Demolition Man The Police

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July 3, 2003



Demolition Man

The "Demolition Man", song of Rock album "Ghost In The Machine 2003 Remastered" was released in year 2003.Estimated earning to Universal Music Group by soundtrack is $5344.
introduced as a lyricist.Universal Music Group, recorded the music track after broadcasting "Hungry For You" music track represented by The Police.Front vocalist The Police introduced in two fields, introduced as singers and composer.It was The Police`s 75th song, Out of 113 all .The song was framed by The Police while it was proudly carried out by The Police.This track was recorded 14 years before, moving to be loved by English youth.It swiftly get to edge on the video platform youtube in 1926, and is seen by 2.47 million lovers.The Police experiencedmuch more title for kind rendering of a Rock music track.Soundtrack is available on itunes library for just $1.29 and full list for $10.99.

Info You Must Know

Song Name Demolition Man
SingersThe Police.
ComposerThe Police.
LabelUniversal Music Group.
AlbumsGhost In The Machine 2003 Remastered.
Duration 05:57
Record on 03 Jul, 2003
Album Price $10.99
Song Price $1.29
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[Verse 1]
Tied to the tracks and the train's fast coming
Strapped to the wing with the engine running

You say that this wasn't in your plan
And don't mess around with the demolition man

[Verse 2]
Tied to a chair, and the bomb is ticking
This situation was not of your picking


I'm a walking nightmare, an arsenal of doom
I kill conversation as I walk into the room
I'm a three line whip, I'm the sort of thing they ban
I'm a walking disaster, I'm a demolition man

You come to me like a moth to the flame
It's love you need but I don't play that game
Because you could be my greatest fan
But I'm nobody's friend, I'm a demolition man


Did You Know?

A great scene from the 1993 Sci-fi comedy film "Demolition Man" starring Sandra Bullock, Wesley Snipes, Denis Leary, and Sylvester Stallone.

Comments • 497

Comment by Bigdestiny888

Ooooh Im So Scared

Comment by Emil

Cops from canada


How dare they portray a black man as a criminal!!!

Comment by Muniir Âłįø


Comment by D. Bowie

When the cop said or else, that was was a huge mistqke..LMAO AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE.. Play Ball! I was on the floor

Comment by clunt baby

damn its me from 2017 and we still dont have cars like that

Comment by Yankeefan24

Black Lives Matter would've applaud Simon Phoenix.

Comment by 清涼水

its weird that the police didn't shoot him at once.

Comment by AnTra23

The only time I felt bad for cops.

Comment by Polymnus

They must be Liberal Cops, raise by single mothers.

Comment by Nightweaver1

This is what will happen is Bernie Sanders becomes president.

Comment by a very shocked kitten named steve

why is this in my recommended

Comment by JDaddy

2:46-2:57 LMAO! 😂😂😂😂

Comment by Esteban Orizaba

same blade hair style he'll yea. .

Comment by Ozymandias

I always had this idea for a a game for years. it would be a fighting game based on just movie villains. Simon Phoenix was 1 of them.

Comment by clunt baby

police officer: were not trained to handle violence
me: well you shoot and beat innocent civilians all the time

Comment by SpklDsh01

The police windshield gets shattered in one kick as opposed to spider webbing. You wound think the future like this would have safety priorities.

Comment by Marvin Eric Aguilos

This is how it goes if political correctness was a movie.

Comment by Luis D.

Guess there's no more 1st Amendment in 2032.

Comment by Jan Smekens

Another day in Belgium :p

Comment by ya no


Comment by dumpster diver

is this real life CCTV footage

Comment by whatsgoingon07

Later that day Wesley snipes realized they were filming him

Comment by Dylan Laraway

Loved this scene

Comment by Darius Hayslett

there shouldn't be a violation for cursing in the past present or future

Comment by Simon Willis

I still love this
Simon says die 😂

Comment by Rico Pacheco

Where's Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman when you need them?

Comment by Xavier Prime

This movie stunk like judge dredd😱

Comment by John Jones

Hand down one of my favorite movies growing up,bought it from blockbuster on tape dame I'm getting old thanks

Comment by Uriel Sandoval

in america people get shot point blank lucky as wesley snipes

Comment by FunPack Family

that's blade man

Comment by John R.

One does not simply threaten Wesley Snipes...

Comment by Cenas e coisas aleatórias

The black joker!!! Joker nigga! hahaha

Comment by michael o'mahony

Police in Europe

Comment by Victor Palencia

'we're police officers. We not trained to handle this kind of violence." 😂 wtf is this movie?!?!

Comment by KROSS777RLSH

""common Hal were DA godame guns!!""

space oddessy reference?


Comment by Elijah Daley

n I CN say that cuz I'm black and lightskin

Comment by kevin garner

when movies were good. no CGI more acting

Comment by KiLLzone


Comment by EdSkywalker

BLM's wet dream

Comment by Raap123

This could happened when Hillary was your president.

Comment by kSwissh007

This my favorite movie

Comment by LesPaul1482

simon says DIE!!!

Comment by Marcos Puente

tfkjzgdgdhzkxhdhkdhfxxiiztsjyz 💋💋💋fjdjfhczzzzdddddddffffdxxçcccccgf

Comment by rip peace

stupid dumb movie

Comment by angelique mercado

"Fucckk you" 😂

Comment by Leonardo J.

Wesley needs a good pr company to keep clips like these around "lol"

Comment by Aamir Khan

what name this movie

Comment by Nidza BlejaCox

The last was epic hahaha Wesley my favorite actor! :D

Comment by Persik II

Do I see BMW i8 here?

