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September 30, 2014



Blues In The Night

Blues In The Night Mp3 Song, Download Blues In The Night, Blues In The Night Mp3 DownloadOne of the top CD "Three Of A Kind - Classic Recordings", was released in 2014 with an Awesome Jazz soundtrack "Blues In The Night" . performed as a lyricist.Roughly Calculated earnings to Suburban Squire from song is $2368.Suburban Squire, produced the soundtrack after making live "Avalon" soundtrack carried out by Benny Goodman.It was Peggy Lee, Dinah Shore`s 10th soundtrack, Out of 20 .Primary master Dinah Shore played role in two tasks, participated as singers and composer.Dinah Shore greeted respect and love for delightful work of a Jazz track.This song was released 3 years before, continuing to viral by English music lovers.The song was originally composed by Dinah Shore on the other side it was delightfuly carried out by Peggy Lee and Dinah Shore.It fastly glide towards success on youtube in 2005, and is seen by 25.01 thousand people.Song is available on platform itunes for only $0.99 or full CD for $5.99.

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Song Name Blues In The Night
AlbumThree Of A Kind - Classic Recordings.
ComposerDinah Shore.
LabelSuburban Squire.
SingerDinah Shore and Peggy Lee.
Duration 03:15
Record on September 30, 2014
Album Price $5.99
Song Price $0.99
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Blues In The Night Lyrics

My momma don't told me
When I was in pigtails
My momma don't told me, hon
A man's gonna sweet talk
And he will give you the big eye
But when that sweet talking's done

A man is a two-faced, a worrisome thing
Who'll leave you to sing the blues in the night

Now the rain's are fallin'
I hear the trains are callin', hooey
My momma don't told me
Hear that lonesome whistle
A blowing across the trestle, hoo hooey

My momma don't told me, a hooey, a hooey
Old clickety clack is echoing back the blues in the night

The evenin' breeze will start the trees to cryin'
And the moon will hot its light
When you get the blues in the night

Oh, take my word the Mockingbird
Who'll sing the saddest kind of song
He knows things are wrong
And he's right

From Natchez to Mobile
From Memphis to St. Joe
Wherever the four winds blow
I've been to some big towns
I've heard me some big talk
But there is one thing I know

A man is a two faced, a worrisome thing
Who'll leave you to sing the blues in the night

My momma don't told me there's blues in the night

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