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May 20, 2015



Ora Akarone Chanchal

Ora Akarone Chanchal Mp3 Song, Download Ora Akarone Chanchal, Ora Akarone Chanchal Mp3 DownloadThe top cassette "Rabindranather Basonto Utsaver Gaan", was launched in 2015 with the Blockbuster Indian track "Ora Akarone Chanchal" .Ekta Atlantis Music, launched the track after launching "Aamar Mallika Bone" soundtrack represented by Indranil Sen.Major vocalist did role in jobs, played role as .It quickly drifted sky-high on youtube in 2002, and is viewed by 11.14 thousand people.Judgement of income to Ekta Atlantis Music by track is $2878.This song was launched ago, moving to be enjoyable by Bengali audience. greeted positive result for pleasant rendition of a Indian track.The song was framed by Rabindranath Tagore where as it was delightfuly carried out by Shibaji Chattapadhyay and Arundhwati. Rabindranath Tagore introduced as a song writer.It is Shibaji Chattapadhyay, Arundhwati`s 0th song, Out of 1 .Track is reachable on platform itunes for only $1.29 and whole CD just for $7.99.

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Song Name Ora Akarone Chanchal
AlbumRabindranather Basonto Utsaver Gaan.
ComposerRabindranath Tagore.
LabelEkta Atlantis Music.
LyricstRabindranath Tagore.
SingerArundhwati and Shibaji Chattapadhyay.
Duration 03:03
Record on May 20, 2015
Album Price $7.99
Song Price $1.29
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Ora Akarone Chanchal Lyrics

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Did You Know?

ওরা অকারণে চঞ্চল ।
ডালে ডালে দোলে বায়ুহিল্লোলে নব পল্লবদল ।।
ছড়ায়ে ছড়ায়ে ঝিকিমিকি আলো
দিকে দিকে ওরা কী খেলা খেলালো,
মর্মরতানে প্রাণে ওরা আনে কৈশোরকোলাহল ।।
ওরা কান পেতে শোনে গগনে গগনে
নীরবের কানাকানি,
নীলিমার কোন্‌ বাণী ।
ওরা প্রাণঝরনার উচ্ছল ধার, ঝরিয়া ঝরিয়া বহে আনিবার,
চির তাপসিনী ধরণীর ওরা শ্যামশিখা হোমানল ।।

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