Comment by TheNewRiflemanBob

This is what cops would be like if liberals ruled the world.

Comment by Olando Carmona

One of my favorite child hood movies.

Comment by Eletric Eclipse

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Comment by Ben noneofyourbeeswax

"lucky number 7"" HAHAHAHA!
that dude got fucked up..

Comment by Jim Simon

A preview of the world to come.

Comment by 정현진 정현진

SUX, F22=F35

Comment by Unknown Mangondato

Just love how conservatives comparing this scene to our present situation, Don't worry you will have your chance and lets see who will whine next.
P.S Not a liberal nor supporting both parties.


Liberal's dream world..

Comment by Stonestreamdubs


Comment by Barny bum Fluff

Got a fine for swering? Next it'll be calling a women a she Hahahahahahhaha... oh.

Comment by seanpatrickcain2

2:03 Lucky number seven!

Comment by Shantorey Wilkins


Comment by HARWAY


Comment by Kevin Kocher

Omg the police of the U.K. Fail again

Comment by Mikayilov Xətaj

super film studio

Comment by crayzeewhorse

Haha watched this last night!

Comment by Javi

Is this Wesley Snipes?

Comment by AJ Tennell


Comment by Armin Kiffhäuser

feminist-liberal society in a nutshell

Comment by I Troll The Trolls

What kind of utopia world is this in? Humans will never progress enough to advance to this type of society even 500 years from now😭😭😭

Comment by Cindy Zaldivar

where police men where not train to handle this type of violence are you kidding me

Comment by Fit Geek

Blade during his teenage years

Comment by hcvertigo

I totally forgot about the music and sound effects of this movie.

Comment by Jason Walden

Olay lolololololol 😂 classic! ! !

Comment by Irma Scott

Love This Movie ,

Comment by Cally O'lonegan

Play ball. Lol

Comment by Haruki Ichito

You just got knocked the fug out!

Comment by Hardrockfan21

Snipes looks like a damn Dennis the Menace

Comment by Sean Wilson

1:07 oh shit, discount Dan Akroyd 😨

Comment by Dawson Douglas

How German police are dealing with the Muslim immigrants ^

Comment by esbisnas

Swedish polis in action, so tolerant.

Comment by Sylar

I wanna see a remake of this movie with wesley snipes it will be awesome

Comment by Mitchell Hodack

Simon Phoenix's outfit makes him look like the cross between Dennis Rodman and Dennis the Menace.

Comment by Cujo Black


Comment by Thumbs Up

I have his haircut and I'm white. Looks badass :)

Comment by S.Fisher

Forward-thinking movie, that's not even safety glass anymore at 2:35!

Comment by aris gemino

best movie ever

Comment by Marcos Puente


Comment by Kinslayer

shittiest scene out of any movie I have ever seen. I certainly hope Snipes got some acting lessons while he was locked up...

Comment by NEO

You'll need those tickets later...

Comment by Jerry Clark

cops are all chicken shit mother fuckers, unless there's 10 or more,

Comment by ChiliConQueso

He looks like one of the Koopa Kids.

Comment by Rashid Wekoye

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Comment by Safal IsLIT

Isn't that blade the dude at ATM or something

Comment by Christopher Freeburn

Go head whoop some ass kick some butt Wesley snipes yea Lol :).

Comment by Jason Bishop

nice lady... she and mom is ducking this Up,!!!!need a way out of This!

Comment by AlexiusRoze

Looks exactly like Sweden and Germany these days.

Comment by Dmanpoke 88

Simon Phoenix to me was one of the funniest villains of all time!

Comment by TheOnly 0506

What polices without a guns AND ITS FUTURE

Comment by KANE AND ABLE

meanwhile in texas i you would of heared was like two gunshots and it was over.

Comment by dam dan

same hair style as blade just different color

Comment by 81macross1

Thank you.

Comment by Al Sky Allen

And the home of the brave ! Play Ball ! lol

Comment by Keyz On Da Beat

That music is funny as Hell playing when he shorts the camera.

Comment by Anthony Hutchison

"I'm so scared"

Comment by Karl Lott

so much stuff in this movie so true oday

Comment by Rogertron 85

When liberals react to cop videos, even though the guy is obviously bad & armed... This reminds me of how people want cops these days to be.

Comment by Saro M

this is how police shld be

Comment by Otis Cobblepot

I'm willing to bet all the darkies beat off watching this scene

Comment by Jason B

usf...possibly inprove ment to cams...on campus!

Comment by Brandon Timm

Reminds me of modern day British police

Comment by R33z

lol fuuuk yoooou

Comment by TheUnholyHandGrenade

...I'm getting the strangest XCOM 2 vibe lookin' at that city...

Comment by tTheJustifiedWookie

This comment section is cancer

Comment by willson chang

Middle finger for this guy ...

Comment by Odin

Basically what BLM and assorted libtards want our cops to become.

Comment by D

Snipes was awesome in this movie

Comment by Lynn Phillips

This movie is just awful.

Comment by langbo9999

Simon says dead.

Comment by sacovenzetti

this movie tells you that you are now under control Americans .
wake up and take them down before they succeed .

Comment by Dr. Bees

Simon says stand and play ball! haha

Comment by Seloterio Renz

Bunch of stupid idiots

Comment by seanpatrickcain2

0:16 Come on HAL, where are the guns?!

Comment by Wis Dom

Republicans think will actually happen if they are too nice to Black people. lol

Comment by avi gutierrez

Wesley so funny and scary as the bad guy wish he done more flicks like that.

