Close To You Dionne Warwick

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December 6, 2017



Close To You

"Close To You" is a song of 2009 ,An Awesome R&B/Soul cassette, My Friends.Dionne Warwick receivedseveral accolades for delightful work of a R&B/Soul soundtrack.It speedily glide up on the video platform youtube in 2016, and is seen by 137.27 thousand users.Estimated profit to Universal by this music track is $1680.The song was originally composed by Dionne Warwick while it was kindly sung by Mya and Dionne Warwick.This is Mya, Dionne Warwick`s 0th music track, Out of 1 all .This soundtrack was released 8 years before, begining to hit by English youth.Universal, released this song after casting "Message To Michael" soundtrack performed by Dionne Warwick & Cyndi Lauper.Primary master Dionne Warwick introduced in two responsibilities, participated as singers and composer.
Lyrics in the track was written by .Song is available on itunes store for just $0.99 and all album just for $5.99.

Info You Must Know

Song Name Close To You
SingersDionne Warwick and Mya.
ComposerDionne Warwick.
AlbumsMy Friends.
Duration 04:00
Record on 01 Jan, 1970
Album Price $5.99
Song Price $0.99
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Why do birds suddenly apear
Every time you are near?
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you

Why do stars fall down from the sky
Every time you walk by?
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you

On the day that you were born
And the angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust
In your hair of gold
And starlight in your eyes of blue

That is why
All the girls in town
Follow you all around
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you

On the day that you were born
And the angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust
In your hair of gold
And starlight in your eyes of blue

That is why
All the girls in town
Follow you all around
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you

Did You Know?

(They long to be) Close to you ... Dionne Warwick sings one of the most beautiful love songs ever written ... by Burt Bacharach/Hal David ...

Comments • 50

Comment by Al Gardner

Absolutely! Not even close!

Comment by Little Lily


Comment by Buick Le Sabre

the " bridge " of this song it's " Run to Him " a Bobby Vee's song ( Carole King writer).

Comment by superdhebz

I watched a documentary on BBC, it is said that this is the first version of the song. Richard Carpenter re-arranged and sounded very new. Dionne and Karen's versions are both very beautiful. :)

Comment by Halliwellsson

Happy birthday Burt!

Comment by Teresa Palma

"...why do stars fall down from the sky...and decided to create a dream come true..."

Comment by Paul Smith

no the carpenters version is better

Comment by iloveabba91

No, Dionne version is better. It's just becuase you're so used to the Carpenter.

Comment by Artificial Love

Who's here because of attention, love! Lol

Comment by Eliana

The best version (after the Carpenters') is the one of Trijntje Oosterhuis. Pure, smooth, tender and melodious. This one is OK. 

Comment by jodallion

come on! the Carpenters version is far superior, no brainer,

Comment by Shmuel Hirsch

dionne's version is better but burt own version is closer to the feeling of this gem,,for dionne was a filler song(she sung the demo for Richard chamberlain),but thanks the carpenters the song came a classic

Comment by dvo1919

I heard the Carpenters version first, but I actually like this one better.

I may be the only one, lol.

Comment by Andrew Kieswetter

Was Dionne's version recorded before or after the Carpenters?

Comment by Annette Lei

The very first recording of this song was by Richard Chamberlain, as stated by Burt Bacharach, the writer of the song, on "The Carpenters:Close to You" on PBS

Comment by traveksty flippin way.
utada hikaru version is waaaay to heavy on the instrumentation...too loud and focused.
the carpenters perfected the song and dionne did very good

Comment by Steven Damore

Burt even said Carpenters was 20 times better with the arrangement and singing

Comment by R.U. Kiddingme

This shows you just how important arrangement is. It's a great song, but it's missing something in this version, with a great singer like Dionne Warwick, and the other "Golden Throats" version with Richard Chamberlain. Richard Carpenter deserves all the credit for turning this around and into a #1 hit in 1979.

Comment by Lilly

my personal favorite

Comment by 1955uma

I disagree. I LOVE DIONNE BUT The Carpenters came along 6 yrs later and made it a # 1 hit.

Comment by James Melo

Nah. Like Karen's version better. More innocent. More young. Voice like smoking wood, like buttah. To this day, at Christmas, her voice stops me in my tracks. Great singers both though. Dionne's great, not here though.

Comment by iloveabba91

Lol, the writer of the song means to give it the body, okay? It's the singer who give the song the soul. And soul is much more important than the look. You can be impressed when you first look at someone or something beautiful. But it's the soul and the quality of it make it stay in your heart. The Carpenter and Bacharach did a very good job give the song a beautiful look then. And it's just because you or the composer prefer the version doesn't mean it is absolutely dominate over the others.

Comment by jlsone73

Im sorry The Carpenters and Dionnes version is alright but I love Isaac Hayes version

Comment by maddymud

really?. so Bacharach was just blowing smoke when he claims the carpenter's was better? the guy who wrote the song, and probably has a substantial ego about his abilities (he arranged Dionne's version) gave it up to Richard and Karen. Sure, okay.

