yes, I am so ashamed that I don't get Tears for Fears on a Nirvana page. Oh my, this will hurt my chances on the Supreme Court now. Soft rock! Are you 90? Does the music bother you when played? Well, tell those damn kids to lower their volume. Can I be there to watch???

Comment by Vivien Szegedi

What kind of guitar does he use?If anyone can play on guitar please help me! What kind of guitar do you suggest for a beginner?Sorry for that, i write about guitars, but i think it's connecting for Nirvana and Kurt *_*.I LOVE NIRVANA!!

Comment by Marta Maria

Kurt <3

Comment by MrTheBeast

@sosoanglaise VEVO is bullshit

Comment by joel Aguero

!!!! primera vez q veo esa sonrisa!!

Comment by Daniele Solimene

What kind of sticks is Dave using? O.o

Comment by PersonaBrazil

@wulyf4lyf Man, just look at his nickname...it's a waste of time argue with that shit.

Comment by Meor Muhammad Shukri

to everyone just like to condemn others people likes: if you don't like them (the band) then just stay far far away from here and express you felling in your blog (probably no one will read) or video blog (assuming everyone will hate). you just ruined every fan mood. :(

Comment by JRHLoL

2:59 Best.Troll.Face. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by ObieT2k

Best live performance ever this whole set, say different you can FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by peperonyandchease

@wafflebuster sorry i didnt know he was actually died

Comment by mkc 81

Lord, please give us back the king of alternative rock and grudge, that is Kurt Cobain

Comment by Paul Sorin

sati muara familya

Comment by Proven As The Best

Love to see People Live In "Action" On Stage...Nirvana Rocks!   ;-)

Comment by Vladislav Gochev

RIP Kurt 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Comment by Answer answered

Guess What!! we used to watch this whole concert before the money cocksuckers got hold of it.

Comment by Hasan Turalic

He still is!

Comment by Aiden Meredith

@MrMysteryMusician Nirvana are* the best

Comment by Alyssa Ortega

i miss you

Comment by xRazgriz

@bobywade517 MTV was okay back then. They weren't so much corporate sell outs as they are. This was back when music was still "good".

Comment by cowboykillerreds

It's a shame that there's next to no music that's as good as this nowadays. Fortunately we still have Dave Grohl though. R.I.P. Kurt Cobain.

Comment by THEalfalfa1

@Struckworld their ads and their taking over of music on youtube

Comment by RAMONES3122

Umm. I'm a huge Ramones fan (hence the name) but the best bands are Nirvana and Incubus.

Comment by Carlos Soto

@MichaelJacksonRocxks Is the "i dont wanna sing for you like a trained monkey" smile

Comment by Michael Stark Basquiat

They're not a 70's band. Nirvana is a 90's band guy.
Just how old are you? lol

Comment by Michele Hatch

Just stay away from Courtney though...she's toxic.

Comment by Dilithium Crystals

fuck bieber

Comment by jAngo583

epic photo at the left of the screen

Comment by Eleanor Hare

Kurt cobain ripped off the pixies and was a whiny-ass faggot

Comment by nirvanaispus

on musicianship. If you can not play all of Nirvana’s so-called songs without fumbling through them as they did then you suck as a musician. What’s worse is that they never strived to be better, to be the best they could possibly be. If they did, there would have been dramatic improvements from album to album. Instead it’s the same damn thing. And talk about production values? What production values? Nirvana skimped out on nearly every opportunity. If you want to find out about production and

Comment by Steven Foltz

@Nicolaaaaaah hahahahaha like I haven't heard of that one before!

Comment by agente00hamster

Was Kurt left handed?

Comment by zveena

They left us with 4 official albums. But don't forget there are over 30 different albums,compilations with early demos,b-sides,solo songs etc etc.

Comment by Thorn Deer

Cause it's an awesome song. :D

Comment by Trevor

Whatever, fuck all of you Nirvana worshiping pussies. Rap has taken over and there is nothing you fuck boys can do about it.

Comment by Jaackiee Nunez

Nirvana was such a rad band 👌

Comment by sera lockwood

@chilliwacko hahahahahahaha reverse mullet good one i dont think ive heard that one before lol

Comment by musicismyfuckinlife

Grunge is a genre in Rock

Comment by regina teuta

drug destroy...😦😦😦😩😩👎👎but he was perfect

Comment by Robby Arvin

am i the only one who plays this in guitar hero world tour?

Comment by Mitch Fatel

that looks like Dave Grohl playing drums.

Comment by caliente2512

@RebelThoughts shut the hell up, Justin Bieber&Jonas Bros are much better
than this 90's shit...

Comment by sergyu2500

Best goddamn Unplugged show!!

Comment by angelicdexter

@ChoSeunghuy you're just a retarted man, but don't worry, i can understand this. there is no way you could ever appreciate grunge. that's a shame.

Comment by cobain942

i'd rather be hated for who i am than loved for who i am not..
happy birthday kurt..

Comment by Richel Ophof

2:58. Just an great picture to make a painting from it! funny and at same time sad..
Kurt? iff you're there? you'll just need to rehap!

Comment by nathan edwards

Umm... Dave Grohl from Nirvana IS Dave from the foo fighters. He made the band after Nirvana split up

Comment by brevkurt

A sad story :(

Comment by dwilcox95

0:48. Krist is like, yeah!

Comment by zebra pock

this rock stay next to kurt cobain in the coffin

Comment by Philip Drake

Kurt was such a great guy, you can see the passion and emotion in him at everything he does, whether its a performance or an interview its always there.

Comment by mikebarbalucky1

one of the best unplugged of all time . right next to Alice in chains

Comment by Emo Renny

20 bag of weed + Chex Mix + Nirvana Unplugged = a good time.

Comment by Angel Moreno

can any tell me how old Kurt Would he Be....?

Comment by SuperWhoLocked for New Girl

Just like VEVO vids to get suck in the middle of a good song. -____-

Comment by mtlinknfl

Justin Beiber doesn't even compare to Cobain or Nirvana

Comment by stardust

@Druman737 The only reason older people say that shit is because they don't understand it and their self-hatred finally peaks and they deprecate modern music because they're no longer young. Today is no different from 30 years ago, an abundance of shitty commercial music and a few gems, that's always been the natural order. Most people have shitty taste anyway, that's why they indulge in albums like Cowboys from Hell rather than Hunky Dory, because they have no desire for artistic music.

Comment by psychopatch

@alagalaga20000 don't have to blame yourself! it's not your false!
blame those who grew up with nirvana's but now work for Justin Bieber.

Comment by eliane correametall



@FrumpyTurtles ya, it's the one thing he's good at.

Comment by TheSirPedo

So you assume that Kurt is in heaven, which means you believe in christian beliefs.But if you do believe in christianity , than you should know that suicide is paid by going to hell, which contradicts your first statement.So, where is Kurt ?

Comment by LambdaLife

@smoot0420 she hired somebody to do it. Why the attitude? We're all fans here.

Comment by Carlos Stenberg

but it gets worse! LOL the young fool bieber actually JUST SAID he felt like he was kurt reincarnated or some shit, he said he felt misunderstood when he's the biggest piece of pop trash out now, only cuz he has millions of old, middle-aged pedophiliac nympho-manic ex-teachers and gross priests as fans, plus kids. they've must've convinced him well, comparing himself to kurt, that REALLY crosses the line! at least MJ WAS POP, not that MJ talent could EVER be duplicated partially by bleeber lol

Comment by Göran Svendeborn

Best album ever made!

Comment by Eli Robinson

I love the Verizon add

Comment by Ady Cyco

Happy Birthday Kurt :) From Australia.

Comment by JJ Mickey Ryder

For goodness sake! these stinky twinky cakes from Heart Lake make me want to scream, shout and hurl!

Comment by paula verónica

i cant forget the wool jacket of kurt that perfomance, like if he was feeling so cold.

Comment by marcos nascimento

loko pra caramba....dahora

Comment by apolloton1

@langloys1 Oui,oui,oui,oui,oui!!!!!!!........And i'm not even French..:)Guess that's obvious..

Comment by Nick Whiting

Dave Grohl in a turtleneck

Comment by Denny Setiawan

ManTap BeNeR......

Comment by luiz guilherme moreira sales

Hello i am brazilian i like Nirvana kurt cobain dead in 05/04/94 peace for you

Comment by Gardenhead Identity Theft

Have you checked out any of Nirvana's other shows?

Comment by vicnexxprod

were is the p0rn??

Comment by hunt30103

what would he have been in 2013

Comment by TheNefariousNep

257 suckerz dont like it :S

Comment by Dr. Jelly Finger

@justagirl123431 Something tells me you like Modern Music...i don't know what though... -__- Fuck off Whore.

Comment by Dhimant Gurudaas

curt is a great artist in time/ but may be he realized something that wecannot contemplate about and hence took the drastic step/ may god be our guide

Comment by suzan Ray

No one cares that you know four Nirvana songs other than smells like teen spirit....

Comment by Heshan Sandeepa

we miss you Kurt Cobain :/ 

Comment by Aylen Salzedo

Nice song!

Comment by Antonio Carlos

canta igual que Ramiro Saavedra

Comment by Toady

They are great live

Comment by ToWatchMusic

love how he is holding guitar other way because he has no lefty guitar

Comment by Firehear53

@SuperMachoMuchacho it was forced. 1994 was the year he killed himself. I still say that he would have rocked 2000's he had a lot to give and his kid was his inspiration...

Comment by adrian m

wow,,, ball dropping...!!! : }{

Comment by TheSnareguitar

@Esspen089 which*

Comment by emirfet

My favourite part is 0:00 to 3:05 :D

Comment by Dan Williams

Are you dumb?

Comment by Adum Whest

@MrZent08 were really not though

Comment by Angie Melara

esto es arte, la voz de Kurt es hermosa. amo todas las canciones ♡

Comment by Pedro Machado



Comment by MrSodaBelly


Comment by Romel Arias

dat smile at the end!! 2:57

Comment by Catherine S

this has surprisingly good quality

Comment by Bengie Macfarlane

About a Girl is probably the one Song that I without a doubt prefer the Unplugged version. Sounds so much better Acoustic in my opinion.

Comment by paratrooperpanda

@justagirl123431 and you're a sad sad little person who spends their days trolling youtube videos of bands they hate because your life has no other purpose other then this, you are a sad sad little man.

Comment by lucass098ace1

if u could take 1 video off youtube what would it be?

Comment by Tigasrl

have you seen this guy's comment list ahahahahah ridicoulous

Comment by Elderbogus

this is just great fucken music

Comment by Sergejs Adamovs

Talking about gays so much really makes you luck gay

Comment by Heidi Burns

Kurt Cobain was a good guitarist and singer.
I really liked how he played About Girl on Acoustic Guitar.
That from his first Album bleach.
Kurt is probably up in Heaven playing Guitar where he could be free.

Comment by Double Trouble

one of the guitarists has a guitar with 4 bass strings!!! whats a weird!!!not the colored one

Comment by Stopreadingthis1235

@SouthParkfann65 I agree, all this music about sex and dance. It all sucks. They don't talk about other things. Just because JB is popular doesn't mean he's sucks. What sucks is that people aren't understanding other things in life. Instead they grow up thinking that sex and party's and girls are the only things important. They all make fun of me 'cause I listen to this music. Also i think singers today sound more like robots then anything else!

Comment by King Tuff

I'm so sick of it so I'm making it illegal it post bieber comments on any Nirvana vidoes

Comment by Kristian Zupan

what the fuck are you talking about fuck off

Comment by RonaldinhoReborn

@Animelloveer Radiohead. That is all.

Comment by Allan's Covers

@kettleCORNisNASTY gtfo with that shit on a nirvana vid

Comment by Tina the ballerina

RIP my friend!

Comment by avcaws

@skullebrity VIII Thou shall not spam

Comment by Matt C

nirvana is great and real rock, don't pigeon hole yourself garage rock is some of the most real sound to grace our time.

Comment by Morgs Munuz

Your fucking over sensitive douche. When you say "gay" in those terms it doesn't mean your a homosexual, it means you're a little fucking pussy. In this case bieber is a little gay fag who just drowns the media with his fabricated fake records, people like him scare people into consuming that type of music or else risk being seen as a social outcast, in other words not have their own taste of music. Exactly what Kurt stood against hey?

Comment by TaterMeowWhat duh

@nirvanaispus Uhmm dude.. where have you been?
Nirvana almost ALMOST killed ever other genre of music
apparently you dont know what original means lmao.

Comment by Jen Petersen

So wrong that a fcuking TAYLOR SWIFT ad came up on this vid

Comment by Gallifreyan Browncoat

This probably has to be my first Nirvana song outside of Rock band... I may not like this band, but they still are better than what's been brainwashed into today's generation. Lol, 90's kid yet I like 60-80's music. Fuck that, That IS real music. THIS is REAL music.

Comment by iONE Life

@RockSonDrums yes, he ain't dead coz he has bigger concert above us now.

Comment by Josh Kennedy

mtv now stands for maternity television...

Comment by Georgia Clark

Krist at 0:47 lol aw :')

Comment by catalinaga

All I can do about Nirvana now is being proud I'm a fan of their.
Notice his fake smile at 2:58 , says a lot of how he suffered, I hope he finally found peace where he is now, RIP Kurt.

Comment by ak

His smile XD I love nirvana, it's the best

Comment by skullebrity

@sabreskid12 damn dude,you just gave me an idea,well THOU SHALL ALL AGREE WITH ME lol

Comment by Atte Pirttijärvi

I think Kurt knew how to spell a shotgun...

Comment by AliceDelilahDude

@666irishmaggot666 who you talking about? Kurt or dave?.. :-)

Comment by Barb smith

was he trying to smile at 2:59? that was a little but creepy lol

Comment by CoZmic linkzy

8 need to hit 300000 subs today please help

Comment by Maxi Barreto

Hace 23 años de su muerte #Rip
20/2/1967 - Por siempre

Comment by svante bengtsson

I wish h was here

Comment by Trevor Goodchild

I LOVE THAT!!! an insincere smile... you can tell it is forced... that is what makes it great!!!!!!!!

Comment by Mona Cisterna

💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 my kurt...

Comment by Angilee Munsey

I just love Nirvana. They're so young and beautiful yet so tainted by fame. Sadly 21 years ago today Kurt Cobain took his own life. A tragedy for not only his family and friends but also his fans. He seemed like such an astonoshing soul. He will live on through his music and continue to touch many people with his story..
R.I.P Kurt Cobain 2/20/67~infinity

Comment by MusicHistory100

@BieberBabyBopper Bieber's songs will be forgotten after 2 or 3 years. This song was played during 1992 and many people even today 19 YEARS later are listening to it. Sorry for saying this but Bieber won't last so long, even if he has more views. And by the way at these times Youtube didn't exist. You think that the generation of that time searches through youtube to find these songs? If they were surfing through Youtube these songs would have much more views.Quality is different than 1 year hit

Comment by Frost287

its a subgenre of rock so pretty much yeah

Comment by J4C0X

What MTV used to be long ago.

