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January 4, 2018



Pimpin Aint Easy

Pimpin Aint Easy Mp3 Song, Download Pimpin Aint Easy, Pimpin Aint Easy Mp3 DownloadThe "Pimpin Aint Easy", song from Hip-Hop/Rap album "Black Gangster" was released in 2006.It is Freddie Foxxx`s 12th track, Out of 13 all till now.Average monetize to Black Hand Records from this soundtrack is $849.This track was casted ago, starting to be loved by English audience.It quickly get to edge on video platform youtube in 1924, and is viewed by 392.2 thousand people.Black Hand Records, produced the song after casting "I Hope That Its You" track performed by Donell Jones. took part as a song writer.The soundtrack was nicely composed by Black Gangsta where as it was nicely represented by Freddie Foxxx. meet withvarious rewards for best work of a Hip-Hop/Rap song.Leading vocalist participated in tasks, participated as .Music track is obtainable on apple store for just $0.99 and whole album only for $9.99.

Info You Must Know

Song Name Pimpin Aint Easy
AlbumBlack Gangster.
ComposerBlack Gangsta.
LabelBlack Hand Records.
SingerFreddie Foxxx.
Duration 03:54
Record on January 4, 2018
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $0.99
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Pimpin Aint Easy Lyrics

Music is deep, get you drunk like a six-pack
The man on the mic hittin hard like a full back
Freddie is back and the Foxxx is in motion
Rhymes are smooth like I greased em with lotion
The Terrorist cuts like a ginzu, fresh out the box
( *DJ Kut Terrorist scratches* ) - huh, and Freddie Foxxx
Makes musical displays, the record is slammin
The world is hype and everybody is jammin
Rappers are mad, heads are steamin
Cause Freddie is pumpin and girls are dreamin
Of nighttime pleasure with brown skin treasure
The Foxxx is flowin with every musical measure
So your hands go high in the air, you scream out 'yeah'
The Freddie Foxxx is here, so get there

Now I been a micster for years and I'm still as dope
The beats and ryhmes and the music's rope
Rappers prayed and even cried for hope
When I got a hold of their throats
When I'm in motion it's hard to stop me
Brothers with Uzis and nines can't pop me
Strong and built like the Rock of Gibraltar
Cuts displayed and none of em alter
Dance and freak, on the floor go crazy
Girls tryin real hard to amaze me
My eyes on the crowd, feet on the floor
Have you jumpin and screamin and beggin for more
The beat is slam-dunkin and the rhymes are fine
I'm Freddie F-o-x if you don't know the time
Put your left foot in, your right foot back
Doin the Fox is just as easy as that
So your hands go high in the air, you scream out 'yeah'
Cause Freddie Foxxx is here, so get there

The beat's real def, you can't refuse it
Cause only Freddie Foxxx can use it
Right when the mic's in my hand and I'm smokin
Real serious and I ain't jokin
You see me in action, your mouth is open
Your eyes buckwild, you can't stop scopin
On the physical form, I can't be touched
So rappers step on stage and get rushed
My deejay slices the background down to the ground
( *DJ Kut Terrorist scratches* )nd the sound
Is smooth and steady, you listen to Freddie
Put your dancin shoes on whenever you're ready
Those standin in the corners I'mma pump the earthquakes
To say one rhyme and that's all it takes
Then you'll be doin my dance, you won't be able
To stop, you'll be dancin on walls and tables
You're sayin to yourself Freddie Foxxx just ???? it
I mean he housed it, totally freaked it
Smooth is a man that can step to me right
But then dumb is a man that grabs the mic
Cause when he opens his mouth to kick a vocal
I run him down like a Amtrak local
So your hands go high in the air, you scream out 'yeah'
Cause Freddie Foxxx is here, then get there

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