Comment by Andres Vlieg

in this future, cops are pussies. like if You agree :-) :-)

Comment by Unco Casey

2018 be like

Comment by JohnACorp782

"1993 Sci-fi comedy film" Comedy my ass. It had comical elements, but it's still far from a comedy.

Comment by Adam Langfelder

Jesus Christ... My 5 year old niece could beat the shit out of these cops!

Comment by Rodimus Prime

and ofcourse it's a "stupid" black guy that's going to stand by that wall. fuck you hollywood you racist cunt

Comment by TheHasanMurat

Swedish police officers?

Comment by Bruce

wait thats big stan

Comment by Albert Yulei ZHU

The futuristic cop cars have a nice design, they remind me of the 2015 cars in Back to the Future 2 :D

Comment by Chica62

Simon Phoenix He is a Bish Guy...I Call Mother Fogger..... Stopppp!!! Yeah I Think He's Not From Happy Days Remember... It For White People Not For Black People, Cause It's Everybody For White Human. Americans Some Used The Skin all The People wears Some American White People vs African American Black People.Because Some People Americans are Watcing The Movies, Right. I Watch Movies Clip is so Right all The People No One To By Them self'sWe Are All The People Wear Brown Skin, Light Skin, Dark Skin, Chocolate Skin, Vanilla Skin, White Skin, Medium Ligher Skin and Everthing.

Comment by Mico Cortez

ah.fuck you.

Comment by HumbledGod

ayee bmw got the i8 from this lmao

Comment by Justbe

This movie just predicted our future if Hillary and her liberals leftist would have won. Glad that this future won't turn out like this in the movie but it almost did under Obama.


is that paco??

Comment by Matthew Young

Maniac please get on the ground

Comment by Ryan Mais

Fuckers are fast!

Comment by Seferino Blanca

2:24 is that cristiano ronaldo

Comment by vit

I remember when Youtube videos of this movie were not overrun by Alt-Right fucks and Extremist Anti-SJWs who use this as a strawman argument towards everything they hate.

Comment by Help me get to 2,000 subs with no videos

Its the future an this dood wearin jean overralls

Comment by Magick Practitioner

"Naw, bitch! You lie yo funky ass on the ground, now!" - Bone Thugs

Comment by IPHLO,LLC w/Dr.O the PA Pro

I think this movie was meant to be satirical. I thought it was one of the COOLEST movies EVER when I saw it YEARS ago. There weren't any leading Black actors who played leading roles as "cool" bad guys.

Comment by 清涼水

enough jokes. Shoot him !

Comment by Mike Scott


Comment by mounir tighadouini

These cops are the perfect examples of mangina's!

Comment by BlackPDigitalMedia

that "or else" is what gets a ninja's ass kicked..

Comment by Cassandra Phelps

Happy birthday, Wesley Snipes!!!!

Comment by YoutubeAddict

looks like a complete moron! Snipes is a piece of shit! cant act if his life depended on it !

Comment by Edcel Jann M Corre

Fucker's are fast too

Comment by Lachlan Ottosen

But this one player keeps kicking my ass

Comment by TheRPGenius

Yeah, it figures.  The ONE time the cops don't savagely murder a black man in cold blood, he actually IS a criminal.

Comment by GrijzePilion

Seems like a great place to live, as long as we don't invent time travel. Except for the no-swearing, no-meat, no-sex parts of course.

Comment by Alexander Kvasnica

what the fucking bullshit is this shit

Comment by Joe Black

2:35 In the future they dont believe in lamented glass for vehicles. lol

Comment by Noah Hastings

Oh yeah, non tempered windshield
Real safe

Comment by Hotpocket Moutaindew

That big black guy at the end could have just tackled him. It's like hillary...uhh, they got rid of football too!

Comment by Promikes

2:52 Anderson SIlva ))) hahahahahah

Comment by DarknuttyAndKilami1

Never mess with Blade - this what happens .

Comment by Devin Walters

Wesley rockin the blade haircut before the blade movie was even thought of

Comment by flisko

shaquille o'neal rly wore some wacky hair back then

Comment by блин Машин

He Probably dont know how to use the three shells

Comment by Epic Gunner

Lol liberal future is imminent

Comment by Morph Verse

This movie predicted exactly how the world is today..

Comment by KROSS777RLSH

lmao the dialog from Snipes and the officers is too good.

Comment by Matthew Walker

Looks like a SoundCloud rapper

Comment by catsndogs98

Wesley Snipes?

Comment by Jorrdi Jabob

Wesley snipes right? Fuckin A

Looking at the comments: If we do not have fire arms then criminals will find other ways to get them. Stabbings and bludgeonings will skyrocket and violent people will become more creative when it comes to murder.

Take away the guns then we have no way to fight back in self defense.
Example: You can't drop a bear with a knife or a spear unless you can outmaneuver it. Even then it is A FUCKING BEAR! THOSE ASSHOLES WILL RIP YOU TO SHREDS AND EAT YOU ALIVE!

Comment by Batou3


Comment by bobby smith

name of Movie?

Comment by RF Commander Alec Mason - Audience Reactions

2:53 This man plays copycat way too much

Comment by Chica62

The Answer Said " Simons Say Kick Your Butts Ass "

Comment by Blood Beryl

1:12 naaaaww bitch, you lie yo funky ass on the ground, naw

Comment by Santouryu3

Wow *Stupid* didn't trigger the verbal abuse machine. xD

Comment by LSD

I always figured the film was about how the society of the future can't handle the fucktardation that is the society of the past.

Evidently going by the comments here, people seem to think this movie is actually proof that we all need guns to protect us from the evil liberals taking over the world so that we're prepared when Wesley Snipes starts his rampage.

