Char Din Zindagi De Balkar Sidhu

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May 22, 2015



Char Din Zindagi De

"Char Din Zindagi De" is a track from 2015 Hit World album, Vichhadean De Mele.Anand Music, produced this track after recording "Kurti Tang Kude" music track carried out by Balkar Sidhu.Leading artist Balkar Sidhu did role in two works, introduced as singers and composer.The music track was nicely composed by Balkar Sidhu so on it was well represented by Balkar Sidhu.It is Balkar Sidhu`s 104th soundtrack, Out of 106 total till now.It swiftly soared sky-high on the video platform youtube in 1924, and is watched by 4.5 million audience.Estimated revenue to Anand Music by the track is $9744.
Kirpal Singh Manna participated as a lyricist.Balkar Sidhu welcomedmuch gifts for well presentation of a World song.This track was made live 2 years before, continuing to be delightful by Punjabi music lovers.Track is obtainable on apple store for $0.99 or all list only for $7.92.

Info You Must Know

Song Name Char Din Zindagi De
SingersBalkar Sidhu.
LyricstKirpal Singh Manna.
ComposerBalkar Sidhu.
LabelAnand Music.
AlbumsVichhadean De Mele.
Duration 04:58
Record on 22 May, 2015
Album Price $7.92
Song Price $0.99
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Did You Know?

Song - Jeene Ke Hain Chaar Din

Film - Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

Singer - Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan

Lyricist - Sameer

Music Director - Anu Malik

Artist - Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra

Music On - T-Series

Comments • 308

Comment by masarrath khan

priyanka is so cute

Comment by Kartik Chaturvedi

Superrr Cool song

Comment by imtiyaj khan I.k. khan khan

imtiyaz khan I.k.

Comment by Abdul Latif


Comment by neelscooldude1

Salman is f**kin awesome!!!

Comment by JAi SOLANKi

Nice Song

Comment by Asia-Iman Mughal

Salman khan and his classic dance movies. Wat a guy :)

Comment by Juan Carlos Chavez Camacho

donde puedo ver esta pelicula

Comment by BHAiJAAN 52

Rock sallu BHAiJAAN super song dance super hit sallu BHAiJAAN

Comment by RAJ SINGH

who is watching in 17????
pleas reply

Comment by Jora Don dami lagna thaly kox ho

king of bollwood only salman khan

Comment by Asia-Iman Mughal

Salman khan and his classic dance movies. Wat a guy :)

Comment by pavan Saini

kamlesh kumar saini

Comment by its Techism

2017 who is there

Comment by Valar Morghulis

Priyanka 💕💖💗💘💝💞💟💓💙💚💛💜❤

Comment by Ali Mohd Pathan

introducing towel dance

Comment by Mr Throttle Abuser

babal xa gana

Comment by Aliasger Baji


Comment by Bk Sabbir


Comment by Marwa Sa ' ie


Comment by احمد رافت


Comment by Aashish Pahari

2017? anyone

Comment by Rahul M S

Thumbs up if you're watching this video in 2016!

Comment by Rambo Singh

December 2016 Who else is watching? ; )

Comment by Ritu Yadav

I absolutely agree with this song

Comment by aditya oberoi

Imagine Priyanka Chopra watching this now(2017)with sm white friends........OMG the cringeeeeeeeee

Comment by Boho Chic

you know your childhood was fun and incomplete without dancing that song with towel.. 😝😝😝😆

Comment by Tushar Igave

nice song

Comment by Zunu Khan

Lovely song

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Comment by Ashwin More

kadak salman khan nice 1 best hero Bollywood.

Comment by Being Aykut

Sallu <3

Comment by Real SRSS

golden era of bollywood music..unlike todays arijit singh shits

Comment by basit222 Shaikh

I liked

Comment by Prince Yaten

ye towel signature bn gaya

Comment by Nabin magar By

Nabin magar

Comment by Raj Kishore Jha

good song

Comment by Angela Clores

good old time :) <3

Comment by Abhi Boro

nice song

Comment by Shabbeer Shaik

i likes all songs

Comment by abhay patil

all time favorite song love u salman bhai

Comment by JAÏ SOLANKÏ

Nice Song

Comment by jyoti Singh

salman My fav

Comment by charan sai

that towel step

Comment by Sufiyan Khatri



Salman rockz always

Comment by P.M. Gohil


Comment by kalu shaik

I love this song

Comment by sketch

priyanka chopra im in love with you!

