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October 9, 2012



Mujhe De

Mujhe De Mp3 Song, Download Mujhe De, Mujhe De Mp3 DownloadThe "Mujhe De", soundtrack in Devotional & Spiritual cassette "Urban Temple" was released in 2012.This music track was recorded 5 years before, begining to viral by Hindi audience. Vocals for this soundtrack was written by .The song was framed by Shivali where as it was proudly carried out by Shivali.Roughly Calculated earnings to Eros from the track is $1286.Eros, recorded the music track after casting "Chandra Bala" song represented by Shivali.Headliner expert Shivali performed in two works, participated as singers and composer.It quickly went high on video platform youtube in 1922, and is seen by 78.88 thousand users.Shivali greetedmuch more accolades for best job of a Devotional & Spiritual song.This is Shivali`s 5th music track, Out of 7 .Music track is to hand on itune music store for $1.29 and whole CD just for $6.99.

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Song Name Mujhe De
AlbumUrban Temple.
Duration 03:44
Record on October 9, 2012
Album Price $6.99
Song Price $1.29
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Mujhe De Lyrics

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“Shivali on stage is pure beauty. When she sings, her voice is filled with such moving devotion that you feel completely absorbed in the experience. You just feel connected with her, you feel the gentleness of her nature, the unconditionality of her love, and she will bring cleansing tears to your eyes. Shivali is not just a singer, she is a personality, a presence, that you won’t forget. In this age where spirituality lingers Shivali is a prodigy and a much needed ray of light”.

At the age of 22 Shivali was signed by record label Sony Music BMG and was commended for being innovative in creating a niche market of modern contemporary bhajans. Shivali began actively involved in music with her producer Arjun Coomaraswamy at the age of 15. Both together created what would then become “The Bhajan Project” which is an array of devotional songs coupled with a fresh modern sound compromising of guitar, cello, tabla, western drum kit, strings and sitar. Shivali deeply desired to bring bhajans to the fore front of society and achieved this by modernizing them, however retaining their soulful nature. The Bhajan Project was nominated for two Global Indian Music awards.

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