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December 31, 1981



Deep Chhara

Deep Chhara Mp3 Song, Download Deep Chhara, Deep Chhara Mp3 DownloadOne of the best track List "Vohti Aa Gayi Meri", was launched in 1981 with a Hit Indian music track "Deep Chhara" .Main expert roled in responsibilities, introduced as .This track was broadcasted ago, begining to be enjoyable by Punjabi teens.The soundtrack was framed by K Deep on the other side it was enjoyably carried out by K. Deep.This was K. Deep`s 147th soundtrack, Out of 168 all . got respect and love for nice job of a Indian music track. chaman lal shugal took part as a song writer.It fastly went to edge on the youtube in 1924, and is seen by 37.01 thousand users.Saregama, casted the soundtrack after casting "Chhariya Jag Bai Oe Hun" track carried out by K Deep.Average earnings to Saregama by this soundtrack is $2588.Soundtrack is available on itune music store for just $1.29 and whole track list just for $2.99.

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Song Name Deep Chhara
AlbumVohti Aa Gayi Meri.
ComposerK Deep.
LyricstChaman Lal Shugal.
SingerK. Deep.
Duration 03:33
Record on December 31, 1981
Album Price $2.99
Song Price $1.29
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Deep Chhara Lyrics

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