Comment by Cutey Mee

"Demolition Man" and " Guns of Navaron" 2 best movies ever made

Comment by Magno Gt502

Paco Aguilar the black rooster 😀👍

Comment by jo go

an american in japan or sweden

Comment by Jason Bishop

We had a police sistuation with Pinellas. County sheriff's. Office..not a big deal..what i was told...from nam Viet is he was told to laydown! If it was ME ! I WOULD COMPLY...dont ignore. he toldhimin so many words fu! Oh what ever happen to wendys salad. Bars...i feel like simon PHONIX!!!

Comment by Rashad Johnson

Hope our country doesn't end up like this in 2032 😂

Comment by Dat Offensive Guy

Damn this future is one of the scariest ones I've seen in movies

Comment by lobreddemon

2:20 diss to the 2010's

Comment by Gort The Robot

How foreseeing

Comment by seanpatrickcain2

1:06 NC: Yeah, this is what every minority wishes the LAPD was like.

Comment by Sean Adams

well this movie looks shity.....really shity

Comment by Arn STN

legendary scene

Comment by HoOtix Gaming


Wear seatbelts kids :)

Comment by Terrance Greene

LMAO! And the home of the brave!!! I always loved how Wesley Incorporated a side of comedic attributes to almost all of the characters he portrays in movies.... would love to see him in a full fledged comedy other than Too Wong Foo.

Comment by black stank551

2:50 is that Keith David?

Comment by Jason Bishop

lots of money to be Made?

Comment by Lion of Mgtow

"Lucky number 7!"

Comment by Victor Monteagudo

ooohh laaayyy!!

Comment by brent p

Definition of the big budget blockbuster film! Loved it. Classic one liners!

Comment by john hoskins

0:57-1:43 How SJW & libtards want the police to fight crime

Comment by GlennnD

always have to laugh about the machine who gives tickets. :D

Comment by Kmart Ameno


Comment by Nate Higgers

That cheap ass beat is the best.

Comment by haltopen12

You see the reason the cop failed was because he didn't approach simon phoenix before demanding he lie down. He forgot to follow the first step of the instructions.

Comment by Najeem Afolabi

" we're police officers, we're not trained to handle this kind of violence"

Comment by Paul Coleman

Simon kickin' ass with his Napoleon Dynamite boots! <3

Comment by João Lucas Nipon

What the fuck is this blonde nigga Snipes?

Comment by Hardrockfan21

... and the words: or else

Comment by Chris Wilson

Young guns don't know shit about this movie lol

Comment by Manuel Diaz

his life before he became a vampire slayer

Comment by devinhallsworth

This setting is like the exact opposite of judge dredds

Comment by S. G.


Comment by Unolol

This is law enforcement trained by SJW's.

Comment by Vinay Seth

I had seen this movie as a kid. And when I came to know of Dennis Rodman many years later, I thought he was the one I had seen in the film hehe (I'm from India, so not very knowledgable of American pop culture).

Comment by Tac Son

This is totally not the kind of future I want to live in.

Comment by Christoph Gens

Always liked that movie but hated that one. A okish fight but this ridicules soundtrack when they were fighting

Comment by SugarPill

This is America's future when it's finally pussified by SJW and millennials.

Comment by supahtyp

This is the perfect representation of german cops.

Comment by Dillzzy

2:44 you would think camera qualities would be better in the future

Comment by Saikou jammeh

fuck you police.

Comment by sadako24

1 person doesn't know how to use the three sea shells

Comment by Drackey

Future? That is just todays England during terrorist attacts

Comment by Scene Catcher

When you have no experience.........

Comment by flankerpraha

Swedish police today...


that's before he starts doing his taxes.

Comment by PJ Rivera

what happens when the sjw's and hillary take over

Comment by Deathsecutioner

Damn Sandra Bullock is cute.

Comment by WobblinGoblin1

Is that Glenn Frey playing the lead officer?

Comment by Jason Francis

XD lolololololololololol

Comment by Ken Fenris

Learn how to spell...moron, its "Phoenix" not "Pheonix"

Comment by Wolffepack Gaming

"we're no police officers, we arnt trained to handle this type of violence" ok chap, who the fuck is then?

Comment by side gloc muda fukers

this movie was shit but my nigga Wesley snipes made it somewhat enjoyable

Comment by Gabriel Corrigan

Roll safe dyed his hair

Comment by utubedano

Seriously one of the most funniest movies ever. Seriously..

Comment by Anti Christ

Looking around you, do you like what you see, look around you the A I is me.

Comment by Ethan Diffey

Simmon says play ball

Comment by Dmanpoke 88

What you guys don't have sarcasm anymore? 😂😂😂😂

Comment by Oscar Katusya

i never liked jiu-jitsu but Wesley makes it look cool

Comment by Jordan Coker

We're police officers we're not trained to handle this kind of violence.

Comment by WETLOOK420

Simon Phoenix is the true hero of the Action-Tragedy film Demolition Man. The future depicted in the film is a terribly oppressive one, one where there is no limit to technology's reach over natural human behavior (ultimately we have failed as a species to learn from mistakes of the past, so control measures have been introduced).

The planet is destroyed due to over population on decreasing land mass pushed to the limits of resource extraction (the wealthy class exist in their own bubble which Phoenix seeks to destroy)

Phoenix arrives as a new hope, accidentally sent from the past to disrupt the systems which have caused great suffering for the many, and near sterilization for the few. But as the film progresses we see this world isn't worth saving; and Phoenix - a product of a catastrophic previous time - lacks whatever it is that would make him such a saviour. Fighting to the death, Phoenix is outmatched and suffers the cold fate that awaits every tragic hero.

