Biraha Madhur Bholo Aaji Mp3 Song Kanika Banerjee Lyrics

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April 30, 1985



Biraha Madhur Bholo Aaji

Biraha Madhur Bholo Aaji Mp3 Song, Download Biraha Madhur Bholo Aaji, Biraha Madhur Bholo Aaji Mp3 DownloadThe "Biraha Madhur Bholo Aaji", music track in Indian CD "Baaje Karun Sure Kanika Banerjee" was released in year 1985.Prime singer Kanika Banerjee did role in two works, played role as singers and composer.This track was casted 32 years ago, continuing to hit by Bengali audience.Estimated earnings to Saregama by soundtrack is $2263.Saregama, recorded the song after recording "Dujane Dekha Holo Madhujamini Re" song acted by Kanika Banerjee.The song was composed by Kanika Banerjee where as it was enjoyably acted by Kanika Banerjee.It fastly drifted high on the video platform youtube in 1928, and is seen by 83.52 thousand audience.This was Kanika Banerjee`s 332th soundtrack, Out of 352 all .Kanika Banerjee greetedseveral accolades for good rendition of a Indian track. Lines for this track was created by gurudev rabindranath tagore .Soundtrack is accessible on apple store for $1.29 where as all album just for $9.99.

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Song Name Biraha Madhur Bholo Aaji
AlbumBaaje Karun Sure Kanika Banerjee.
ComposerKanika Banerjee.
LyricstGurudev Rabindranath Tagore.
SingerKanika Banerjee.
Duration 03:16
Record on April 30, 1985
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $1.29
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Biraha Madhur Bholo Aaji Lyrics

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Biraha Madhur Holo Aaji (বিরহ মধুর হল আজি মধুরাতে), a Rabindra Sangeet by Atreyee. This is one of my favorite Rabindra Sangeets by Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore. It is a home audio recording, thank you for listening.
Lyrics in Bengali:
বিরহ মধুর হল আজি মধুরাতে।
গভীর রাগিণী উঠে বাজি বেদনাতে॥
ভরি দিয়া পূর্ণিমানিশা অধীর অদর্শনতৃষা
কী করুণ মরীচিকা আনে আঁখিপাতে॥
সুদূরের সুগন্ধধারা বায়ুভরে
পরানে আমার পথহারা ঘুরে মরে।
কার বাণী কোন্‌ সুরে তালে মর্মরে পল্লবজালে,
বাজে মম মঞ্জীররাজি সাথে সাথে॥
Lyrics in English:
Biraho modhur halo aaji modhuraate
Gavir ragini uthe baji badonate
Bhari diya purnimanisha adhir adarshantrisha
Ki karun marichika ane aakhipate
Sudurer sugandhodhara bayuvore
Parane amar pathohara ghure mare
Kar bani kon sure tale marmare pallabjale,
Baje mamo manjirraji sathe sathe
English Translation of the song:

Exquisite has become our parting – in this lovely night.
Rich melody seem to swell – twitched in pain.
Gratifying the full-moon night – agonizing thirst for the glimpse
Heartbreaking mirage show up – in front of my eyes.
Flow of a pleasant aroma – wind driven
Loses path in my heart – swirl around.
Lyrics of an unknown in an undefined melody – murmur in the leaves,
My feet-jewellery pulsates in rhythm – along with.
- Translated by Anjan Ganguly

The parting is so sweet on this pleasant night
A profound melody ascends in the sorrow
The full moon fills the night with the restlessness of not seeing
What mournful mirage it brings to the eyes?
The scent wafts in on the breeze from afar
The wanderer of my heart perishes roving
Whose lyrics in an unfamiliar time and rhythm whisper on the branches -
And with it tinkles my own anklet bells.
- Translated by Ratna De

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