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January 1, 1967



Hum To Tere Aashiq Hain

Hum To Tere Aashiq Hain Mp3 Song, Download Hum To Tere Aashiq Hain, Hum To Tere Aashiq Hain Mp3 DownloadThe "Hum To Tere Aashiq Hain", song of Bollywood album "Laxmikant Pyarelal Special" was released in year 1967.This track was launched ago, heading to viral by Hindi teens.Judgement of earning to Saregama by this track is $3303. Anand Bakshi played role as a song writer.It rapidly drifted up on youtube in 1923, and is seen by 68.19 thousand lovers.Bollywood charming star Jeetendra, Babita and Rajanala performed new look in the video song. greetedmuch more title for nice presentation of a Bollywood song.This is Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh`s 6th track, Out of 338 in total till now.Leading artist introduced in jobs, introduced as .Saregama, launched the music track after making live "Ye Jo Chilman Hai" song represented by Mohammed Rafi.The soundtrack was comprised by Mohammed Rafi on the other side it was well acted by Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh.Soundtrack is available on itunes store for just $1.29 and full album only for $7.99.

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Song Name Hum To Tere Aashiq Hain
AlbumLaxmikant Pyarelal Special.
ComposerMohammed Rafi.
LyricstAnand Bakshi.
SingerLata Mangeshkar and Mukesh.
Duration 06:03
Record on January 1, 1967
Album Price $7.99
Song Price $1.29
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Hum To Tere Aashiq Hain Lyrics

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Did You Know?

Director : Ravikant Nagaich
Producer : Sunderlal Nahata, Jose Aynikal
Writer : Vishwamitter Adil, Arudra,V. D. Puranik
Music : Laxmikant Pyarelal
Cast : Jeetendra, Babita, Rajanala

Synopsis : Secret Agent 116 named Gopal has been assigned the case of homicide of a fellow secret agent (303) by head of CID, who (303) found evidences that can help identify the perpetrators. During this investigation, Gopal meets with lovely Sunita, and both end up falling in love with each other. The traitor responsible for killing of agent 303 has gone to meet 303's sister Kamla and tells her that he is a CID inspector and investigating his brothers case, warning that her brother's killer may attempt on her pretending as his colleague and friend. He elsewhere unsuccessfully continued on the life of agent 116. 116 goes to meet Kamla and sees 303's portrait and notes down the studio photographer's name, but Kamla is convinced that 116 is the killer of her brother. Kamla is approached by another mafia don, Damodar, for her help in eliminating 116, which she agrees. Damodar turns out to be Sunita's father, when Sunita introduces him, Gopal gets suspicious about him, and commences a background check, which reveal that her father is a gangster. As he sets out his case against Damodar, he continues his romance with Sunita. During Sunita's birthday party, Damodar directs his henchman to kill 116, which 116 escapes after some car chase. 116 hesitantly reveals to Sunita that her father is a gangster. Heartbroken Sunita confronts her father, who tells her that he was forced into his life of crime and terrorism, and some other person controls them all, overheard by 116 and his assistant who are hiding outside. 116 goes out for his search for real culprit to an skyscraper apartment where Kamla was plotted. Kamla seductively dances and mix some intoxicant pill in his drink which overlooked by 116, and acted as drank and eventually senseless. Goons takes him to their secret den in city outskirts, along with Sunita, who mistakes them as Hospital Ward boys. In den, 116 captures one of the goon leader and forced him to reveal some information. 116 fights his way with Sunita and escapes in a vehicle. In meantime CID agents traces an letter leading to clues regarding the Chinese conspiracy to destabilise the nation and accommodated by traitors inside, led by an person wearing Mao uniform named Supremo who only speaks few broken English sentences. Rest of the movie follows the 116's efforts to thwart foreign conspiracy against India.

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