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December 6, 2017



O Shyam Kaliya Re

O Shyam Kaliya Re Mp3 Song, Download O Shyam Kaliya Re, O Shyam Kaliya Re Mp3 Download"O Shyam Kaliya Re" was a song of 1999 Blockbuster Indian Folk cassette, Folk Songs Of Assam. greetedmuch title for pleasant presentation of a Indian Folk song. Traditional introduced as a writer.It madly got high on the video platform youtube in 2007, and is viewed by 164.39 thousand users.This music track was recorded before, moving to be delightful by Hindi listeners.The song was composed by Kishore Kumar on the other side it was proudly carried out by Pratima Barua.Saregama, broadcasted this song after making live "Radhar Awaser Majhe" track performed by Pratima Pande 'Barua'.This was Pratima Barua`s 23th track, Out of 25 all till now.Roughly Calculated revenue to Saregama from this soundtrack is $1784.Major artist played role in tasks, participated as .Song is available on itunes library for only $0.99 or full list for $12.99.

Info You Must Know

Song Name O Shyam Kaliya Re
AlbumFolk Songs Of Assam.
ComposerKishore Kumar.
GenreIndian Folk.
SingerPratima Barua.
Duration 03:32
Record on December 6, 2017
Album Price $12.99
Song Price $0.99
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O Shyam Kaliya Re Lyrics

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Did You Know?

Goalparia folk song (song of the Mahouts, lower Assam).Lyrics and translation:

"Hastir kainya hastir kainya bamaner nari
Mathay niya tam kalasi o, sakhi haste sonar jhari sakhi o,
O mor haay hastir kainya re, khaneko doya nai tor mahutok lagiya re

Balu til-til pankhire kande balute pariya
Gouripuriya Mahut kande o, sakhi ghar bari chhariya sakhi o.
O more haay hastir kainya re, khaneko daya nai tor mahutok lagiya re

Ai charilong bhai charilong charilong sonar puri
Biao kareya chariya asilong o, sakhi alpa bayaser nari sakhi o.
O more haay hastir kainya re, khaneko daya nai tor mahutok lagiya re

Phand ladilong phanda ladilong aro ladilong dori
Mahut phandi jukti kari o, sakhi cholitong sikar bari, sakhi o.
O more haay hastir kainya re, khaneko daya nai tor mahutok lagiya re"

O elephant girl! O Brahmin woman! With the copper pitcher on your head and the golden water-sprinkler in your hand. O my friend, my elephant girl, won't you have a little pity for the Mahout (elephant keeper)? The sandpiper cries in the sands; the Mahout from Gouripur cries for his home. I left my mother, I left my brother, I left my golden house. I even left behind my young married wife. We took the lasso; we took the cards and ropes along. Us, the Mahout and the trapper (Phandi) planned together before we set out for the hunting ground. O my friend, won't you have a little pity on the Mahout?

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