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December 17, 2017



I Still Love You

I Still Love You Mp3 Song, Download I Still Love You, I Still Love You Mp3 DownloadThe "I Still Love You", song in Rock track List "Alive Iii" was released in 1999.This music track was casted 18 years before, starting to be loved by English people.Kiss got respect and love for good presentation of a Rock track. roled as a song writer.Approximate earnings to Universal by music track is $2775.Universal, casted the song after broadcasting "I Was Made For Lovin You" track performed by Kiss.The song was comprised by Kiss so on it was nicely sung by Kiss.It fastly get towards success on youtube in 2019, and is seen by 126.57 thousand lovers.This is Kiss`s 234th track, Out of 243 .Main singer Kiss roled in two fields, participated as singers and composer.Song is obtainable on itunes for just $1.29 where as whole CD only for $5.99.

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Song Name I Still Love You
AlbumAlive Iii.
Duration 06:04
Record on December 17, 2017
Album Price $5.99
Song Price $1.29
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I Still Love You Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You tell me that you're leaving
And I'm trying to understand
I had myself believing I should take it like a man
But if you've got to go
Then you've got to know that it's killing me
And all the things I never seem to show
I've got to make you see
Girl it's been so long, (tell me) how could it be
One of us knows the two of us don't
Belong in each others company
It hurts so much inside
Your telling me goodbye, you want to be free
And knowing that you're gone and leaving me behind
I've got to make you see
I've got to make you see, I've got to make you see

I still love you, I still love you
I really, I really love you, I still love you

[Verse 2]
People tell me I should win at any cost
But now I see as the smoke clears away
The battle has been lost
I see it in your eyes
You never have to lie, I'm out of your life
Tonight I'll dream away and you can still be mine
But I'm dreaming a lie, dreaming a lie, makes me want to die


[Verse 3]
And when I think of all the things you'll never know
There's so much left to say
Because girl, now I see the price of losing you
Will be my half to pay
My half to pay, each and every day, hear what I say


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