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December 23, 2017




Lycanthrope Mp3 Song, Download Lycanthrope, Lycanthrope Mp3 Download"Lycanthrope" is a song of 2007 Hit Alternative track List, Aol Music Sessions.This was 44`s 28th song, Out of 30 in total .This music track was broadcasted 10 years ago, continuing to be delightful by English teens. played role as a lyricist.Universal, made live the song after releasing "When Your Heart Stops Beating" track represented by +44.Judgement of monetize to Universal by track is $1078.The track was nicely composed by 44 on the other side it was enjoyably sung by 44.Primary singer 44 did role in two responsibilities, roled as singers and composer.44 greeted huge response for good rendition of a Alternative soundtrack.It fastly drifted high on the youtube in 20, and is viewed by 61.27 thousand users.Track is to hand on platform itunes for just $0.99 or whole album for $8.99.

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Song Name Lycanthrope
AlbumAol Music Sessions.
Duration 04:00
Record on December 23, 2017
Album Price $8.99
Song Price $0.99
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Lycanthrope Lyrics

I wake up at the end of a long, dark, lonely year
It's bringing out the worst in me
I hear your voice start breaking in fear
When the lights go down

And I still feel you looking over my shoulder
Your sinking guilt and approaching nightmare
And I know none of us will survive
Because I know everything


And my dear I need you to move a little faster
This second counts as the rest of your life
Your final word and an itchy finger
And then it's taken away

And we'll be beaten down without mercy or meaning
I turn my face to a careless skyline
I'm searching hard for a sign from heaven
But they've forgotten me here

And you can just stop talking, I get it
(I hear your silence loud and clear)
I know it's barely a thought but it'll see us through
I'm only setting you free so just let it happen
(Let it happen, no need to fear)
Yeah you can just stop talking, I get it

Sex, fuck, and fluorescent lighting
A hollow point on an angry bullet
We're on the teeth of a crocodile
We're in the mouth of the gun

And sometimes at night I feel I'm just a broken vessel
An instrument with a darker purpose
I'm at the throat of the young and the helpless
Cause they've got nothing to say




Did You Know?

track no.1 on their When Your Heart Stops Beating album

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