Comment by Sarunas

Kurts Kobain's on drugs

Comment by hexenz

my top 5 bands:
1. Nirvana
1. Nirvana
1. Nirvana
1. Nirvana
1. Nirvana

Comment by bartek x

I love has SFETER !!!

Comment by Thom Fontana

Kurt's voice is so soothing :3

Comment by evilbadguystrikes

i remember playing this at the school dance, i handed the dj this song and he actually played it, dude i was dancing so hard on the floor, everyone thought i was going into a seizure 1994 8th grade

Comment by CindyMusi5c90

I want listen this music in real :'(
but it's impossible ..

Comment by mikeadozenify

Justagirl is obviously shattered by this, you're way too obsessed to hate them.

Comment by Marc Rivers

Love it

Comment by t4j2k0

@lovehannahs1 hahahahahahahahahhahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what hasnt hapend

Comment by BIG YOGI

Ah, I love Pat. Always got that stupid grin on.

Comment by kurt cobain

kurt is a mother folk, stick my dick, bucaque me folkers

Comment by BDSaints7

people like your are the brain dead, uninspired sheep of society, and you disgust me with your arrogance you ignorant fuck

Comment by Paul Baltazar

neil young was around way b4 kurt, jus sayin

Comment by Andrea Macias

my boifriend is there RIP

Comment by manuelzzzz4444

Cobain: "What Should I Name This?"
Channing (antiguo baterista de nirvana): "What's Is About?"
Cobain: "A Girl"
Channing: "About A Girl"

Comment by caleb vanbenschoten

my favorite nirvana song

Comment by starsky1012

Troll harder.

Comment by Jakob Andersen

fuck you vevo, not this song to! if you hate VEVO thumbs up!

Comment by Your mom

this should be called "about a whore"

Comment by Samuele Tozzi

39 dislikes? Crazy...

Comment by Tanya Nirvana


Comment by MultiDimwit

watch dave grohl,he's holding back his powers

Comment by nirvanaispus

Kurt absolutely hated what he was doing and was constantly bored. He could only stand to hear the song In Bloom, SLTS 4 times for the videos. 4 times. That’s a lot. He hated to be there for the shoot of SLTS. He couldn’t stand to hear the songs for Nevermind more than 3 times for the mixing. On Unplugged rehearsals for CAYA he goes rather angrily “shhhttt” then looks at his watch and goes “can we get on with this, we’re like an hour late.” Wow, one whole hour. Like he had anything better to do?

Comment by Barbue123

fell in love with the last look he gave to the camera!

Comment by Adult Swim

See this amazing imitation of Eddie Vedder:


Comment by mimi gu

i like it!

Comment by Javier Ignacio Delfino

OMG Kurt was left-handed! :)

Comment by Linda Howard

he was and will always be gorgeous such an Artist singer song writer poet a genius 💜❤

Comment by themiscellaneousman

@eFFitPRODUCTIONS bass is very similar to guitar and he played guitar as well.

Comment by manhuntruler grunger

This is a cute love song :)

Comment by Conor Murphy

why is that even an option to dislike nirvana on YouTube. WHY?!?!?!

Comment by John Mitnick

MTV was different back then, everyone remember. NIRVANA also performed on SNL and many other tv shows

Comment by david na


Comment by William Yarbrough

@justagirl123431 so does your mom

Comment by Vic Peeters

@Jamescreaney yeah, sounds so cool when he says it

Comment by alamadrid555

did not realize he plays a right hand guitar.does he just flip the strings.

Comment by kele c

q homem..

Comment by Barbara Łysoń

Suckers don't like this song ;C

Comment by Алексей Баббл

i watch this live

Comment by raziel2122

my libido...

Comment by Ethan Holesha

They changed the camera angle at least 100 times

Comment by man

who fucking cares

Comment by RebelThoughts82

You can go back to listening to Lady Caca.

Comment by nirvanaispus

Its easy to see why Nirvana is the worst band of all time. In Kurt's words -- to heck with art, cause music isn't art -- Screw you Kurt. Screw you. Music IS art. Please give honest, real music a chance.

Comment by JefferstChmilst

That sweater is like 'Nam... you'll never forget it.

Seriously, I've always remembered that fucking thing and I always will.

Comment by bringthenews

I was watching the dvd verison of unplugged and before this song he says this is off our first album most people dont own it but everytime I see it i notice more and more how depressed he was just in that one phrase

Comment by fingerboardNirvana7

@MANDINGOASSOLUTO You put this comment in wrong place dude :D No I'm not joking :|

Comment by MrMatute7

@ilsevdb That kind of look like a forced smile. watch it again.

Comment by Irfan Mir

Play Song
"About A Girl"

I need an easy friend
I do with an ear to lend
I don't think you fit this shoe
I do won't you have a clue

I'll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night

I do

I'm standing in your line
I do hope you have the time
I do pick a number too
I do keep a date with you

I'll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night

I need an easy friend
I do with an ear to lend
I do think you fit this shoe
I do won't you have a clue

I'll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night
No, I can't see you every night

I do ...

Comment by Gary W-l-o-t

the microphone is plugged in

Comment by svbentle07

What is Dave Grohl wearing?

Comment by Coty LastDemmons

WOW Portcityperson is an idiot. Iprobably Justin Bieber himself creating a fake second account. Cause nobody in the right mind could say bieber is better than Kobain.

Comment by meshawrite

i love you Kurt!!!!!

Comment by Safari Heat

Damn perfect.....

Comment by edd young

this music is here to stay in our hearts

Comment by Ann

Yeah, dear MTV,
Nice job on your improvent over the years. Evolution and all of that. I'm sure that most of us enjoy watching prenant teenage sluts, or fat kids complaining about how they havent had their daily dose of 10 chocolates. Don't forget the drunk sluts doing it with every thrid guy on jesey shore. And, really, congrats on all the high quality music, consisting of two words, two cords, and some ta tarata ta tarata beat. Who needs nirvana, this is much better. right?

Comment by yarden dekel

Krist Novaselic looks like marshall ericson from HIMYM

Comment by Ana Soriano Ruiz

This world needs a Kurt Cobain

Comment by Rinor Bajraktaraj

@dean42bean ahahhaa

Comment by micheal a

@MrJAG713 you all have for got him even the one that live in seattle wa they act like he never live here

Comment by Lord Sauron

Dave Grohl looking on point with that turtle neck.

Comment by acuore scalzo

45 years old... I love you

Comment by idamsi1

i need an easy friend i do with a head to land :>

Comment by matt wallace

apparently kurt had organised to do a collaborative album with the lead singer from REM (sorry i dont know his name), and that was a way the people around him were trying to get him active and out of depression, unfortunately the week he was supposed to fly out to start writing and recording he decided to just stay at home and within the next few days is when he killed himself. i do wonder sometimes whether there would have been more cobain classics if he'd lived

Comment by Tawnos28

Don't feed the trolls.

Comment by karol matuszewski

makes me laugh how was sung after never know

Comment by Venancio Portillo

78 personas gays

Comment by catalinaga

@GreenDayIzDaBestest His death is important for me though, I'd love to see whether he suicided or anyone killed him, but if it was a murder, I can only say the police back then sucked.

Comment by Vinnie Mac

MTV: Stephen Hawking UNPLUGGED :')

Comment by Baja Hitam

1:57 epic face

Comment by RoryMac

God, this song is beautiful. And so are Kurt's hands on that guitar.

Comment by sqwidink1

I am a 3000 year old turtel from wigan

Comment by Ale Granadoz

Happy birthday Kurt!!!! For ever legend!!!! 💟

Comment by Jason Kertson

yea i like how at a bunch of unplugged performances like this they had candles all over the stage like at alice in chians unplugged

Comment by connor hughes

@JustinBieberBest11 ohhhhhhhh you are sooooooooo fuckkiinnnngggg retarded. with out kurt there would be none of todays music. he influenced every artist out there, even the ones that came before Nirvana

Comment by kurt cobain

owww fuck! stick my dick! owww fuck!

Comment by Ryan Cosman

@anishnirvana thats cool cause we all care if you believe in god or not

Comment by Dean Forrester

@PrayerPeacePurity that would make an epic bobble head

Comment by SNWC420

i thought it stood for mindfuck

Comment by Diana Solano

Kurt Cobain is my god :3♥

Comment by Aaron

RIP Cobain
RIP Grunge
RIP Music

Comment by Adult Swim

Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) awesome imitation:


Comment by guitarplayer123iseen

Our music is not dead! Think of The Black Keys, The Foo Fighters, RHCP!

Comment by anne donovan

RIP KURT HAPPY NIGHT IN SIR HENRYS Cork city Ireland you still live on through the legand that is your music

Comment by Jack_inthe_Box

screw you vevo!!!!

Comment by Isaac Firestone

how come all the best musicians die at 27

Comment by Alfa Leatemia

kurdt cobain.....seng ada lawang !!

Comment by Loe koplak

tanpamu gk rame

Comment by Potato Tomatoverɪfɪed

2:57 even tho he did it intentionally it is far more better than the modern day fake smiles.

Comment by The Maze Of Jesse Lane

One of the best if not the best unplugged concerts I've ever seen. This song is awesome especially played acoustically! RIP Kurt

Comment by TierodMcslush

Pat playing a Buck Owens lookin guitar

Comment by Vocho Morrison

this music es la mamada/../
it cool is a fuckin yeah!
i love you KURT! /../

Comment by Víctor Manuel Serna

@amber08251997 knowing hes not here almost makes me cry. :(

Comment by Gareth Gorvin

Microphone check:.. Pat Smear? Smear test.. testing 1.. 2.. 3. Smear test..

Comment by Sam Myers

Kurt looks so laid back. i hope he found something worth looking for in the afterlife.

Comment by portcityperson

Justin Bieber is slated to play Kurt in the new biopic being released by Dreamworks in 2013! The tentartive title is Broken Wing: The Kurt Cobain story. This sounds too good to be true. Bieber would do a better Kurt then Kurt himself, that's for sure.

Comment by karmacoma

i think that kurt doesnt use his 4rth finger while he plays F# at the refrain.. am i right?

Comment by Judith Mikaelson

Br alguém?

Comment by Phillip Riddett


Comment by Van Amaral


Comment by Slightly Amused Black Kid from the Suburbs

man you can really see how sad he is..

Comment by AlphaSly

Dude, you are here daily just to bash on this band. Go do something with your life you old hag.

Comment by nishi

That is a very pretty stage with flowers.

Comment by Brandon C

Who's watching This In April 2016?

Comment by Wesley Buijsman

@elemen666 In fact, Nirvana made MTV big by letting them show Smells like teen spirit. Then you had a time where there was actually music on it, not those shitty reality shows. Vevo has proper quality vids, and if you have adblock, it's great.

Comment by Damian Zukowski

@beck2k7 and dead.

Comment by hansikm013

@portcityperson you my friend, are idiot

Comment by 3Buffylover

the Foo Fighters are here making music for us. Kurt is nothing. Dave is raising his family. Dave is decomposing. Dave is a man. Kurt is worm food. Have respect for those that make the hard choices. Those that decide to face the troubles of life. Oh, that's right, Kurt was a GOD to you. Oh wait, the bullet said otherwise. Kurt was always and always be a fucking loser, he just had his 15 minutes.

Comment by Lilah Bleich

Back then when the M in MTV spelled for music and not meaningless-crap

Comment by The60sfanatic

First-rate all the way.

Comment by futbolangel02

SmileyRomy...The music industry kills them. They destroy their spirit and soul. The music industry is so unGodly that they will suck the life out of an artist for money. Fame can be very dangerous to a human soul. I hope that Kurt found peace. Bless his soul.

Comment by Tulisan kawatan

okey!!!! go to your fu*KinG!! gay music... and dont come back here ..iDIOTS!!!!

Comment by zuzerial

"Not trying to do your best" I'd be damned if Kurt didn't put his heart and soul into each and every song he wrote. "untalented" Kurt was on of the greatest lyricists in history. "unoriginal" I've never heard anything quite like Nirvana. "pointless" Their music has many meanings in each song that inspired a generation, and continues to inspire people today. "passionless" is a word fundamentally at odd with Kurt Cobain. As I said before, the man put his heart and soul into his music.

Comment by Carla Gormley

@jjc19461 (:

Comment by Landon Wayne

@Sabdhu Kinda like The Beatles and the Jonas Bros. right?

Comment by life is

not about Courtney or a women he loved romantically...just girl is just about friendship.....

Comment by bok seng

1992 i heard this, now 2016 still....

Comment by nirvanaispus

Now don’t you worry your sunburned you know what, The Doors Are not Open for you as you twiddle your pinky rings with a sawed off shotgun.
Nietzsche sounds like someone I’d want to give a nice friendly hug to.
Now run off and don't forget to take off your diapers when you bathe. I mean you do know what a bath is - right?
I'm so glad I made your day better.

Comment by Paul Orchid

@bzablo a) His handwriting in the note was awful...all over the place. b) My imagination of his feelings are from experience c) he had two uncles top themselves d) you were 12 when he died e) fuck off ;o)

Comment by Albort Ross

Ah C#, we meet again.

Comment by rangga arianto

i like this song...

Comment by luisofsuburbia

@FoRsepsV The first original Ipod was born in 2001, so actually he isn't lying.

Comment by cameron albin

damnit krist this is serious, gahh

Comment by bluepeng889

I love his awkward smile at the end

Comment by Lucas P.

@rocknrollenzz forget about justin bieber!

Comment by Thomas Fisher

Really? I know Bleach, Nevermind and In Utero - what's missing?

Comment by Ruby Lea


Comment by Austyn Vanderbur

It was funny,today I went to HotTopic to go buy a belt and there was this middleaged crackhead tweaking out.He was talking to an employee about this song and asking him if it was sad that he died.Me and my friend were like "wtf".

Comment by e6e2e3e1

@robmac411 lol... what the fuck are you talking about? Kurt Cobain with Nirvana is world classic, you can not compare some little faggot and blonde bitch with this genius, you dumb!

Comment by Benedict Becker

In case you didn't know, the extra guitarists are from the meat puppets, one of nirvana's biggest influences.
They just made a new album, you should check it out

Comment by KimmieDoesMakeup #

"I need an easy friend..", don't we all?

Comment by Yernan Iscool

wow that that mosh pit looks awesome it's still better from most crowds nowadays we need a nother Nirvana

Comment by FireXD80

Me knowing everything :P

Comment by ZachTheGamer 812

1:50 start singing the lyrics by yourself it's point!

