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January 1, 1970



Chhod Jhamela Jhoothe Jag Ka

Chhod Jhamela Jhoothe Jag Ka Mp3 Song, Download Chhod Jhamela Jhoothe Jag Ka, Chhod Jhamela Jhoothe Jag Ka Mp3 DownloadThe top CD "Ram Kare So Hoye - Mukesh", was released in 1970 with a Hit Devotional & Spiritual soundtrack "Chhod Jhamela Jhoothe Jag Ka" .The track was framed by Mukesh while it was nicely performed by Mukesh. madhukar rajasthani played role as a song writer.Saregama, made live this music track after releasing "Bigdi Baat Bana De Ram" song acted by Mukesh.It fastly drifted high on youtube in 1926, and is seen by 26.2 thousand audience.This was Mukesh`s 716th soundtrack, Out of 1679 total .This track was broadcasted 48 years ago, reaching to be pleasant by Hindi audience.Average monetize to Saregama from the song is $1777.Mukesh welcomedmuch more gifts for best job of a Devotional & Spiritual song.Primary creator Mukesh roled in two tasks, participated as singers and composer.Track is available on platform itunes for just $1.29 where as whole track list only for $9.99.

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Song Name Chhod Jhamela Jhoothe Jag Ka
AlbumRam Kare So Hoye - Mukesh.
LyricstMadhukar Rajasthani.
Duration 03:06
Record on January 1, 1970
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $1.29
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Chhod Jhamela Jhoothe Jag Ka Lyrics

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Song : chhod jhamela jhoote jag ka keh gaye das kabir ,
par lagayenge ak pal mein tulsi ke RaghuVeer...
Singer : Mukesh,
Music Director : Lachhiram ? or Charanjeet Ahuja ?
छोड़ झमेला झूठे जग का
छोड़ झमेला झूठे जग का, कह गए दास कबीर ।
पार लगायेंगे एक पल में तुलसी के रघुवीर ॥

भूल भुलयिया जीवन तेरा, साचो नाम प्रभु को ।
मन में बसा ले आज तू बन्दे, ले कर नाम गुरु को ।
सूरदास के श्याम हरेंगे जनम जनम की पीड़ ॥

तेरा मेरा दिन भर करता, पर तेरा कछु नहीं ।
माटी का यह खेल है यह सारा, मिलेगा माटी माहि ।
मीरा जी के ईश बुलाये सब को यमुना तीर ॥

Chhod jhamela Jhoothe jagkaa kah gaye daas kabeer
paar lagayenge ek pal mein tulsi ke raghuveer

Bhool-bhulaiyya Jeewan tera saancho naam prabhu Ko
Man men basaale aaj to Bande Lekar naam guru ko
Soor daas ke shyaam Harenge Janm-janm ki peer

Tera-mera din bhar Karta Par tera kachh naahin
Maatee kaa hai khel ye Saaraa Milega maatee maahin
Meeraji ke geet bulaye sab ko jamuna teer
Chhod jhamela Jhoothe jagkaa kah gaye daas kabeer
paar lagayenge ek pal mein tulsi ke raghuveerExplanation
Kabirdas (Poet) hails an appeal to all of us to leave off the entanglements of this ‘False’ world. In a very short span of time we can achieve of our primary goal of this human life, if we surrender to the ‘Lord of Tulsidas— Shri Ram. Life (as we regard it) is False and meaningless. What is in effect reality, is the name of God. Therefore Oh man, today, establish in your heart that appealing form of Bhagwaan, with the help of your Guru. In so doing, Krishna will relieve the pains that seem to be with us from birth to birth. All day we spend our precious time dividing the world into “yours” and “mine”. But in reality nothing belongs to you nor to me. Everything in this “play” of life has come from the “clay” and one day it will ‘again’ sub­merge in clay. Respond to the call of Mira. Resort to a quiet corner and begin the process of “self-surrenderGosvāmī Tulsīdās (1532-1623) तुलसीदास, may be written as Tulasī Dāsa depending on if the name is transcribed to indicate Sanskrit pronunciation instead of Hindi) was an Awadhi poet and philosopher, and the author Rāmacaritamānasa ("The Lake of the Deeds of Rama"), an epic devoted to Lord Rama.

He was born in Rajpur, India in the present day Banda District, Uttar Pradesh, during the reign of Humayun to Hulsi and Atmaram Shukla Dube. During his life time, Tulsidas wrote 22 different works and although a Sanskrit scholar, he is considered the greatest and most famous of Hindi poets. He is regarded as an incarnation of Valmiki, the author of Ramayana written in Sanskrit.
Rāmacaritamānasa ("The Lake of the Deeds of Rama"), an epic devoted to Lord Rama, was the Awadhi version of Ramayana of Valmiki, like many translations of the original Sanskrit Ramayana, is read and worshipped with great reverence in many Hindu homes in northern India. It is an inspiring book that contains sweet couplets in beautiful rhyme called 'chaupai'. Vinaya Patrika is another important book written by Tulsidas.

Overview ;-
Tulsidas has probably been the most influential saint of North India in the several centuries since his birth. His works have had great impact on individuals, society, political systems, arts and culture and will continue to impact these in future. He is believed to have composed 22 works. The two most influential have been the Ramcharitmanas (often called the Tulsi Ramayana) and the Hanuman Chalisa.

Tulsidas's most famous poem is Rāmacaritamānasa, or "The Lake of the Deeds of Rama". It is popularly called Tulsi-krita Ramayana and is as well known among Hindi-speaking Hindus in India. Many of its verses are popular proverbs in that region. Tulsidas' phrases have passed into common speech, and are used by millions of Hindi speakers (and even speakers of Urdu) without the speakers being conscious of their origin. Not only are his sayings proverbial: his doctrine actually forms the most powerful religious influence in present-day Hinduism; and, though he founded no school and was never known as a guru or master, he is everywhere accepted as both poet and saint, an inspired and authoritative guide in religion and the conduct of life.

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