Comment by Rajesh Khonde

zim dub u ib j f

Comment by Faysal Ahmed Bappy

2005 but it;s 2017

Comment by vishal kumar

in this song singers sung very well. Both are amazing singers

Comment by Rajan Jha

Aha what a song mumaah mast hai maja aagaya

Comment by abdur-rahim khan

salman's 6 pack thoe

Comment by ayush jain

salman khan

Comment by jyoti Singh

salman is a very cute

Comment by Flash-2

The only good song in this film:

Comment by manoj kumar

my favorite song

Comment by Anuj Nagda


Comment by dr mahru khand dr mahru khand

Salman is always best I love it jeenay k hain cahr din baki full bekar din

Comment by razz que

kutta salamn

Comment by cher lloyd

im obsessed with salman khan

Comment by Sanju Sharma

i love song

Comment by JAÏ SOLANKÏ

Nice Song Nice Dance Salman Sir

Comment by Sadhana Mishra

jeene ke hai chaar din really nice song

Comment by H Lal Kulhari

These songs gives hearty happiness

Comment by Harshal Dave

his looks damn awesome...

Comment by Zabed Mohammad

Salman Khan, you are always the best.

Comment by Dibesh Mondal

Nice one👌

Comment by K-moon

love this song !!

Comment by Pritam Pitpixly

100 times like 

Comment by Kalpit Arya

this song give me goosebumps everytime i listen to it.It is like remembring your young days. . . Now salman is 50 and back than he performed in this song .... i mean this song suits salman perfectly k jeene k he chaar din. salman sir ne us time jee liye unke chaar din and now he is becoming old.... .

Comment by Faria Khan

salmans different style

Comment by Mohammad Fakhrul Hasan

full masti song

Comment by Rsjib Debbarma

Salman sir love u

Comment by Neelesh Tripathi

For Priyanka Chopra

Comment by Amy Sallu

The one and only towel dance lovee it and lovee salman

Comment by 03044420446 IRFAN Khan

03444244266 m IRFAN Khan

Comment by Nadia Izayoi

what's with the blue thin pants LOL

Comment by mohit khale

back when salman khan moved more than one muscle group at a time in a song 😂

Comment by Hassan Ashraf

good SUlman bhai

Comment by Sahid Ansari


Comment by wow best

priyanka is superb n salman rocks

Comment by Sandra Bhasin

Towel step 😂😂

Comment by 03044420446 IRFAN Khan

03044420446 IRFAN Khan

Comment by samarth goyal

fabulous acting by salman khan

Comment by Varun Kamath

The towel step:  a revolution in dance

Comment by Nasif Ali

Good old days

Comment by Manuel Zela

nice songs

Comment by Srikanth Myadam

Lovely Song............

Comment by Sohan Lal


Comment by Samir Sid

It was childhood memories when I was 8 class
That moment was awesome, no stress no tension only playing games.....

Comment by Wiam taghzouti

priyanka waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

Comment by Muhammad Qasim

2017 also listning

Comment by Vinod Kumar

nice song

Comment by Sahithi Priya

fab sng

Comment by vasudev Amonkar

salman khan the undisputed box office emperor

Comment by Saif Hossain

may 23 2017. who else watching this? Legends 😂

Comment by Maria JuliaNizal


Comment by Anushka Mandan

What is he wearing.

Comment by Rajiv Sen

Music is by Sajid-Wajid. Pls rectify.

Comment by shilpa88888

Best part of the song 2:38-2:45. Very entertaining, funny to watch.

Comment by battol Fatima

nicy song

Comment by MsBfUn

26 July 2017 who else is watching ???

Comment by Zahin ZJ

2017 August Who Still Watch?

Comment by Vijay Yadav

bachhe tak salman aur ess gaane Ko jante hai👌👌👌


March 2017..... Who all are still enjoying jawaani :)

Comment by Arun Kumar

Good actor Salman Khan and prinka Chopra, and love you this is a very good song

Comment by Ardian Firmanjaya

namaste for people india

Comment by Md Shahin


Comment by aman gajraj

Priyanka is the hottest girl in bollywood. My queen !!

Comment by Pingu The Awsome Penguin

This song is renowned for the towel dance

Comment by Upendra Kumar

That epic TOWEL STEP

Comment by josh dahan

lol maybe but how fuck did u even notice that ? horny ass

Comment by Uncel M

nice song

Comment by god yes, religion no

towel dance lol

so much fun 

Comment by Vineetz Kumar

very nice song

Comment by amrita narang

still watching in 2017

Comment by Dina Canolli

Krajk,Prizren emdelsirA

Comment by Sandeep Sam

Suparb song

Comment by Sabrina Haider

what is he wearing at 1:13 :)

Comment by Shahed love

হাই আমি ০০৯৬৬৫৫৩৬০৪৯৭৩

Comment by Nilanjan Cheulkar

Still watching in 2017.. Luv u#Salman

Comment by Sayeef Iqbal

Invigorating song.

Comment by Md Waseem Akram

Megastar salman khan awesome performance

Comment by loveless gril mishu begum

very nice song ♬❤♬ and my favourite soong ♬✌♬ sonu nigham very good singer ✓✓✓

Comment by Ringleader24 T

I love Priyanka's hair in this movie.