Comment by Senzu S

I miss you Kurt <3

Comment by Nick Sanson

glad their finally advertising more similar artists such as jack white instead of lady gaga

Comment by Sarah Child

anyone else notice that kurt is playing an upside down right handed guitar, but with the strings switched round?

Comment by cvframer

"i do.. pick up and help out too.. " kurt and courtney is free at crackle.com courtney =OJ

Comment by Jonathan Turk

this song never gets old! john lennon would've loved it

Comment by Ash Brace

If only todays mainstream music was as pure, good and unedited as Kurts voice was

Comment by kml2f

guys, I dont get something, y do we complain about today's music so much, I mean I luv nirvana, but really, they werent that talented, kurt was an average lyricist and guitarist, so y is nirvana is revered and dare i say, "overrated" Nirvana's music was simple-really just power chords, so y do people complain that today's music is too simple and the lyrics arent that good

Comment by soypumas29

kurt was someone who could have been so much more; he spoke for so many young people and expressed exactly what we wanted to say but did not know how. he had the incredible chance of being a bigger icon that he was. he could have been a voice that could still be heard in this times but it was too much pressure and weight on his shoulders dealing with life as it is. he decided to kill himself. so now thanks to that we have the foo fighters and lmfao what a waste of talent. what a fucking coward!!

Comment by Escaping Logician

@icklemimu His facial expressions are just awesome xD

Comment by mmendel46

I'd love to see ANYONE from today try to pull of something unplugged. We don't have any real musicians anymore.

Comment by szotam1979

ach, dawne piękne czasy...

Comment by Alex Connolly

If Courtney was so bad, he should have divorced her. You are never trapped in life; sometimes you just have to make hard decisions, or face the hard truth.

Comment by James Devlin

Heyhey people check our page n some of our songs please :)

Comment by Kraigen Rivas

ya cuz that game is the only reason the world know this song.

Comment by Ahmad Asyran

@futbolangel02 nojwbakjnd oqoqoqoqo-q=q-q=q-q=q==`=`=0`0`0`0``0)))

Comment by Corey Tourigny

is he dead?? search... the cruel brothers music video string me up....new music. you be the judge!!

Comment by Lolz Royce

@GetRicherOrDieTrying hahaha you poor retard.

Comment by Pablo Strappazzon

Thank you god, just for Nirvana.

Comment by Lookram

@michmagg94 i can tell you : Freddie Mercury !!!

Comment by Rachael Batchelor

I love his smile/grimace at the end.

Comment by commtiva96

is he wearing paper clips around his neck at 1:30?

Comment by SkynyrdTim

Kurt suffered from the curse of being left-handed. Most lefties are very intelligent and creative, but many suffer from mental or emotional problems. By the way, did you notice that he's playing a right-handed guitar upside down? Just like Jimi Hendrix...

Comment by kagomesitahigurashi

0:49 FUCK im high :D

Comment by Abu Tohir

that smile @ 2:57 kiliing me

Comment by sockey77

@MrJAG713 I really like your comment mate Nice very nice!!!!

Comment by angelika1g6a

poor people who knows only slts...

Comment by Ziga Kisovec

nirvana is "all in one" pack...whatever
this is my opinion

Comment by wiernyTSW

@skateguy000 those fuckers havent hands... ! POLISH POWER!:)

Comment by cnslpsbly

@BieberJustinl Troll, the joke is on you!!! fake and gay justin bieber

Comment by Sergio Hurtado

I remember when I used to listen to this. I listened to this during the bad times in my life. I dont like to remember these times alot but when I listen to this, I do.

Comment by MegaSilentman

love this band too bad the lead singer died by heroin over dose...rip dude-salutes-

Comment by Leyla Medjidova

@PotentialPaintball if you find it let me know))

Comment by Logan Oakes

Am i the Only teen that isnt Brainwashed. Mainstream Music Sucks

Comment by BRchEDI Gameplays

2017 here!

Comment by Vincent DiOrio

@offfaceoff Well that's the highest compliment you can oay.

Comment by Axel Zambrano

kurt cobain didnt like unpluged

Comment by santiago montaña

Curco"Escopetas Locas"Vain 7u7

Comment by simon says


Comment by Nick Lewis

I wonder what this songs about

Comment by Rohit Ravi

i hate when people just bring up justin biebers name for no reason, seriously its annoying.

Comment by Brian Cevallos

I hate Nirvana so fucking much. Kurt sucked on guitar and he was the loser on the face of the earth. Go follow him and shoot yourselves.

Comment by Neola Fe

He's such a beautiful man 3 Happy Birthday to him 3

Comment by nirvanaispus

If that's not hating what you are doing, what is? Also, no one ever commits suicide if they love what they do.
Its doctored up because its certainly a lot tighter, cleaner, and more polished than the rehearsal. There's no way that Nirvana could have improved that drastically from the Rehearsal in the time allotted to the finished product of Unplugged which hit the record stands. They were horrible musicians in the first place! If you look at the live albums released nearly all are doctored up.


1237 viados não gostaram kkkkkkkkkkkk

Comment by Expct

Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain! <3

Comment by Wilfrid Evoy

such a shame to lose Kurt Cobain

Comment by JahTheHerbalist

now they are just fking bas musique like lady gaga ad stupid shit like that cmon pll!!

Comment by Kevin Nohl

Why Kurt? :(

Comment by BungBung !

I love Kurt's sweater... I want it

Comment by Public Joe

@wulyf4lyf Yeah, everyone but Money & his buddy Sex is pissed my friend, you are not alone.

Comment by TRUSIMEN1

my life sucks

Comment by joman66


Comment by MrJordanowen

a month ago this had 3 million views, then again im not surprised that its got 8 million now, awesome song, even better live

Comment by a portrait of Dostoyevsky

"I gotta go see about a girl."

Comment by bobby sullivan

I remember watching this the night I t came out, I was on a 3 year european vacation, thanks uncle sam

Comment by fuffsan

i would give my left Testical to revive kurt

Comment by kozmicblues14

@BLOODELFSRULE yeah shes like 3-4 older than me. Did you hear she is now engaged? Crazy! shes wayyy Ahead of me in the relationship department lol. Shes engaged to some musician ive never heard of which is Good because if your a well known celeb these days it usally means you act like an idiot or have some kind of scandal or controversey surronding you. I cant remember his name though, I rad an article on yahoo that says she stays out of trouble insead of clubing and whatnot.

Comment by Nikola Stojanovic

@tiagocc21 well if it weren't for VEVO and MTV you wouldn't be watching this.

Comment by Big Smoke

The sad thing is we subscribed, knowing that there whould be no new video

Comment by llamasarus1

@MrRielly99 I hate ads also but youtube has to make money somehow.

Comment by CCRockit

firstly Bieber doesn't even have balls OR a dick soooo..
and secondly the funny thing about it all is you probaly like nirvana yourself and are just trolling to piss people off, quite sad how pathetic your life must be bro

Comment by Matias Gonzalez

@beck2k7 no podes escuchar nirvana y que te gusten las "estrellas de disney"

Comment by Ron Beugeling

verheeerlijk nirvana niet want t zijn mafketels

Comment by JakeThesnake101tv

@JacksCovers wat the fuck ur asking some guy named gay sean and about his ad if it pops up while a legend is playing music thats way better than that shit. I mean seriously come on.

Comment by NamasteNirvana

Yes, Tracey broke up with Kurt because she couldn't stand his lazyness anymore. Kurt did not do anything in the household, and he did not have a job. She was the one who had to do everything besides bringing the money in.

Comment by DylanLeiding

this unplugged show makes me want to get an acoustic bass sooooo badly.

Comment by AudioMousse

Kurt was too good to live longer than he did.... he gave so much in such short time, if to have gave us more would of been to much for us to handle.

Comment by BMackQ

@RocksGabriel You are RIGHT! But his question is: WHY DID YOU DIE?! and not WHY DID YOU KILL YOURSELF?! Although a lot of questions remain unanswered ... about Kurt's death! I do agree with you on your final words about real music...

Comment by Gelson Morais Rodrigues

isso é um clássico

Comment by Davide Daddo

miss you kurt

Comment by stephania avellaneda

@sonicedhoedown1 good times!! :)

Comment by Jakub Kohout

Real music on MTV... Wow... Em i dreaming!?

Comment by Dean V

"This is from our first record, most people don't own it...."

Comment by Jonathan Godinez

oh and by the way this is youtube, anything you post is everyones business, dont like it dont post.

Comment by alvaro juarez

que buena cancion

Comment by S. P.

@SirJeerapat -.-....its not, last was in germany, i think...

Comment by smpfox

i don't think kurt would agree to this vevo stuff if he was still alive

Comment by ariel ruben lindo noriega


Comment by Shane Bonter

Hey look, It's The Meatpuppets unplugged..

Comment by Queen Ariadna

precioso y preciosa voz

Comment by guigao282

ahhh the irony!

Comment by obglobgablob

Um... Ok?

Comment by Nicole Akkermans

@TheNoobsprings Nirvana IS my homework! ;)

Comment by Tsvetan Iliev

@JtheMexican821 Actually he ruined her.

Courtney was off heroin before meeting Kurt. Than she started again

And dont give those murder theories because i will just laugh in your face

Comment by RebelThoughts82

Kurt was being sarcastic because the producer of the show told Kurt that he should smile more for the cameras. And in his typical Cobain way of sarcasm he put on that fake smile.

Comment by Daniel Kerr

20 years after first hearing this, I'm still drunk and loving this shit. Nirvana echoes through iternity.....poly wanna cracker?

Comment by Lion Rameau

Los tiempos cuando Mtv era Mtv, ahora es puta mierda!!!

Comment by SOCO1371


Comment by Michael Bender

To bad kids of our generation will never get to here a voice like kurt cobain 🤘🤘 but don't worry myself An my 1 yr old jam out to nirvana every monring before I leave for work

Comment by Kevin Garduño

@Boregeous I know that feel bro... and yes I'm still stupid too

Comment by TheDeafElf

chris looks high @0:49

Comment by amy schenkemeyer

best. Nirvana. Song. Ever!

Comment by lary viscovo

love <3

Comment by Jordan Meister

Just listen to this and let other people listen to what they want to listen to.

Comment by Nora Adkins

Miss you Kurt!

Comment by Octavio89


Comment by Petra Kous

he is so cute!!!

Comment by Leonardo Lacerda

Starting 2016 with the bests!

Comment by Kev'n Clark

Wish you were still alive. We all miss you. Happy birthday, Kurt.

Comment by mercury830

hates youtube commercials but loves Nirvana

Comment by The Kor


Comment by Rifqi Alfiantori

i think kurt didn't enjoy, super fake smile

Comment by rable bable

Hey ladies I'm wondering what would happen if I played guitar and sang this in front of people just to get your attention, then asked you out to prom?

Comment by Wyld Lane

@xxAnne81 Thank you. Some of us have to coddle the weak.

Comment by Paquito

No,you mad bro?

Comment by Elizabeth Gutierrez

@kissrocknroll1 F.U.C.K. Y.O.U!!!!!!! burn in hell bytch!

Comment by Chori Villella

Evitemos que los mejores comentarios esten en inglès.

Comment by Cameron McDonald

Who could seriously dislike a nirvana song?

Comment by Soviless99

such a nice smile at 2:57 :)

Comment by Adrian Benitez


Comment by Rumil

dave grohl basically turned from a creepy backyard guy into a fuckin legit rockstar lol its fuckin amazing

Comment by patologia

bieber is fagg and suck dick

Comment by Tyson Hall

I don't know how old you all are and no offense but I can remember watching this live and every song from this Drew shivers up and down my body that is no more real music just kids all trying to live on the edge of a broken dream

Comment by jack and Jill

He looks so miserable :(

Comment by Randothol H

Crazy cunt. Love you

Comment by controsfilms

What I would give to have Kurt back. In a weird way, that sounds selfish though because maybe he thought his death would be for the best. And he wouldn't want to come back. I don't know...

Comment by MrBeuchat

la chanson est magnifique... vous comme moi.... Nirvana est une flamme que tu as allumé et qui ne s'éteindra jamais......  R.I.P.  Kurt Cobain

Comment by fudge700

@Benchpress33 ten of them wouldnt make 1 kurt

Comment by nirvanaispus

How is it that bands can be as awful as Nirvana? Its simple really - they don’t care! Here’s some prime examples and this is Nirvana’s influence and legacy… type in on your youtube search engine -
- Nirvana's Teen Spirit vs. Hackley School's worst cover ever -
- Worst Cover of Nirvana ever.… -
- The worst "Smells Like Teen Spirit" cover ever -
- The Apes - Smells Like Teen Spirit -
Nirvana didn't care, so why should anyone else? Nirvana effectively teaches you how to be as awful as they.

Comment by Peter CarParker

This was the first live Nirvana song that is better than the original. Good job.

Comment by stefilosophy


Comment by 1COMIXMAN

cobain was a music god and he went the way of many many music artists. it is a historic certainty with musician deaths either wrecks, drugs or suicide. and cobain qualifies for 2 of those. but his music has spanned the times and is still very relevant and good. kids these days i see are listening to his music which gives me a bit of hope for this generation and their tastes in music. all i see around is kids listening to rap and pop music which is ok some of it but too much really bugs me

Comment by Irene Gracea

Fourteen, living in the 21st Century, but listens to Nirvana and having the time of her life. This, people, is the youth.

Comment by Ryan Keane


Comment by heroid1991

What? I want some of whatever your taking , your head is gone.

Comment by Gia Cher

I want to fuck Kurt

Comment by Simon Tobar

time time

Comment by angelika1g6a

Happy b-day Kurt Donald :)

Comment by Carlito Lujan

@Justachump1 @pfnp04Lol, calm down fuckers, I was just fishing for funny comments, and yall came threwlol. ive been with Nirvana since bleach, I was lmao when i was typing. man i dont think anybody is living that deep in a hole. RIP Kurt

Comment by Parker Kraft

I'm 22, so I don't, but in my defense, I really wish I did, I've heard the stories, and they sound wonderful :)

Comment by dgaagjezeken

@pixielottrules what gh is that?

Comment by Don Ray

This was the very first Nirvana song that I ever heard,and it's always been my favorite since then. Although they are both great,I've always preferred this acoustic version over the original from "Bleach".

Comment by Emanuel Castro

kurt vive!!

Comment by MerseyBlood

A comment desperate for thumbs up =\

Comment by Biris96

una delle più belle canzoni

Comment by Syd Hassall

Actually, I do believe the term Grunge he never ad herded too....Pearl Jam, Screaming Trees Etc...Were Grunge...He was Rock...Kurt was Nirvana

Comment by Andrei Costache

if you like this check also Abiotic - Wanted

Comment by peter isaac

happy birthday kurt

Comment by shablool33

kurt i love you

Comment by David Martins

....He's saying he would've liked to be in his early 20's during the years Nirvana, and other 90's artists were around.