Comment by Andrew Kieswetter

@Mondibaby Thank you.

Comment by dma124

This will FOREVER be the most beautiful version of this song ever recorded. No one did Bacharach/David songs the way Dionne Warwick did them. No one.

Comment by stickmagnet

While its nice song but the arrangement is weak and it did not properly utilized Warwick's superb vocal talent. No wonder it was tucked on the B-side.

Comment by deleone11

Early Dionne with astounding emotional control and at the same time pouring it out.
One of my absolute favorites. The album contains so mch more of these gems.
thank you, Mondibay.

Comment by Carlos Arturo Sousa Garrido Lecca

Both versions, Chamberlain's and Worwick, are very good. But Karen's voice is unique, perfect...the most beautiful that evet I heard in my whole life...and the Richard's arrengments are perfect, perfect for Karen.

Comment by R.U. Kiddingme

Damn, I must have typed incorrectly. I'm 50 years old. I very much remember listening to this in 1970. What was I thinking, or NOT thinking heh heh. But, what the hay. We all fuck up sometimes!

Comment by RastaSaiyaman

Burt Bacharach offered "Close to me" to the Carpenters but wouldn't allow Richard to hear the Dionne Warwick version on purpose.

This was because he recognized Richard's genius in taking a song and making it his own. In a later interview Richard said that when he finally DID hear Dionne Warwick's version he was stunned how different it was from the song he and Karen recorded.

Comment by Ann Baxter

Not every song should be sung by anyone. Burt really blew it on this one. Dionne voice doesn't fit this song.

Comment by 秋葉正仁


Comment by John Ehrhart

Burt B.didn't get the groove on the arrangement. He was amazed and delighted at how good this song sounded when R. Carpenter did find the groove in his arrangement of this.

Comment by Daniella de groote

love dionne, aber thizz sucks

Comment by Mondibaby

@Bizarronumber4 before ... Dionne recorded the song 6 years prior to the Carpenters 1964 for her third studio album "Make Way for Dionne Warwick" ...

Comment by LAZARzoo

no disrespect on Dionne and Bacharach because i love them and if it wasn't for bacharach writing this masterpiece it wouldn't have been heard, but even he has admitted it was the best version. It wouldnt have been that famous without the arrangement Richard did for it. Karen had something special. This is still very beautiful but bacharach hit the mark with other tunes for dionne's glorious voice

Comment by maddymud

Double LOL back attya! Soul, eh? Hmm -- so all those countless industry executives and artists who have attested to Karen Carpenter's ability to make each song feel like it was sung directly to you, her warmth, her song stylist technique, her haunting qualities -- that doesn't speak to the "soul" of her music. Or wait -- you couldn't be so shallow as to be using the word "soul" as I knew you would??? Triple LOL! LOL to the 4th Power!

Comment by JMCNYC79

Well, Bacharach admitted himself that he missed the boat on this one and that Richard Carpenter's arrangement was the best version of the song. That's a true artist when you can admit that another artist made your work better.

Comment by Pedro Andrade

This version is amazing! I love it! BUT, no version of this song has ever beaten the Carpenetrs version! Richard Carpenter made the best arrangement, what abot the WAAHs? And Karen's voice! Many big voices have sung Close to you! Many beautiful voices, like Dionne! But, to me, it belongs to Karen Carpenter, hers is the most beautiful voice and interpretation! I'm sure Bacharach himself would agree! He has said it once, that the Carpenters version is the best!

Comment by minnie alice

perchè  non si scrivono più canzoni così ?

Comment by Moby Dick

After Karen Carpenter's brilliant rendition, Dionne's was the next best I think.......the other versions weren't as good.

Comment by Daniel Forte

after the initial demo recording , burt rerecorded this song for the 1964 album make way for dionne warwick , six years later the carpenters made it a hit single selling more than two million copies in the us alone , whatever his personal feelings , he was not going to disagree with the BUYING public . no sir .

Comment by Hathaiwan Jaiplord

OMG ! i just know that it had an original version than Carpenter version ! and it was better !!!!

Comment by Jake Miller

I never knew that Dionne recorded this. Dionne would have nailed it with the Carpenters' arrangement. Dionne is one of the few close to being in Karen's league. What a difference arrangement can make.

Comment by Shirley Malone


Comment by LAZARzoo

the best version being the carpenters

Comment by nonstopdoowop1

I read some of these "arguments" on love song pages and understand why the pharmaceutical companies are getting rich. Everyone calm down. All versions are lovely....

Comment by B Éva

Comment by dma124

Oh, I certainly respect your opinion Karen was beautiful, magical, and had a gorgeous voice and musical ability. Richard's arrangement was incredible. I'm just partial to the original version, that's all. It's shameful that we had to lose Karen so soon. She deserved so much more.

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