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January 1, 2008



I Love You I Love You

I Love You I Love You Mp3 Song, Download I Love You I Love You, I Love You I Love You Mp3 DownloadThe "I Love You I Love You", song in World cassette "Rakhwale" was casted in 2008.Headliner expert roled in jobs, took part as .Ultra, released the music track after producing "Danka Jagi Vajtoy Ga" soundtrack carried out by Romina Basso, Il Complesso Barocco & Alan Curtis.World charming artist Shilpa Shetty, Salman Khan, Johnny Lever, Kiran Kumar, Nirmal Pandey and Sanjay Kapoor performed fresh look in this video. meet withmuch more accolades for enjoyable job of a World soundtrack. Rahat Indori played role as a song writer.The music track was composed by Sonik Omi where as it was nicely acted by Shankar Mahadevan and Mohd. Aziz.Average earning to Ultra by this soundtrack is $4502.It is Shankar Mahadevan, Mohd. Aziz`s 0th track, Out of 1 all .It instantly get up on video platform youtube in 1928, and is seen by 2.08 million lovers.This track was broadcasted before, going on to be pleasant by Hindi people.Music track is obtainable on itune music store for $0.99 and whole album only for $9.99.

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Song Name I Love You I Love You
ComposerSonik Omi.
SingerMohd. Aziz.
Duration 05:50
Record on January 1, 2008
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $0.99
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I Love You I Love You Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You fill a club? Hell nah, you just fill that shit with noise
You call to check up on her while she chilling with that boy A
Met her in Waltham, she talking Oy-vey
Not 21 I’m in the club so out your boy’s way
Girl text me hearts, like I need the love
World’s on my shoulders. Come and see me shrug
You made the right choice, you know, leaving here with us
My track played when she walked in, clearly she was bugged…out
Her iPod has my voice on it. Yeah
Her best friend? I bet my boys on it. Light
Drink fast and you might vomit
The location of my love? The right pocket
And I can use it like a bankcard, what an equalizer
If we her in ten years then I probably would wife her
But I ain’t ready why fuckin pretend when we can fuck and be friends?

(God I Thought Loved You So)
But I don’t, I was mistaken
(God I Thought Loved You So)
But that was your crazy ass talking crazy
(God I Thought Loved You So)
Telling me you love me? I just met you!
(God I Thought Loved You So)
Mommy. Uh

[Verse 2]
Dead a woman if she get too crazy but
That girl was just a known fronter
Shucks, oh bummer
Now when I get laid a nigga switching his phone numbers
Back in Nashua, and I’m smashing like a homecomer
The club let out we going to your home next
You up late dialing numbers for phone sex
Einz for German, Dos for Spanish Three
For English, I’ma live out your hopes and fantasies I’m in it
One love word to Swedish House Mafia
You wanna sleep because the weed and the Ciroc in ya
Coatcheck time, fistbump, Obama
And grab your jacket mama, I really dig that pcoat
I wish I could record your switch rewind that ass in Tivo
I say I say hello angel may I please see your halo
Ill cradle you in my arms and my future like play-do
I mold her just exactly how I say so

Yeah man, just in the booth man, just straight blacked out
This right here is the Daydreams of a Spaceshot boy
Shit man, light, Az-Iz

[Verse 3]
Cause I bag
I bag
And I’m the bomb, Baghdad
Cause I bag
I bag
And I’m the bomb, Baghdad
I run this
These girls think I’m crazy
They ask, “You sane?”
I say, “N-O”
Now you’re up (Europe)
And I’m a beast
And I’m the shit
Smell me
You’re salted
No conflicts
We don’t need to bling
Man I swear to…

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