The real tragedy however is not the death of the hero. We should not feel bad for losing a life, as this is the fate that awaits us all. It's that his efforts were lost to a world which didn't deserve them in the first place. There's a little bit of Simon Phoenix in us all. RIP

Comment by Andi H

Simon Pheonix was the best of all characters Wesley Snipes played.

Comment by Albert Einstein - Racism a white man's disease.

It's crazy because this how whites look and think of blacks as being so threatening even if they are not. It's how they perceived them because they were raised by cowards and racists period. If the cops would have had guns simon would be shot desd in this movie. Even scared the entire force from a camera 😂😂 this is real life right now whites being overly cowardly and overreacting because their manhoods is not that of a blacks. Factss

Comment by tenhirankei

With what kind of violence are police officers trained to deal in that time?

Comment by john1120

I forgot fucking Rob schidener was in this might have spelled his last name wrong.

Comment by Novasaur198

1:50 is he typing with all four fingers at the same time😂😂

Comment by Gabriel Medina

this was a fucken awesome movie

Comment by 06 0


Comment by 3Rayfire

What a legendary Troll.

Comment by L.A. Prodigy

SJW Cops at work

Comment by Jason Smith

These are the police if Hillary won the election and political correctness took over.

Comment by Scruffy Black Templar

Sandra Bullock never changed. She is still hot.

Comment by osamabad


Comment by kenny kennysson

Demolition Man 1993.

Sweden 2017.

Comment by clavicus vile

lol phoenix is right they dont have sarcam in this shitty future

Comment by Pip Smith

They weren't trained for it in 1992 either.

Comment by DJ Conley

3:12 Simon Says "Everybody.....STAND!!" 😂

Comment by virus killerism

I hate that false haired nigga

Comment by Senu Tesfalem

how can I find that in full movie

Comment by J P

this is the democrats dream world. Guns are gone and bad language is against the law.

Comment by DVG

My man looking like a Crunchie bar

Comment by Marc Touss

"were police officers.. we're not trained to handle this kind of violence" yep!.. thats why so many unarmed brothers get shot..

Comment by TheSwahiliMuskrat

I have been fined one credit for the verbal morality statute.

Comment by Robert Barber

Some Phoenix do some karate ta alright.

Comment by Raf Maxai

damn this movie was fcking awesome and still but they throw it ... i mean they could make demolition man 2,3...

Comment by NICTATOR

2:22 "We're police officers. We're not trained to handle this kind of violence."
The old black officer was probably thinking, "Really nigga?"

Comment by dix be flopping

first time I didn't see cops pull a gun on a unarmed black person.

Comment by joshua stranks

Love this film! wesley is bad ass!!


Simon says

Comment by Andy D

Modern day police of Britain everyone

Comment by lion JUDAH

judged dreedd is shiting brakes .

Comment by TheDarkfrostElf

OK I've never seen or heard of this movie before why are the cops such pansies?

Comment by kSwissh007

Having a world without guns is actually a good idea...cops cant kill us

Comment by BCtube01

Ahhh.....Demolition Man.....Hollywood 's third option of the future.
Option 1: You could find yourself in a Mad Max world
Option 2: Living in an overpopulated city where resources are slowly dwindling like Blade Runner
Option 3 : or maybe you would prefer The sissyfied society of Demolition Man

Comment by Vojtěch Růžek

United Kingdom in a nutshell.

Comment by Meagangoodmevonne Caldwell

Vg ivvggvgggivicvivvviivvivivovvivivigogovovgigovgovovgovvivivkvivgigivigggivkvigvcificgiciiviivvivivivk the best of the gvo gobvo you

Comment by Humberto Gomez

Police forces will never renounce to violence. Just the opposite.

Comment by KID_Kay #1

Technology is not even that advance yet

Comment by Glatzkopf Umhang Mann

this is what happens when police officers arent able to shoot the crminal

Comment by ojideagu

2:50 that's the guy who beats up Batman in the Bell Tower in the 1989 movie

Comment by rich whiteboii

explain to everyone how you can find who's writing these comments but not the others .........

Comment by MotoRides

cuz he's black?

Comment by ak33l Mitchell

same haircut in blade


2:52 That cop looks like "the good prison guard" from Lock Up, which funnily enough, is another Stallone movie!!!!!!!

Comment by Michael Fredrick

if it did I'd be dead long before it

Comment by Alexander Walker

if they wanted to accurrately predict the future the cops would've just shot him on sight LMAO

Comment by Nick Savage

When cops become gays...

Comment by Dan Nolan

Blade as a teenager.

Comment by xsouthsidestevex

Sweden 2017

Comment by Corey Soze

Fucking Classic!!

Comment by Johnny Rekall

He looks like the Steampunk'd version of Blade.

Comment by lmozep

imagine this shit would be real with world order with shitty political correctness

Comment by Jason Bishop

University of Florida. Should have put cameras. On those police ,,,blue light special ke asuks..

Comment by unitor699

in america he would have been shot

Comment by MrJohnybirchall

wtf?! CNN reported that Simon Phoenix , the gentle giant, had his hands up saying " don't shoot"

Comment by Tuna Sub

Mortal kombat

Comment by chalie Hernandez

Police fucking. Dressed. That

Comment by jhgepiquowe ty8

2:18 has to be the dumbest cop ever

Comment by blockmasterscott

My favorite line in the whole movie was "You can't take away someone's right to be an asshole".

Comment by Kurt Rustle

They will never remake this movie because the establishment is actually trying to create this dystopian politically correct nanny state now.

