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June 10, 2008




Shinola Mp3 Song, Download Shinola, Shinola Mp3 Download"Shinola" was a music track from 2008 ,An Awesome Country album, Backwoods Barbie.This music track was released 9 years before, moving to blast by English audience.The soundtrack was originally composed by Dolly Parton where as it was nicely acted by Dolly Parton.Universal Music Group, made live the track after broadcasting "Cologne" music track represented by Dolly Parton.Estimated profit recieved to Universal Music Group from this song is $2569.Headliner opera singer Dolly Parton participated in two responsibilities, played role as singers and composer.It rapidly went high on youtube in 1927, and is seen by 73.76 thousand audience.It is Dolly Parton`s 1012th song, Out of 1015 in total till now.Dolly Parton experiencedmuch rewards for kind rendering of a Country track. roled as a writer.Music track is accessible on itunes store for just $0.99 or full track list for $7.99.

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Song Name Shinola
AlbumBackwoods Barbie.
ComposerDolly Parton.
LabelUniversal Music Group.
SingerDolly Parton.
Duration 04:12
Record on June 10, 2008
Album Price $7.99
Song Price $0.99
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Shinola Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You got a snazzy new car in your driveway
And expensive new clothes on your back
Every short skirt on the highway
Has spent time in your bachelor pad

[Verse 2]
We dance and you look over my shoulder
And make eyes at somebody else
You swear that you're not, but you know that's a croc
Cause you only care for yourself

[Verse 3]
Your attitude stinks and I hate it
You're arrogant, cocky and rude
You're selfish, conceited and jaded
Everything's all about you
You think that I'm lucky to have you
You think you're so handsome, so what
I'm calling you out cause I don't need this crap
I'm getting myself outta dodge

[Verse 4]
Cause you don't know love from shinola
With you love is not what I found
A woman needs someone to hold her
Not someone to just lay her down
I want someone I can count on
A cool headed, warm hearted shoulder
To cry on, rely on, today and from now on
But you don't know love from shinola

You don't know love
From shinola

[Verse 5]
Oh but I gave you love and affection
But you never gave one iota
It was an early detection
That you don't know love from shinola

You don't know love from shinola
You don't know what true loves about

[Verse 6]
Well you'll find your world growing colder
When you're alone and without
So go on, lover boy, have a big time
Drink up on your bourbon and cola
When you sober up you'll be *beep* outta luck
Cause you don't know love from shinola

I'm in it for love, but you're just plain stuck
You don't know love from shinola

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