Jasoda Hari Palne Jhulavai Mp3 Song Pradyumna Sharma Lyrics

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January 1, 1986



Jasoda Hari Palne Jhulavai

Jasoda Hari Palne Jhulavai Mp3 Song, Download Jasoda Hari Palne Jhulavai, Jasoda Hari Palne Jhulavai Mp3 Download"Jasoda Hari Palne Jhulavai" was a track of 1986 Best Electronic track List, Hari Naam Pyara.Universal Music India Pvt Ltd, launched this soundtrack after recording "Haslo Gaalo" track carried out by Shiamak Davar.The track was nicely composed by Pradyumna Sharma so on it was nicely acted by Pradyumna Sharma.This is Pradyumna Sharma`s 15th soundtrack, Out of 22 till now.It swiftly got towards success on youtube in 2004, and is seen by 34.22 thousand people.This track was recorded 32 years before, towards the peak to viral by Hindi audience.Pradyumna Sharma received love for delightful rendition of a Electronic track.Approximate income to Universal Music India Pvt Ltd from this track is $3483.Primary vocalist Pradyumna Sharma participated in two fields, participated as singers and composer. sant surdas played role as a song writer.Song is accessible on itunes library for only $1.29 or full track list for $9.99.

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Song Name Jasoda Hari Palne Jhulavai
AlbumHari Naam Pyara.
ComposerPradyumna Sharma.
LabelUniversal Music India Pvt Ltd..
LyricstSant Surdas.
SingerPradyumna Sharma.
Duration 03:41
Record on January 1, 1986
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $1.29
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Jasoda Hari Palne Jhulavai Lyrics

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Did You Know?

jasoda hari palani jhulawae: - goswami tulsidas- sung beautifully taken frm br chopras mahabharat.

halarAvai, dularAi malhAvai joi soi kachhu gAvai|

jasodA hari pAlane jhulAvai||

This describes how Yashoda, mother of Krishna, is rocking her divine baby child in his cradle, fondling him and singing a loving lullaby.mere lAla ko Au niNdariyA kAhai na Ani suvAvai|

tU kAhe nahi begahi Avai to ko kAnha bulAvai||Here Yashoda pleads with Nidra, the goddess of sleep, saying my Krishna wants to sleep, please come fast.kabahuN palaka hari mUNd leta haikabahuN adhara pharakAvai|

sovata jAni mauna hvai ke rahikari kari saina batAvaiThen slowly Krishna's eyelids start to flutter as he drifts into sleep and then he gently closes his eyes. Yashoda contines to rock him, meanwhile showing the other women what to do by pointing and with gestures, not wanting to wake krishna

ihi aNtara akulAi uThe harijasumati madhurai gAvai|

jo sukha sUra amara muni duralabha so naNdabhAmini pAvai||Thinking he is asleep, she stops singing, immeidately he wakes up and asks her to sing again, because her song is so beautiful and melodious. Surdasji says that this joy that Yashoda maiya gets from Krishna is hard even for great yogis to attain.

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