I Dont Need em Album Version Explicit 50 Cent

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December 6, 2017



I Dont Need em Album Version Explicit

The "I Dont Need em Album Version Explicit", song of Bollywood album "The Massacre Explicit Version Re-Issue" was launched in 2009.The music track was nicely composed by 50 Cent while it was delightfuly represented by 50 Cent.Interscope, launched the soundtrack after casting "In My Hood Album Version Explicit" soundtrack represented by Kumar Sanu & Anuradha Paudwal.It was 50 Cent`s 567th track, Out of 599 in total till now.Leading creator 50 Cent roled in two jobs, participated as singers and composer.50 Cent got positive response for kind rendering of a Bollywood soundtrack.It fastly went towards success on the youtube in 2008, and is seen by 191.17 thousand audience.Roughly Calculated income to Interscope from this soundtrack is $2916.
Lyrics for this song was inked by .This song was casted 8 years before, continuing to viral by English listeners.Track is to hand on itunes library for just $1.29 and whole CD just for $15.99.

Info You Must Know

Song Name I Dont Need em Album Version Explicit
Singers50 Cent.
Composer50 Cent.
AlbumsThe Massacre Explicit Version Re-Issue.
Duration 03:21
Record on 01 Jan, 1970
Album Price $15.99
Song Price $1.29
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Comments • 123

Comment by MrTupac222

50 cent voice is very diverse than today...

Comment by bryantlakers09

@OfficialGangstaMusik dont body ya self by nas basically shut down beef between 50 and nas

Comment by ImaazeDa3th

I said he was street, not me you schtupid kut

Comment by MR. STAMMANIA


Comment by kevin rashun

some of y'all acting like he's not supposed to grow up

Comment by Connor Fahreel

Man I need a new black boyfriend, mines getting too old.

Comment by Ethan

I love this 50 shit

Comment by burton leiato


Comment by Panda One

If 50 died in 2005 he'd be bigger then 2pac

Comment by DJ LEZ Production

@OfficialGangstaMusik lol he did get at nas i forgot about that but he didn't end his career. 50 was always that nigga that got at everybody fat Joe ,officer ricky , the game,young buck lol the list goes on

Comment by ke revels

Tony Yayo in the blue bullet proof vest lol

Comment by unknown

50 original nuthugger

Comment by MuggaReik

no 50 said that ja rule is not better than him , jay z and nas

Comment by Makaveli Soldier

oooh Wee! havent heard dis shit ina minute!

Comment by Darryl Bishop

I don't care what people say about this song..the production is flawless...and the use of the violin sample give this track weight...

Comment by LOWC MF


Comment by Spriggangirl

This was 50 Cent's debut appearance, and I still like this song to this day. :)

Comment by James Matthews

This 50 at his Queens MC best. I still like his shit from when he first signed to Shady. But this is his purest most lyrical flo

Comment by Oompie Ross

Troy Ave studied this video.

Comment by ruben tuvieja

50 da best

Comment by DJ LEZ Production

@GOMEZ760VV lol word up

Comment by TheRage191


Comment by Joshua Chapman

Fucking Tune (Y)

Comment by weez

Bang 'Em Smurf said that the chain 50 is wearing in this video was the chain that 50 took from Ja. No wonder they took a close up of it a few times lol...

Comment by nick maebe

nigga's who hustle with me they don't even stash tracks they keep it on em right there in them ass crack's

Comment by nick maebe

this came right from rap genius
[Verse 1]
I came into rap humble, I don't give a fuck now
I'll serve anybody like niggas who hustle uptown
Coke price go up, capsules come down
The D's run in my crib, I'm nowhere to be found
Niggas who hustle for me, they don't even stash tracks
They keep it on 'em, right there in they ass crack
When I don't like a nigga, I don't pretend to

Comment by thefireyturk

true true

Comment by nyctwon

remember saying 50 would blow , before he did , waaay before , -queens

Comment by Mac McPhee

nobody likes me

Comment by Doug Almonte

Then Nas came back gave him the burial..