Comment by Jocelyn Espinoza

I love you, Nirvana

Comment by Daniel moore

Im sick of you people making out you know it all you know shit come round my house and Ill show your girlfriend what a man is

Comment by Grace Burgess

Is it just me or does Krist always look happy?

Comment by ipi223

i miss you kurt

Comment by Tyler Kenyon

That was really good

Comment by Isaac Miera

@GrungeRock1992 who in their right mind would make a trade like that

Comment by Bruna Donain

This song is the best

Comment by john wilkinson

i have a little tape to play

Comment by Milky Joe

como odio esta cansion

Comment by Gabrieli GONÇALVES

RIP Kurt :(
We miss you

Comment by BL1st3R

@denysuca13 not miley cyrus :(

Comment by Eric Beaudoin

This video is full of win. Krist is a goofball, Dave is wearing a turtleneck, and Kurt is Kurt. Love it!

Comment by Manuel Dominguez

@nirvanaispus I cannot believe you really think that, have been watching some Nirvana videos and have seen you throwing shit at them constantly. Instead of coming in these videos and comment like that you should listen to the songs and lyrics, maybe not this one, but you might actually connect with one of the many they have, as millions have done before. I really hope it happens to you and you forget your anger and you use your time to enjoy music and life

Comment by Colton Shaw

Real music people....real music!!

Comment by Rui Santos

i agree

Comment by xperezx7

hahaha yupyup i would kill to be at that concert
tell your dad lucky basterd lol

Comment by Cletus Spuckler

OMG MUST WATCH!!!! /watch?v=fWEtzQglckQ

Comment by Wyld Lane

@MisterSuspenders The fact you can still type, then maybe switch up the pills! :-)

Comment by TheZeldaLover1

all he does is troll nirvana videos check out his channel clearly he has no life

Comment by Marc

dave grohl rocks

Comment by david lewis

maybe he was singing about society as a whole??

Comment by Bruno Varejao


Comment by swindle2345

im 13 and i think iys a real shame that what happened happened i would have loved to have saw nirvana live :(

Comment by Mick Plant

she killed kurt

Comment by nirvanaispus

Can anybody tell me why Nirvana were so good? They had no passion, no talent, no originality, they knowingly plagiarized others, sold out, they never tried their best, to be the best they could possibly be. Kurt was constantly "bored" and "faking it". He was a horrible composer as its all been done before by far superior bands. He had deplorable vocals and could only wail. His lyrics were worthless in his eyes. He also hated what he was doing. He gave up on everything. So what's left? Nothing.

Comment by mario garza

kurt cobain died beacuse god want him to play in heaven :)

Comment by Andres Romero

2:58 trollface

Comment by Gabriel De Oliveira

kurt knew what was going to be like the music industry today , so he killed himself

Comment by Karamazov __

troppo bella questa canzonee!!! kurt rimarrai sempre un mito!!

Comment by Alpha Wolf

Fuk all you 13 year old bitches.. Dont like kurt then fuk oath and go listen to your modern day rat shit. Use dont deserve ears u fukn shit faced cock heads.

Comment by Seda Taşmış

477 Dislike = 477 idiot.

Comment by Sir .Driken

Dude dont waist your time reply to him is pointless

Comment by nirvanaispus

@ipodhacker12567951Even if I was a Nirvana fan, I would never want a teeny bopper with nothing intelligent to say, to speak for me.
Strange isn’t it that you hate me far more than I could ever hate Nirvana - the worst band of all time. If you can find any post, and I do mean any post that I post on any Nirvana video in regards to “hate“, then you have no concept of the word “hate”. Wow, I’d hate to see what your concept of “love” is. I bet you lick yourself as a substitute for taking a bath.

Comment by Amanda H

You know something is wrong with the world when there's an ad for One Direction before a Nirvana video. ><"

Comment by Israel Paredes

esto es musica, wish i was there back then >>

Comment by Javier Velandia

@cruzholland haha this is the best comment ever!!!

Comment by Lea Russell

MTV used to be good.. Then they got mainstream..which sucks! :(
Oh and R.I.P Kurtd... and Nirvana! <3

Comment by Tom Pinion

Incredible talent. If only he were still with us...imagine the amazing music he would have continued to give the world.

Comment by Istanblue_mir

Or you're just a dumb person.

Comment by Rouzy Official

@TheNoobsprings FUCK / YOU

Comment by MisterSoupy

@gunnerglory are you joking, cause if you were that was a funny prank getting people all worked up, im thinking this because you didnt even spell Bieber right, i dont like justin at all but i know he spelled it wrong, and if you arent joking you are stupid in every way

Comment by Alex Gallegos

why is my crak due late

Comment by Oscar Najarro

What a Legend

Comment by WlSEGUY

im trying to find that great slow song of theirs, cant think of the name, i thought it was on unplugged, any suggestions?

Comment by Sally H

So cute and died far too young. RIP

Comment by Jeff Falk

For the "dislikers" don't click on fantastic music if you don't understand good shit.

Comment by KELLYBHOYisgod

@TheJohnjubilee grunge was born with kurt. and died with him

Comment by tomas valadez

i wish kurt was still alive. now when i turn on the radio all this bullshit they call music is on. what ever happened to real music?

Comment by Guitar Hitz

he was sooo nervous Later in the concert you can see he is getting more Relaxed

Comment by Omu' Dragan

Romanian Guitar on that guy ;)

Comment by Alan David


Comment by Lea Russell

Thats a great smile that Kurt made at the end there. :)

Comment by Catarina Telo

we love kurt *

Comment by Eli Vicentainer

qqq pincheee rolonaa se sacaron is goooddd

Comment by Vanessa Biersack

I really love Kurt... R.I.P. Kurt *tear tear* your my fucken idol...

Comment by MAMAjAMAj8

That smile though, lol.

Comment by Mugsy Catoe

R.I.P. Cobain :/

Comment by wchp

saddest music video ever first he looks like he hates him self the entire time then that heartbreaking smile at the end that is very real in the wrong way

Comment by futbolangel02

@SmileyRomy The music industry kills them. Destroys their spirit and soul. Fame can do horrible things to a person. They are so controlled by the music industry entity that they lose their sense of self and their artistic freedom. I surely hope that Kurt has found peace. Bless his soul.

Comment by bzablo

@foriamonlyahorse11 Thank you so much for giving me the most educated debate in the world... Holy shit... I don't think you even realize how much of a dumbass you are, or how stupid you come off.

Comment by Nicolás Murcia

Why You Compare Justin Bieber With Kurt, Kurt will Broke his Ass With Him Guitar

Comment by fuck off

@NessaLove31 one of the truest things ive heard man

Comment by hugo ramirez


Comment by Struckworld

why is everyone hatin on vevo? I don't get it

Comment by irvin Reyes

I wish they would bring MTV Unplugged back,for all these rappers/artists who auto-tune,lip sing during concerts?Unplugged would definitely make their true talent come out...they even change their voice so much,even in there albums you can tell.SO PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD CLASSIC MTV!...

Comment by Michal Hubenac

Worst unplugged i heard...i give 9.5/10

Comment by Zycho

poor Dave. looks like he's drumming really carefull...

Comment by agustin

Feliz Cumple :D

Comment by Feroxing12

i have orgasms through the guitar solo in the middle.

Comment by Edison Anampa Sierra

nirvana lo mejor de mundo csm :)

Comment by Assilem Gonzaga

Yes.i do like the song..bravo!!!

Comment by Jimmy Lovejoy

It's sad to plaster these retarded ads all over a Nirvana video.

Comment by xMikie Ro

could be chewing tobacco

Comment by Muhammad Sallehuddin So'eb

the very first song i properly learnt and play!

Comment by judicael30


Comment by Slash

yeah, I hope he will commit suicide soon :)

Comment by Chris Smith

@pocolooc no it wasnt.. there last show was a few months or years after this on march 1st 1994 in germany... i was one day old that day :D

Comment by Hosana Lopes

muito bom recorda

Comment by Soulery92

Happy Birthday Kurt!!!

Comment by May Carlin Hem

Kurt being alive.

Comment by conor duffy

@StupidTeddybear I couldn't agree more, I am a teen, I am not brainwashed

Comment by LFSPharaoh

So fucking good, so much better than the original, well, all songs they played during this concert are better than the originals lol

Comment by lanarakala

2012 hala izliyoruz hala seviyoruz

Comment by conquestv81988

No fucking shit. I was makeing a funny because of all the idiots on here saying the drummer looks like the front man from foo fighters.. god people don't you know sarcasm when you see it?

Comment by Boone Meadows

@checkerboard96 Same here. Theyre my favorite group right now. Mostly from reading it.

Comment by sqwidink1

di art a puff.

Comment by no

@1BloodyRoar1 Yep, the good ol days

Comment by blentgirl

They played NIRVANA at a grocery store? Lucky.

Comment by Yutezu

@blocker444 Enjoy the music my friend. That's what's important.

Comment by fossilbox1991

MAKE A STATEMENT!!!! keep rock number one and go buy the Red Hot Chili Peppers new album on august 30th to keep lil waynes new album from being number 1. repost on all rock vids

Comment by Renee Whetzel

Pat Smear

Comment by Morella Aymara

que temooon

Comment by Dro Stately

@mrfire135 lol, I love Nirvana, and they're one of my favorite bands EVER, but why don't you stop being pessimistic and close minded? we still have great music today, there are a lot of awesome indie rock bands, and there are a lot of rappers now a days that are taking a more artistic direction. You just have to know where to look.

Comment by Olly Alexander

R.I.P. Kurt? NO! R.I.P LEGEND.

Comment by Karla Hernandez

El,el, el es PERFECTO!! Cobain vivirás siempreeeeeeeeeeeeeee I love

Comment by Lady Strawberry x3

Yestarday I was talking with a "friend" while, suddenly she said:
"I bought a Nirvana Shirt!"
And I said "oh really? I didn't know you like Nirvana, I like it too".

And she said:
"Of course I like it! Everyone is wearing shirts of that new brand! It's just amazing".

And I was like: ...
You need to kill yourself.

Comment by turkwa1

great song, but in my opinion the bleach version is better, it just more nirvanas style.

Comment by shanelly94ant

Is Dave playing the drums with baby rakes ?

Comment by Paula •

*About A Girl*

I need an easy friend
I do with an ear to lend
I do think you fit this shoe
I do, won't you have a clue?

I'll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night

I do

I'm standing in your line
I do hope you have the time
I do pick a number, too
I do keep a date with you

I'll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night

I do

I need an easy friend
I do with an ear to lend
I do think you fit this shoe
I do, won't you have a clue?

I'll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night
No, I can't see you every night

I do... [4x]

Comment by Robert Maglicco

Check out my bud, TheGeetarman1 , he has great covers of Nirvana,Bush, and Lynard Skynayrd!

Comment by Stacey Dybdahl

If he hadn't met Courtney the Hole, wecould have enjoyed so much more from this artist. But she sacrificed him. To the gods of money and plastic surgery and drugs. She ate him alive.

Comment by innerauthor

@justagirl123431 Well we're all glad you have an opinion, honey, but the fact of the matter is, spending your whole life insulting Kurt isn't ever going to compensate for whatever emotional/psychological trauma you've suffered that causes anger management problems, and We The Nirvana Fans know you well enough now that you're not going to get a reaction out of us every time you comment. Thank you for your feedback, have a lovely evening.

Comment by AlphaSly

I don't bath. I shower bitch

Comment by Carl W. Hitepower

Oh boy, here we fucking go. Are you fucking retarded? He killed himself, if he had been killed, someone would have found out about that fucking years ago.

He killed himself because his fans were idiots and he probably knew his future fans (like you) would be gigantic idiots shouting stupid murder theories.


Comment by natkapony

Chill ;)

Comment by Cody Luis D

Justin beiber is so much better than Kurt tbh

Comment by ErikH

@LilWayneMetalGod he was born when this song was made fuckface-.-

Comment by runescapemichbla

What's up with the Dutch flag guitar? 2:50

Comment by Anisa Leteća

never say never..i believe in destiny
if i must wait 100 year..i'll wait for new kurt.. i love him.. i have book about him..and i can't believe in the passt ...why did he kill himself?..we loved , we love and we'll love him!..

Comment by Cody Rucker

@JustinBieberBest11 Your mother should have dont the world a favor and swallowed you!!!!!!!

Comment by MotiCompleto008

Bieberbabyhopper is a troll, have fun raging while he sits in front of his computer with a bowl of nachos and laughs at you for raging over him.
Seriously people, it's pretty obvious that he's a troll. Why get pissed at him? Just, chill out, call some friends over, have a few beers and put on your favourite CD

Comment by Leandro silva

i have 15 and i think that i'm only boy in my school in brazil that likes nirvana and rock music ! i feel so proud !!

Comment by chrisnroses 21

Axl Rose is better ;)

Comment by MistyShadow007

I meant three studio albums... Seriously your like the third person to try and correct me :P I don't count compilations nor EPs because they're not full albums and mostly have songs already been on other albums and only a few new ones.

Comment by King Sheegadorah

cobain was murdered youre all retards

Comment by Nina Žigmundová

like love

Comment by Savannah Sahyounie

kill yourself. obviously you dont know what good music is fucker.

Comment by SpectreVPH

@redrising926 Hi I'm Chip. I'm 8 and I've been listening to nirvana for 9 years now!!

Comment by Tom Beaudry

Back in the day I always thought KC was just a crazy druggie, but I was very wrong Kurt was in fact what is today known as a music savant, his "alternate tunnings" (on his guitar) was nothing less than genius!

Comment by Harry Chalcraft

I know I'm going to get thumsdown for this comment, but over the years of listening to Nirvana, and listening to each song enough times, their music is depressing. It becomes a bit of a drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Comment by Sneatio

Hello. Gut beschrieben mit den Allelen! Bist Du Mediziner oder so? ich bin eben Biologielaborant, daher kenne ich mich mit Genetik relativ gut aus...
Übrigens, die Saiten sind richtig auf die Gitarre gespannt, von daher kommt es nicht darauf an ab sie verkehrt sein soll....
Grüsse aus der Schweiz

Comment by Marko Prelic

@Pensfan8726 angus IS STILL left-handed ... :D Rock ON

Comment by xJosh434x

@FookinLiam yea... they should leave

Comment by snoopbam2012

piss off if hes not to your tastes then; but judging by your username obviously your tastes are wrong!!

Comment by Sergio Sergie

muy bien

Comment by Luc vB

do you think he changed all strings because he didn't have a left-handed guitar?

