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January 1, 1970



Pinjre Ke Panchi

Pinjre Ke Panchi Mp3 Song, Download Pinjre Ke Panchi, Pinjre Ke Panchi Mp3 DownloadThe "Pinjre Ke Panchi", soundtrack of Jazz cassette "Nagmani" was released in year 1970.Average earnings to Saregama from this track is $3156.The music track was nicely composed by Pradeep where as it was pleasantly acted by Pradeep Chatterji.Main singer introduced in responsibilities, performed as .It is Pradeep Chatterji`s 7th song, Out of 42 all .This music track was released ago, reaching to hit by Hindi listeners. experiencedmuch honour for delightful presentation of a Jazz track.It speedily soared up on the video platform youtube in 1929, and is seen by 1.46 million users. Pradeep Chatterjee took part as a lyricist.Saregama, casted the track after producing "Moi Ji Batare" song carried out by Jayanta Hazarika.Music track is accessible on itune music store for only $0.99 and whole track list only for $7.99.

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Song Name Pinjre Ke Panchi
LyricstPradeep Chatterjee.
SingerPradeep Chatterji.
Duration 03:25
Record on January 1, 1970
Album Price $7.99
Song Price $0.99
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Pinjre Ke Panchi Lyrics

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a great kaveeta
"pinjre ke panchhi re ter dard na jaanay koi"
singer is Kavi pardeep
writer kavi pardeep
Translation provided by agnosticathiest1

The bird in the cage, no one knows your pain
You can not say, your story
Oh bird, what kind of life you lead
The Lord wrote your story by dipping the pen in tears
Your pain... Read More
Silently silently, the crying one
Keep hidden, the lie of the heart
This country is of stone, oh crazy one, there is no one of yours

Look at the face in the mirror
Look at how many sins and good deeds were in your life
Think for a moment, what is your story of fate

Find out, so many blemishes have stained your lap

Don't cheat yourself. The profession of conning others is not good
One can not play act forever in the courtyard of life
If one tries to become clever or intelligent
he can't changethe results of his (Karma)actions
The past can't be changed
You must understand this reality
No one can outrun or escape their destiny.

We can share everything but this Karma can't be shared.
We can't be paid or punished for others Karma.
Only the person himself is responsible for his life.
Due to this destiny, Lord Rama havego in exile (Forest).
Even God is bounded by this law of Karma
... Read more
Don't be depressed , don't weep
Nothing is going to happen as per our wish.... Read More
Whatever is destined is going to happen.
Either you are King or a Begger , every one will fall due to his Karma.
Karma can't be changed

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