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January 2, 1959



Door Kahin Tu Chal

Door Kahin Tu Chal Mp3 Song, Download Door Kahin Tu Chal, Door Kahin Tu Chal Mp3 DownloadThe best CD "Bedard Zamana Kya Jane", was launched in 1959 with an Awesome Indian Pop soundtrack "Door Kahin Tu Chal" .Indian Pop star Pran, Helen, Ashok Kumar, Nirupa Roy, Neelam, Iftekhar, Sudesh Kumar, Edwina, Shaikh, Amirbai Karnataki, Ratnamala, Jabeen Jalil, Master Chicoo and Ratna Mala performed new look in this video. meet withvarious gifts for delightful rendition of a Indian Pop song.This was Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi, Mohammad Rafi`s 54th music track, Out of 58 all till now.Estimated earnings to Saregama from soundtrack is $2889. Bharat Vyas played role as a song writer.It rapidly went to edge on the video platform youtube in 1924, and is viewed by 20.23 thousand audience.Leading artist did role in tasks, performed as .The track was composed by Kalyanji Virji Shah on the other side it was enjoyably sung by Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi and Mohammad Rafi.This track was released ago, going on to be pleasant by Hindi people.Saregama, released the song after recording "Bedard Zamana Kya Jane" track represented by Lata Mangeshkar & Mohammed Rafi.Music track is reachable on itune music store for just $0.99 and all list just for $9.99.

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Song Name Door Kahin Tu Chal
AlbumBedard Zamana Kya Jane.
ComposerKalyanji Virji Shah.
GenreIndian Pop.
LyricstBharat Vyas.
SingerLata Mangeshkar and Mohammed Rafi.
Duration 03:25
Record on January 2, 1959
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $0.99
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Door Kahin Tu Chal Lyrics

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Song : door kahin tu chal dil raha hai machal...
Movie : Be Dard Jamana Kya Jane,1959,
Singers : Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar,
Lyricist: Bharat Vyas,
Music Director: Kalyanji Veerji Shah,
Director : Babubhai Mistry,
Cast: Ashok Kumar,Nirupa Roy,Sudesh Kumar,Jabeen Jalil,Helen,Ratna Mala,Pran,Amirbai Karnataki,Iftekhar,Neelam,
Production Co: Subhash Pictures
Genre : Enthusiastic,happy,sad family drama ,
Lyrics : -
Lyrics :-
door kahin tu chal dil rahaa hai machal
door kahin tu chal dil rahaa hai machal
pyaar ki raahon mein preet ki chhaaon mein
dekh huyi halchal
door kahin tu chal dil rahaa hai machal
pyaar ki raahon mein preet ki chhaaon mein
dekh huyi halchal
ye ghulaabi aasmaan shaam kaa udtaa dhuaan
le chalo mujhko wahaan
rang bikhraa hai jahaan bheegaa-bheegaa hai samaan
le chaloon tujhko wahaan
ye nazaare ye ishaare ud rahaa aanchal
door kahin tu chal dil rahaa hai machal
pyaar ki raahon mein preet ki chhaaon mein
dekh huyi halchal
hai ye mausam pyaar kaa
pyaar ke ikraar kaa
sapnon ke singaar kaa
do dilon ke taar kaa
taar ki jhankaar kaa
geet hai ye bahaar kaa
tu raseeli rut nasheeli aur hawaa chanchal
door kahin tu chal dil rahaa hai machal
pyaar ki raahon mein preet ki chhaaon mein
dekh huyi halchal
door kahin tu chal dil rahaa hai machal
pyaar ki raahon mein preet ki chhaaon mein
dekh huyi halchal...

About kalyanji virji And Mukesh (Mukeshchand Mathur) :-
Kalyanji and Mukesh were two of a kind — philosophical and helpful human beings, titans in their respective fields, supreme believers in destiny, alien to politics, with generosity being an inborn virtue in both.
No wonder then that they formed a strong bond - a bond that was cemented by their joint creations that will play on as long as film music remains the staple diet of India. MIDBANNER
Kalyanji Virji Shah and Mukeshchand Mathur even died in the same week of the same month.
Composer Kalyanji, who along with his brother Anandji, composed music for over 250 Hindi and Gujarati films in a career span of over 40 years, died on August 24, three years ago. And August 27 is the 27th death anniversary of the late Mukesh.
The coming together of these two music personalities resulted in Hindi cinema getting some good melodies. From Naina hai jadoo bhare... (Bedard Zamana Kya Jane/ 1958) composed by Kalyanji alone as Kalyanji Virji Shah, and Main hoon mast madari... (Madari/ 1959) as the first Kalyanji-Anandji-Mukesh combo, to Chahe aaj mujhe napasand karo... (Darinda/ 1977) and the earlier-recorded Chor Mandali, which could only manage a limited release, it was a long-playing association indeed.

Storyline :-
Widower Barrister Ashok lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay, India along with his sister-in-law, and a young son, Ramesh. One day while driving, he accidentally runs over a woman, brings her home, cares for her until she recuperates and tells him that her name is Kamla and is homeless. He finds that Ramesh likes her, so he marries her. After a few months, he is delighted when she becomes pregnant. This delight sours considerably when he finds out through his friend, Pran, that Kamla had been frequenting the OK Club. Then he witnesses her abusing Ramesh. Finally, he drives her out when Ramesh is killed by poisoned milk. Kamla gives birth to a baby boy but Ashok takes over sole custody and names him Mohan. Years later Mohan has grown up and is now an advocate and is in love with a girl named Radha. Even though Radha comes from a poor background, Ashok has no objections and goes to meet with her parents to arrange their marriage. Watch what happens when he finds out that Radha's mother ... Written by rAjOo

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