Comment by Evan Bellemore

I love the casual office chair Kurt is on. 

Comment by ThisIsAEnigma

So according to your argument music can only be original if it's Industrial, Noise, or Experimental? Those are all fine generes and a lot of those bands are really good and original, that doesn't disqualify others, like Nirvana from being original. Yeah, Nirvana is a lot more conventional than say Throbbing Gristle or The Residents, but they helped create a sound and style which is the definition of originality. Also, without Nirvana I probably never would have heard of any other of those bands.

Comment by mariela bojorquez

happy birthday Kurt, forever in our hearts.

Comment by bob bobby

@h311inac311 just stop breathing...

Comment by NintendoCapriSun

God bless the '90's.

Comment by STEVE FARE


Comment by Lithium4957

@angelremax he would be 44 .

Comment by Swolbraham Lincoln

@LoverElephant97 Why ? Are you grunge fan bro ?

Comment by Leo Squat

@miner53x ahahahhaha

Comment by Maicom da silva

Da muita pena Kurt VC foi embora cedo de mais.
queria muito que VC estive vivo tinha muita coisas para VC viver na sua vida.

Comment by Darian Vastag

the fuck with the bieber coments!¨¨!!!!!!! kust listen to the damn song morons

Comment by chazeman2

@aelix56 this is pop.

Comment by ghkdtjdguq1

@nirvanaispus no offense, but you must know you just appeal to those own your opinion.

Comment by Gio Costanzo

Who is the guy with the striped guitar?

Comment by h4ppydriver

Trying to catch this song featuring a vocal girl and strings
pls trying to catch it for years didnt hear it again
all help is welcome thx

Comment by Balázs Ments

i love this song best ever! guitar hero

Comment by Ron Beugeling

Kurtie koobeen
laat me niet laggern

Comment by 93tillll


Pls sign. Let's get his case opened and solved once and for all

Comment by Deelen Sinnasamy

it's always about a girl, that's why we are all here...

Comment by CornyTelecaster49

We live in a time of cultural turmoils and false predictions

Comment by DeTijd

i think we should all unsub to nirvana vevo kurt would want that...(i think) and the richer only get riccer of it

Comment by BlackyDa Zaku


Comment by Péter Kálmán

These are sad and very depressive musics.

Comment by Budney420

@vekalist Budney420 did get high, and He found that it was good.

Comment by nirvanaispus

/watch?v=iWWarmklt3o --- Nirvana are the worst band of all time. The link posted is the rehearsal to Unplugged. There isn’t a chance in the universe that Nirvana could have improved that dramatically in the time allotted from the finished product of Unplugged which hit the record stands. Unplugged just like nearly every live album ever released for the general public is doctored up. Regardless, Kurt was angry to be there. Also Nirvana were horrible musicians and this rehearsal proves it.

Comment by Paul Orchid

Great to read such an intelligent arguement for a change. Couldn't have put it better myself.

Comment by Stormdragonbrisvagas

Once we had real music that ment something and now we have Bieber and Swift.... Sad.

Comment by Swolbraham Lincoln

@depatrick2 Why ? Are you english student bro ?

Comment by Cindy Manzanarez

Many people have said that Kurt planned his own funeral during this concert. (e.g. the lilies, and candles).

Comment by WtffyJones

follow me on twitter @swagvalee


haha, I love his 'smile' at the end of the song

Comment by dsk543

@lukeisajuke you said it im 13 and my mom showed me heart shaped box and i asked her if they were still doin shows and she said that kurt died and now im a nirvana freak i listen to this every day. R.I.P MUSIC...

Comment by maggyman4eva

i have this concert on CD. my best live album! ;D

Comment by Shani Heckman

wish you had a clue!!! FREEEEE
always remembered

Comment by ash yu

his voice... omg so good

Comment by MetalHeads \m/

0:49 I love krist's face here

Comment by kidlou

Legendary performance. Brilliant.

Comment by William Leonard

Pat Smear rocking out in the background like a BOSS!

Comment by damicogiuseppe

Now it's Moron Television

Comment by Michael Roberts

@Maxallfemale Are you bi polar by any chance?

Comment by Renato Teixeira

Nirvana addiction :D

Comment by Clinton Oh

Fuck off, don't even try to imitate Kurt.

Comment by fernando s-dark

En el minuto 2:58 se nota que no era muy feliz.

Comment by Ana Isabel Hernandez

Nirvana! Wow maybe the best song in the world! Thnx

Comment by Arcadius Aristoteles

this isnt the official.. unvcut video...... :-/

Comment by Lief Walker

FUCK! This is beautiful.

Comment by Gareth parry

NIRVANA awsome

Comment by Imperium Acira! Gnomo

o Dave ta tao comportadinho meu deusu *_* coisa linda!!

Comment by jj0nn0

@SaneDIzaster13 must have clearly been an accedent

Comment by adriana lorena Acosta Ruiz

Es máximo
Queda nuestro corazones

Comment by BigNoseMusic

Shut up... He's dead and It doesn't matter how he died...
When he was alive he made amazing music... That's what matters...

Comment by Restu Gagah

we love yu nirvana

Comment by Tranceplant82

@Ireallyhatethistown Great story bro and no sarcasm here! :)

Comment by MultiDimwit

what if shotguns were never invented?will he commit suicide?

Comment by Bunny

Did anyone notice Kurt has wedding bands on both hands??

Comment by peterooievaar

me to.
i'd cut it and place it in my profiles :-)

Comment by Bruno Nery

Algum BR aí?!

Comment by knight0582

Fuck Courtney , she should be in jail or dead ! hope continues >>>>>>

Comment by Msslovinglife

I need an easy friend :P

Comment by Mykolas Saugūnas

I didn't know Neville plays guitar

Comment by adi felea

kurt, de ce? YOU ARE the best!!!! RIP

Comment by Matthew Phillips

Dave looks like such a knob in this video

Comment by Pablo Strappazzon

@IronZeppelin99 Kurt wouldn't hurt a fly.

Comment by LaserBeamerZ

b-but i want to

Comment by Phillip Butcher

@ 2:57 he is gurning/grinding his teeth he is so high!

Comment by Cosa te ne Frega

Or "don't know" cause for me, in my opinion, it seems he said this :)

Comment by Dona Sapan

Grunge never die!!!

Comment by Cherish G

RIP Kurt Cobain! Thanks for the music!

Comment by Valdemar B.P.

Kurdt Kobain <3<3<3

Comment by Dan Za

I'm sure Kurt would be thrilled that there is a Bounty paper towel commercial before this.

Comment by Michael Cash

notre enfance!

Comment by Guðjón Örn Sigtryggsson

How can pepol dislike this song

Comment by benevolentmaniac


I agree. I'm sick of the damn VEVO commercials.

Comment by NotoriousYeshi

@iamfreaky1984 its a right handed guitar that is flipped and strung for a leftie...he isnt playing it reversed....if it were that wud b fucking crazy....lol

Comment by Иван Иванов

Русские любят тебя, КУРТ

Comment by marcin388

it's real good music, ten thousand times better than all that modern top music charts shits like justin bieber or lady gaga. I'm saying that even though I was born after Kurt's death. RIP.

Comment by E Duggan

Oh, and will people just stop bringing up fucking Justin Bieber in relation to Kurt Cobain?
It's like looking at a video about Einstein and seeing the commenters comparing him to some spotty fucktard who managed to avoid burning down the Lab while attempting his first scientific experiment.

Comment by xperezx7

yupyup they rock

Comment by EnchantingIllusion

Well, you can't possibly compare BSSM and SA... that's like a whole different world... But yeah, BSSM is definitely their best album... followed by Californication... in my opinion... :)

Comment by Nick Gresens

guys calm down this guys a scammer

Comment by Jared TeamRB

Dave on the drums,, magical

Comment by pallknowing1

your an idiot.

Comment by Elvis Presley

в живую поёт красавца

Comment by jsom63

Kurt wasn't a great guitarist, but he was great lyricist and a hell of a musician

Comment by brokenseatbelt

They don't have a bad song.

Comment by qwerty6801

I want a turtle neck sweater

Comment by Jinx9516

and then he died...

Comment by Giulio León

Lo que hace unos acordes sencillos pero profundos... Kurt quedara en la eternidad y mas allá..

Comment by cody smith

notice how you can't see the dislike bar

Comment by Jimmy T

Juan...the rarely seen 4th member of the band and thought by many to be the driving force behind their success.

Comment by Joshua D.

This ass hole mad mtv unplaugged forver a legacy about him!!!

Comment by TheNxtDaveGrohl

79 People don't have easy friends, they don't, the ones that have an ear to lend.

Comment by Anup Shetty

dave grohl looks so funny

Comment by Mak Ak

He's always will be the last REAL legend of rock

Comment by James Lyle

@nirvanaispus if u hate nirvana so much... why take your time to comment on one of their videos?

Comment by Frank Sanders

"nirvana" is a buddists heaven, so where is curt now. wtf

Comment by Panda

I need an easy friend
I do, with an ear to lend
I do think you fit this shoe
I do, won't you have a clue

I'll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night, free

I do

I'm standing in your line
I do hope you have the time
I do pick a number two
I do keep a date with you

I'll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night, free

I need an easy friend
I do, with an ear to lend
I do think you fit this shoe
I do, won't you have a clue

I'll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night
No I can't see you every night, free
I do x4

Comment by wafflebuster

@Fignewtonofd00m yeah but i think courtney hired an assassin to kill him

Comment by legendarnyziomal

I say, Kurt Cobain is the Shit

Comment by kingsmead12

RIP Kurt...

Comment by Al Chapo

Stupid Ben Perry.

Comment by Monitor Damians

Recuerdas cuando los videos de musica eran subidos por los usuarios y no por VEVO?

Recuerdas cuando la informacion estaba a la derecha del video?

Recuerdas cuando tu podias dar de 1 a 5 estrellas?

Recuerdas el famoso boton de amarillo de suscribirse?

Recuerdas cuando los usuarios controlaban el sitio y no las corporaciones?


Pega esto en todos los videos y empecemos una revolucion youtubera!!

Pulgares arriba para que cresca esto!!

Comment by Daniel moore

cery harrassment order

Comment by judyleasugar97

@Sjero99: Perhaps it's a little self-criticizing for being like that too. Kurt tended to do that.

Comment by Tabby Doulin

lmmfaorofl!!! Optimus Prime buttfucking R2D2. That's such an epic comment!

Comment by Henrik Andreassen

Instead of arguing what killed Kurt, let´s all feel blessed that we have the possibility to enjoy his music. Some persons are not supposed to be 80, they die at the top instead, and maybe that´s just the way it goes.. Anyway heres to Nirvana!

Comment by Hot80s

makin out with a girl to this in a car one rainy night in the 90s

Comment by ctdgao

@rmm3l must be deaf people

Comment by tovar955

@DaejeonGangster err 17 years ago?way to be informed...

Comment by Barbora

@BieberBabyBopper Nirvana objectifying women?! I'm can't deny this made me laugh. So Nirvana objectifies women, while most modern music, which through its image as portrayed in videos etc pressures women into some concept of what is beautiful, which has female "artists" who practically perform naked, and which shows male "artists" surrounded by organised groups of strippers, does not? Oh, FYI this is grunge. Let everyone listen to what they like. And don't worry, I'll pray to Bieber for you.

Comment by hansikm013

one of the very best nirvana songs, unplugged it´s awesme

Comment by stephen watts


Comment by Ariel

@THEpsychokiller09 Some I guess. Well the studio computer stuff idk xD

Comment by yaiwve

Simply Beautiful

Comment by youngbloody567

@buedabaril im 14 and i grew up listening to actual music... i wish i was 10 years older and actually lived through a time where i wasnt an odd ball because i dont listen to the untalented fucks that MTV feeds us this generation...

Comment by bamsik1983

вырос на нирване))))знаю каждый звук))))

Comment by Junior Minho

the firsts chords make me travel on the time, and remember me of great feeling when i did hear that song for the first time. thank you kurt

Comment by juhaaasd

because he caught using heroin and couldnt handle the effects of being without heroin

Comment by comrade hermit

....and just like that, their goes the only man I'll ever love.

Comment by Pejmen11

Kurt is the best. But who is the drummer?, i mean come on...: )

Comment by 1381Max

@wulyf4lyf No way, don't speak about the actually music on Nirvana's videos. It's called pollution, and it's bad.

Comment by Lazaro Antenao

makes me happy.

Comment by Daniel Perle

@Drahgoon u disagree with the laws of physics ok well back then y actually had the record store experience nirvana is in the top 10 most selling artists of all time its up there with mj (another fag) and the greatest artist of all time the beatles

Comment by dgaagjezeken

I love this song =)

Comment by IsThisNameOk?

Good music on MTV? Where the hell have I been?

Comment by Ed Mendes

"Sobre uma garota"

Comment by gustavo diaz

nirvana the best
that could have gone down in music history
Kurt will live forever

Comment by Angel De Angelis

Kurt would not like have a vevo account

Comment by xperezx7

what are those called that dave grohl is drumming with

Comment by ryan cooper

this comment made my whole day . thank you sir.

Comment by Samantha Harvey

I want to be the girl this song is about...

Comment by Abehl0X0Toshinota

@MrJAG713 I normally would say fuck you but your right...I mean I was at Kurt Funeral....He went home, and Courtney can't kill him there

Comment by vero anda

Everyone listen to the awesome band and song!!!! r.i.p. live u kurt!! <3

Comment by Reinfoprosure

she wasn't born back then also miley cyrus has 2 porn movies so she's great for the kids

Comment by metal maniac

cant understannd half of his lyrics, shitty song,shitty band,, thankgod im born in generation of good music..

Comment by Cade Troëne

@4pointsWest thats not even close what happened man. kurt ignored them and decided his fate. try reading everett true's bio of everything its really good

Comment by arctic swesha

Just fucking take everyone god, give us THE KURT COBAIN back pleaseeeee

Comment by Megadethfans Areajoke

This is the easiest nirvana song to play on guitar

Comment by Елена Крючкова

Думайте..смотрите биографию...читайте подробнее текст его песен...

Comment by Brandon Bol

No thats not enough.
Kurt wasn't a sell out. He didn't even want to be a sell out! He disliked some parts of the media and he wrote many deep songs that he didn't know that had such a big effect on people. Songs like "Lithium", "About A Girl", "You Know Your Right", and etc. But in all, it doesn't matter. Kurt wouldn't judge you because deep inside you are wasting yourself trying to be someone else...