Comment by Assa Sin

50 smokes meth

Comment by Shahi Hajo

hes voice have changed ALOT weird

Comment by Jacob Marrtinez

if I don't like a nigga I don't pretend to ill have the paramedics wrapping his fuckin head like a Hindu ....fuking pimp

Comment by Jec419 ..

this was made in 2000 its on the power of the dollar album

Comment by Jermaine Whitaker

50 is the reason southern hip hop got popping, dissing all his fellow New York rappers

Comment by Sassy sas

still one of my faves

Comment by TROLOLO

50 Cent dissed Ja Rulle like 2pac dissed Biggie Smalls

Comment by arrarikki

cant watch it on my phone

Comment by Austin Edwards

Damn he dissed ja hella hard

Comment by Redfather

50 the OG

Comment by Deejay Gurra

2* Ja Rule & Irv Gotti =)

Comment by misho9422

hahahah 50 Cent really shit on these bitches jay z nas nad ja rule

Comment by CaptainVictor

what about 2013?

Comment by ajukurac5


Comment by Vaibhav Mohan

50 cent Y U NO LIKE ME

Comment by Street Warriors crew

2 motherfucking gays who listened to lil gayne!

Comment by GOMEZ760VV


Comment by TheHydra Slayer

i aint no mar4ksman so i spray random
not a pretty nigga but my mom thinks im handsome.

Comment by williamdes08

Nobody like me but thats ok cuz i dont like yall anyways!!!

Comment by OfficialGangstaMusik

@GetSomeFactsKid well i don't kno about 10000x greater but yes to ME personally tupac is much better..your channel name fits this situation perfectly cause if you had your facts str8 you wouldn't come to 1 of the biggest tupac fans channel saying dumb shit like this..'' GetSomeFactsKid ''

don't think i got mad luv for pac...check my new tribute i made for him on 9/13/2011
-------------- R.I.P. ---------------
-------------- 9/13/96 ----------------

Comment by Samantha Rivera

This was made before 50 was shot on the side of the jaw. He rapped better before

Comment by KOANSoundSavedMyLife

this 50 cent is dead.. but why ? coz he have everything now. he just rapping about the money and girls and whatever.. WE NEED THE OLD 50 for rap music !

Comment by giggidy giggidy

he's wearing the chain that he took from ja rule...lol 50 crazy

Comment by Gebruikersnaam10001

50 is a bitch, banks is a bitch, yayo is a bitch, olivia is a bitch, ohno goddamn, olivia is a man. C'mon g-unit fans, see the thruth. 50 is a bitch. He snitched on Supreme. Yayo ran from Pistol Pete and beats up 12 year olds. Than you got Banks who sounds every song the same. Spider Loc is a fake crip who got g-unit tatted on him before he tatted his set. 40 Glocc pulls pistols but is to scared to shoot and gets slapped on and then lie about it. Nice organisation. Fuck g-unit. oh and fuck ja 2.

Comment by Stickie Linez x_O

ja rule was once a good rapper but now he's just a commercial prick...

Comment by JBGrimey

I remember I first seen this video on HBO..yes HBO there was a time when HBO played a couple videos late at night

Comment by detroitMC313

50 in his prime. Gotta love it.

Comment by elsar420

50 killed ja on this one

Comment by mike brawn

first parts corny

Comment by GreenSlug420

This is tha 50 I loved classic 4 50 siick video man. appreciate this upload! thumbs up 2 this G

Comment by hojimitown

I don't believe you haha

Comment by BigBaller SteelHauler

Damn Ja should've shut this video shoot down and took his chain back. 😭😭😭

Comment by Michael Pope

looks like a young mike tyson lol this was that shit though

Comment by Kurt Hawkins

now its 2, I guess his mother was on his side.

Comment by SPOT ONE

if you're "street" does that mean i get to run you over with my car ??

Comment by 1hit2hitown

shut the fuck up faggot. kill yourself please you fucking waste of space.

Comment by essay9

Lol Ja's better

Comment by OfficialGangstaMusik

@LEZTHEGOON yea fam only he could NEVER end a LEGEND'S career like NASTY NAS...all them fools you named other than nas ain't even on a level near the GOD'S SON level & im hopin' you realize that..lol

Comment by Gloomy Genius

50 was the man into the early 2000's

Comment by Shahi Hajo

ohh didnt think about that haha

Comment by leroy E

I watch this in 100000BC on my sandroid

Comment by Neznana Oseba

50 cent better than ja ruleeeee ;)

Comment by OfficialGangstaMusik

@bryantlakers09 yea he killed him on that track homie

Comment by Rubia Domeciano

Ja rule chorando :D

Comment by underground hiphop

still listening in 2017
50cent is a king

Comment by TheHydra Slayer


Comment by aesorn

You cant even spell "you're" correctly. Who is high now?(me actually) Who is speaking nonsense now?(you)

Comment by They Call Me Brainiac

It always sounds like he's saying "50 cent" when he says in the six lmfao.

