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November 29, 2004



Gospel 2

Gospel 2 Mp3 Song, Download Gospel 2, Gospel 2 Mp3 Download"Gospel 2" was a soundtrack from 2004 Blockbuster Alternative CD, American Junkie.Main expert Murder 1 participated in two fields, played role as singers and composer.It instantly went up on the youtube in 1927, and is viewed by 443.08 thousand users.Murder 1 greeted respect and love for kind job of a Alternative track.This soundtrack was launched 13 years before, heading to be delightful by English teens. roled as a lyricist.The track was originally composed by Murder 1 while it was enjoyably represented by Murder 1.It is Murder 1`s 33th music track, Out of 38 all .Crash Music, casted the track after making live "Bulletproof Vest" music track represented by Murder 1.Estimated earning to Crash Music by track is $959.Song is reachable on itunes store for only $0.99 and whole album for $9.99.

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Song Name Gospel 2
AlbumAmerican Junkie.
ComposerMurder 1.
LabelCrash Music.
SingerMurder 1.
Duration 02:30
Record on November 29, 2004
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $0.99
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Gospel 2 Lyrics

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Did You Know?

■Big thanks■to:
DAGames: giving me permission to animate this song

■Drastic change of models■
1) I like every model, but some have pluses and minuses. Some have more opportunities and are easier to animate with.
2) With small ones I am representing (young / kid version of the gang)

I hope you all liked this animation and if you did then it would be appreciated if you would like it and subscribed to my channel. No forcing! x) sorry for such a long wait! I had many stuff to do and I wanted to catch some tan for my own good :) I am personally happy how this turned out, it took me much more effort than Build Our machine in my opinion.

(This doesn't follow the actual lore of the game, only some parts are. Sorry for poor grammar)
■I don't know if that will make sense, but here is a short retelling what is happening in the video■
Joey Drew created Bendy, Boris and Alice for he's cartoons. After some while they were exhausted and needed some rest from doing the stunts all the time. Creator didn't liked that and he started to abuse them. He end up killing them and just throwing them away, like a piece of paper into trash with a failed drawing. After some while Sammy Lawrence got into all this cartoons about Bendy and tries to summon the Dancing Demon. ... He opened the hell gate for Bendy, so he could get out from there and locks him in the basement. He ended up sacrificing workers of the old workshop, including Joe as well ... Sammy made a trap for Henry by sending him a letter and by accident Henry turns on the Ink Machine and everything got out of control. The in unlimited amount of ink made Bendy more aggressive... Bendy and he's gang got back to life. When Sammy made Henry to wait till Bendy gives him he's blessing, Sammy himselfe gets sacrificed by monstrous Bendy.... Over ruling this place with he's friends Bendy starts to melt, becuase of the steam and hot temperature of the building and he starts to do some things what the creator have done.... killing the cartoon, so Bendy ends up murdering he's friends. Henry's fate is being unknown.

◆ My Social Media / Sites ◆ ■Intro song■ Recording Town - Kyle Allen Music

■Outro song■ ES_Secrets And Then Some - Örjan Karlsson (Epidemic music)

All models and stuff DON'T belong to me even the music, only my efforts in this animation! (Only 2D Bendy I made with Feddos)

■Models■ by:
Bendy, Boris, BorisV2., Searchers, Alice, XboxGamerK plushy, Re-animated stylised Bendy - AustinTheBear
Bendy - KaylinYGO
Alice - Gaming SFM 54
Bendy - AustinTheBear and Coda
Bendy - ChaseSFM
Inked Bendy - TigenNas
Other models - from actual game
Human model - Patrick Hunt
2D Bendy - Me and Feddos

■PROGRAMS■ I used:
SFM Source Filmmaker
Paint tool sai for redoing pictures
Sony Vegas Pro 13/14 for montage all parts together

■DO NOT RE-UPLOAD!■ You can do something creative out of it. If you want to use it full then please contact me on YouTube.

THIS WAS MADE IN 24 (-7 because of being away) DAYS (~80 hours in total)

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