Baare Saiyyan – Nand – K Kerkar Mp3 Song Kesarbai Kerkar Lyrics

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December 31, 1997



Baare Saiyyan – Nand – K Kerkar

Baare Saiyyan – Nand – K Kerkar Mp3 Song, Download Baare Saiyyan – Nand – K Kerkar, Baare Saiyyan – Nand – K Kerkar Mp3 DownloadThe "Baare Saiyyan - Nand - K Kerkar", soundtrack in R&B/Soul cassette "Kesarbai Kerkar" was launched in year 1997. Lyrics in this song was made by Traditional .The track was comprised by Kesarbai Kerkar while it was delightfuly performed by Kesarbai Kerkar.Saregama, made live the music track after launching "Tomari Madhur Rupe" music track represented by Suchitra Mitra.Kesarbai Kerkar gotvarious title for nice work of a R&B/Soul song.Headliner expert Kesarbai Kerkar took part in two tasks, roled as singers and composer.Estimated revenue to Saregama from the music track is $1159.It is Kesarbai Kerkar`s 27th song, Out of 30 total .This song was made live 19 years ago, going on to be loved by Hindustani youth.It madly glide up on the youtube in 1921, and is viewed by 84.09 thousand audience.Track is reachable on apple store for just $0.99 or all CD for $-1.

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Song Name Baare Saiyyan – Nand – K Kerkar
AlbumKesarbai Kerkar.
ComposerKesarbai Kerkar.
SingerKesarbai Kerkar.
Duration 04:53
Record on December 31, 1997
Album Price $-1
Song Price $0.99
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Baare Saiyyan - Nand - K Kerkar Lyrics

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Azam Bai of Kolhapur (1906-1986) was also known as Azambai Pisal. Very little is known about her but the recordings she left behind testifies that she was a classical vocalist of truly exceptional quality . It is known that she was trained in the Jaipur-Atrauli style of Ustad Alladiya Khan, by one of his sons -- either Manjhi Khan or Bhurji Khan during the 1930s. She also starred in a film named Naagaanand (1935) for which Vamanrao
Sadolikar composed the music. Azambai of Kolhapur cut at least 15 78 RPM records released by the Odeon Company in 1936-37 -- most of which are now only available in the collectors' archives.

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