Comment by Shahar Deutsch

Meanwhile in Sweden...

Comment by Piotr Hurej

This shows that Mr Mugabe is not only killing the future: he is killing the present.

Comment by Calvin

liberal town.

Comment by playstationsteve

Knowing Hollywood & that they will remake this pls do with these actors & actress Jason Momoa Idris Elba & Charlize Theron

Comment by GeoMax

Now this is Hillary's America

Comment by budmangt2

Blonde nappy head LOL!

Comment by geovanni tello teles

paco el Gallo negro

Comment by Kid Dynamo

A few more years of political correctness, micro agression, trigger warning and "social justice" indoctrination and we will have this. 😁

Comment by Devil Slayer The Saint Of Killers !

Ben Sasse "The Vanishing American Adult", this is what we are becoming.

Comment by Vosil407

What kind of cops are those, they ask a computer for advice and don t know how to fight or hit, 10/10 amazing cops.

Comment by Jason Bishop

Stun gun r2d2. Blue of Florida....stolen ideas possible. From movies and Hollywood...inventions

Comment by Bongumenzi Thabani

Simon says everybody STAND!

Comment by Paw Kumoo

he's a black man but he's still not bad! he's on his right

Comment by pontiacGXPfan

Sisqo as a supervillain

Comment by BlackPDigitalMedia

maniac is eminent..

Comment by Luis Fuentes

Que hace el Paco ahi ese

Comment by Charles Hernandez

Police fucking . Psycho Dick. Frog suptd suck pussy

Comment by Bayan1905

Oh look, the future of law enforcement after the political correctness and racial lawsuits get through. Thanks Obama!

Comment by Lol Lol

So funny

Comment by Daniel Macedo

Youtube heroes

Comment by Niko Fobes

One of the best parts of this beautiful movie

Comment by HIRO ー


Comment by internetguy

I feel this movie portrays how the world will look if the SJWs gets to rule

Comment by Platypus

Accurate representation of modern day Sweden

Comment by SSGaming

lol if cops were like that

Comment by DreamWarrior

1:09 Bone Thugs

Comment by Jerry

he had the same haircut he had in blade also

Comment by LORDUnLuCkY13

Why did the alt-right take control of the comments section.

Comment by Ryan Godly

'the maniac has responded with a scornful remark' loool.

Comment by Joshua Tunis

What Simon Phoenix lacks in morality he makes up for in humor.

Comment by he chit

this movie was good except for that Taco Bell stuff, Taco Bell ruined the movie

Comment by Maxine Harper

These are the dumbest comments I've ever read.

Comment by Justin Hill

Simon Phoenix's outfit makes him look like the cross between Dennis Rodman and Dennis the Menace.

Comment by Nerumir

meanwhile in venezuela ... XD

Comment by seanpatrickcain2

2:33 Hey wait for me!

Comment by Hamza Khaliq

Chuck Norris shit his pants in fear when he saw this.

Comment by Robert Junior

Yo. That was dope.

Comment by [M O S A K I]

Blade IV confirmed

Comment by Michael Keane

You are in violation of the Verbal Morality Standard.

Comment by June Omar Benitez

He's a worthy opponent against Gabriel Yulaw

Comment by Chiriac Puiu

This is what happens when people stop having sex.

Comment by Wasp_Agario

If There Was A Earth With No Violence And No Swearing.....

You Know We'd Be The Flying

Comment by Courtney Clark

Didn't think that demolition man would fucking predict the future.

can just imagine it, 'you have been fined 10 credits for triggering an xeno-potato-kin wolfgirl.'

Comment by vincent 22

*Motherfucker are you outta your damn mind*

Comment by SKATE ON

This is how SJW want the police to be

Comment by matthew byrom

this is the future the way we are going if the pussafication of the world

Comment by Smoking Cobra

And this happened in London recently...

Comment by Zaid Ayub

He would have got shot in real life #BlackLivesMatter

Comment by jldog134

2:34 "hey wait for me gets me every time".


1:07 Bone Thugs -n- Harmony Die Die Die.........right before Bizzy Bone verse

Comment by Juggalo972

This is what will happen when millenials have control of the future.....ALOT of assault on police, who are weak.

Not gonna lie, it looks fun too lol

Comment by Inebriatd

This will happen when the Millennials take over.

Comment by Jason Bishop

De ja vu sucks!!!!!

Comment by Grappa

Those police cruisers are still sexy asf😍😍

Comment by Justaburgscuzzin

Is this Grad theft auto? 😂

Comment by xenox941

police cars are like bugati

Comment by MONKEY SEE


Comment by Darkzz Lord

Guess American propaganda is still alive and well.

Comment by rts

conspiracists warned of overreaching surveillance and pc-newspeak. well, we have arrived. welcome to the future. this stuff back in 92/93 was considered crazy. amazing.

Comment by FighterCK

Damn I'm possessed!

Comment by Marilyn Monroe

Lol the clown sound effects have me dying😂

Comment by Michael Grey

nowadays they would've pulled up and shot his azz in the back

Comment by Jason Bishop

Slow fucken...cpu phone keeps. Kicking me.out...dns ddns. George lucus ?

Comment by Horacio Cuevas

This Nigga is like a Black Duke Nukem

Comment by Musa Khamis Musa

"STUPID..." (In Simon Pheonix's Voice) ;)

Comment by Paul S

It is a minor tragedy that Wesley Snipes was never the first black actor to play The Joker in a Batman movie.

Comment by bisiilki

"Maniac has responded with a scornful remark"

Comment by Ophiuchus123456789

So many fucking morons in the comment section. I feel like I've been incretinated by them.

