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January 12, 2009



Hazrat Ibrahim

Hazrat Ibrahim Mp3 Song, Download Hazrat Ibrahim, Hazrat Ibrahim Mp3 DownloadThe top CD "Shaan E Ambiya", was released in 2009 with a Best New Age music track "Hazrat Ibrahim" .This soundtrack was launched before, moving to be loved by Urdu teens.Saregama, released this track after launching "Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi" track acted by Waldo The Dog Faced Boy.Prime opera singer played role in jobs, roled as .Average income to Saregama by this song is $1932. payam sayeedi introduced as a song writer.The track was nicely composed by Yusuf Azad Qawwal on the other side it was proudly performed by Chorus.It quickly fly up to edge on youtube in 2002, and is seen by 11.11 thousand lovers. gotseveral honour for delightful presentation of a New Age soundtrack.It is Chorus`s 7473th track, Out of 7865 all .Music track is available on apple store for just $0.69 and full list only for $4.99.

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Song Name Hazrat Ibrahim
AlbumShaan E Ambiya.
ComposerYusuf Azad Qawwal.
GenreNew Age.
LyricstPayam Sayeedi.
Duration 03:01
Record on January 12, 2009
Album Price $4.99
Song Price $0.69
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Hazrat Ibrahim Lyrics

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Did You Know?

a simple nasheed by dawud wharnsby about the prophet ibrahim(pbuh).

father o father why do you do it?
why do you whittle all day?
why do you carve those statues of wood
and fashion those idols out of clay?
father o father why do you do it?
why do you bow down and pray?
to all of those empty gods you have made when there is such a far better way
there is only one god
la illaha ilallah

lord of both the earth and the sky
who knows all the answers to where,what and why
i have looked to the sky
seen the moon and the stars come and quickly fade away
i have seen the sun so strong and bright die at the end of the day
i have seen the perfection of all creation and every creature and leaf
and i dont understand any women or man who denies the one true beleif
people o people why dont you heed my call to the straight way?
your hearts are hard as the idols you carve you listen but wont hear a word that i say
people o people why put your faith in gods of gold and wood
they crumble away,the have no life,they cause no harm and they do no good
i dont understand why you choose to deny
that allah knows the answers to where,what and why
people o people you have tried to break me,
you have called me a fool and a liar
but i will not burn in your flames for faith in allah will cool any fire
so hate me or hurt me do what you will ,even banish me from this land
i will pray to allah that the truth comes to you
and i pray that someday you will all understand
lord of both the earth and the sky
who will not fade and who will not die
no i dont understand why you choose to deny,
that allah knows the answers to where,what and why

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