Dance With The Guitar Man Duane Eddy

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December 5, 2017



Dance With The Guitar Man

"Dance With The Guitar Man" was a track of 2014 Hit Pop track List, The Best Rock.This song was recorded before, reaching to blast by English audience. greeted love for good rendering of a Pop song.Approximate earning to Open Records by track is $879.It swiftly fly up to edge on video platform youtube in 2017, and is watched by 406.1 thousand users.The soundtrack was comprised by Jerry Lee Lewis while it was proudly acted by Duane Eddy.Open Records, made live the music track after launching "Cry Baby Cry" soundtrack acted by Ms. Krazie.Main expert took part in responsibilities, performed as .This was Duane Eddy`s 2498th track, Out of 2520 total .
Lines for the soundtrack was inked by .Track is to hand on itunes store for $0.99 or whole track list for $9.99.

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Song Name Dance With The Guitar Man
SingersDuane Eddy.
ComposerJerry Lee Lewis.
LabelOpen Records.
AlbumsThe Best Rock.
Duration 02:41
Record on 01 Jan, 1970
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $0.99
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Hey, everybody
Come along if you can
We're gonna take a ride uptown
And listen to the guitar man
Then we're gonna dance
Yeah dance
C'mon and dance
Dance to the guitar man, here he comes now

Hey, everybody
If you like rock and roll
You're gonna like the guitar man
Cause he plays it with a lot of soul
It'll make you dance
Yeah dance
C'mon and dance
Dance to the guitar man, here he comes now

Hey, everybody
It's just about a quarter to two
But before they shut that door
There's somethin we just gotta do
We gotta dance
Yeah dance
C'mon and dance
Dance to the guitar man, here he comes now

Dance, dance, here he comes now
Dance, dance, here he comes now
Dance, dance, here he comes now
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, here he comes now
Dance, dance, here he comes now

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Comment by DeCorozalSoy

This song is especially sweet for me for the reason that it reminds me of the better days which my relationship with a sibling (whom I love in spite of everything) has seen.

Comment by Roger Farmer

I have that 45 some where

Comment by cfc67

r.i.p ?

Comment by colin fairhurst

loved it first time around and still do, wonder who the session vocalists were? they had an awesome sound too

Comment by Nándor RIGÓ

1963 óta az egyik legjobb számnak tartom, kedvencem a profi gitáros DUANE EDDY ! Éljen sokáig, köszönet a sok jó zenéért!

Comment by mrsfifties

yeppers i love rock roll grt song , was rockin in my crib back in 56 ... ha ha

Comment by Robert Leclerc

Oh! Que oui, j'en redemande!

Comment by HalfFastChevy

@tenniscollector Oh wow tennis - I haven't heard or even thought about tuxedo junction in sooo long. I hope someone sees this & uploads it.

Comment by Phil Cross

He is great! Way to play Duane!
And thanks for sharing.

Comment by Chiradej Diskaprakai

Must have been some 45 years that I have it last time....Fantastic

Comment by Jeffrey Slott

This could not have been taken from the 1962 single since it is a stereo mix and, having grown up in that era, I can guarantee that there were no commercial stereo 45s in the early '60s, certainly none put out by Duane Eddy.

Comment by anthony lavallee

rocked me fifty years ago and still does. Sing it girls!

Comment by Daniel Durham

someone please upload window up above!!!

Comment by Phil Cross

Man Duane is sure terrific. He has a great band and those vocals are outstanding. I wonder who they were. Great music!

Comment by manoel luiz teixeira

É uma grande e bem tocada guitarra, com estilo próprio que lhe destacou nos meios musicais, grande Duane Eddy. maneco - RGS - Brasil.

Comment by Roger Farmer

@chiradejd I have the 45 it looks just like that and that is the correct jacket for it!

Comment by D Racine

Best song ever!

Comment by Claudioroy Roy

Great Duane

Comment by jay bacchus

I'll reply to my own comment. Part of the reason we like his guitar so much is that he was a master of the 'tone bender', marketed by Fender and other companies as well. Duane Eddy's may have been one of the so-called 'string benders'.

In any event, played by a master like DE, the 'bender' is what enables him to sound somewhat like a steel guitar. Note the sliding effect he gets.

Comment by Soulman

Great guitar music !!!

Comment by Lynda Macdonald

and listen to the guitar man and then we´re gonna dance.  and we did.

Comment by Adrian Ashworth

Does anyone remember a Duane Eddy track called Lone Guitar from the early 70s? Not one of his best but it really reminds me of a specfic time and place. I used to hear in Holland a lot - maybe it was a European release only? Can't find any record of it anywhere. Grateful for any help - thanks

Comment by Duane Murray

i was named after this man

Comment by luis grant


Comment by Herb Winckelberg

oooh yes i like it!

Comment by Rungroch Srichamorn

**I like the sound of your guitar**

Comment by Phil Cross

Thank you for the information lajas46!

Comment by Tim Smith

..saw him, about 1981, at the horse shoe in Toronto..

Comment by tenniscollector

anyone out there got duane's "tuxedo junction" version you can upload for us?

Comment by Pasquale Marongiu


Comment by bluesobsessed


Comment by JypesRypeSnipes


Comment by VitaReduXX

this song really does make me want to dance

Comment by Casper C

duane eddy sounds like a wet butlins camp, fingering and fish and chips.!!

