Sabse Unchi – Meera Bhajan Mp3 Song Sanjeevani Bhelande Lyrics

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August 27, 2013



Sabse Unchi – Meera Bhajan

Sabse Unchi – Meera Bhajan Mp3 Song, Download Sabse Unchi – Meera Bhajan, Sabse Unchi – Meera Bhajan Mp3 DownloadThe best CD "Sabse Unchi - Meera Bhajan", was casted in 2013 with a Best Devotional & Spiritual track "Sabse Unchi - Meera Bhajan" .Rajshri Soul, released this soundtrack after casting "Meethe Ras - Radhe Krishna Bhajan" song performed by Oicho.The music track was nicely composed by Sanjeevani Bhelande where as it was pleasantly acted by Sanjeevani Bhelande.This is Sanjeevani Bhelande`s 57th track, Out of 65 in total .Average earning to Rajshri Soul by the music track is $2101.Sanjeevani Bhelande experienced huge response for kind presentation of a Devotional & Spiritual song.Major opera singer Sanjeevani Bhelande took part in two works, introduced as singers and composer.This music track was casted 4 years ago, towards the peak to be enjoyable by Hindi listeners.It rapidly drifted up on youtube in 2008, and is seen by 20.68 thousand users. Lyrics for this track was made by .Music track is available on itunes store for just $0.99 or whole CD for $0.99.

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Song Name Sabse Unchi – Meera Bhajan
AlbumSabse Unchi - Meera Bhajan.
ComposerSanjeevani Bhelande.
LabelRajshri Soul.
SingerSanjeevani Bhelande.
Duration 05:01
Record on August 27, 2013
Album Price $0.99
Song Price $0.99
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Sabse Unchi - Meera Bhajan Lyrics

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Did You Know?

Listen to Sabse Unchi Prem Sagai one of the bhajans written by Surdas.

Surdas was a 15th-century blind saint, poet and musician, known for his devotional songs dedicated to Lord Krishna. He was one of the Ashtasakha (8 friends of Krishna), appointed by Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya to perform Raga seva to Sri Govardhan Nath (the Krishna deity, uncovered by Mahaprabhu on Govardhan Hill near Vrindavan, Mathura.Language: Braj/Hindi
Artist: Sanjeevani Bhelande
Composer: Sanjeevani Bhelande
Lyrics: Surdas
Music Producer/Arranger: Surinder Sodhi
Sound Engineer: Mayur Bakshi
Illustrators - Ninad Hadawale and Vinod Nikam
VFX Producer: Shravan Shah
Manager (Rajshri Music): Alisha Baghel
Producer: Rajjat A. Barjatya
Copyrights and Publishing: Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited_________________________________________________________

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Sabse Unchi, Prem Sagai
Duriyodhan Ke Mewa Tyage,
Sag Vidhur Ghar Khayi

Sabse Unchi, Prem Sagai

Jhuthe Phal Shabri Ke Khaye,
Bahu Vidhi Prem Lagai
Prem Ke Baas Nrip Seva Keni,
Aap Bane Hari Nayi

Raaj Suyagya Yudhishtir Kino,
Tame Jhut Uthai
Prem Ke Baas Arjun Rath Hakiyo,
Bhul Gaye Thakurai

Sabse Unchi, Prem Sagai

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