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December 7, 2017



Space Trucking

"Space Trucking" was a track in 1992 Hit Rock album, Knocking At Your Back Door - The Best Of Deep Purple In 80s.This was Deep Purple`s 304th song, Out of 309 in total till now.It swiftly drifted to edge on video platform youtube in 2015, and is seen by 1.42 million users.The soundtrack was nicely composed by Deep Purple while it was enjoyably acted by Deep Purple.Primary master Deep Purple played role in two jobs, roled as singers and composer.This track was produced 25 years before, reaching to be delightful by English listeners.
roled as a song writer.Deep Purple meet withseveral gifts for nice work of a Rock music track.Roughly Calculated revenue to Universal Music Group by the track is $3081.Universal Music Group, made live this track after broadcasting "Son Of Alerik" track carried out by Deep Purple.Music track is available on itunes for just $1.29 and all track list for $6.99.

Info You Must Know

Song Name Space Trucking
SingersDeep Purple.
ComposerDeep Purple.
LabelUniversal Music Group.
AlbumsKnocking At Your Back Door - The Best Of Deep Purple In 80s.
Duration 05:41
Record on 01 Jan, 1970
Album Price $6.99
Song Price $1.29
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Well we had a lot of luck on Venus
We always have a ball on Mars
With meeting all the groovy people
We've rocked the Milky Way so far
We danced around with Borealis
We're space trucking round the stars
Come on, come on, come on
Let's go Space trucking
Come on, come on, come on, Space trucking
Remember when we did the moonshot
And Ronny Trekker led the way
We'd move to the Canaveral Moonstomp
And every naut would dance and way
We got music in our solar system
We're space trucking round the stars
Come on, come on, come on
Let's go Space trucking
Come on, come on, come on, Space trucking
The fireball that we rode way moving
But now we've got a new machine
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! the frenks say
Man those cats can really swing
They got music in their solar system
They've rocked around the Milky Way
They dance around with Borealis
They're space trucking every day
Come on, come on, come on
Let's go Space trucking
Come on, come on, come on, Space trucking

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Comment by bergalini

Does anyone agree that the riff at 0:53 sounds a lot like Metallica's Enter Sandman? Metallica were obviously Deep Purple fans.

Comment by Paul Mahieu

Far out, I've found my youth! woohoo

Comment by Sand Man

How I ask my friend if he wants to play Elite dangerous with me, i just send this.

Comment by bajan71683

Dancing to this while drinking out of my juice box

Comment by ELKFILMZ

Now i just need a Boppin Strawberry Hi-C juice box like Ash.

Comment by Verseless Cooking

this describes my life in Elite Dangerousm

Comment by MITYA music

I love Deep Purple from the young age, but 3 months ago I randomly turned on this song on the plane for the first time. Oh sheeble beeble, it was an amazing flight. And yes, I even made a surfing-synth-cover of this song recently.
God bless good music

Comment by Scotty J.

#DEEP PURPLE- "Space Truckin'"      \>sj~13

Comment by king diamond

great great great great great great great great great classic!

Comment by creepers jeepers

any chainsaw handed friends here?

Comment by RushAnthem69


Comment by TheJbhmetal

i take it you people dont like my comment

Comment by cottodabodykill

LMAO LOL makes every thing ok ... "i raped your mother last night... LOL " lmao oh no big deal see he put LOL next to it

Comment by Gary Delcourt

Power chords, anyone?

Comment by Anna Burnett

Hail to the King, baby

Comment by Cotramjoxxx

Pinkl Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Yes, King Crimson, Uriah Heep , Genesis and a infinity of bands...

Comment by His Overlord Upon High

What a moving song. I loved this song the first time I heard it, and I still love it.

Comment by This Anonymous

Brings me back to when I used to blast this song in my Mustang on the way to class.

Comment by jimi recard

the mafias gonna kick ur ass

Comment by phuc yoo

Jim! You ran the wrong wayyyYYY!!!!!!!!

Comment by Karsa Orlongs Witness

Y'all ready for it?

Comment by PurpleIntoDeep

They played this song live this February! Outstanding! They still Rock like in their youth!

Comment by Cody Cotten

This is truckin' awesome.

Comment by Musix & Feelix

Damn, I would have love to see this in Guardians of galaxy but at least Ash vs evil dead got this.

