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January 7, 2018



Its Been So Long

Its Been So Long Mp3 Song, Download Its Been So Long, Its Been So Long Mp3 DownloadThe "Its Been So Long", music track from Soundtrack cassette "You and I" was casted in year 2008.Main expert Jeff Chandler took part in two works, performed as singers and composer.This track was recorded 9 years before, continuing to hit by English youth.Judgement of money recieved to Flare Records by the song is $12100.Jeff Chandler meet with respect and love for better rendition of a Soundtrack song.Flare Records, recorded the track after producing "Love is Just Around the Corner" music track carried out by Jeff Chandler.The song was framed by Jeff Chandler on the other side it was pleasantly carried out by Jeff Chandler.It was Jeff Chandler`s 141th soundtrack, Out of 142 total .It fastly got to edge on youtube in 2011, and is watched by 5.59 million users. participated as a song writer.Song is obtainable on itunes library for just $0.99 or whole list only for $5.99.

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Song Name Its Been So Long
AlbumYou and I.
ComposerJeff Chandler.
LabelFlare Records.
SingerJeff Chandler.
Duration 02:26
Record on January 7, 2018
Album Price $5.99
Song Price $0.99
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Its Been So Long Lyrics

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Did You Know?

- OPEN ME PLEASE -I wanted to do a small break from Popomon uploading stuff like this, I hope you like my first AMV.

I've interpreted the Five Nights at Freddy's theories in the most logic way I could to do this animation. If you don't like the way I did it or you believe in another theories, please, don't say the video is a crap just for this.

The story begins like in the original animation of It's Been So Long. However, I changed the song's story to make more sense and explain who is The Puppet.
A kid goes to Fredbear's Family Dinner while his mom is calling someone, where there is an animatronic bear who entertains children. The kid stays outside because he can't enter, then the Purple Man (the murderer) appears behind him, kills him and leaves. This kid's soul, later, posesses the marionette.
The dinner closes, probably due to the kid's death.
Years later, Fazbear Entertainment buys the dinner and opens a pizzeria called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza with new animatronics: Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy.
The company wanted to go to a whole new direction an made new animatronics, more kid friendly.
(In the video they are the old ones, sorry for the mistake)
A man disguised with a Golden Freddy suit lures five children into the back room and kills all of them. The Puppet tries to save them puttin them inside the animatronics (it is not known if he puts them inside literally or if he just put their souls in the suits) and them posess the suits. There are only four animatronics, so a kid is left without a suit. Freddy takes him to The Marionette and he gives him the Golden Freddy's empty suit.

Golden Freddy in Fredbear's Family Dinner?
Who is him? They hide it in the pizzeria and just use it for parts. Why do they do that? And why did they made two Freddys? Think about it... In Fredbear's Family Dinner there was an animatronic, we supose it was a bear. When they bought the dinner and opened Freddy Fazbear Pizza they added new animatronics. What if they remade the mascot as well? Then, where is it? What if GoldenFreddy's actual name is Fredbear?

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