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December 10, 2017




Snehayagam Mp3 Song, Download Snehayagam, Snehayagam Mp3 DownloadOne of the best cassette "Thiruvachanam", was released in 2014 with an Awesome Devotional & Spiritual song "Snehayagam" .Estimated monetize to Alpha Digitech by this music track is $1709.It instantly soared sky-high on video platform youtube in 2009, and is seen by 43.77 thousand lovers.Primary opera singer Wilson Piravom performed in two fields, performed as singers and composer.Alpha Digitech, launched the soundtrack after casting "Pithavum Puthranum" track performed by Berlin Symphony Orchestra & Carl-August Bünte. Babyjohn Kalayanthani performed as a song writer.It was Wilson Piravom`s 40th track, Out of 43 in total till now.The track was composed by Wilson Piravom so on it was proudly represented by Wilson Piravom.This song was released 3 years before, continuing to be loved by Malayalam audience.Wilson Piravom greeted huge response for nice work of a Devotional & Spiritual track.Music track is available on itunes library for $0.99 where as whole album only for $9.99.

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Song Name Snehayagam
ComposerWilson Piravom.
LabelAlpha Digitech.
LyricstBabyjohn Kalayanthani.
SingerWilson Piravom.
Duration 04:57
Record on December 10, 2017
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $0.99
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Snehayagam Lyrics

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