Hungama Ho Gaya Asha Bhosle

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December 1, 2017



Hungama Ho Gaya

The "Hungama Ho Gaya", soundtrack in Indian cassette "Anhonee" was released in year 1970.Estimated income to Saregama by the track is $977.The music track was originally composed by Asha Bhosle while it was proudly carried out by Asha Bhosle.Indian charming artist Raj Kapoor, Agha, Nargis, Achala Sachdev, David Abraham, Jankidas, Om Prakash, Badri Prasad, Moti Bina, Salma, Shaukat Hashmi and Habib Alkaf performed new look in this video track.Asha Bhosle welcomedvarious rewards for good job of a Indian music track.Primary creator Asha Bhosle performed in two responsibilities, performed as singers and composer.Saregama, released the music track after casting "Buddhu Pad Gaya Palle" music track sung by Lata Mangeshkar.
VERMA MALIK participated as a writer.It was Asha Bhosle`s 6658th music track, Out of 6941 till now.This track was recorded 47 years before, continuing to blast by Hindi audience.It fastly drifted towards success on video platform youtube in 2006, and is viewed by 451.24 thousand lovers.Song is available on itune music store for only $1.29 where as full list for $3.87.

Info You Must Know

Song Name Hungama Ho Gaya
SingersAsha Bhosle.
ComposerAsha Bhosle.
Duration 05:02
Record on 01 Jan, 1970
Album Price $3.87
Song Price $1.29
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Aye dekho. Paris dekho...
Dilli ki race... ha ha ha ha

Aa... aa. aa aa aa
Jaam bhi hai
Haan haan kaam bhi hai
Haaye haaye chori nahi
Sara aam bhi hai
Sabne pee hai mujhe ilzaam kyun hai
Khamkha mera naam badnaam kyun hai
Dekho na logo ne
Botalon ki botal khatam kar di
To kuchh na hua, magar magar
Maine hothon se lagayi to
Hungama ho gaya aa aa aa aa
Hungama ho gaya hungama ...
Hungama ho gaya

Goron ka toofan yeh kehta hai
Hamein bhi bata kyun rehta hai
Gufaaon mein. ya. yeh dil tera
Jaane kyun tu kal dohraati hai
Kaisi tadap mein tu doob jaati hai

Maine hothon se lagayi to
Hungama ho gaya aa aa aa aa
Hungama ho gaya hungama ...
Hungama ho gaya


Comments • 110

Comment by Nikhilesh Nerambally

Such is the music that one takes some time to believe that Laxmikant and Pyarelal were the composers of this super song.

Comment by Raj Reddy

queen brought me here.........good song haven;t heard this before. Xcellent song.

Comment by Prosenjit Mondal

Queen brought me here.......Queen rocks....

Comment by Naveen Kanna

Mee tooo    ///// Queen Movie made this song Famous :P

Comment by yogesh jog

BINDU has acted drunk n danced better than Kangna :)

Composed very well , awesome trumpet n guitar in the mid.. (must be RD Burman. (edit) NO ITS LAXMIKANT PYARELAL )

Comment by Pramod Acharya

song was super duper hit of 1973!!!!!!!

Comment by jatin18665

wow bindu

Comment by Coimbatore EHL

Such a fast Music by LP.. Great

Comment by Dr. No

Ashaji is mind blowing in this song. 🤤

Comment by gauri surve

now dats wat i call party... 😁

Comment by Vipul Pathak

just amazing,

Comment by TheDeepakp

Film cast: Sanjeev Kumar, Leena Chandavarkar, Asrani, Bindu, Manmohan, Paintal, Satyen Kappu

Comment by Naresh Saklecha

Queen brought me here:)

Comment by Aishwarya Sehgal

Lol everyone's here because of QUEEN, superb movie if you haven't seen it! Love both this version and the new song!

Comment by Bhodor01

I never heard this song before until I saw the version in Queen. Both versions are equally good. But, one has to admit Asha Bhosle was way ahead of her time.

Comment by B Tullu

killer combo of asha and the evergreen rocker item bindu...what kangana and sophie..2 tuck broads...couldnt act or dance to save their asses..bindu is the original and one and only all suck..