Comment by rusty44mag

nice guitar work for duane, much harder than rebel rouser.  love it all

Comment by tehpwn3dlife

170 - 0 !!!

Comment by メジロアサマ

🎵日本で デュアン エディ と言えば、この曲!❗

Comment by Marc Maene

eddy is fantastic,wish I could see,one of his gigs....

Comment by HalfFastChevy

WOW - I wore this record out many moons ago - in fact I wore out 2 copies of this song. Totally awesome stuff here.

Comment by random275

That was recorded in 1962 - He's still making great recordings now - He is a very talented guitarist who choses most of the time to play simple stuff with his signature sound but can also play a variety of more complex finger picking songs . Hats off to the man ! Brill !

Comment by Rungroch Srichamorn

**Like Duane Eddy and Your Guitar.......Listening in Thailand**

Comment by justess martin

I remember having this as a 45 as a child. I always thought it was a girl singing....being a kid I didn't read the label on the record of who the artist was...just the name of the song. Brings back a lot of memories!

Comment by Patricia Herr-Conde

Funny no one can figure out how to reproduce the Duane Eddy sound

Comment by 335ray

my favourite duane eddy composition

Comment by J Davis

Darlene Love....

Comment by Toon Zmodel


Comment by apk1215

@sparwood8 I think that there is a law against that - it's called the American Constitution. Most people ignore that nowadays,though,so what can ya do.

Comment by 김상규

Fantastic music♡

Comment by Timothy Forbes

Reminds me of the oldies education I got in Syracuse, NY in 1986 and in Boston in 1987!

Comment by Jos van Suchtelen

Yes, I like this music.

Comment by UK Music Charts

Not heard this for a while, great song! Thank you for the upload.

Comment by M G Hart

Some good news for Duane Eddy Fans. An all new CD is finally due from Duane Eddy. Look for "Artifacts Of Twang" in the near future. Some of the songs on the new CD are . "Thats The way It was When We Started To Rock And Roll". "Purgatory" and "You'll Love Again After I'm Gone".

Comment by HalfFastChevy

He's now 74 and still kicking, playing, and teaching others how.

Comment by Jim Donnelly

Hey Everybody::: I have thought of this song for years now and am blessed to hear it again.. And now i can play it over and over again... I am Blessed... yeah ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Comment by Palmer Short

I think he's still alive. 74 years young.

Comment by Rick Waldrom

What can I say about Duane eddy! he was simpley great !!loved all his records !still do must say you don't get talent like him now days! thanks buane for shareing your great talent with us still is great to listen to !!!

Comment by Deborah Lowell

OMG!! LOVE this song...guitar is awesome!!! Anybody remember the Limbo Rock? Duane Eddy is soooo cool....LOVE guitar music...always have...KICK ASS...OH YEAH!!!!

Comment by Linda Sisko

This was the song I learned to play giutar with!

Comment by thisboy1964

Still have the 45 in my jukebox. Love the flip side; "Stretching Out"

Comment by MikeyG1st

Fantastic rock n roll stuff . Aaah !!!!! The Sixties

Comment by Gazza63

It appears youve forgotten that he's still alive!

Comment by rwb010109

Just one of the greats by Duane...RWB

Comment by Alikah1

@soulcatcher1960 As Duane Eddy put in an appearene at the Glastonbury Festival this year, one can't help but wonder if the RIP was intended for Buddy Holly?

Comment by Gilbert Yu

In 1962 this record was played by disc jockey on radio

Comment by Roland Soh

Anyone know of a karaoke version of thiis song?

Comment by SandySummers

Featuring the voice of Darlene Love.

Comment by Duane Murray

I was named after him lol...

Comment by Fay Smith

I named my son after Duane Eddy in 1966 thanks for posting this.

Comment by j.a. matias

thank you so much for unloading this song... I forgot how much I love it!

Comment by Gyurka Molnár

Ezt hozta a barátom '62-ben Graz-ból....

Comment by Manuel

every body likes the guitar man (0 dislikes), good job!

Comment by rwb010109

5 stars.RWB

Comment by Thuy Bui

I love this tune from Duane Eddy ,nice sound .

Comment by Jerry Jaye

You may recognize the guitar riffs here as being the same ones that Duane Eddy played on Elton John's Crocodile Rock in 1973-----at the request of Elton.

Comment by Phil Cross

Fantastic! Duane Eddy is fantastic and he surrounds himself with great talent! Thanks for sharing this.

Comment by Emma Frenche

Blinding song...played endlessly to me as a kid ...LOVE IT

Comment by jay bacchus

Good lookin' young guy who was a guitar savant. An early master of the Fender Note Bender. Duane T. Eddy. (That's a T for twang, if you please).

Comment by MsKat Goodrich

@michellesvideosuk It said on the 45 shown in video that it is Duane Eddy & the Rebelettes

Comment by Evgeniy Yatsenko

great sound!

Comment by Harrilyn Samson

You know ever since my dad played this song, I've always wanted to know who sang it since age 11!.

Comment by Glenn parent

thanks for posting

Comment by Jukebox Jonnie

I remember having this on an 8 track in the 1970's. Just after they sang.. 'there's something we just gotta do' it would pause, change tracks and then continue... One of those useless pieces of information lol

Comment by chezfun

We're gonna dance....

Comment by El mundo de Billy bob

que buena rola,exelente

Comment by D Leo

Who is the female vocalist?

Comment by Nancy Dachouff

ça aussi, ça aussi repris en français mais par qui ????

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