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December 23, 2017



So Beautiful

So Beautiful Mp3 Song, Download So Beautiful, So Beautiful Mp3 Download"So Beautiful" is a song in 2013 ,An Awesome Hip-Hop/Rap CD, My Escape.NRA Records, launched the soundtrack after releasing "The Traffic Courtesy Song" song sung by Mr Grevis.It fastly drifted to edge on the video platform youtube in 2018, and is viewed by 82.98 thousand audience.Average money recieved to NRA Records by the soundtrack is $2675.Leading master Mr Grevis participated in two jobs, took part as singers and composer.It was Ness, Joyride, Mr Grevis`s 0th track, Out of 1 total till now.Mr Grevis receivedseveral accolades for better rendition of a Hip-Hop/Rap track. introduced as a lyricist.This soundtrack was broadcasted 4 years before, heading to be loved by English music lovers.The music track was framed by Mr Grevis while it was delightfuly sung by Ness, Joyride and Mr Grevis.Track is accessible on apple store for only $0.99 and full album just for $8.99.

Info You Must Know

Song Name So Beautiful
AlbumMy Escape.
ComposerMr Grevis.
LabelNRA Records.
SingerJoyride, Mr Grevis, and Ness.
Duration 03:53
Record on December 23, 2017
Album Price $8.99
Song Price $0.99
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So Beautiful Lyrics

[Mike D]
Let's take a trip, as we flip through the Southside
Drop the top crank the knock, let the screens fall from the sky
We riding blades, and 4's
Slamming Caddi do's, sipping bar to the dome
Straight four after four, now what you know
About this Golf Coast funk, we popping trunk
Neon lights puffing skunk, toting pumps
We ain't slipping, we dipping in the turning lane
Peons, get stains in the brain
Cause the jacking mentality, will have you dripping down the city drain
I'm trying, to get my mack on
Loading boppers numbers, in my prime co. phone
See how recline, when we ride on chrome
Getting our shine on, bout to throw a fuckfest 'fore we go back home
It's all good, I'm trying to work my wood
Let's let the head board rock, while I represent my hood

[Hook - 2x]
I'm gonna take you, on a hell of a ride
Riding high, on a joy ride

Look at that Screwed Up Click, looking lovely
I let the top down, I see the clouds right above me
Sun beaming down, but reflect on my locs
I know they see my rims shining, cause I got thirty spokes
My love for my folks, the family and friends
And you can put that on the Clover, and a platinum Benz
Screwed Up Click set trends, we joy ride on the 3rd Coast
Rest in peace to P-A-T, D-A and Lil' Toast
Come and take a look close, do you know what you peeping at
C-Note is from the South, and we know where you sleeping at
Watching you creeping at, but homie we shine too
With my super Rolex on my arm, 20 inches to blind you
Just to remind you, in case you forgot
I was balling 'fore this rap, known Botany Big Shot
I know you hate it a lot, come and take a joy ride
It might be 3-2 to C-Note, on the Southside


[Mr. 3-2]
It's so beautiful the sun shining, and I'm feeling like a mack
Just crawling down the boulevard, with that iron in my lap
My peoples got my back, if anything go down
Cause them boys be having plex, on the other side of town
I don't bar I'm a ghetto superstar, it's understood
They just mad, cause I be knocking down broads in they hood
It's all good I got love, baby don't make me have to bop ya
Let loose on you in my good clothes, on top of the Bentley Rolls dropper
Boppers come a dime a dozen, you got the game throwed
Tripping off them lil' mamas, but us playas is in floss mode
Sipping fo's acting bad, in brand new foreigns
We ready to go to war'n, put you in a coffin
I'm off in the South, where the G's roll slab
Swanging on glass, or twinkies on a Jag
Laff-Tex and Street Game, putting it down worldwide
Seeing millions, with Mr. 3-2 on this joy ride


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