Comment by billy mays

why didn't they just come all at the same time

Comment by Chivo Man

i thought this guy was rodman when i was a kid lol

Comment by Kevin Kocher

Let me correct my self the Manchester pd fail again

Comment by Japanese pigeon

It can't be true.. there's no way uh... a black super saiyan his power level is so high d...d... damn it!!!

Comment by Jason Tolbert

Then why kind of police officers are you anyway?

Comment by Abang Man

haha this is buy weapons lol

Comment by Rai Rahul

"We're cops,we arent trained to handle this kind of violence".Are you kidding me cops were trained to handle all kinds of violence,except war

Comment by Raphael Loh

"We're Police Officers... We're not trained to handle this kind of violence!" Said every cop before the 1960s?

Comment by Γιώργος Μπέκας

black man beating wites to pulp

Comment by Flentrafilskola Flentrafilskola

what kind of sjw bullshit is this.

Comment by Red4Eyed2Jedi0

The world if SJWs had their way.

Comment by Taigaflurry

what's this movie about is it worth seeing

Comment by dan j

This is a liberal Democrats dream.

Comment by Tashi Rose

" Please remain where you are for your ?????? " what does the computer say after that ? Lol it's too low

Comment by Ronu Ronu

Just because the actor is black all racists assholes are out of their holes relating it with real world, and cry oh no we are not racist.

Comment by Goblin Savage

man I been trying to find out the name of this movie for years

Comment by Red lizard

why won't the cop just taser him first

Comment by diviz0r

This is europe now.

Comment by Israel Frederick

I remember watching this wen I was 6

Comment by Anon ᴀʀᴋᴀι

Heh. I'm surprised these cops didn't shoot him. I mean their lives were in danger. He used sarcasm on them and disrespected them so it clearly merits a shooting.

-calm down all you sensitive right wing wimps. It's called a joke.-

Comment by Harry Wakatipu

Feminist utopia.

Comment by Pennywise The Clown

God i miss the damn 90's this movie is da shiiizznit😈

Comment by Anthony Johnson

rob schnider just summed up every cops excuse thats ever killed an unarmed human being

Comment by Killer Instinct

Never noticed the guy from blood in Blood out was in this movie

Comment by Jason Tolbert

Why kind of cops are anyway asking a computer how handle and not trained are what kind centaury is this anyway.

Comment by RX7821979

a modern police officer would have immediately shot him for being black
a future police depends on a computer on what do with him

Comment by moxshyfter

This movie was so correct so far ahead of its time. We're heading straight into this with all our safe rooms and calling everyone a racist for any kind of criticism.

Comment by Wis Dom

Well Simon didn't use any guns, the cops just don't know how to fight.

Comment by startreking

That is hilariously bad prediction, cops aren't coming for public peace, they would bring out the swat team and as soon as his hands went onto the keyboard they would open fire, "they feared for their lives".

Comment by Keiser Sior

This is what happens to a emasculated society.

Comment by bigjon7188

2:10-2:11 glitch he switches arms with the throw

Comment by Spartoons Animations

Luke cage's archenemy. Simon Phoenix

Comment by venomT

I love the quote "we are police officers,we are not trained to handle that kind of violance"

Comment by Ruby Barnard

those cops got beat up badly by Wesley snipes i mean Wesley snipes is a great martial artists.

Comment by christine rivera

Before he was blade

Comment by Jorge Barcelos

Man Simon Phoenix rules, awesome scene, 😂

Comment by iamscottchaney

dennis rodman looking good as always

Comment by Cayden

Looks like the way the world is fucking going these days.

Comment by jesse vu

Wow I loved this movie

Comment by Richard Morgan

Lol in a few year the world will end up like this.

Comment by TwitchGlobal

that anti graffiti thing makes 0 sense

Comment by PBSmithy

1:25  That's what happens when you hire police officers raised by single-mother SJWs.

Comment by Heretics shall be cleansed

This is what happens to the police when you take away their right to use their guns. Should've been over in a second, but it isn't because it would be called racism because he's black and unarmed.

Comment by Erik G

This is the UK police now. Bunch of sissies.

Comment by Osewy Black

06/10/2016 €£¥~€£ José Luis Rovito 22.060.401 ghost escuadrón legión extranjera.

Comment by Late-Punk2094


Comment by BROLY_GOD __

its a nigger ninja

Comment by Rishab Patel

"We're Police Officers! We're not trained to handle this violence!"

Comment by Malcolm C

If liberals take over..

Comment by Bonzai Temaluca

obama's america.

Comment by Elijah Daley

black power

Comment by OrganicChemistry2

Had this been in present time, he would've been shot 30 seconds into the video

Comment by jason leslie

I guess "hell" is bad word to them too lol

Comment by Air, land_combat 2017

In today, cops would kill him. Sorry it's true.

Comment by Jarl Balgruuf

Boi looks like lil yachty

Comment by stoneman472

This movie is a gift.

Comment by j lin

one two things that got right my name and the guy is black and i work for the feds lol

Comment by Dennis Harvey

This movie was bad, but "Double Team" was a lot more fun as bad movies go.

Comment by jhgepiquowe ty8

Come on this is the future!!! Where's Robocop??

Comment by TTG phantom_force

fuckk that trash kind of movie you understand bitch

Comment by Dmanpoke 88

@2:19 The black man behind Rob Schneider shot Wesley Snipes in "New Jack City"!

Comment by Saed Magaag

Simon says?

Comment by LamonicBomb

A lot of you are complaining... but I'd rather live here than in a redneck crackers ideal world. And that's who's mad - the crackers. The idea of a world where they can't curse and shoot people has them fuming. Shows how pathetic they are doesn't it?

