Jaane Kiske Khwaab K.K.

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January 1, 2010



Jaane Kiske Khwaab

The "Jaane Kiske Khwaab", track of Bollywood CD "Guzaarish" was casted in year 2010.This song was launched ago, moving to be delightful by Hindi listeners.Estimated profit to T-Series from the song is $2478.Bollywood star Makrand Deshpande, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Shernaz Patel, Hrithik Roshan, Nafisa Ali, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Sanjay Lafont, Vijay Crishna, Suhel Seth, Rajit Kapoor, Monikangana Dutta, Ash Chandler, Jineet Rath, Parveen Rabbani, Farida Mistry, Prahlad Kakar and Mahabanoo Mody-Ko represented new look in the video song. meet with positive result for good rendition of a Bollywood music track.The song was originally composed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali on the other side it was enjoyably performed by K.K..It madly got up on video platform youtube in 1930, and is viewed by 137.61 thousand audience.
Turaz participated as a lyricist.This is K.K.`s 426th soundtrack, Out of 432 till now.T-Series, released this soundtrack after casting "Saiba" track represented by Shail Hada & Rakesh Pandit.Major expert did role in responsibilities, participated as .Soundtrack is obtainable on itune music store for $1.29 or whole list only for $7.99.

Info You Must Know

Song Name Jaane Kiske Khwaab
ComposerSanjay Leela Bhansali.
Duration 03:00
Record on 01 Jan, 2010
Album Price $7.99
Song Price $1.29
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Did You Know?

Watch the song "Jaane Kiske Khwaab " from the Bollywood movie "Guzaarish" starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai. The song is sung by K.K and the music is composed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Song - Jaane Kiske Khwaab

Film - Guzaarish

Singer - K.K.

Lyricist - Turaz

Music Director - Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Artist - Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Others

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Comments • 24

Comment by maria moura

Beautiful melodie song i just loved

Comment by Manoj Gangwal

xlnt creation.... beautiful melodious song......

Comment by بنوته عسل

ممكن اسم الفلم بل عربي

Comment by Mazzystar0

@parulgoell1992 Do you know why people didn't like this movie? I thought it was well acted, the music was awesome, and the topic was realistic.

Comment by asrao316

Such a beautiful movie...and realistic!!!

Comment by Aditya Nayak

sad to see people not appreciating this great song & film

Comment by maida hameed

هذا الفيلم يرقى لمستوى الافلام الأمريكية التي ممكن تترشح إلى الاوسكار مع الأسف ظلم في الهند

Comment by Abhishek Singh

HR looks like Jesus in beard.....

Comment by Night Shadow

I've just seen this movie with my classmates at school in a free period, let me say its a pure masterpiece, just a breathtaking movie that u must see

Comment by Ram Suman

k.k you rock 2017

Comment by Samir Ghosh

awesome song.its touching heart

Comment by Spanishbegonia

I think it didn't get international attention because we never heard about it in other countries :-( I like Indian films and I look for them in YT and some of the stuff I find, like this, is EXCELLENT! But I had to go to Wikipedia to know what it all was about (happens to me often as I don't speak the language...). Indian cinema is not well known... simply because it is not "spread". And it is a pity. Oh well, we always have YT!

Comment by Mirage

@Mazzystar0 prob cause, people weren't able to realize the deep spirtuality behind the film, i think a certain level of maturity is needed to truly understand this film, compared to the fanfare of other films

Comment by 수호

and that's why no one can replace K.K.. love this song so much...

Comment by TheMsLalali

Hrithrik should get the Oscar for this movie!!!

Comment by Parul Goel

osumm....Hrithik wz mind blowing in guzaarish....his moves, body lango is amzng....hats off to him...F**k o*f to thz who dint liked the movi...i knw its slow....but feelngs r waoooo

Comment by Cindy LouWho

Awesome film, very well done and story line..

Comment by Chalako Massi

Awesome movie

Comment by shibbolethshamrock

This film was released last february in my country,Peru,and as far as I know did well.Sadly only this and MNIK had been released here.Both were excellent.Here in South America there's a lot of people who love indian cinema,but the only way to get to watch the films in online or pirate dvds.Ek Main aur Ekk tu was announced by UTv but never released,I wrote to thme but didn't get an answer.

Comment by samandlk

Most beautiful performance of Hrithik. What a beautiful human being he is! wonder why this film didn't get more international attention. If anybody didn't like it, I feel sorry for their taste. This is a masterpiece in every aspect.

Comment by Parul Goel

@Mazzystar0 i dnt knw y ppl dint lyked ths movi....i jz luvd it...may be they dnt knw wat a gud movi is thts y....

Comment by maida hameed

i love the song and actor

Comment by Bunny Jeongkuk from Golden Closet

This movie is so spiritual about art and how an artist longs for a life of performing for others and getting their applause. They value their art more than their lives and not being able to perform is an eternal hell for them. Even the most positive person can't bear such a situation where they can only watch others do what they like the most. The body is in a vegetative state but their art lives in their soul wanting to get out. Such body becomes worse than a prison for them. Hence, euthanasia is not suicide for them, it's their freedom.

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