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January 1, 1970



Ahir Bhairav – Gat

Ahir Bhairav – Gat Mp3 Song, Download Ahir Bhairav – Gat, Ahir Bhairav – Gat Mp3 Download"Ahir Bhairav - Gat" was a soundtrack from 1970 Best Indian Classical cassette, The Glory Of Dawn. Vocals in the soundtrack was created by Traditional .The song was originally composed by Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma where as it was well carried out by Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma.Saregama, casted the song after releasing "Saanj Rang Ole Ole" song acted by Usha Mangeshkar & Suresh Wadkar.Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma greetedvarious honour for delightful work of a Indian Classical track.It quickly soared high on the youtube in 2015, and is viewed by 36.82 thousand users.This music track was produced 48 years before, heading to be enjoyable by Hindi listeners.Prime singer Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma performed in two works, participated as singers and composer.Approximate money recieved to Saregama from this soundtrack is $2212.It is Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma`s 102th music track, Out of 127 .Soundtrack is accessible on itunes library for just $-1 where as full album for $1.99.

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Song Name Ahir Bhairav – Gat
AlbumThe Glory Of Dawn.
ComposerPandit Shiv Kumar Sharma.
GenreIndian Classical.
SingerPandit Shiv Kumar Sharma.
Duration 20:23
Record on January 1, 1970
Album Price $1.99
Song Price $-1
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Ahir Bhairav - Gat Lyrics

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