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January 17, 2018



Boogaloo Shoes

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Everything regarding Spanglish Fly’s “Boogaloo Shoes” video is retro: from the sound a throwback to New York’s Latin urban past to the song title’s discotheque era reference "Boogie Shoes", to the sweet home-cured Claymation video, that harkens back to beloved 1970s SNL character “Mr. Bill.” Then, of course, there’s the band’s clever name, that contains each a living-bilingual respect to AN old-school roofie made up of crushed beetles (which isn't to mention the band thinks slithering factor} in an exceedingly woman’s drink could be a suave thing to do), and a nod to early The Bronx hip-hop. The retro outfit from ny proves that a cool Latin groove ne'er goes out of fashion.

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Song Name Boogaloo Shoes
SingerSpanglish Fly.
Duration 3:53
Record on January 17, 2018
Album Price $0.99
Song Price $0.99
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Boogaloo Shoes Lyrics Spanglish Fly

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Video by Stefan Zeniuk "Boogaloo Shoes" (Goldman) from Spanglish Fly's album "Ay Que Boogaloo!" (Chaco World Music, February 2018)

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