Comment by Lakers 24


Comment by PoonMan

it didnt change his skills...it just changed how his voice sounded...when he got shot it gave him a more unique sound in his voice.

Comment by karri0

Ant eyes

Comment by DJ LEZ Production

@GOMEZ760VV officer ricky

Comment by mjay613

compare this 50 to the one today... doind shit like down on me man it's just a lil embarassing

Comment by ImaazeDa3th

i can't hate on the 90's 50 cent, he was dope when he was street.

Comment by Ricma Maddafakka


Comment by Zachary Rose

The best song he ever made, most underrated too.

Comment by Gregative

funny how FAT he is in this shit....lmao....Its funny how I followed him at this time and I didnt see him being this industry MONSTER but I knew he was gonna do some damage...

Comment by panhandle850king1

the real 50

Comment by MuggaReik

its because he was shot 9 times remember... he got hit in the face too

Comment by TheUmean

yeah!!!!!!thats fifty.....real...hard...bold....unconventional........ggggGGGunit ....4ever

Comment by suhail1200

Anyone got here because of DJ Envy?

Comment by dakidspitfire1


Comment by Red_Bone23

why all ya niggas commenting hatin. . if u dnt like it then why is u listening to it. . bunch of haterz

Comment by OfficialGangstaMusik

@Gebruikersnaam10001 theres only a few videos from the game i would put on my channel & the 2 i tried b4 were blocked worldwide..not a fan of either 1..yea theres a few tracks from both i like but that's as far as it goes homie.

Comment by Titus Gallman

This one of my faves

Comment by Liquid Selection | Fresh, Liquid Drum & Bass

OMG The bass is fucking EPIC!

Comment by DJ LEZ Production

@Gebruikersnaam10001 nobody likes me but that OK i like y'all any way fuck y'all .50 lol

Comment by andre51292

your high. quit the meth and revert back to weed. your speaking nonsense.

Comment by dan r

90's realness. you can see the slim shady influence in him in this

Comment by GamePlaysPs3

lo malo que 50 cent ya no hace esto tipos de musica....

Comment by MegaGRIZLY1

he dissed jay then bowed down thar is the definition of a bitch

Comment by GOMEZ760VV

Damn! See 50 needed to serve Bitch Ross like this...Hold up didnt need to, that fool fuck himself, bitchass CO!

Comment by Micael Andrade

fuck ja rule!!

Comment by Pete Villarreal

nobody likes 2 people

Comment by Infernal

In his tounge specially its very strange how he survived 9 shots , plus it was with 9mm handgun

Comment by Evan A

not a fan of 50 but this goes hard

Comment by Christopher Chenet

uh 2000s not 90s

Comment by Evo's Basics

dang...I miss this 50

Nas n 50 were cool back then though, Nas collabed with on a song (Its hot?)

Comment by Pizza Boy

One of the last real G's.

Comment by Tom Anderson

Na bra, he meant before he was Hollywood's bitch

Comment by MuggaReik

i say it was luck

Comment by SPOT ONE


Comment by Blademaster

This is hardcore as fuck

Comment by Gebruikersnaam10001

You should upload some Game shit homie. Put You On The Game or Neighborhood Superstar or Certified Gangstas or something. #BuyR.E.D.fuck50.

Comment by LipslideJohn

I'ma say this shit now
An'never again
We ain't buddies
We ain't partners
An' we damn sure ain't friends
The games you playin'
You get killed like that
Actin' like you all hard
You ain't built like that
See me, when you see me nigga
What! What!

Comment by Еротика ПФК

2 dislikes ...Its Ja Rule and The Game -.-

Comment by 911konspiracy

any1 see the World Trade Center in the background?

Comment by OfficialGangstaMusik

@herokid1995 well im no fan of 50 either but nigga went HARD on this..but i see why you wouldn't be a fan of this track..''nas''...nuff said..lmfao

Comment by Edvinas Širkus

50 murdered ja rule

Comment by Assa Sin

ja rule is a faggot.

Comment by Heroofthe .West

nah,i dnt like 50,im not even a fan of this song,but props for the vid homie ja deserved to get dissed lmao

Comment by PhantomThaSkywalker

Dont make it seem like 50 was tryna diss Jay Z and Nas he was sayin that to Ja Rule sayin that they're better than you.

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