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December 7, 2017



Hey Diddle Diddle

The top CD "Toybox", was launched in 2010 with a Best Children's Music music track "Hey Diddle Diddle"
.Estimated earning to Sony Music from this song is $35542.It was The Rainbow Collections`s 108th music track, Out of 112 total till now.Primary master The Rainbow Collections roled in two responsibilities, took part as singers and composer.
Lyrics in this track was created by .The music track was originally composed by The Rainbow Collections while it was delightfuly performed by The Rainbow Collections.Sony Music, casted the track after casting "Ten Green Bottles" music track carried out by The Rainbow Collections.The Rainbow Collections greeted good result for enjoyable job of a Children's Music track.This song was broadcasted 7 years ago, begining to be delightful by English people.It instantly fly up towards success on video platform youtube in 2010, and is watched by 16.42 million people.Music track is reachable on platform itunes for only $1.29 or full CD only for $16.99.

Info You Must Know

Song Name Hey Diddle Diddle
SingersThe Rainbow Collections.
ComposerThe Rainbow Collections.
LabelSony Music.
GenreChildren's Music.
Duration 02:31
Record on 01 Jan, 1970
Album Price $16.99
Song Price $1.29
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Comment by Mintah Daniel

my cousien loves  it

Comment by M Renugoban

best song ever

Comment by carl1185

In what country is ChuChu Tv produced?

Comment by Magiran Lovin

♪I absolutely adore your work ♪

Comment by Dubbleswee Is Me

I have no idea why I love this so much, I'm a god damn 14 yo I shouldn't be enjoying this. >.<

Comment by Anayat Ghazi

nice song 

Comment by Suren V

my daughter loved it!!

Comment by maria chan

i love chu chu tv 

Comment by Ieva Roliūtė

wonderfull song! You are great guys! My son loves your songs.

Comment by Marius Gheorghe

☻ ☻ ☻WONDERFUL song ☻ ☻

Comment by Lachlan Krutz

it cool

Comment by Emmm Joseph

My little brother really like this Chu Chu TV rhymes.... Thank you for making this Channel and more Viewers to have (^_-)


hope you like the comment....

Comment by Sulfi


Comment by Sean Fenech

I like from Sean

Comment by Jihan Mohuyadin

My kids love this

Comment by Gayathri K

Super song hey diddle. Nice animation.

Comment by Rosely Jane Yap

what is your new songs?

Comment by Seany Gee


Comment by nadia sheikh

Chuchu tv plz upload more we finger families songs plz make one on monkeys. My brother loves monkeys and your finger family songs. Make one on any sea creatures like whales or octopuses

Comment by Jihan Mohuyadin

I like the 12345678910 one

Comment by kavya anil

Very nice songs.. :-)

Comment by Mamata Maurya

1 year my toddler lol when through full video...
thanks you Chu chu

Comment by Mj Guimba

wow,awesome my sister and i love this so much..all chuchutv..im 8years old and my sister is 1 year old..thank you chuchuTV

Comment by Soulless Lord

My brother is addicted to all your songs. Thanks for being such a life saver 😊

Comment by Aruna786 Aliterate

My daughter love chuchu tv

Comment by Santosh Sharma

So wonderful

Comment by King Yami

it was very enjoyable

Comment by sonu mishra

My son favorite song

Comment by Ganesh N

Chu Chu Tv.. You guys are tremendous.. My one year old always watches your songs and he is totally in love with with all the characters.. He eats only when he sees you guys.. Also do you know what you have diid our home? you guys made us all in the home hum your songs such a way for the past 3 months or so we all know every corner of your song..

Keep up the excellent work.. And God Bless you all!!

Comment by Mardiya Abubakar

This is really funny

Comment by sophea til

Great song for my kids!

Comment by shadzdhel ali

nice song.. my twins love it..

Comment by Swapna Pedapudi

It brought my daughters childhood

Comment by Deepa Gore

excellent cat with fiddle then gridlle

Comment by Syed Firdous

Nice poem

Comment by maria chan


Comment by Roopa Subramani

All the time and I don't know how much I love you so t

Comment by Jirae Kingi

love it it brings back memories when i yous to watch this with mi brother xoxoxox

Comment by hania ali

nice channel

Comment by FireyTeh 1,000th Spartan

That is kinda a funny dream ChaCha ( + I like ChuChuTV )

Comment by mian rizwan

love this poem😍

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