Comment by !gaming ghost!

Modi ji brought me here

Comment by Rajeh Parajuli

xt r funa tola..

Comment by Diku Zaman


Comment by Khan aved



you must upload this video in 1080p hd.....please.

Comment by jeff hardy

the cuts on salmans arm

Comment by RISHABH Sharma

Who else is here just to watch that move with towel 😁😂

Comment by Dexter Franckie

haha 3:32 horny Salman :D

Comment by m.d Noor Hassan

Salman Khan is super

Comment by Roshan Roshan

Roshan Singh

Comment by Md Waseem Akram

Salman khan is the biggest megastar of India

Comment by Tasmiyah Sayed

I love this song so so so so much

Comment by Sohan Lal

song is super

Comment by Abid Manjur

It's June of 2017. Who's listening to this now?

Comment by Arshi Shaikh

very nice song Salman khan looks very hot

Comment by Rawshan Raj


Comment by ILoveTexas

Reminds me of good old days when I was in college

Comment by tannzyllah s

love sallu

Comment by puja Thapa

Nice u salman khan😍😍😘😘💏💏💋💋💋💟💟💟💟

Comment by Vidyadhar Saini

papa jag jaye ga mami

Comment by harunrasheed shaik

super bhaijan

Comment by malik malik

nice song

Comment by Muna Ahmed

I have question why priyanka dark and her sister white 👧

Comment by Mehedi Hasan


Comment by Sana Khan

osm ek number😍😘😍😘😘😘😍😍😘😍😘😘😍😘

Comment by Best Channel On youtube

ME, buddy Hahahah...

Comment by Shadab Ali

Shadb bhai ph.7417302731

Comment by masarrath khan

sallu is the best

Comment by Sanjay singh rawat


Comment by Sushil Dc

thumbs up ! if you are a akki or salman fan and still watching it in 2013 .......

Comment by aryan balhara

love u salman and the special towel step

Comment by Er Ahmad Shadab

Nyc n ryt

Comment by gorkhali blood

june 2017 who else is watching??😉😉

Comment by Karina Cevallos

Jeje is amazing es increible

Comment by Mihir Patel

In 2017 I am watching the song, particularly for 2:30 - 2:37

Comment by Shiraz P M

Anu Malik Sonu Nigam team,
Always a hit!

Comment by meraz uddin

hello buddy all time great is all about Aamir khan

Comment by amey kawale

towel dance ...lolz...

Comment by Sohan Lal


Comment by rumana hameed

even In 2017

Comment by Ajay Pawar

just like me.........salman

Comment by Md Waseem Akram

Awesome song

Comment by Salman Hussain

jine ke char din

says everybody when sees Salman Khan's car

Comment by Best Channel On youtube

ME, buddy Hahahah...

Comment by wow best

Priyanka is so mesmerizing beauty wow

Comment by msd ace

Beauty of Goa

Comment by Amar Jit Singh

ullu sucks.

Comment by sunny verma

This song is reaally story song life

Comment by minta ayu

Love salman khan forever 💖💖💖

Comment by Nilanjan Cheulkar

Still Watching in 2017.

Comment by Marco Reus

Smart hero

Comment by Bhupat Rajput

nice song

Comment by Ritik goel

I dont know why people hate annu malik he has given very nice songs to our bollywood

Comment by Faria Khan


Comment by maqsood ahmad

char din

Comment by cccpppl

foarte frum mel si filmul la fel de frumos :x

Comment by Anowar hossain


Comment by abhay patil

Great hit song superb Music👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Comment by Shaikh Mohammed Yunus

beside the dance step and the epic story there is another good thing about this movie....that is salman's hairstyle

Comment by Chetan Sharma

April 2017 who is still watching?

Comment by masarrath khan

waoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice song

Comment by Zainuddin Ansari


Comment by sun top

love priyanka totally she is awesome

Comment by Nure Alam Taher Bhuiyan

Nice song. ........

Comment by Prakash Sharma

Hit like if you think bollywood has one of the coolest choreographies in the world !!

Comment by Nadeen Villalpando

This my favorite Bollywood song 😊

Comment by Mihir Keshav

Maaza aa gya ...

Comment by Md Rasel Ridoy

সালমান খাঁন কে আমি টাকা কিনে নিয়েছি ২০১২ সালে।

Comment by сайгид саидов

Как фильм называется ?

Comment by RAJ SIRSWAL

0:30 / 4:24

Comment by Ajay Sharma

love song

Comment by Ekanayaka Nanthasena


Comment by Irfan Khan


Comment by Rajendra Bodade

hit likes if u r seeing this in 2017...

