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September 1, 2008




Shattered Mp3 Song, Download Shattered, Shattered Mp3 DownloadThe top album "Sucking In The Seventies", was launched in 2008 with a Best Rock track "Shattered" .It instantly get towards success on youtube in 1931, and is seen by 702.19 thousand lovers.Judgement of profit to Universal from this music track is $1520.The soundtrack was comprised by The Rolling Stones on the other side it was proudly performed by The Rolling Stones. Lyrics for the song was made by .This track was released 9 years before, moving to be delightful by English people.It was The Rolling Stones`s 1289th track, Out of 1564 all .Universal, recorded this music track after producing "Quiet Fire" song represented by Melody Gardot.The Rolling Stones got respect and love for delightful job of a Rock music track.Prime singer The Rolling Stones roled in two jobs, roled as singers and composer.Track is obtainable on itune music store for just $1.29 and full track list only for $9.99.

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Song Name Shattered
AlbumSucking In The Seventies.
ComposerThe Rolling Stones.
SingerThe Rolling Stones.
Duration 03:46
Record on September 1, 2008
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $1.29
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Shattered Lyrics

Shattered, shattered
Love and hope and sex and dreams
Are still surviving on the street
Look at me, I'm in tatters
I'm a shattered

[Verse 1]
Friends are so alarming
And my lover's never charming
Life's just a cocktail party on the street
Big Apple
People dressed in plastic bags
Directing traffic
Some kind of fashion

Laughter, joy, and loneliness and sex and sex and sex and sex
Look at me, I'm in tatters
I'm a shattered

[Verse 2]
All this chitter-chatter, chitter-chatter, chitter-chatter about
Shmatta, shmatta, shmatta, I can't give it away on 7th Avenue
This town's been wearing tatters (shattered, shattered)
Work and work for love and sex
Ain't you hungry for success, success, success, success
Does it matter? (Shattered) Does it matter?
I'm shattered

Ahhh, look at me, I'm a shattered
I'm a shattered
Look at me, I'm a shattered, yeah

[Verse 3]
Pride and joy and greed and sex
That's what makes our town the best
Pride and joy and dirty dreams and still surviving on the street
And look at me, I'm in tatters, yeah
I've been battered, what does it matter
Does it matter, uh-huh
Does it matter, uh-huh, I'm a shattered
Don't you know the crime rate is going up, up, up, up, up
To live in this town you must be tough, tough, tough, tough, tough!
You got rats on the west side
Bed bugs uptown
What a mess this town's in tatters I've been shattered
My brain's been battered, splattered all over Manhattan

Uh-huh, this town's full of money grabbers
Go ahead, bite the Big Apple, don't mind the maggots, huh
Shadoobie, my brain's been battered
My friends they come around they
Flatter, flatter, flatter, flatter, flatter, flatter, flatter
Pile it up, pile it high on the platter

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