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January 18, 2013



Ill Walk Alone

Ill Walk Alone Mp3 Song, Download Ill Walk Alone, Ill Walk Alone Mp3 DownloadThe "Ill Walk Alone", track in Pop track List "Cocktail 70s Hits" was launched in year 2013. received huge response for kind work of a Pop soundtrack.This soundtrack was recorded before, continuing to be enjoyable by English listeners.It madly glide high on the video platform youtube in 2014, and is seen by 38.13 thousand people.Approximate earnings to Open Records by this music track is $2625.Prime vocalist performed in jobs, performed as . Lines in this soundtrack was made by .Open Records, recorded the music track after launching "Kiss Me First" song acted by Roy Hamilton.The song was composed by Paul so on it was proudly represented by Johnny Desmond.This was Johnny Desmond`s 650th music track, Out of 651 all .Music track is available on apple store for just $0.99 or all track list just for $9.99.

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Song Name Ill Walk Alone
AlbumCocktail 70s Hits.
LabelOpen Records.
SingerJohnny Desmond.
Duration 03:19
Record on January 18, 2013
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $0.99
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Ill Walk Alone Lyrics

[1st Verse Johnny Jc]
It's 5 Am Can't sleep
I'm wondering why
Because all these problems
Overwhelming as they eat me alive
Feel like fucking zombie
All the shit he perscribed
To keep me calm in my thoughts
Sane in my mind
Feel like a felon behind bars
Michelle was the crime
The only time i get to vent
Is when it's visiting time
That's when i grab the fuckin pen
And start scribbling lines
To tell you how i fucked up
And how I'm dealing with mine
But that's
Not the only issue i came to address
I honestly wish someone would put a bullet to his chest
I'm sorry i don't mean it
I've been really outta touch
With the peaceful side of me
Cuz Lately i don't give a fuck
Girls say i have an issue expressing my feelings
But when i talk about my feelings
They don't understand the meanings
It's double meaning
And the underlying problem is depression
And that can top it off
Like the like the salad to my dressin
So give me some whiskey
Watch me get all pissy
And stumble out the bar drunk
Tellin someone to do sumthin
Because i don't care i'll punch you in the face
For no reason
Got repressed anger feel like releasing these
Don't take it the wrong way
I'm not gon cop out
You won't find me on some pussy shit
With a Glock in my mouth
I'm just tryna make you feel
How i feel for a minute
5 am in my mind insomnia bitches

[Beat Changes]

[Verse 2 Johnny Jc]
I wanna let my feelings out
Cuz i don't wanna go down this route
Cuz the road that i walk alone is so cold
Believe me I've been here before
I don't wanna be there again
So thank god that i have my friends
And thank god that i have my fam
I don't ever wanna lose them god damn

You don't know what's going on in my brain
Mafuckas can't tell me shit about pain
See i been through the fall and
I dealt with the loss
Just recently broke those chains

But it haunts me yeah it haunts me
Some nights when im asleep
And it creeps in my dream to let me know my soul it eats
See i don't get over shit Nah
I put it behind a shield
Then i nearly lose my mind
When they try to tell me how to feel
And this shot in the glass won't heal it
But got damn it'll numb this feeling
But the whole in my heart too big
So now i got a hoe that will swallow feeling

And that shit don't come with out guilt
Can't even imagine the issues i built
But i guess that just life and we gotta
Play with the card thats dealt

So that's why the fuck i rap
Vent a little bit before the gat go "BAP"
Put it to my brain Curt Cobain "BANG"
But i would never do some pussy ass shit like that

Did You Know?

from Columbia CL 1399 LP "Once Upon A Time"
orchestra directed by Norman Leyden
Music by Jule Styne - Lyrics by Sammy Cahn

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