Ghumparani Masipisi Mp3 Song Sriradha Banerjee Lyrics

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October 4, 1991



Ghumparani Masipisi

Ghumparani Masipisi Mp3 Song, Download Ghumparani Masipisi, Ghumparani Masipisi Mp3 Download"Ghumparani Masipisi" was a music track of 1991 Best Rock album, Gaane Gaane Chharar Chhabi.This song was made live before, reaching to be enjoyable by Bengali listeners.It is Sriradha Banerjee`s 191th song, Out of 211 total till now.It instantly went high on youtube in 2006, and is seen by 38.25 thousand people.Saregama, made live the music track after making live "Khokababu Jay Lalmoja Pay" song performed by Sum 41. greetedmuch more honour for better work of a Rock soundtrack.Headliner opera singer introduced in works, introduced as .The song was originally composed by Sufika Rahman where as it was nicely represented by Sriradha Banerjee.Roughly Calculated profit recieved to Saregama from soundtrack is $1379. Lyrics of this track was inked by Traditional .Track is obtainable on apple store for $1.29 and full track list just for $7.99.

Info You Must Know

Song Name Ghumparani Masipisi
AlbumGaane Gaane Chharar Chhabi.
ComposerSufika Rahman.
SingerSriradha Banerjee.
Duration 02:02
Record on October 4, 1991
Album Price $7.99
Song Price $1.29
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Ghumparani Masipisi Lyrics

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Watch Ghum Parani Mashi Pishi | ঘুমপাড়ানী মাসি পিসি | Bengali Nursery Rhymes For Children | Kids Poem Bengali

Poem : Ghum Parani Mashi Pishi | ঘুমপাড়ানী মাসি পিসি
Voice : Parna Singha

Bengali Translation :

ঘুমপাড়ানী মাসি পিসি,
মোদের বাড়ি এসো।
খাট নাই পালং নাই,
চোখ পেতে বোসো।
বাটা ভরা পান দেব,
গাল ভরে খেও।
খোকার চোখে ঘুম নাই,
ঘুম দিয়ে যেও।

English Translation ::

Aunties who put us to sleep
Come to our house
There's no bed and no mattress
Sit on the eyes*.
We'll give you a "bata" full of "paan"
Eat mouthfuls
There's no sleep in "khoka's" eyes
Give some sleep before you go

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