Comment by Moézyo de Lima


Caminhoneiros do Espaço

Tivemos um bocado de sorte em Vênus
Sempre fizemos uma farra em Marte
Encontramos com todas as pessoas bacanas
Botamos a Via Láctea pra dançar
Dançamos por lá com Borealice
Nós somos os caminhoneiros do espaço ao redor das estrelas

Venha, venha, venha
Vamos lá caminhoneiros do espaço
Venha, venha, venha
Caminhoneiros do Espaço

Lembram quando fizemos o lançamento à lua
E a Jornada de Potro guiou o caminho
Iríamos mudar para o ponto lunar de Cabo Canaveral
E todo astronauta iria dançar e gingar
Botamos música no nosso sistema solar
Nós somos os caminhoneiros do espaço ao redor das estrelas

Venha, venha, venha
Vamos lá caminhoneiros do espaço
Venha, venha, venha
Caminhoneiros do Espaço

A bola de fogo que montávamos estava se movendo
Mas agora temos uma nova máquina
Sim, sim, sim, sim os malucos disseram
Pô, aqueles caras realmente podem dançar

Eles têm música no sistema solar deles
Eles dançaram pela Via Láctea
Eles dançam ao redor da Borealice
Eles são caminhoneiros do espaço todos os dias

Venha, venha, venha
Vamos lá caminhoneiros do espaço
Venha, venha, venha
Caminhoneiros do Espaço

Sim, sim, sim, caminhoneiros do espaço
Sim, sim, sim, caminhoneiros do espaço
Sim, sim, sim, caminhoneiros do espaço
Sim, sim, sim, sim

Comment by olli manninen

One of those lost rockers. Could be sampled. Works well as a terrific jogging soundtrack.

Comment by Charles Koder

This song along with Highway star was so fun to hear driving fast in NYC!

Comment by WalterJacksonFreeman

a liberal who is either a moron or corrupt there is no in between

Comment by Jesse


Comment by Lee Oliver


Comment by WalterJacksonFreeman

omg there is a story,my bad

Comment by entwistle4ever

Please do NOT mention the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame here. THANK YEW.

I love my boy Ian Paice. Dayum!

Comment by yoshi Hinojosa

Thumbs up. All the way up.

Comment by Chris Perrien

Great band , never miss a band that played at Wood stock.. Saw them in 1987 Phorzheim , Germany.(Monsters of Rock) Metallica , Megadeath , Dio and Deep Purple. Dio opened for Deep and in between Dio and Ritchie Blackmoor came out and did a few Rainbow songs. But Deep Purple kicked ass , great concert . John Lord , greatest keyboard player ever.Ronny did a great show too, although as I saw "Holy Diver" tour(Biloxi Ms, 83?) I can't say it was the best I saw of him.

Comment by James Florin

Dude you just got patty slapped.

Comment by MyzteryTV

This was the second or third album I bought as a kid and I loved it and still love it!  ROCK!

Comment by Sammy Pisciotta

Hey hey just because you aren't a dope attic or a dope basement doesn't mean you can take your pain out on others pal! You'll soon have your chance to be a dope attic with the rest of us, for now just relax on the first floor you crazy bungaroo:)

Comment by Earl Johnson

My fave Deep Purple song! So much depth and intensity... Most of all it's about the space.

Comment by colin6768

Is this version on a remastered version of "Machine Head"? I have a vinyl copy from years ago and my version is definitely NOT this one. This is really cool. Ian Paice has got to be one of the most underrated rock drummers. Check out his drumming in "Burn" if you need further proof. That cat is simply phenomenal!

Comment by Sam Pappadellis

what the hell is an ash and why is it fighting evil dead? wtf even is "evil dead?"

Comment by Gabi Alexa

Let's go in European  space and listening Deep.

Comment by Primis

I love that this song is now just Ash Vs Evil Dead

Comment by XMIR10C


Comment by Windson Alves

Lords of Dogtown

Comment by kamran etemad

this song should be played when first group of people heads to mars

Comment by toughtful a.g.

nothing has changed...

Comment by King Nero

Give me some sugar baby!!

Comment by bioniz

The guy in space was Lance Armstrong.

Comment by G Elliott

2 cunts need to be mowed down by a truck.

Comment by Sheila Pege

dance around the boreals

Comment by Mike Reed

blackmore is way over rated.

Comment by Vince  H

SSppaace. Truukkin

Comment by John L

One of the best intros in Rock ;)

Comment by boofstickles

If this doesn't get your blood pumping. YOU are DEAD. LOL

Comment by Nicholas Powell

My first rock and roll album.  Still have it, still love it...

