Kahe Guman Karat Ho Kar Rahi – Pt Jasraj Mp3 Song Pt. Jasraj Lyrics

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June 29, 2004



Kahe Guman Karat Ho Kar Rahi – Pt Jasraj

Kahe Guman Karat Ho Kar Rahi – Pt Jasraj Mp3 Song, Download Kahe Guman Karat Ho Kar Rahi – Pt Jasraj, Kahe Guman Karat Ho Kar Rahi – Pt Jasraj Mp3 DownloadThe "Kahe Guman Karat Ho Kar Rahi - Pt Jasraj", track of Pop cassette "Legends - Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj Vol 5" was launched in year 2004.Average profit to Saregama by the song is $2866.The soundtrack was framed by Pandit Jasraj where as it was kindly represented by Pt. Jasraj.This was Pt. Jasraj`s 70th track, Out of 87 in total till now.This soundtrack was broadcasted before, moving to be loved by Hindustani youth.It fastly glide high on youtube in 2019, and is seen by 49.3 thousand audience.Headliner singer introduced in responsibilities, introduced as .Saregama, produced the track after releasing "Mallika O Mallika" song represented by Hemanta Mukherjee. Traditional played role as a song writer. meet with respect and love for pleasant job of a Pop soundtrack.Track is obtainable on itunes for only $1.29 and all list just for $29.99.

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Song Name Kahe Guman Karat Ho Kar Rahi – Pt Jasraj
AlbumLegends - Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj Vol 5.
ComposerPandit Jasraj.
SingerPt. Jasraj.
Duration 06:47
Record on June 29, 2004
Album Price $29.99
Song Price $1.29
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Kahe Guman Karat Ho Kar Rahi - Pt Jasraj Lyrics

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Did You Know?

This is a BHajan sung by pundit Bhimsen Joshi with a lot of meaning here are the lyrics:

Ram, Ram, Ram Bhajo Ram Bhajo Bhai
Ram Bhajan Bin Janum Sadaa Dukhdaayi

Verse 1:
Ati durlabh Manuj Deh, sahaj dhine payi
Murkhan jo Ram Bhool, Vishayan Man Raahi

Verse 2:
Baalakpun dookh Anek Bhogat hi Bitaayi
Stri Sut Dhan Ki apar Chinta Karo Nahi

Verse 3:
Ram Nam Ujjpat Trividh Taap Jagat Sai
Ram Nam Mangalcharan Sub vidhi sukhdaayi

Verse 4:
Prem madan mante Sakal Kamna Bihari
Jo ye Japat Ram Nam, Sohi Mukh ki Pari


Chorus: Chant Ram, Chant Ram, Chant Ram People
Without Ram's Bhajan, this birth is always sorrowful

Verse 1: This human birth is very rare, it is achieved after being meek, He who forgets Ram is a fool, and his mind is always full of poison and anxiety.

Verse 2: The Childish age has been gone through much suffering; so don't worry about females because they naturally marry us.

Verse 3: Ram's Name, is so powerful that it burned the earth's evil. Ram's Name is the purest and because of it every technique, type of work, and ritual or festival is joyful.

Verse 4: The best of it is granted if Ram's Name is called out with affection and love, He who worships Ram's Name can truly cross the sea of materialism and be happy throughout.

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