Sampoorna Sundar Kand-Part- 5 Mp3 Song Shekhar Sen Lyrics

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September 1, 2003



Sampoorna Sundar Kand-Part- 5

Sampoorna Sundar Kand-Part- 5 Mp3 Song, Download Sampoorna Sundar Kand-Part- 5, Sampoorna Sundar Kand-Part- 5 Mp3 Download"Sampoorna Sundar Kand-Part- 5" is a music track from 2003 Hit Classical CD, Sampoorna Sundar Kand Vol 3.The soundtrack was originally composed by shekhar kalyan so on it was delightfuly represented by Nitin Mukesh, Dilraj Kaur and Shekhar Sen.It was Nitin Mukesh, Dilraj Kaur, Shekhar Sen`s 0th song, Out of 1 all .This soundtrack was recorded ago, going on to be loved by Hindi listeners.Estimated profit to Saregama by the track is $1089.It swiftly got sky-high on video platform youtube in 1930, and is watched by 54.65 thousand lovers. Lyrics of the soundtrack was created by tulsidas .Saregama, released this soundtrack after casting "Sampoorna Sundar Kand- Part-6" song represented by Vera Lynn.Prime creator performed in responsibilities, roled as . received love for kind work of a Classical song.Song is reachable on itune music store for $0.99 and all track list for $9.99.

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Song Name Sampoorna Sundar Kand-Part- 5
AlbumSampoorna Sundar Kand Vol 3.
ComposerShekhar Kalyan.
SingerDilraj Kaur, Nitin Mukesh, and Shekhar Sen.
Duration 29:37
Record on September 1, 2003
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $0.99
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Sampoorna Sundar Kand-Part- 5 Lyrics

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Sundar Kand Hindi
Singer: Bijender Chauhan
Music: Bijender Chauhan
Director/Producer: Arvind Saraswati
Language: Hindi
Label: Saatwik Surya Production
Copyright: Youwe Digital Media

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