Comment by darren horton

iam 49 & I will play it loud as.. from my 1962 ej in Newcastle Australia.all day every day it's orsom.

Comment by rubber chicken

I forgot how awesome this is because of drugs...

Comment by Jude Monge

Groovy...Hail to the King Baby...This is my Boomstick...

Comment by michael smith

When this album debuted, all these guys were considered the best misicians in the world at their respective instruments!

Comment by bite em


Comment by Sammy Pisciotta

Yes, i am a little child. I'm 5 years old. How does it feel knowing a 5 year old such as myself is of greater intelligence than you? I'd imgaine it stings the pride gland a bit to much. By the way I've said NOTHING about rap let alone music. I've only talked to you about your lack of knowledge, which with the way this conversation is going will only prove my point more. I bid you adieu, you crazy bungaroo:)

Comment by mreastlands2


Comment by Konstantinos Bellas

one of my favourite songs when I was a young boy.i randomly listened to it yesterday in the movie :lords of Dogtown.fucking awesome movie ,I recommend it to all of you

Comment by Tommy B

Am I the only one here who doesn't even know what the fuck Ash vs. Evil Dead is?

Comment by anju castle


Comment by Ellen Guill

this is about as heavy as you can get....

Comment by drewsmusic

Ash vs evil dead brought me here.

Comment by mistergamer256.

DEEP PURPLE es de las mejores bandas de hard rock que ha existido no se x que no los ponen en sus videos de las mejores bandas

Comment by Dank Zappa

How do they make the Hammond so fuckign heavy? That goddamn leslie is so overdriven its set to facemelt

Comment by Eric  Taylor

groovy baby

Comment by Steve Glass

This song gets me soooo pumped up

Comment by kevnar

I kind of think Metallica's "Jump in the Fire" was inspired by this song.

Comment by ty hawn

"How's it feel to be back?"

Comment by CrossHolder92

Now that's liberal!

Comment by John William

No overdubbing. Like a good Persian carpet its the imperfections that make it special

Comment by Gary Brady

How can anyone dislike this song?

Comment by Hot80s

who came here on their own after listening to highway star just because you know it's right?

Comment by thomas allen

Evil dead brought me here.  Been  fan of DP for over 30 yrs

Comment by Marc Fischer

The opening of Space Truckin' absolutely resembles the theme song from People's Court with Judge Wapner. FACT.

Comment by Christopher Hollisian

Kinda sad more people come here from tv trailers vs actually listening to good music to start off.

Comment by Spudnik 1


Comment by Ian Atkinson

Nice guy! Seen pictures of people like you partying while black guys are hanging for trees. Be proud of fascism mate - it suits you. lol Yanks!

Comment by

Yeah lords of dogtown :,)

Comment by Darren Kerr

The sight of Ash punching a cupboard through in his trailer to this lets me know that series is going to be fucking awesome.

Comment by

Yeah lords of dogtown :,)

Comment by Taylor Cassell

get out

Comment by bunnycat007

ashe vs evil dead, baby

Comment by jonahko


Comment by Chuck Noris el dios destructor de dioses

solo una cosa que decir para esto...groovy

Comment by BeardGuy

Hail to the king baby

Comment by XMIR10C

Settling in now tonight to go Space Truckin - night all and good luck at the R&R Hall of Fame vote.

Comment by The Wild Wolf

Hail To The King Baby'

Comment by raziel bloodborn

el jefe approves =)

Comment by Haitchpeasauce

The anthem for Elite: Dangerous traders everywhere.

Comment by John Johnson

I've just got goose bumps on my hands and felt how the hair on the top of my head moved. Especially when listening to the wicked guitar riff. the right mood for sowing bullets from a firehose onto those bad guys.

Comment by Wade Reese


Comment by Mikalhvi

Is anyone else here just because this song is awesome? ... No? Just me? Okay...

Comment by Liam Conway

great riff... terrible lyrics

Comment by Lerxst94




Comment by HellRoyale 245

Bruce Campbell for presidents!

Comment by Steve Grant

Hey! I was in the day! And still crank-it UP! I'm 55, say hi to you dad!
Just put this on your system and crank-it up for your dad!

Comment by Tiptoesan

Who the hell thumbs downed this song???  I need names and addresses.  Some Justin Bieber fans need to be straightened out.  ROFL!!!  This is a kick ass song from one of the best bands ever...EVER!!!

Comment by Dylan Estrada

Led Zeppelin???