Comment by Yogesh Yadav

better then new version

Comment by Pravin M.S

queen pull me here :)

Comment by Nishant Katoch

groovy video, bas thodi lighting better honi chahiye

Comment by manoj Potturi

The original song is better!

Comment by Raja Kumara

Queen 😁😂

Comment by Kobin Kago

I came here from COMEDY NIGHTS BACHAO :-D

Comment by Gautham Kundapur

like the way hairy dude rips the base..0400

Comment by Saranya Jayakrishnan

Remix was better <3

Comment by loveshell007

Comment by rintu1232


Comment by Maliney Pohs

Queen brought me here... Surprised to see real queen is here though

Comment by thiruvetti

Sad that people cant understand the difference between a 2 minute remix version played in background and the original 6 minute song which is a pucca orchestrated number.

Bindu + Asha totally nailed it. Kangana's crazy dance and that weak non-creative remix doesnt even come close to this.

Haha.. People come running hear after liking Queen and think that song is better.. Ha ha.

Comment by Premsunder Das

composition similar to RD Burmans Mera naam hain shabnam

Comment by Arunava Chanda

asha and l.p. super hit........

Comment by M N Kannan Unni

Old is indeed Gold. To think that this LP beauty found relevance in today's film is indication that the old songs have relevance for all times. Beautifully sung by the one and only Ashaji. Incomparable.


the original.....41 years ago.

Comment by surtigal

Queen film bought me here

Comment by Purav Mehta

Thanks Queen ,this song gives me goosebumps

Comment by Mehak Singh

the remix in Queen is much better !

Comment by PC Joshi

Great Music by masteros LP. Western beats in Indian style!!!

Comment by sultan ossi


Comment by jehan zaib

her acting n dancing moves are really hilarious

Comment by raj trivedi

old is  gold

Comment by Sudhir Mada

Brilliant Singing by Asha Bhosle !!

Comment by Sumit Kumar Mandal

Wonder! this song can be played in paris!!!....:P...(courtesy: The Queen)

Comment by deepak k das

queen brought me here in 2017

Comment by Anup Mankame

Actresses used to do Item numbers during Pornstars do item numbers....That's Bollywood...Everybody's Welcome..

Comment by amaresh kumar

he he he. 

Comment by Aryan Rathod

Old songs is always rock

Comment by prateek kumar jain

me too :)

Comment by Mohammed Akram

Queen... bought me here :-)

Comment by Shiney

its sad that queen like a lot of people bought me here...n I was thinking this was the masterpiece of sir R.d.Burman... n expected his voice yeeerrruuuppp yeeeerrrrruuuuuvv...yerrrav yeraav to come in .... all credit to the dynamic Duo L/P.... God bless Ashaji....

Comment by Erica Perez

Like both original and modern versions of this song 👍

Comment by safa fafi


Comment by Narendra Parmar


Comment by Suhasini Srihari

Yep, QUEEN 'reminded' me of this song!

Comment by vakar younus


Comment by Khushboo Gadda

same here queen brought me here

Comment by whoopper Burinie

Queen pull me here <3

Comment by Dhéèrâj Guptâ

Real queen 💞💞

Comment by Ryan Archer

Actually you guys should watch the whole and the story will amaze you and the circumstances leading to the song and what happens after this song.

Comment by Kartik Dhar

Kajal like this song when she listen the song we will got maaaaaaad 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Comment by Ananda Sawant

nice song

Comment by TheMatrixPipe

Wow...! Queen brought me here...!

Comment by Jayabal Sumathi

Queen brought here

Comment by ARUN KUMAR

one of the best cabrete song of hindi movie

Comment by Asha Sultoo

Same here!!!! Queen is my reason to search for this song!!!!

Comment by video4click

Bindu messed up the song, robotic face without expressions

Comment by Tes -

This song is Kult! I even knew the song before Queen!
Bindu is so entertaining - in this time as well as today as for example in
,,Om Shanti Om".
 - These were one of the greatest time of Indian Cinema
Love the 70s! May the old times never be forgotten!!

Comment by Devendra Sharma

classic originals are always best. Remixes, parodies, mimicry etc are poorly destined to be inferior. Hats off to all those great music directors, singers , song writers and every musician--- who used to worked hard for greatly memorable songs.This song has music of melody kings of the century--LAXMIKANT-PYARELAL

Comment by kirti sugandhi

Queen movie brought me here .good song

Comment by Hemanshu Mehta

Excellent itemsong of yesteryears!!!

