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January 1, 1957



O Chand Jahan Woh Jaye

O Chand Jahan Woh Jaye Mp3 Song, Download O Chand Jahan Woh Jaye, O Chand Jahan Woh Jaye Mp3 DownloadThe best track List "Sharada", was released in 1957 with the Blockbuster Indian Pop song "O Chand Jahan Woh Jaye" .The soundtrack was originally composed by C Ramchandran on the other side it was kindly represented by Asha Bhosle and Lata Mangeshkar.This soundtrack was made live before, moving to be delightful by Hindi youth.Roughly Calculated revenue to Saregama by this music track is $620.Saregama, produced this music track after producing "Lahraye Jiya Balkhaye Jiya" soundtrack sung by Asha Bhosle.It swiftly reached up on the video platform youtube in 1924, and is viewed by 286.44 thousand lovers.Indian Pop`s charming star Meena Kumari, Raj Kapoor, Agha, Anita Guha, Shyama, Raj Mehra, Randhir, Gope, Manorama, Rajan Haksar, Uma Khosla, Om Prakash, Mirajkar, W.M. Khan, Sai, Subbalaxmi, Master Vinod and Baby Sultana carried out new look in this video song. receivedmuch honour for well work of a Indian Pop soundtrack. Lyrics of the song was created by rajendra krishan .This was Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar`s 106th song, Out of 150 all till now.Headliner vocalist took part in responsibilities, introduced as .Song is reachable on apple store for $0.99 or full CD only for $16.83.

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Song Name O Chand Jahan Woh Jaye
ComposerC Ramchandran.
GenreIndian Pop.
LyricstRajendra Krishan.
SingerAsha Bhosle and Lata Mangeshkar.
Duration 03:46
Record on January 1, 1957
Album Price $16.83
Song Price $0.99
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O Chand Jahan Woh Jaye Lyrics

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Song : O chand jahan wo jaye..
Movie: Sharda(1957)
Singer(s): Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle
Music Director : C Ramchandra
Lyricist : Rajinder Krishan
Cast ; Raj Kapoor,Meena Kumari,Shyama,Aaga,Anita Guha,Manorama,Gope,Raj Mehra
Director: L.V. Prasad
Genre: Drama | Romance | Musical


l : o chaa.Nd jahaa.N vo jAye - 2
tU bhI saath chale jaanaa,
kaise hai.n, kahaa.N hai.n vo,
har raat khabar laanaa,
o chaa.Nd jahaa.N vo jAye, o chaa.Nd

vo raah agar bhuule, aa ...
vo raah agar bhuule,
tU raah dikhaa denaa,
parades me.n rAhI ko,
ma.nzil kA pataa denaa,
hai pahalaa safar unakaa,
aur riit hai.n anjaanaa,
har raat khabar laanaa,
o chaa.Nd jahaa.N vo jAye, o chaa.Nd

aa : kahanaa mere ho.nTho.n par, aa ...
kahanaa mere ho.nTho.n par,
rukatii huii aahe.n hai.n,
yA rastaa unakaa hai - 2
yA merI nigaahe.n hai.n,
betaab muhabbat kA,
betaab hai afasaanaa,
o chaa.Nd jahaa.N vo jAye, o chaa.Nd

l : (hai chaa.Nd qasam merI,
kuchh aur nA tU kahanaa ) - 2

aa : (kahanaa ke meraa tum bin,
mushkil hai yahaa.N rehanaa ) - 2

l : ek dard ke maare ko,
acchhaa nahii.n ta.DapaanA,
har raat khabar laanaa,

l aur aa : o chaa.Nd jahaa.N vo jAye,
o chaa.Nd jahaa.N vo jAye, o chaa.Nd

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