Comment by Travis Smith

when rehearsing for this unplugged session, Dave was playing to hard for Kurt. I mean Dave Grohl here, not use to playing softly. And Kurt with his high expectation for drummers, and at this point not even liking Dave. Kurt about threw a tirade everytime Dave would try and play softer. It's documented as Dave saying to one of the MTV producers if he should even be there. Finally someone brought in those wire whisk thingys, and still Kurt would turn and smirk at Dave for playing too loud. So Dave was really walking on egg shells here. That and Kurt being dope sick, it wasn't a fun show for Dave. And Kurt really never had a liking for him forvthevrest of his life

Comment by raelle913



um amor por essa banda que eu não sei nem como explicar 💙

Comment by xtbandxd

Sin duda una Obra maestra que por muchos ha sido uno de los mejores Unplugged que se ha Grabado hasta ahora, Simple y Perfecto, con el estilo de Funeral que cobain quería darle.

Comment by Gardenhead Identity Theft

maybe i dunno...

Comment by Jakob Rivera

The 497 people who disliked this must not know music or they are lil Wayne fans...

Comment by Emily Case

Also u do believe if Courtney was never in his life he wouldn't have ever killed himself. She was obsessed with him and wanted fame. She got him hooked on drugs and pills even more and she was JELOUS. Kurt apparently might have had a thing for holes old base player (he called her beautiful) court drove the fun to his head. It's weird how many suicide references nirvana had s in songs/interviews though

Comment by TheDutchGuy

I love perfect music...That's why I'm listening to this :)

Comment by M.F. Luder

Lets sacrifice beiber, one direction, and kevin gates to god and maybe he'll give us cobain back...... Fuck courtney love, we all know she took him from us

Comment by Jeff Schneider

Ok..... pitbull doesn't compare to Nirvana, Nirvana is still popular after 20 years, yet you say they suck. Wow I expected from a queer ass name like BieberJustinl to say blasphemous things like Nirvana sucks, get musical taste, and maybe Nirvana will seem a million times better than pit-bull sincerely, the intellectual music lovers

Comment by HT2JZ

Nirvana, Pearl Jam and NIN are good bands.. get the fuck out of here kid.

Comment by 21,687,875 views

way back when MusicTV actually played music

Comment by Pim Pellikaan

@IAMNOTAGOODCHILD The only thing we must do, is stop carring about that Bieber. Fuck him, and enjoy Kurt Cobain, John Frusciante, Thom Yorke, David Gilmour and many other tallented musicians.

Comment by Denis Marinangeli

Dave Growl is totally different in this video. Thumbs up if you think so.

Comment by Jimmy Bastard

I wish i was kurt

Comment by LtTwackerSenses

@vaisefudo maybe in this song yah he might be sad but i think they had a blast playing this show

Comment by SirMosesWellington

I think this is the best version of this song, and this is the one they always play on the radio. Although, dang, the video is, it just me, choppy?

Comment by Alvaro Manriquez


Comment by Carter Smeader

@JohnCenaRulz23 press f5 or refresh

Comment by Valeria MP

OMFG The best song ever.

Comment by bessel function


Comment by route51

bieber is a cunt....

Comment by nathan jones


Comment by 195jordan

MTV died along with Kurt.

Comment by 3Buffylover

you hit the nail on the head. Kurt was attractive. He is part of the ground now.. Dave wasn't good looking then but he is handsome now. I am very comfortable in my own skin to admit those things. maybe you should admit you have a false utopia of what Kurt really was.

Comment by Offenderman

I'll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night

I do

Comment by zeppelincheetah

@h0znii definitely not nirvana. try searching lyrics in google

Comment by Mohammed Nasrallah

i doooooooooooooooooooo

Comment by Aistė L

You know what? Life would be better if you were instead of Kurt with that bullet and gun back in 1994:) Now have nice a day:)

Comment by Diego DIAZ


Comment by nirvanaispus

Nirvana - the worst band of all time - were not the voice of a generation. The Rolling Stone which first butt trumpeted them first reviewed Nevermind giving it ***. Then they gave it **** 9 months later and now they gave it *****! Talk about a total suck up which holds 0 credibility. There’s a lot more in regards to Nirvana as to why The Rolling Stone is the worst periodical of all time. Since RS has 0 credibility, their ideal of Kurt being the voice of a generation, holds 0 credibility.

Comment by Ignacio Montenegro

R.I.P Kurt Cobain

Comment by Jenny Aline

@BayouBluesMan mmmmm....actually i found nirvana :D

Comment by Danny Manzano

I know Right... Shit..

Comment by blueangel134

Maybe it is just my imagination playing tricks with my mind but I would like to think that Kurt decided to play this song here as a recognition gesture to his former girlfriend Tracy for what she did for him. Things between him and Courtney were not well and I think he have remembered how that person took care of and supported him on his quest to be a musician.

Comment by Chairdolf Sitler

1980s-Bon Jovi

Comment by Diego Lapadula

Best moment is 1:40 to 2:03

Comment by Josh Nielson

No she didn't. If you read the suicide note and his personal diaries and journals they say how she was a goddess of a wife

Comment by Christian E

Why does vevo only promote the shity music and not the good music like nirvana? Or any rock band for that matter the person who runs vevo and yotuube obviously likes pop music and hates rock music.

Comment by N11CE1


Comment by wingersx

@iplaydrumsnguitar well written my friend

Comment by ShockWaveWarren

hahahahahahaaha oh yes

Comment by Oli Myles

Kirt Cobain clothing. Does he actually not care what he is wearing or is he just trying to show he does not car?

Comment by Colton Jordan

we need kurt cobain life is not the same with out him

Comment by samson5493


Comment by Sierra Miller

what are the band members names besides Kurt and Dave grohl

Comment by rafa senna

I like all kinds of music mate...i like Charlie Brown Jr, Lincoln Brewster, J quest, some of kid rock, old RHCP, POD, and more...i dont judge the kind of music...but if its good or not...

Comment by mybeingrandom

Happy Birthday Kurt! <3

Comment by sam82ize

what are you doing down here... watch the video

Comment by kerstmanneke82

@ff9alexander How can you see that which does not exist ?

Comment by rylan lavis

kurt's high in this video..... i can tell.... cause im high too.....

Comment by Barby Acosta

que lindo vozzzzzzz te amo eterno kurt ♥

Comment by MultiDimwit

what if kurt is hiding in an island, uncharted island, then maybe, one day he will return to make music.. ;p,,hehehehehehehe,.silly mind

Comment by sidarcy

This is off their first record. Everyone knows it

Comment by Sturmbannführer Toht

No, it's upside down.

Comment by Ahenci

He likes sad in this show.... thumbs up if you think the same

Comment by Stephen Cooper

57 people with absolutley not taste dislike this

Comment by caroline smith

peace love empathy

Comment by rejectedchik89

Kurt Cobain vs Justin Bieber? How... why... I mean, different genres, different voice types all together, at least a 10 year age difference.. I don't see how you can compare.

Comment by Coy

an take all the immigrants takin are jobs !!

Comment by Bah Mendonça

Dat voice man

Comment by nathan sprague

I can't figure out all the Nirvana members. I know Kurt, Dave, and who was the other?

Comment by Crimewalker

he is 26 years old....he looks much older at that time

Comment by RebelThoughts82

You have to ignore that moron. He's a truly demented retard with absolutely zero redeeming qualities. He exists solely to irritate.

Comment by Mateo Poseidon

azafran, azafran

Comment by Henrique Martins

2:57 - Trollface

Comment by pwnu benston

ha next you will be saying november rain or bohemian rhapsody is overrated... your a fool.

Comment by Tupa Cobain

Kurt isn't dead !

Comment by marius valentin cojocaru

Miss you, friend!

Comment by bignasxl

grunge years were the best....I missed them

Comment by Arman Necafi


Comment by Antonio Torres

hahaha at the end it seems like if kurt didn´t like the fact that he´s playing his music unplugged

Comment by Shay M

bless nirvana🌻❤

Comment by thisisAB

Ah yes, "the noob" enlightens us on a very interesting and necessary matter!!!

Comment by vidzmaster2009

Wow. MTV has changed a hell of a lot since then.

Comment by Niknamaertu

i miss you, Kurt

Comment by Pat Breen

poor kurt. he was so good

Comment by TheAmemart

buena canción de nirvana

Comment by Ruby lily

Can I just say that you seem like such a great guy, Schlaktad made a disgusting racist remark, treated you like dirt, and yet you just replied with kindness. People could learn a lot from you.

Oh and you like Nirvana which is a plus. (:

Comment by Rozey H

Joining the Dots by Arctic Monkeys anyone?? Ok

Comment by DOG*PROD*89 sang UNITED

@rocknrollenzz 218 NOW BUT WITHOUT..ME

Comment by ricardo angel segovia candela

Suicide , NO HEROIN! No drugs

Comment by Renzo Hinojosa


Comment by Margot Briset

Miss you

Comment by kaveh nekoomanesh

@TheMrAwesomeDx - when was this ;)

Comment by Mandeep Sidhu

Kurt's smile at the end of the song is brilliant

Comment by hondarider430

Not going to start anything, just asking. Are you payed to hate on Nirvana an AC/DC? Because you seem to do it a lot...

Comment by Christian Perez

his voice is fucking amazing

Comment by realtntuser

You are not, I'm 15 and I think this music will always be the best!

Comment by MistyShadow007

Everything happens for a reason. Nirvana left a mark in music history that will never be forgotten and think about it. If Kurt was still alive nirvana would probably gone stale and foo fighters would never exist. I say just be happy that Nirvana were once iwth us and left us with three awesome albums :D

Comment by DemonOfJustice


Comment by Я медведь

вечная память

Comment by Jimi Cobain

Happy birthday Kurt

Comment by mista Turk

@mrsammyboy aye i be rappin and writing the sad thing is i grew up on alternative music and still jam alternative i really dont be listening to rap its all trash nowdays

Comment by sext toy


Comment by BigBugBuzz

Grohl had his wings clipped, hehe.

Comment by andycandyass1

my favourite song right now.

Comment by Palaechthon

Hey buddy, it's good to see you again! What's up?

Comment by Janet Cisneros

This song is too amazing 3

Comment by Joshua

My top five bands:
The Smashing Pumpkins.
Poets Of The Fall.
Cage The Elephant.

Comment by Eric F.

the world misses people like kurt cobain!


Comment by Eamonn Sweeney

@wwethelegacy629 KURT FUCKING COBAIN!

Comment by dev19971

@RebelThoughts yea its 3 chord rock XD thats why nirvana was s amazing cause of his ability
rip curt cobain
rip justain bieber a new asshole

Comment by Codie Bouwkamp

so sad😥

Comment by Johnny Canuck

Kurt, please come back and save us from music again.

Comment by Jojos25

@Keith459001 i don't clap but i enjoy the clapping because this is one of the best performances in music history ever.

Comment by Lunatic Pandora

yeah i was 11 when they went big. a big transition for me during those years, especially with this kind of music. i just turned 30 yesterday. it's ok for the younger generation to listen to it, but they don't understand how it really was back then. how it was being a teenager in the 90's. Like you said, it is a whole different generation. Just like "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is an anthem for OUR generation.

Comment by Jon Anheier

Wow. First go to grammar school, kid. Then I suggest taking a minute to actually check out a Nirvana album. 80's metal is good but, it didn't ever really strike a chord deeper than "let's party and have a good time:" Nirvana is comparable to The Beatles in how revolutionary they were to music. Every rock or alternative band and even a lot of metal bands were heavily influenced by Nirvana.

Comment by pietro94offlaga

very very beautifull

Comment by manya uruguayo

temaso como no recordar los años 90

Comment by Gosha Lev


Comment by Pepé Le Pew

why he need to be suicide ?

Comment by Jack Flash

@MarkZoom95 does iggy play the guitar? srsly? xd lol ive only know him as singer from the stooges

Comment by cabs85

why in vevo?

Comment by MeanStreak

@astridxxy You should check out a Texas band called "From Guts To Glory"

Comment by chad parrish

@StupidTeddybear im with u im 14

Comment by simon199418

16 years ago he was a grunge legend and now , he is just ashes R.I.P. man , u will never be forgotten

Comment by Dung Nguyen

words can not convey my feelings towards this impeccably morose song.

Comment by Jai Araujo

I need an easy friend I do...
with an ear to lend I do... think you fit this shoe I do... but you have a clue I'll take advantage while You hang me out to dry But I can't see you every night Free, I do... I'm standing in your line I do... hope you have the time I do... pick a number too I do... keep a date with you I'll take advantage while You hang me out to dry But I can't see you every night Free, I do... I need an easy friend I do... with an ear to lend I do... think you fit this shoe I do... but you have a clue I'll take advantage while You hang me out to dry But I can't see you every night I can see you every night ....Free I do, I do, I do, I do. .

Comment by Kumar Rahul

im surprised. i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. its not a joke, give ur delivery addr with phone number to make sure you get it. go here : bit.ly/1cdb1Wi?=yijgnf

Comment by davide gab

love e respect four your music art and style, rip Kurt... one love from Italy

Comment by laurent Kempenich

le taup de nirvana Unplugged il mètres sou ar a la perfection il me fais irisé les poile sur les bras truque de dinge

Comment by Jonathan Santillán

kurt had the same demon that jhon lennon had, now both of them are in hell. nobody can moke God... Jesus is The Lord.

Comment by Manuel Flores Aguilar

@JustinBieberBest11 性交は、それが羊を聞いて音楽を何であるかを知って
Fok jy weet wat dit is musiek en nie luister na die ooie
Fuck you, was soll es Musik ist und nicht hören, die Mutterschafe
اللعنة عليك معرفة ما هو الموسيقى وليس الاستماع الى نعاج
Siktir siz və ewes dinləmək deyil, musiqi bilirsinizmi
Пайшоў на хуй ведае, што гэта музыка, а не слухаць авечак
Mайната ти знам какво е музика и не слушате овце
Fuck you know what it is music and not listening to the ewes
haha just so you face roze penis anus xD

Comment by ITALIA GTA


Comment by Jimmy T

Juan...the rarely seen 4th member of the band and thought by many to be the driving force behind their success.

Comment by YourFearIsReal

What are those weird looking drum sticks that Grohl is using?

Comment by maris roosmalen

Kurt you're the best

Comment by Patrick Ellis

Haha Krist at 0:49, man he looks like he's been doing some hardcore stuff before the show!

Comment by Courtney love

Girl Need Condom!

Comment by Tom Ball

Without being rude, why is Pat playing with them here?

Comment by BayernSouthside

She was just so gorgeous.

Comment by Sophia Iain'ttellingyoumylastname

I'm having so many Guitar Hero flashbacks.

Comment by Sudipta Mukherjee

Loved the grin on Kobain's face when he finished singing .... !! We miss him badly !!

Comment by Christiano Ribeiro dos Santos

Ela matou ele! Disgraçada!!!

