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September 25, 2006




Redwings Mp3 Song, Download Redwings, Redwings Mp3 Download"Redwings" was a song in 2006 Hit Bollywood cassette, Through The Windowpane.Universal, broadcasted this song after recording "Made Up Lovesong Number 43" soundtrack acted by Betty Everett.It is Guillemots`s 20th music track, Out of 25 in total .This song was made live 11 years before, starting to hit by English people.It fastly get to edge on youtube in 1928, and is watched by 60.48 thousand users. Lines of the song was made by .Average money recieved to Universal from this song is $3231.The song was originally composed by Guillemots on the other side it was nicely carried out by Guillemots.Guillemots gotseveral accolades for best job of a Bollywood music track.Leading artist Guillemots roled in two works, performed as singers and composer.Song is to hand on itune music store for $1.29 and whole list only for $15.99.

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Song Name Redwings
AlbumThrough The Windowpane.
Duration 06:03
Record on September 25, 2006
Album Price $15.99
Song Price $1.29
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Redwings Lyrics

This is where we fall from the tree
This is where the sky cowers up
Daft king of joy
You made a man out of me

This is where the glass leaves the lens
Splintering a chemistry of friends
I'll treasure you always
You know I love you
You know I love you
You know I love you

This is where we wake in the ditch
This is where our bodies say no more
Fallen apples on the floor
Picked out our red wings

So pour another whiskey out for me
It'll be the last bottle we share
As I drift into nowhere
Know that I loved you
Know that I loved you
Know that I loved you
But love was not enough
To hold my head

Can't you just feel my fingers slip
Into those ocean and sky where we both swim
Ocean and sky calling me in
Ocean and sky, I tell myself
I'm not kidding anybody else

You know I'm leaving
You know I'm leaving
They know, they know
They know, know leaving, leaving, leaving
Know that leaving, this behind
Leaving this behind
Oh, oh, oh, mmm
So I'm leaving my best friend
Just for the hell of it
Just for the sake of it
But how much I loved you

Did You Know?

Made up of a Brazilian, Canadian, Scotsman and a Brummie. First heard Trains to Brazil time of its release and the video reminded me of my primary school in Harborne Birmingham in the early 1980s, I checked out the band and was surprised to discover the writer and lead singer also grew up in Birmingham, and also Bromsgrove where I live now.

We exchanged a few emails and discussed how Nick Drake (who also grew up in this area and is buried in nearby Tanworth) had an influence on both our music tastes. Caught the band live a few times, the most memorable one being at the Glee Club with support from Misty's Big Adventure who are also ace and Brummie based. I bought this on CD at the time but make no claim of ownership or copyright. If you like the track, support the artist and buy the album 'Through The Windowpane'.

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