Comment by promeci0

The left wing world.

Comment by Dark Chocolate KingPin

this came out before blade and yet the hair cut is similar

Comment by Mushroom Head

Lol those police officers are shit! They got beaten up and didn't even try to fight him!

Comment by Cody Crump

Love this movie when i was growing up

Comment by yokedmonster

Does anyone else think that the windshield design is quite dangerous it's not supposed to break into large shards like that

Comment by - inTegrity -

Well, it's a new fu*ken world, isn't it? 😎

Comment by victor martinez

what makes me love this movie even more it pretty much predict it everything that is going on in the real world but the whole politically correct BS but the one thing we still trying to figure out how does the three seashell works

Comment by nybiggs

This is my guilty pleasure movie. It's so bad yet so good. If I flip through the channels and catch this on I'm watching.

Comment by yosharian


Comment by Luis Robles

OLÉ !!!!!

Comment by Andrius Rimkūnas

Back in days when movies where dope

Comment by iJamie8467x

California Year 2027

Comment by aereiq

Wow... This future was horrible. Cops that cannot arrest people and computers that can be hacked by THE GUY THAT'S BEEN FROZEN FOR YEARS LOCKED IN HIS CHAMBER!!!

Comment by mercpool 001

you know I actually think that Humanity might turn out like this

Comment by berner

Wanna know what it's like to live in an SJW world?

Wel'p... now you know


it's the giga nigga

Comment by BvsedRon

Oh wow, gonna comment, comparing this world to todays actual world? Watch it there with that super original comment my guy

Comment by flownet07

Black lives matter?

Comment by Wolves

This makes me want Taco Bell

Comment by Ben Lewis

Still think Simon Phoenix is one of the coolest bad guys ever.

Comment by Adam Anderson

Be careful, the comments section is full of retarded cuckservatives who just got done fucking their cousin.

Comment by ONE FB

2:19 anyone notice that Ferrari?

Comment by XxLinkxZeldaxX x

is this a blu-ray version? i have never seen this movie look this hd before, i have always seen the vhs version

Comment by Sapresso Beats

How dare they awesome his gender !!😡😡😡

Comment by MrVpassenheim

They overshot projections in this movie. Isn't the year like 2032? Europeans are already cucked. Have you seen the videos of the Swedish police getting beaten up or the German officers also getting beaten up by 1 middle-aged civilian.

Comment by Rap Zalsos

It's funny to see how Wesley Snipes portrayed the closest thing to Comic Joker in Demolition Man,

Comment by Eddy Shluger

Were those german police officers or french?

Comment by WeeItsNookies

This is exactly the type of shit we're looking at if far left regressives take full control.

Comment by Kévin Parent

This movie was so ahead of his time. It shows how the world is turning right now, everyone is turning into pussies

Comment by Zook Inthe6ix

You see how one ghetto ass nigger can destroy the future.

Comment by Colonel Bastian

2:09 smacks him harder than that record player. bam

Comment by Muhammad Ahmad


Comment by SuperGomez59

True fact: Wesley was so fast in this scene, using his martial arts skills, that he was asked to slow down so the camera could capture the fight more clearly.

Comment by Now I'm done

This is literally LIBERAL WORLD

Comment by Mico Cortez

I dont need some history lesson.Come on hell.Where's the goddamn guns?

Comment by Jeff Hardy

what fuck you love that

Comment by Mason Schmidt

overalls never seamed so cool

Comment by Fit Geek

Damn, I would get fined SO MUCH money!

Comment by Snake being

Ugly-behind hair.

Comment by Jason Bishop

Sandrais sooo beautiful!!!!

Comment by Jupiter savage world

this is our society in less than 10 years LOL

Comment by Wavemaninawe

He didnt get fined for littering though.

Comment by tod4y

Seems like Wesley has culturally enriched them.

Comment by Lyndon Fair


Comment by American Mexican

please President trump don't let this become the future

Comment by Frederick Grier

oh im so scared

Comment by dermeistefan

Reup this in better quality!


Comment by Vetal83

Love the 90's action movies!!!

Comment by ᄉᄋᄇ

he is blade

Comment by GranTruismo4head

Come on HAL!!! Where the GODDAMN GUNS?! What?! FUCK YOU!!! FUCKERS ARE FAST TOO!!!! XD

Comment by playstationsteve

Simon Phoenix is what society needs to deal with these pussy ass cops

Comment by Emp Effects

This movie looks like absolute shit

Comment by masterhans12

Sweden in the present. Enough said.

Comment by thegooseman90

If Black Lives Matter get their way

Comment by Живу в Сибири

смешно правда?))))

Comment by Beau Mitchell

Rodney King would be proud.

Comment by Mobeen Zaffar

a 90's nigga vs the world, love it.

Comment by Colton Biggs

Police Officers that don't have guns

Comment by phantomhurricane666

did they really think they were getting Wesley Snipes that easily?

Comment by Pool Dead

People arguing over a movie scene? Grow up and get a life

Comment by amazingman63

I love how many nuts showed up just to claim this is SJW crap jesus christ act more scared of other people

Comment by Chris Hawley

Rob Schneider is a carrot!

Comment by Wasek Salam

it was a good movie... but y is it recommended to me all of a sudden remains a mystery...

Comment by Sami wedi mebrya

hhahahahahahahaah love you so much man haha

Comment by The Universe around us - Daily Vlogs

HOTTIE OMG Wesely Snipes

Comment by ejr23

My response to the pussy SJWs that WANT our nation to be this way: - 0:26

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