Comment by Sam Paul

wow nice

Comment by Slash

english translation -
ppl get drunk n wasted, nobody bats an eye.
i take a sip, everybody loses their mind.

Comment by yogesh gadal

This song is old but brilliant

Comment by Rohan Shete

hahaha....even me ,
here for de same reason

Comment by Manish Badkas

साला ये हिन्दुस्तानी लोग अपुन की समझ में नहीं आता - एक लीटर पेट्रोल का भाव १ रुपया भी बढ़ जाए तो साल लोग इतना शू मचाता है की अपुन पंटर लोग साल सो नहीं पाता है पर साल एहिच बोरिंग लोग 650ml बियर का भाव रातोरात बिना किसी वजह के कोई  मनमर्जी से साल १० रूपये भी बढ़ा दे तो साल ये हरामी लोग चुपचाप बिना किसी आवाज़ के पूरा बोतल गटक लेता है  

Comment by Narayan Kudtarkar

Queen bght me here

Comment by soukayna sakina

hahaha.. wowwww hangamaaaaà is my favorite song dancing

Comment by kesava ram


Comment by raj kiran



HUNGAMA for 1.20 from 3.01 to 4.20

Comment by Ritika Bhowmik

movie Queen has brought me here... :-)

Comment by Radisn

look at the buxom body.. today's heroines are waste with size zero..

Comment by ashwath raj

someone pls tel me the name of the dancer in ds song .. shes brilliant

Comment by Rohit Chauhan

Good song

Comment by Venatix_ 92

Queen. :)

Comment by Kirit Pithadia

Queen made this song more famous

Comment by Nathan Shailesh

like if QUEEN bought u here!!

Comment by rupesh goud

me u queen  :)

Comment by Talking Tom & Ben News

the heroine is bot lipsing properly.....otherwise the ators & actress are doing well....

Comment by M Das

asha ji is queen of melody.

Comment by Wahid Wissal

Hungama Ho Gaya ,,,,Queen Dance kar gaya ,,,,, hahah :P

Comment by Jayabal Sumathi

Queen brought here

Comment by saif aafaq

Suprv voice... Really old is gold

Comment by virahul RD

Queen's trailer brought me here- 

Comment by John Doe

See Queen if you have not seen it yet...... By far the best movie of the year!

Comment by Chandni Arora

Old is always god

Comment by Partiban Roy

the reason is Oueen..👑😂

Comment by nawabshaukat 59

When EXTRA TALENT is there The out is always EXTRA like this song As no body is believing that it iz been composed by EXTAR TALENTED duo yes LAXMIKANT PYARE LAL and one should not forget contribution of ASHA JI yes She has her own class Salam from PAKISTAN 03332604292

Comment by GEEC Rajkot

original is the best. No one can touch the R.D.'s tempo..

Comment by Dimps 2014

Beauty is not defined by the size of your jeans. Asha's talent is a God's gift to her, she was a pedophile ! Her songs always takes you to higher level of a bliss. I have always loved this woman's voice! Although it seemed to change drastically now but I still love her..hats off to you if your listening to this song in 2015!!!!!!!!

Comment by priyanka thakkar

 mad mad mad mad mad mad mad

Comment by Hrushi K

same here

Comment by Akshay Akki

yes,,,me too,,,queen movie remind me this song

Comment by Naseem Uddin


Comment by ShowBizJunkie

I will give this credit to Indians!! Man your music is one of THE BEST in the world (and has been like that consistently). Even better than your movies. Even if the songs are inspired or outright plagiarized, your version has always been better in most cases. This song is really a gem. A true club number. The poetry has a different but relevant topic to the venue. I LOVE its peculiar beautiful 70s music. The lady is awesome. I don't know her name but I have seen her many times in movies but she only comes as a side actress but she is very underrated. She was even in "Hum aapkay hain kon" and in a very good role.

Comment by Mohsin Malik

nice lyrics
queen brought me here

Comment by Rangaraj Pillai

Asha Bhosale the Queen !!

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