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December 14, 2017



In My Dreams

In My Dreams Mp3 Song, Download In My Dreams, In My Dreams Mp3 DownloadThe "In My Dreams", music track of Soundtrack album "Hombre Lobo" was launched in 2009.The music track was comprised by Eels on the other side it was nicely acted by Eels. took part as a lyricist.This is Eels`s 68th music track, Out of 69 total .This soundtrack was launched 8 years before, heading to viral by English teens.Estimated profit to Universal from this soundtrack is $1582.Front artist Eels played role in two jobs, introduced as singers and composer.Eels greeted huge response for kind rendering of a Soundtrack music track.Universal, recorded this music track after releasing "That Look You Give That Guy" song carried out by Eels.It fastly went sky-high on the video platform youtube in 2014, and is viewed by 730.93 thousand audience.Track is accessible on itunes for $0.99 or full CD for $9.99.

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Song Name In My Dreams
AlbumHombre Lobo.
Duration 03:22
Record on December 14, 2017
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $0.99
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In My Dreams Lyrics

My love is always just as she seems
A force of nature all her own
To be reckoned with

Whatever's wrong with me
Her kiss redeems
And it's all there in my dreams
In my dreams

My love is soaring
She glides through the sky
Hardly a warning she takes my hand
Says, "Open your eyes."

We look down on the earth
And all its schemes
We laugh and it's all there in my dreams
In my dreams

We swoop down below the clouds
Destination unknown
And then she says, "Let's go home."

My love is resting under a tree
She whispers softly in my ear
As she lay next to me

"That was the funnest day."
Her sad eyes beam
And it's all there in my dreams
In my dreams

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