Comment by Bullet Holes

Hi guys, I love Nirvana, I paid a tribute to the fucking genious Kurt.
Check my cover Lithium please :)

Comment by ACHM

No me canso de escuchar este tema, es maravilloso!!

Comment by Killer97

I wish he was still alive to show you how real music should sound like

Comment by Aleksandar Ivanović

I admire Dave Grohl's restriction in this video.

Comment by Beantown Mambo

@TheNoobsprings Im on the same posotion right now. But i think il stay with Nirvana

Comment by Shuppergirl16

Oh how wish MTV was like this, because sadly I never got to experense it..

Comment by Juanp LPDA

Just like TV...

Comment by Lucas Silva de Deus

why VEVO thinks they own the music in youtube?!?!?!?! screw you VEVO

Comment by PizzaBlade17

the thing I really hate is that my dad was at that concert and I'm the bigger Nirvana fan LOL. Wish I was born in 1970-80 :D Life would've been better and music would be real, poetry from the heart some stuff about waking up in the morning or brushing teeth with alchol or some 15 year old thinks he found love or some Bad Romance. God Music sucks these days...

Comment by Lawrence Abbott

@DarkastCZ hahaha by tellin everyone that, you still managed to get that name to be read even when you try to counteract it HAHAHAHAHAHA

Comment by Steve Anthony

one of their best acoustic songs.

Comment by bimongolhunshd

to all of you haters who cares if you think nirvana is not original. we enjoy their music!!! so just get the f off and listen to your original "electro" shit you call music these days

Comment by challengekanaal

shut up

Comment by GintokisGirl95

Why does it always appear that Krist is high or something? He's always staring at the ceiling like there's butterflies everywhere lol

Comment by Hassan Ghoul

fuck! i wish he never died :/

Comment by redrising926

@SpectreVPH Ahhh yes listening to Nirvana in the womb is one of my favorite past time activities.

Comment by maddennfl629

@ :50 look at krist novoselic.....

Comment by betoman96


Comment by jett laberge

@Zediogorula but THIS video wouldn't be on youtube had it not been for vevo smartass

Comment by samipou samipou

this was the concert kurt loved the most playing on , there was no fake fans of nirvana , only biggest fans were present at this kind of private show... I think this is the kind of fans he wanted when he started the band.. not kids thats says they're big fans of nirvana and only knows smell like a teen spirit....

Comment by thecapitolwasteland

@h311inac311 Kurt's music was laid back? Have you even listened to an Nirvana album?

Comment by Sean Windle


I got news for you, musicians want to make money too -- there isn't anything wrong with it. It's dipshits like you who bitch about selling out that have created this whole myth about selling out. Nothing wrong with advertising yourself as a band, which is what music videos, interviews, ect.. do.

The more you do those things, the more people get introduced to your music.

Now go fuck off!

Comment by Andres Rios

that's the way of playing a guitar with love.

Comment by Ryandub30

that is one wild acoustic kurt is playing that thing has pickups thats wild!

Comment by secumu

has and always will be my favorite Nirvana song.....oh, and drain you=)

Comment by thomashorde

I love the guitar, Dutch power!!

Comment by Shlomi Avitan

מה אתם אומרים על השיר הזה?

Comment by tolga köle

who care

Comment by xBDizzLe

I fucking love him

Comment by leonardo vega

la mejor cancion de nirvana

Comment by Jayy SkibSkibs

that crowd is so lucky

Comment by Stuart Adams


Comment by afif hakim

RIP Kurt ...

Comment by ourdyldog


Comment by VALERA


Comment by PrettyNoose

Dave Grohl playing the drums like a sir.

Comment by Lula Belle

are you kidding that's an awful thing to say you Justin Bieber loving bitch!

Comment by Sergio Andres Pineda Castillo

Why the fuck is No Doubt in related videos? O.O

Comment by ellumic

@xoJustinBieberIsGOD troll

Comment by Susana Blake

wtf man

Comment by judyleasugar97

Kurt was the best. Ever.

Comment by BigJek

can't wait for kesha unplugged. she'd be a goddamn mess

Comment by andrea lopezi

Nirvana and Justin bieber? JAJAJAJA its so funny, nirvana its a best group and Justin bieber its... Shit ^^
Y te lo digo como lo siento, Soy española, con dos cojones

Comment by Robert Murdoc

I always wanted to play all Nirvana acoustic songs but the problem is that they play one half down ? on there guitars ? .. and i don't know how to do that :'( with my guitar .

Comment by jepc92003

this guys and his band just like The Beatles changed everything in music forever.

Comment by angelo esposito

ma che cazzo c era in quei anni mamma mia kurt ci manchi un casino

Comment by wegii x

Krist is big fella.

Comment by Pilar  Redondo

Mee gusta estopa

Comment by M. Stacewicz

I love Krist face when he plays guitar : D

Comment by MrTheBeast

Vevo can go to hell bastards

Comment by StereotypedAmerican

Hahahaha, you truely are a funny person. "Teeny bopper", that is rather funny. A. Because I am a male, and B. I am not a teen. Since you are unable to realize that Melt Bannana DOES sound like Primus, then it is likely that YOU are the one who has never listened to Primus. Can you even name a song not off of the Sailing the Seas of Cheese album or any other album that is well known? It appears that you are the one who hasn`t done their research. Good day to you, sir.

Comment by cambodia95

Aye herorin iz propa buz nd betta then weed coz injectin iz safer

Comment by Liquorice Pearls

I love playing this on guitar hero.

Comment by StereotypedAmerican

Unlike him, however, I have done my research on the aforementioned bands, and they really aren`t that original sounding.

Comment by justchillinxo


Comment by Nabil El

there isn't a song of them that i hate , they are rely the best band to me ever .

Comment by Vic Tapia

This song gives me life ❤️

Comment by Reese Hannah

And i could be a 40 year old stalker, thanks for the info.

Comment by DeadTrickster


Comment by Shaun Farhan Liner

i have this covered too... its pretty bad... please comment so i can work on it...

Comment by Alix Øverdose

Happy Birthday Kurt, You Should Come Back Today, Piss Justin Beiber Off Out Of Twilight... Oh.... AND ROBERT PATTINSON. Thanks Kurt. (:

Comment by allu4me

i love the rasp in his voice at this concert

Comment by Dustin Ross

Greatest musician ever, put soul into every song

Comment by ichangedmyname sorry

Krist is seriously one of the best bassists of all time

Comment by BeNeath0

@SkynyrdTim :D wow...you really know psychology :)

being lefthand has absolutely nothing to do with mental issues or courses.. seeing that more than 10 per cent of the worlds population are left handed ur suggesting that they are all bound for suicide?
Being lefthanded has to do with allels and genes. and its a practicing issue as well.

greetings from austria

and yes its fucking awesome how he plays the guitar upside down :)

Comment by Kinga Polewka

I feel exactly the same!
I wish I was young&rebellious then!
I'm afraid how will sound our children music... :(

Comment by Atmos

Kurt could nail it live, this turned into a track that was heavily played. Like the Beatles, they were so tight that a live performance could be a standard single. Not that he gave a shit about radio play but it's a true testament to how good he was.

Comment by NIkcollette Kristin

Is it just me or does kurt look burnt out in these live videos of him performing, he looks sad and he's singing but not with heart and soul it looks like he's just trying to get it over with and go home. i'm not saying anything bad about him at all but just knowing what happened to him makes me sad and really look at him and he face and his playing

Comment by Anna Bellamy

That has to be the best sweater I've ever seen. I would wear that to school, actually...

Comment by Prakonekham Phicith

Love this Song

Comment by Keith h

timeless tune

Comment by cloudsurfer999

krist is always yawning in the back...lol

Comment by xtianpunk100

kurt never die...

Comment by ZoakoTHEgreat

Tis so very sad...unplugged shows Kurt's incredible talent and potential that the world would never see come to it's fullest :(

Oh and don't hate on rap too much people, not all rap is crap!

Comment by becca


I need an easy friend 
I do with an, ear to lend 
I do think you, fit this shoe 
I do, but you, have a clue 

I'll take advantage while 
You hang me out to dry 
But I can't see you every night, free 
I do 

I'm standing in your line 
I do hope you, have the time 
I do pick a, number two 
I do keep a, date with you 

I'll take advantage while 
You hang me out to dry 
But I can't see you every night, free 

I need an easy friend 
I do with an, ear to lend 
I do think you, fit this shoe 
I do but you, have a clue 

I'll take advantage while 
You hang me out to dry 
But I can't see you every night 
No I can't see you every night 

I do 
I do 
I do 
I do

Comment by Leigh Tanner

Kurt Cobain -- darling, you look like you need a hug.

Comment by Boner club #2

when you think about it nirvana really had a fourth Mexican member . can't denie it .

Comment by Raxus007

MTV used to play music :O

Comment by MrBehemothX

Now this is what u call good Fucking music

Comment by Shocking Blue fan Andy Nirvana

I love Nirvana!!!all Nirvana songs are pure grunge masterpieces!!!

Comment by MCM minecraft and more

Someone skipped 10 seconds of this song I made them skip 10 lifetimes

Comment by Kirsten H

@pilotbutterfly thats exactly what i was thinking!!!!

Comment by Josh Nielson

One of the best live performances ever.

Comment by SirPoodleBinks

Kurt Cobain died in 1994
do you feel old yet?

Comment by Reptilian Complex

que joven Dave ! D:!

Comment by Allan Dalapicola

look that watch?v=FFxyPWoneIo


Kurt=unplugged=newyork=nirvana=Kurt Cobain=sitting in spiny chair

Comment by Regan Edwards

everyone needs to stop responding to the guy who's constantly bashing nirvana, he obviously feeds off the attention or he wouldn't keep doing it. How about everyone is different and likes their own type of music? I know that's hard to imagine but hey, I do it. Quit being so hateful and be happy with life. I wish I could've been around to see them live and watch their well deserved rise to fame. I love you Kurt, rest in peace knowing youll be loved by every generation to come.

Comment by Cinbah

VEVO wants to make me angry with a Nicki Minaj advert in front of Nirvana. That should be illegal!

Comment by Poonsai Pichaporn

I love this song nirvana version

Comment by ScentlessApprentice7

Justin Beiber would fucking kill 1,000,000 innocent little babies to have this song first.

Yeah well sorry, you little effeminate little pinko, Kurt had it first...and will always have it... so fuck off!!!

Comment by patologia

bibber is fagg!and suck cook

Comment by JoshyWashy8D

every thing is vevo.... :(

Comment by putra dirga


Comment by * *

@ObieG93 Another drone idiot who mentions Bieber for ratings... We need a YT for grown ups and one for kiddies like this idiot and others like him. Thumbs DOWN!

Comment by Thaisadon7

0:48 lol

Comment by Kevin Torion

What acoustic guitar is Kurt using?

Comment by moviemaestro001

@Remembermylai you lucky lucky bastard. he died 364 days before i was born so i never even got a chance to be alive at the same time as him. shouldnt piss me off but it does :/

Comment by Yuar Fa Goth

Sounds like justin bieber.

Comment by ofashodo

It makes me nauseous to be forced to watch an ABC family commercial for a movie called Jane Design or some shit before I can watch Nirvana.

Comment by Hunterdivine

i csn't believe it's not butter!!

Comment by bnk57

Puppy love.

Comment by larry lomascolo

Krist looks like he is tripping

Comment by Dana G

@Skeloguy ha! that guy has some serious issues and no life.

Comment by Victor Aguayo

what's weird is the year he performed is the year he died

Comment by Raji Casas

Your grammar is wrong its like you meant if you saw him THEN you'll eat a big dick asshole. But don't worry man I would've agreed with you if you typed that in right. LOL

Comment by awsomethingsmax2

@caine206 Me too, I hate music today. It's killed everything good, except for foo fighters and like two others.

Comment by madison cirillo

@JamesOfSeaham no theres nothing wrong with that. I was not judging anyone

Comment by ASDMarauder007

@GetRicherOrDieTrying FUCK YOU. Don't know shit about music. Nirvana kicks LIL WAYNE's, 50 Cents FAGOT ASS

Comment by Jarrod Schroeder

this is a great song!! i always liked nirvana!

Comment by kalebpythonandgrail

What is the other guitarists name?

Comment by Tassos Fourt


Comment by Ultimate7Windows

where are they performing?

Comment by Fakè Namasta

Nice shirt, Dave.

Comment by Yoav Wassermann

I Really Like This Performance.
I also Like, the Version on "Bleach".
I Think that the 1980's, started about 1978/1979, and Ended somewhere Between,
1988/1993/1995. :-)

Comment by nicBillsmashBro

@justagirl123431 Dude.... you dont have shit at all so go fuck yourself lol shemale

Comment by ItsTynado

are you me?

Comment by MrOceanPenguin

This is why I love Nirvana and their true fans. Thank you, sir!

Comment by Ltdash

Well we now all understand why people bully you in school dont we princess.

Comment by Sagino84

vevo suckssssssss

Comment by Isaac Bull if

Just 55 million more till 1 mill

Comment by bagetsiz

I don't understand why dave use hi-hat too high this much.

Comment by Carlos Garcìa

Music never die while someone listen to......

Comment by Elise Thompson

I swear, if dave grohl wasn't alive I would have already killed myself

Comment by paranormalfrank

Just pure unspoiled genius.....Kurt it's been 20 years nobody has replaced you!!! 

Comment by Veskovo Kosek

I like nirvana songs, but i kind of have to agree with you. The fact that Kurt didnt give a shit about his fans then blew his brains out without giving a flying fuck about who he was leaving behind goes to show you what kind of person he is. It astounds me that his fans praise him.

Comment by Eva Korpa

My God, I remember watching it on MTV long before Cobain died... must be getting old... but this voice is certainly a voice to remember... R.I.P. Glad I was born at a time when performers like Kurt Cobail existed.

Comment by Native_Resolution

thumbs up if you think its better than the original.....

Comment by McLovin You

This song satisfies my needs

Comment by Pedaissance

krist looks like he's takin a shit at 0:48 - 0:50

Comment by A G

about a girl

Comment by Nadia De Simone

i dooooooooo ...

Comment by Augusto Gabriel

iai, salve os brasileiros q gostam d bom rock *-*


dude, ur probably just talking to a 40 year old virgin retard who has nothing to do other than forcing contact with people online, he "feeds" literally on ur response, best leave twats like him alone they don't deserve the time ur wasting on em. just dislike the fucker and of story, same aplies to anybody who sees guys like these again.

Comment by happyhellday3

hold on there yea stay there just let me get me shotgun *aims sights at you*

Comment by Bella Helene Hissom

whats up with the funeral home stage deco

Comment by Alba Orobio

funny answer!!!! I like your sense of humour!!!!
Nirvana was and It´s great!!!! Thats why people don´t forget their music and new generations like them too.That only happens with great artists, they never die for old, new and future generations.....
a big kiss for you, Kurt.......

