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January 1, 1940




Horiatopoula Mp3 Song, Download Horiatopoula, Horiatopoula Mp3 DownloadOne of the best CD "Ta Propolemika Dimotika No 9", was casted in 1940 with the Blockbuster Traditional Folk soundtrack "Horiatopoula" . took part as a writer.The music track was framed by Rita Ampatzi where as it was nicely acted by Rita Ampatzi.It quickly drifted to edge on video platform youtube in 1929, and is viewed by 85.64 thousand lovers.This was Rita Ampatzi`s 96th song, Out of 129 .ATHINAIKI DISCOGRAFIKI, produced this track after making live "Mou Parigile T Aidoni" track sung by Rita Ampatzi.Prime vocalist Rita Ampatzi did role in two tasks, played role as singers and composer.Approximate earning to ATHINAIKI DISCOGRAFIKI from the track is $2016.This track was made live 77 years ago, begining to blast by English audience.Rita Ampatzi meet with respect and love for well rendering of a Traditional Folk track.Track is reachable on apple store for only $0.99 and all album just for $9.99.

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Song Name Horiatopoula
AlbumTa Propolemika Dimotika No 9.
ComposerRita Ampatzi.
GenreTraditional Folk.
SingerRita Ampatzi.
Duration 03:18
Record on January 1, 1940
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $0.99
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Horiatopoula Lyrics

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Rita Abatzi : Recordings (1931 - 1937) - Singers of Greek folk song in 78 rpm
Where are your rings [Αχ πουν τα δαχτυλίδια σου]
Rita Abatzi [Ρίτα Αμπατζή]


1. Rovas Departed (O Rovas exekinise) 3:29
2. Under the Arcadian Plane (Stis Arkadhias ton platano) 3:20
3. In Kalamata's Water (Stis Kalamatas to nero) 3:06
4. Bad Neighbor (Mori kakia ghitonisa) 3:25
5. The Abducted Vasiliki (Klepsan ti Vasiliki) 3:15
6. Where Are Your Rings (Ah pou 'n' ta dhahtilidhia sou) 3:17
7. Turtle Dove (Trighona) 3:17
8. A Little Rebel (Ena mikro kleftopoulo) 3:10
9. I'll Let My Hair and Beard to Grow (tha ' fiso ghenia ke malia) 3:22
10. Samarina (I Samarina) 3:18
11. My Skylark (Ghaliandhra mou) 3:10
12. Uphill, In Vlach Lodgings (Pano se vlahika konakia) 3:22
13. Ballos of Bournova (Balos bournovalios) 3:16
14. The Noble Son is Getting Married (Arhontoyios pantrevete) 3:14
15. My Children Why Are You Dirty (Pedhia m' yati 'st' analagha) 3:32
16. The Sickman (O arostos) 3:10
17. Livadia (Livadhia) 3:20
18. The Nightingale Order to Me (Mou parigile t' aidhoni) 3:24
19. Woman Dressed in Red (Kokkinoferemeni) 3:17
20. Peasant Girl (Horiatopoula) 3:12

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