Comment by Upendra Kumar

That epic TOWEL STEP

Comment by obsoletefloppy

Only Sallu Bhai can pull off such korny [email protected]@ moves.

Comment by Sanjana Dev

I love song

Comment by Abir Dey

Epic movie epic song and epic moves

Comment by Rama Kant

priynka sexy

Comment by Bot.Raj.9 Ashikshanta

i love u vai ummmmah

Comment by Abdelrhman Ahmed

2:31 the best thing about the song 😍

Comment by Vishwanath chaturvedi

sonu nigam always best

Comment by Kartik Chaturvedi

Salman Khan you r the best

Comment by Arslan Khalid

baap of all singers the legendary Sonu Nigam

Comment by Amrender Singh

nice beautiful video song

Comment by MrKillerrellik2008

Agreed. What has happened to our culture over the years. It's slowly fading away

Comment by Ayush Sharma

whos listing in 2017??

Comment by Krishan2014

Sonu Nigam + David Dhawan + Anu Malik + Salman Khan= One mast track!!

Comment by ArcticBlaze101

I hate the Spanish intro and parts in between the song

Comment by hafidinventeur hafidinventeur

Comment by Sohan Lal

song is super

Comment by zahid hossain

oh nice

Comment by Jobayer Rifad

I'm here for 2:30 ;) ;)

Comment by Rinoy David

watching in 2017... come to see towel dance ... Sallu Bhai rocks.. 😎😍

Comment by md koyas md koyas

nice song

Comment by Iman Deng


Comment by Sulleymanji

Who do u think u r saying that islam is the antichrist religion u stupid scet. Read up on ur facts and ull find out the Muslims believe in the prophet Jesus and they believe he is an important figure in Islam. They just dont regard him as the son of God. Dont spread bullshit. Stupid wench.

Comment by balram nagwan

Best song

Comment by Monu Bajaj

nice song nd nice body sallu

Comment by Jay Park

Who is watching rn

Comment by Kartik Chaturvedi

Superb Cool Awesome song

Comment by Vav Rajput

Nice song sonu nigam

Comment by Raj Aryan

motivational song

Comment by Salman Khan

salman khan performance is amazing in this song

Comment by zahangir sardar


Comment by Krishnapal Kher

July 27/7/2017 who else is watching!

Comment by Mujamil Muj

salman bhai I like your towel step.

Comment by Sean Fish

2:39 is the best thing Salman did............... (That, and him wanting to marry)

Comment by vishambar chauhan

no way this is goa

Comment by Abu Hanip

abu hanip

Comment by Nazimul Haque

I like it salman khan all song.I'am salman khan ka fan hoon

Comment by Bubb les

3:55 Perfect timing by Priyanka, makes it look easy.

Comment by Ashaduzzaman Ashad

I love this songs

Comment by neelscooldude1

Now...thats how a guy does an Item Number!!!!

Comment by anshul srivastava

salman khan i love u !!!!

Comment by Prashant Thakkar

everything in the movie and songs is awesome or beyond awesome

Comment by Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar

Comment by Subhrajit Adhikari

jeene ke hai chaar din....     baki hai bekar din.......  

Comment by Komal Khambalkar

I love you Salman Khan

Comment by Emaan KHan

one of my all time favorite

Comment by chandan singh

mst hai songs

Comment by Kaustubh Pathak


Comment by rohit dhotre

love u sallu

Comment by faizan khan

my favourite song i love this song 😍😍😚😚😚

Comment by Yootoob Blows


Comment by Binyamin Shekh

Super song,really death has no cleander so please enjoy the great of life

Comment by sumit basu

lovely song..

Comment by Syed Shabbir

Jeene Ke Hain Chaar Din,,,,,,,,, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi?

Comment by aaa aa

wow! nice

Comment by Shoeb Sheikh

2k17 still listening...

Comment by zelia

2:31 Absolutely Revolutionary! Only Salman could have created such a historic moment!

Comment by Sean Fish

So funny at 2:38; Salman can really hit the floor

Comment by ItsJustAks

Still watching in 2017 :)

Comment by deepinkharel

love this song .....

Comment by Mitesh Sawant

Priyanka has come a long way since!

Comment by Fayaz Ahmad

mast song enjoying song when I listen I'm soooo enjoy

Comment by izzy mcneill


Comment by T S

Only here for the towel dance🙋🏾

Comment by Being Ado

after this song was released, the epic towel dance became famous in our school

Comment by maria gmz

thumbs up too u

Comment by sarfraj khan

wov sallu i love you

Comment by mir shahin


Comment by Kamal Mahi

nice song

Comment by Angie Raquel Rendon

Me encanta esta cansion

Comment by kyoxi100

Just watch 2.30
And rest is history :-D

Comment by Rahul Sival

10:30 am 17 July 2017 ✌

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