Comment by metav3rvse


Comment by Love God

Fubar bitches

Comment by toughtful a.g.

I miss Gillan's screams on live versions...such a pity

Comment by Douglas Smith

Let's Go Space Truckin

Comment by Roy Poud

ahhh the 8 track rockin the amc wagon. 

Comment by WalterJacksonFreeman

in between is Logic

Comment by Duke Of_Cleveland_East

names ash..... housewares.

Comment by Ash Williams

Groovy !



Comment by VValkyrie

Sing it loud Ian! Epic tune. I wonder if Neil Armstrong did any "Space Truckin'"?

Comment by Jozee Wales

gotta say i love the ghost beaters

Comment by Steve Lee

Space truckin'!  It's always tremendously exciting, but there are always those crumbly foul-smelling "asteroids" in my space jammies when I get back!  8)

Comment by nick tardif

man o man is this heavy!!! dont make them like this nomore ;(

Comment by CarelessGhoul


Comment by Argonautica8

derrr not one of those bands is american. you high?

Comment by Rodrigo Nazário

c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, let's go space truckin'!

Comment by Lorenzo

That FUCKIN drum solo.

Comment by TheCrimsonFckr


Comment by Mike Reed

how times have changed,today they wouldn't even make it.very over rated band,,,an a.b.c. rock band...very basic,commercial sound of the 70's...ian gillian is awfull.


One Word: Evil Dead!

Comment by Golbez

my mom always listened to the oldies station... i grew up listening to the music of the 60s 70s. i cant even remotely enjoy the crap playing over and over again on the hits stations.

Comment by Philip Hymes


Comment by Emanon


Comment by Johnny Cuello

Groovy baby!

Comment by checodogface

am here because of cortina LoL

Comment by François Coulombe

"One more for papa"

Comment by broncobra

AaHaaaaa... Eargasm....

Comment by Luan Rocha

massa demais

Comment by Chef David Mitchell

...(LOL), You youngsters are amusing, how would you like to be 14yrs old and hear this THE FIRST WEEK IT CAME OUT, ORIGINALLY...??? These bands did something then that had never been done before by doing this, and Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin led the way, right up front, I 1st heard this album on an ACTUAL ALBUM 33 vinyl.., the day after it came out orig., & it's still MONSTER now...!!

Comment by TK-420

fucking awesome

Comment by Drexel Marz


Comment by Stevesk0011

The original is so slow!

Comment by Thomas B

Probably my favorite track from that album

Comment by the wiz

Proud to be one of those people to say this right now but lords of dogtown brought me here! Been watching the movie since 06

Comment by Norlink

Go play on the motorway.

Comment by kapil sharma

This puts lot of bands to shame. Good stuff.

Comment by Raul megane

overkill brought me here

Comment by Venom Snake

Hail to the king baby

Comment by girlfemalewoman

This was one of the very first albums I owned!! I still love it today!! Man, it's so much fun to rock out to Machine Head!

Comment by CrossHolder92

Not for him, or liberals in general. :D When the money talks, everything else is silent!

Comment by Raymond G

Does anybody have a lighter?

Comment by Paula Cirulnick

absolutely outrageous. it brings back so many memories of the 70's for me.

Comment by FFM0594

Just brilliant. Better than 5 cups of coffee and a croissant!

Comment by Vince J

They could of very easily put this song in Guardians of the Galaxy 1 or 2 since a big part of the movie is in space.

Comment by Davide Imbesi

This is so cool!

Comment by Roy Westbrook

saw these guys in the 70's you guys aren't even close to gettin' it, I am saddened by yuze guys

Comment by S.A. Hogan

The Unsung Hero of the Purple catalog, no classic track ever underwent a stranger metamorphosis than this one did from MH to MIJ---topped off most charmingly by the Japanese audience that wasn't quite sure Lord at his wacked-out best was finally finished (!).

Comment by Sammy Pisciotta

I have no clue what youre talking about. The comments are a month old and I don't really feel like reading all of them again but I will check out the dictionary. I'm gonna look up penis, and vagina, and shit. Oh I hope shit is in the dictionary!

Comment by Arghiers

3:50 that's how I respond when people ask me if I can give them the time

Comment by Ramon EXS9BM

probably the best rock song ever , lyrically musically vocally..............

Comment by mrmystic mrmystic

This would be the perfect opening- song for the next Guardiands of the Galaxy film!

Comment by TheJohnR96

Lords of Dogtown!
Great song

Comment by Lana McClory

good concert

Comment by Mr. Nelson89

Vengeance Rising brought me here!

