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July 31, 2006



All I See Is You Mono Version

All I See Is You Mono Version Mp3 Song, Download All I See Is You Mono Version, All I See Is You Mono Version Mp3 DownloadThe "All I See Is You Mono Version", soundtrack of R&B/Soul cassette "Complete As And Bs" was casted in 2006.Dusty Springfield meet with love for delightful work of a R&B/Soul track.This is Dusty Springfield`s 610th song, Out of 664 all till now.The soundtrack was composed by Dusty Springfield so on it was kindly carried out by Dusty Springfield.Major vocalist Dusty Springfield introduced in two works, performed as singers and composer.This song was released 11 years before, towards the peak to viral by English teens.Estimated money recieved to Universal Music Group by music track is $1220.Universal Music Group, recorded the soundtrack after recording "Goin Back Mono Version" soundtrack represented by Kelly Rowland. roled as a song writer.It madly reached to edge on the youtube in 2018, and is watched by 36.01 thousand audience.Soundtrack is available on platform itunes for only $1.29 or all track list only for $7.99.

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Song Name All I See Is You Mono Version
AlbumComplete As And Bs.
ComposerDusty Springfield.
LabelUniversal Music Group.
SingerDusty Springfield.
Duration 03:22
Record on July 31, 2006
Album Price $7.99
Song Price $1.29
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All I See Is You Mono Version Lyrics

Holler if ya hear me
Yeah, it’s on
Muthafucking Live Squad in the house
We gonna set this shit off for these old square ass punk muthafuckers
It’s on, it’s on, it’s on
Holla if ya hear me

[Verse 1: 2Pac]
I got a nine thing ready to go BANG BANG!
On the first crooked cop that even comes near me
I beg your pardon, call the guards in, Chief Gates
Can’t wait to see your face, better move to another state
BOOM BOOM rebelistic slugs are realistic
The 12 gauge will leave you twisted
The government is getting shadier
And therefore, niggas getting crazier
Huh, and 5-0 can’t fade the havenotz
Shoulda learned when them OGs trashed Watts
Move on, move on, move on
Still wicked, learned to kick it, get my groove on
And you can say no to drugs, but you can’t say no to the thugs with slugs
Tell the president it’s evident he's lost
Wouldn’t know a gangbanger from a fucking horse!
Rather read the Source, flip through rap pages, black pages, speaking on black rages
We don’t even know the scoop, and the truth is the troops can’t hold the youth
Send em down with they tanks and AK-47s, what the fuck you niggas drinking?
Now tell me what you’re thinking?
You can roll through the hood and not get a spankin’
Niggas got they strap on
When they pop a cap it ain’t never black on black
They watching where they shoot, and they careful where they loot
Check the fields and you'll find proof
Black business staying 'til the end
Fooled a nigga one time won’t work again
Let's get along with the Mexicans, and we can all have peace on the sets again
And I love it when they fear me
If I’m spittin’ to you clearly
Nigga holla if ya hear me

Holla if ya hear me
Yeah, nigga holla if ya hear me
Holla if ya hear me, yo

[Verse 2: 2Pac]
To the preacher in the pulpit peep it
If you’re gonna preach about "turn the other cheek" you can keep it
In ’92 niggas don’t need it
They beating brothers in the streets and you’re talkin’ bout peace
Now ain’t that some fly shit
Just sit, be quiet, wait to die quick
Listen to y’all, we lost Malcolm and Hampton
Instead of an army we was marching and chanting;
“We shall overcome”
But we can’t do shit with a rock and a stick
Niggas better learn to shoot a fucking gun
And I’ve done heard enough from
The racist bitch ass judge and the white trucker
He shoulda kept his mouth on shut
Wanted to kick dust 'til some niggas rolled his ass up
And when I see the first full moon
I’m coming after Koon, watch a nigga go BOOM BOOM!
Then I want Briseno
Two to the head, now he’s headed out to Reno
And stuff Powell in the trunk let him ride
Tie him up nigga, watch his friend Wind die
Young Guns, niggas better fear me
Mothafuck the cops
You’re best to holla if ya hear me

Yeah, holla if you muthafuckin’ hear me
It’s on once a-muthafucking-gain
Young Guns International
All across this muthafuckin’ country
Yo Maj, spark that shit

[Verse 3: Majesty]
It’s a miracle, I was born to amaze
Put 'em in a daze, in the morgue is where I’ll make em stay
Undeniable kid I’m coming through
With authority, ever since I was a tot I was disorderly
Puff a blunt, roll a clip, make dough
Grab a ho, but move her slow, gotta do it quick, then she gotta go
We’re thuggadon kingpins, your Majesty nigga
Springfield, Young Guns causing tradegy nigga
We got him in a smash, for his life he just begged
But I chopped his ass up and sent his mama his god damn legs
Black mafia, huh, this is organized crime
That's how it is where I’m from, if you don’t know the time
Impact from the blast, breaking down walls
A five feet killer with no sense at all
Inner city, ain’t it a pity, seems it will never end
Then they killed my friend, now to Hell I'm gonna send
A lot of motherfuckers, and that’s how it goes
'Til another nigga puts me down below. Yeah, so holla if ya hear

Move something muthafucker

Yeah, Maj, spit on that nigga man, shoot that nigga
Yo Stretch drop the bomb, yo Stretch drop the bomb
Yeah muthafucker

[Verse 4: Stretch]
God Damn, uh!
Let a nigga clear my throat
Niggas blowing up shit, gotta flow in the smoke
So if ya hear me, holla, don’t fear me
But when I drop the mic don’t want no groupie niggas near me
Rockin the squad, the big shots is where the marks is
What they don’t know is that they fuckin’ with the Heartless
Reigning supreme, it’s not a dream, nigga listen
When the YGz roll cops start pissing
So holla if ya hear me

Did You Know?

This rare US mono single mix differs from the more common stereo UK mix in that it has an entirely different drum track. The backing tracks were produced by songwriters Ellie Greenwich and Mike Rashcow in New York and a copy of the tape was sent to London for Springfield to record her vocal. When the tape with Dusty's vocal part was returned, it was discovered that her producers replaced the original drum track (believed to be performed by Bernhard Purdie) with a more subdued drum part played by an unknown session drummer. The decision was made to use the original drum part which then had to be meticulously dubbed from the original tape onto the copy with Springfield's vocal. Rashcow recounts, "If you listen closely to the record, particularly near the end, there’s a slight out of time feeling – kind of sloppy. My guess is that we just used both tapes, got the reels weighted as close as possible, put a VFO on one machine to fine tune them to the same speed and may have even done it with a couple of ‘punch-ins’ at open spots to keep them synced together, and then just ran our drum track back in. Another studio nightmare and some degradation to the quality." This version of the song only ever appeared on the 1971 US Atlantic single.

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