Comment by Callum Devine

what happened MTV ?

Comment by Buddha Head

I agree with Lenjaful. I think part of the reason we love Nirvana so much (apart from their obvious pure genius) is because they're kind of an underground band. Also the majority of pop-music listeners have a very simple and mediocre mindset, that's why they're attracted to superficial glamorous blingy crap like ... you all know who I'm talking about. Nirvana were raw & authentic, and you can't have that if you want mainstream popularity. Peace.

Comment by Andru u

2:58 :) omg...i'm dead :x

Comment by Debbie Garner

So sad that kurt Cobain died so tragically and so young!! love his music!!

Comment by Poncho Gaming

Soy menor de edad y es presiosa esta música de nirvana viva el rock ❤😎✌

Comment by Estefanopoulos Jasser

@Vegitarianfood stop doing this immature crap,nirvana themselves hated smells like teen spirit.....get a life and do something that actuall matters

Comment by Erika Sturtevant

I can't stop watching this I fuckin love him

Comment by Denzel Bakker

My favorite song.

Comment by cindynaruto

@justagirl123431 Yes how about you do that and leave people with an actual music taste listen to it. Because you know some people like to listen to Lyrics that make sense and a voice that does not make you want to shoot yourself.. Now If you please go FUCK yourself and stop Insulting a great man. So he got overwhelm with the world probably because of Ignorant People such as yourself who cant see past a persons physical appearance...!

Comment by Euan McCaughan

Because he shot himself in the face??

Comment by spencyj


Comment by jefferson cereno

ebt = n/a, iihs = 376.65 from 290 @ +86.65 o.k.

Comment by Jake Greenwich

You contradicted yourself in that.

Comment by Fx Pat

One of the Best Unplugged Concert,s
Take a look to my channel i make covers and other Stuff ...

Comment by Ryan Baker

@ITTTheKrimsonKing actually SheopleHerder has a point to believe he was murdered, this is why: The shotgun Kurt "supposingly shot himself with had no finger prints on it, the gun was perfectly aligned with his head when he was dead, the bullet fragments had no finger prints of anyone, The greenhouse he "killed himself" is locked on the outside, meaning he had no way to lock it by himself..... there's alot more that proves that its a murder than a suicide.

Comment by RayRay Mathers

i love this song... miss him so much

Comment by Vraciu Stefan

oh God, why? Why Cobain and not Gayber?

Comment by Jelmerr

Pure Music

Comment by Rambull

azafran azafran esa no me la vi

Comment by Ivan Santos

go nirvana!! i wish that kurt was still alive :(

Comment by wipers86

@0Frankthepimp0 I'm against you on that one they get to much attention as it is but your right they would sound shit

Comment by Rock Peruano

Nirvana es lo mejor que le pudo pasar al mundo

Comment by Hugo Waller

Does anyone know what chords Pat plays in this song?

Comment by Daniela

2:58 LIFE♡

Comment by MBiggs92

@gdub19777 I couldn't agree more, he's an all round band member, he's unique.

Comment by DJZwart Broek

i have seen him doing that a few times, i think he just does that when he is trying to concentrate playing the guitar.

Comment by TheMasquerade6



Comment by Sigvald Frostclaw

je le connaissais pas. je connaissais que kurt, le bateur et le bassiste

Comment by apenas um mickey

faria qualquer coisa só pra ir num show do Nirvana mas infelizmente, isso não será possivel

Comment by lifes a fuckin résumé

take advantage while you hang me out to dry but I can't see you every night... freeeeeeeeee

Comment by nirvanaispus

They were meant for the 20 + year olds.
Krist : We did well financially and success wise, but that doesnt that mean we - doesnt have anything to do with our music and what we want to say. Its just that we wanted to participate in the music industry, so we participated with MTV. We sold out.
Kurt : Yep. Kill us.
"Grunge, was born, raised, lived, and died through that man." Yeah, and? Does that mean its good? Nope.
Its you that needs to do the research and stop your Arabic yodeling.

Comment by RocksRevenge

this song is so brilliant. everything sounds so fantastic in it.

Comment by oldwulf1974

You sang of anguish, joy and pain- little did we know
That darkness would take you from us- 20 years ago
You touched our lives, reached all of us, pierced our very soul
But where once was a Teen Spirit, is now a gaping hole.

RIP Kurt- thank you for your life

Comment by Christopher Calliste

@deimachy i remember chris,Kim,Scott, and Hiro they was a good group then they begain to change their sound. i guess Chris didn't like being the 4th to nirvana, alice in chains and pearl jam and ended up turning into the a post G&R'S version on of grunge

Comment by Le Duc Anh

dont put that 2 names in the same line...

Comment by adam greig

love the stage presentation with all the flowers and
the candles!
obv the band is fucking amazing
but just saying as all :)

Comment by Ally & Ash

for some reason i used to think for like two years that this song was called "easy friend"?

Comment by Dante Roth

@babeeshopiez123 i totally fuking agree, the 2 greatest music legends, dead

Comment by julio bautista mendez

fasina me this group is one of my favorites

Comment by anonuem

fuck yeah !

Comment by nirvanaispus

@ipodhacker12567951 What is it with this “we” / “us” stuff? Are you totally incapable of thinking on your own that you allow others to do the thinking for you? Weeeell by golly, I know you are. Do you require others to be on your side to get “your” point across? Of coarse you do. Are you a spokesperson for other Nirvana fans? No? What if other Nirvana fans disagree with you? What then? Yeah, dump the “we / us” ideal. It just doesn’t work. It’s also a very shallow way of thinking on your part.

Comment by 壬晴

You have to search around the suggestions very carefully to catch all of Nirvana's songs. <3 so worth it

Comment by PabLó SebáStían Bauer

hola la cancion es crimen

Comment by yung soderh

@cruzholland MTV isnt even music anymore :(
just fucking teenage shit series that nobody watches.

Comment by Santiago Jiménez Oquendo

@LilyzLily SO WHAT???

Comment by escalante escalante

la mejor banda re rock junto a acdc
grande kurt cobain

Comment by hitmanhart670

I love this song I could listen to it everyday for the rest of my life and it is even more incredible accoustic

Comment by Bruno Silva

2:58 U mad MTV?

Comment by kimshiz

lol Dave Grohl used to look like a nun.

Comment by Violet Swalrovisk

Music beautiful.

Comment by Grungehead6670987

That's Pat Smear, and he's not Latin. His mother was half African-American and half Native American. His father was German. He was a touing guitarist with Nirvana beginning in 1993 up until Kurt's death. He can be seen in most of their post-In Utero shows including this one and Live and Loud (aired New Year's Eve 1993/1994 on MTV).

Comment by TheFillyPhan

God, don't give us Cobain back...he wouldn't want to come back

Comment by twist127

yeah, it's easy to see he didn't want to smile

Comment by X Lop

Take advantage while...

Comment by Trevor

Pssh this shit sucks my cock. Thank god rap came along and exterminated it.

Comment by Steven Sikes

Hey how'd you get in here.

Comment by saltedsalmon

i don't fucking care if eminem is back!
stupid ads!

Comment by Milkidiego


Comment by shiva shava

stiupid people

Comment by nirvanaispus

All Nirvana did was make grunge popular and someone's popularity is never a reason to listen to anything - ever. Originality? Try Melt Banana, John Cage, The Residents, John Zorn / Naked City, The Virgin Prunes, Einsturzende Neubauten, Walk Off The Earth, early Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, SPK etc. Oh I get it, you like being depressed. Good job. And there's no feelings when you are constantly "bored" and "faking it" as Kurt has claimed numerous times.

Comment by Lily Rockel

M - The Cure

Comment by TheShyPieGuy

im so fucking pissed at my fucking retarded generation. all the kids in my skool run around with they're faggot iphones chanting bieber nd gaga nd jonas. its honestly the worste music ever, seriously, it isnt even music. somedays i just wish i was a teenager in the 90's when being cool took alot more then having alot of friends on facebook.

Comment by Chris Schildmeyer

@Haruthelight true.

Comment by silviu BMWdriver


Comment by melvina628

Are the other band members brothers or related to each other?

Comment by suicidesucks08

I need an easy Friend....to tie me off

Comment by Vincent Ebert Balaba

About A Girl...

Comment by Lyan Fukencio

Jaja el baterista tiene Espatulas en vez de batacas? Jaja nirvana rifa.

Comment by Jack Kivett

Andy Kaufman on bass.

Comment by xeneizeandres


Comment by Zach Dean-O'brien

The year he killed himself... Sucks!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Rastafarian Targaryen

Absolutely & Utterly motherfucking BRILLIANT

Comment by SumnerCounty1986

@BistkitEatingBulldog THANKS MAN!!! I saw old Cobain in 12/31/'93 in Oakland, California. I was far away though. Cobains ALWAYS pulling weird Sh*t like that SMILE TO FROWN. I just remembered the UNPLUGGED ONE. Music from 1990-1997 is DA BEST. Of course I was a Teenager then. My mom's Boyfriend Larry used to PULL THAT SMILE TO FROWN SH*T TO. Way back before Cobain was big in 1988. Also check out Urge Overkill AND THIN LIZZY. Rock on Bulldog!!!! 2012 POST HASTE!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Kaelan

This video is legend

Comment by Marco Mariona

omfg, I have seen this so many times but kurt just play so fucking good even on his slow sogs <3

Comment by Trent Allen

Just look at Kurts face, you can tell he was something special.

Comment by boriswooge

what's going on with krist at 00:48?

Comment by Daniel Cottrell

What kind of guitar is Kurt playing?

Comment by TDaLY2011

better than you'll ever be though

Comment by saltydice5

Telling someone to be happy in life is easier said than done, i.e. lead singer of Nirvana.

Comment by Abby T

I love this song!!, thanks for the video

Comment by Glibardenius

At 0:48 Krist Novoselic seems to think: "I cant believe this! i am living of music, ive become a bassist from a great band having fun and a lot of people would remember this forever....!! after all my suffer form my childhood i was blessed!! how lucky i am!!

Comment by JeffWatersRules

Wow.. wannabe Nirvana fans get trolled so easily all you need is a name with some crappy pop star in it and make a bad remark.

Comment by Bubi Božić

please just ignore nirvanaispus as long as he is getting any attention he will keep bullshiting ...

Comment by Bree Zender

im lovin dave's turtleneck.

Comment by marklung


Comment by Boberther

There's a big conspiracy theory that Courtney hired someone to kill Kurt. I personally think that's a pile of shit and that it was just make up by teenagers who couldn't face the fact that their hero didn't want to live anymore.

Comment by Marc Barber

LOL, his other two rockers are hardly 'rockers'.

Comment by Michelle Gilmore

its out of sync.. KURT COBAIN was fucking genius,

Comment by Neophyte

@macroon89 No. No one's actually from Seattle...

Comment by Ezequiel Kobelinsky

nirvana lo mejor lejos

Comment by AnCom_Tom

What a twat...

Comment by L4Disillusion

The beatles are fucking garbage! :D

Comment by sandraway

really? in every single video of nirvana? wow i'm glad i'm not you

Comment by JD finesse

great song.

Comment by R.C Jones

I can't put this off any longer, but I just got to say, Kurt style of clothing looks so dope!

Comment by mauro mingarelli

When Dave play the right

Comment by thegreenyoshis

No i think he had something in his teeth...

Comment by DrPepperDERF

i know, im saying im happy that vevo has SOME good taste in music :P

Comment by Baily H


Comment by TheVesan

@RilakosSs Why would they compare him to Lemmy !?

Comment by Sneatio

Holà! You soy suizo y mi hija escucha esto con migo.... Saludos a Argentina

Comment by Leandra santos

muito fofaaaaaaaa demais nirvana e tudo de bom para escutar vom a family !!

Comment by MR. Editor

████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

Comment by Roxyyy Wolls

era tan simple y creativo, el se animo a ser el mismo, creo que muchos musicos de la actualidad deberian aprender eso.

Comment by ghost6000123

@dddiiimmmiiitttrrrii Jimi Hendrex and Kurt Died at Age 27 and U might too ^_^ joking

Comment by IamJacksColon4

doesnt the guitar guy look like andy kaufman?

Comment by Ek Chinaski

No, he didn't.

Comment by Clypsoh

Nirvana is Grunge, i think i can see what your trying to say, but thats whats Grunge is, sloppy guitar riffs, playing at your own temp and changing up a bit, but the music is amazing, so you have no right to say he isnt a musician, he created one of the biggest scenes in rock history and has inspired millions of musicians.

Comment by Tobias Roberts

dylan u suck fat left balls u dumb nigger. u deff dont know music . and u run ur mouth way 2 much. burn

Comment by Huy Nguyen

Dave Grohl was so formal

Comment by Beauty Home

i miss you dad

Comment by Jose Meh

fuck vevo! sorry i can't see the video... i can't see rihanna's face next to kurt cobain... is an insult to the music...

Comment by Vijay Singh

ive never done herion but seems like that

Comment by feedmyoffspring

Dave grohl thanks

Comment by Edward Robayo

Once upon a time there was a mussic channel on tv that use to show music and really good series.
But everything change when the fire nation attacked.
Now is a soldout channel that crappy shows like teen mom and sixteen and pregnant and they even broadcast good music anymore.

Comment by noliesjustlove4512

1994 = terrible year Kurt died and Justin Bieber was born :( i miss kurt even tho i wasn't alive when he passed :P

Comment by Ronald Vaughan

This version is far superior to the album version. 

BTW....where is the electric bassist? I clearly hear a low-pitched instrument.

Comment by ZEDAO EKKO

cade os br fan do kurt

Comment by jebnik v2

gupek szczelił se w łep a takom fajnom muzyke robił
Ja go kc

Comment by keyfor ciey


Comment by NewDawnFades68

MTV should buy Kurts old gun and stick it up its corporate arse and pull the trigger.

Comment by Hansel Perez

@MarkZoom95 Eric Clapton nuff said you got a point

Comment by Taboas2013

what's wrong with VEVO

Comment by KupKake H

Kurt was my soulmate. even tho I was 10 when he left us I believe he could see the future and got tf outta here before Trump became pres elect

Comment by connor3344

Kurts Smile 2:58. Hahaha

Comment by Alex Magee

You know David groth right
, drummer in nirvana but he is also a lead singer in foo fighters

Comment by KirkusMan31

Meaning "bleach" not unplugged

Comment by Tinafigureskater

@KrazyKunuck101 Guess the other one didn't learn the lesson! =D

Comment by gamecubeable

@TrustWithTreason shut it cunt it was a freaking joke because he looks like billy ray cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus c cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrusyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus cyrus and last but not least beiber beiber beiber beiber beiber beiber beiber beiber PWND