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April 15, 2006



Darling Nellie Grey

Darling Nellie Grey Mp3 Song, Download Darling Nellie Grey, Darling Nellie Grey Mp3 DownloadThe "Darling Nellie Grey", track in Jazz track List "Its Wonderful" was launched in year 2006.Estimated monetize to Charly Records from song is $1835.Front master Maxine Sullivan participated in two works, played role as singers and composer.Charly Records, casted this song after launching "Folks Who Live On The Hill" music track carried out by Maxine Sullivan.The track was comprised by Maxine Sullivan while it was delightfuly performed by Maxine Sullivan.This track was produced 11 years before, continuing to be pleasant by English listeners.Maxine Sullivan greetedseveral title for enjoyable presentation of a Jazz soundtrack.It was Maxine Sullivan`s 937th soundtrack, Out of 964 total till now.It speedily fly up up on youtube in 1928, and is watched by 69.17 thousand people. Vocals in the soundtrack was inked by .Soundtrack is available on apple store for just $0 and full list for $0.

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Song Name Darling Nellie Grey
AlbumIts Wonderful.
ComposerMaxine Sullivan.
LabelCharly Records.
SingerMaxine Sullivan.
Duration 02:57
Record on April 15, 2006
Album Price $0
Song Price $0
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Darling Nellie Grey Lyrics

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Did You Know?

B side to 'The Folks Who Live On The Hill' was written by Benjamin Hanby in 1856.
Also known as Nelly Gray and Darling Nelly Gray it was written from the point of view of an African-American male slave in Kentucky whose sweetheart has been taken away by slave-owners. The man mourns his beloved, who has been sold South to Georgia (where the slave’s life was conventionally regarded as harsher). He eventually dies and joins her in heaven.Sadly there was a lot of surface noise on the disc and the content very quiet, I've restored as much as possible.

There's a low, green valley, on the old Kentucky shore.
Where I've whiled many happy hours away,
A-sitting and a-singing by the little cabin door,
Where lived my darling Nelly Gray.Chorus
Oh! my poor Nelly Gray, they have taken you away,
And I'll never see my darling any more;
I'm a-sitting by the river and I'm weeping all the day.
For you've gone from the old Kentucky shore.My eyes are getting blinded, and I cannot see the way.
Hark! there's somebody knocking at the door.
I hear the angels calling, and I see my Nelly there.
Farewell to the old Kentucky shore.Chorus
Oh, my darling Nelly Gray, up in heaven there they say,
That they'll never take you from me any more.
I'm a-coming-coming-coming, as the angels clear the way,
Fare thee well
Fare thee well to the old Kentucky shore!

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