Comment by allan robertson

good lord this ROCKS

Comment by Adam Hell

this song kicks ass entirely!

Comment by WalterJacksonFreeman

is better without,so they know that u weren't joking...btw,what did u say?

Comment by Ed's Comic Hut

Ash versus The Evil Dead is EPIC!!!! Like this tune!!!

Comment by Landshark Jones

I am still Space Truckin!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by rick weller

should be in gotg2

Comment by Jason Powers


Comment by Poppy Ichiban

My Anunnaki Kin Through Time & Space . Space Truckin.

Comment by GearsofWumbology

Holy shit man! Those drums! *orgasms*

Comment by cameron werthwine

COME ON!!!!!

Comment by Tangi

I have never seen a comment as retarded as this one, let me explain why :
1) The word nigger takes its roots from latin "niger" which means black.
That's why

Comment by illuminati 13

59 deadeyes disliked this video..

Comment by Sencer Yiğitbaşı

Ash cooooll

Comment by asquerasss

man those cats can really swing!

Comment by nowitsabadtime

I always play this when my neighbors are making tooo much noise ;)

Comment by Soxruleyanksdrool

Classic rock at it's finest.

Comment by trdidion

my old man's got this album both on vinyl and 8-track.

Comment by Ari Collins

Lordz of dogtown

Comment by Adam Zimmerman

Aw Fuuuuuuck!

Comment by Love God

Take lsd while driving that's space truckin

Comment by EricPaz

The king has return, hail to the king, baby.

Comment by Silver Films

love it how the top comments dont contain ''like this if..''

Comment by Tibb91

Who else loves it from 1.48-2.10?

Comment by KanuckKingofKush

Nigger means someone who is ignorant, stupid, and/or uneducated. It was used by the slave owners in America because to them, the black people were ignorant. And they used the ignorance as a weapon. A slave would be beat simply for looking at a book. Read the dictionary bud.

Comment by Andrew Strobel

Got a brand spankin' new hand! Or a brand new spanking hand.

Comment by dandic2342

Snort some Plutonian Nybor and trip out, man!

Comment by Moézyo de Lima


We had a lot of luck on Venus
We always had a ball on Mars
Meeting all the groovey people
We've rocked the Milky Way so far
We danced around with Borealice
We're space truckin' round the the stars

Come on, come on, come on
Let's go space truckin'
Come on, come on, come on
Space truckin'

Remember when we did the moonshot
And Pony Trekker led the way
We'd move to the Canaveral moonstop
And everynaut would dance and sway
We got music in our solar system
We're space truckin' round the stars

Come on, come on, come on
Let's go space truckin'
Come on, come on, come on
Space truckin'

The fireball that we rode was moving
But now we've got a new machine
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah the freaks said
Man those cats can really swing

They got music in their solar system
They've rocked around the Milky Way
They dance around the Borealice
They're space truckin' everyday

Come on, come on, come on
Let's go space truckin'
Come on, come on, come on
Space truckin'

Yeah, yeah, yeah, space truckin'
Yeah, yeah, yeah, space truckin'
Yeah, yeah, yeah, space truckin'
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Comment by Bulldogzbruce

What an opening riff!!!


87 deaf people there jejejejejeje

Comment by Sofocles Mefisto

Just add cowbell to this and it would be epic !

Comment by Matthew Cebryk

Great music

Comment by 坊や猫好き


Comment by sharkfin 13

yo she bitch, let's go.

Comment by Moson Belmont

Those lyrics... they were so high writing this XD

Comment by Love God

Fuck America Canada's the new place to make it

Comment by Chef David Mitchell

... You youngsters are amusing,(lol) how would you like to be 14yrs old and hear this THE FIRST WEEK IT CAME OUT, ORIGINALLY...???Back in the early 70's , These bands did something then that had never been done before by doing this, and Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin led the way, right up front, when I 1st heard this album on an ACTUAL ALBUM 33 vinyl.., the day after it came out orig., & it's still MONS

Comment by StudSupreme

DAMN, what a great tune!

Comment by Krizzly

I was debating whether or not to do my math homework and then I came up with the following formula
Deep Purple > School

Comment by jurr47

don't yoi know? a giy who makes misic.

Comment by randy95023

Who could "thumbs down" this one?!

Comment by creamcustard1

playing elite and listening to this

Comment by mike auricchio

DTOWN anthem

Comment by Rodrigo yael

this song kick ass
deep purple = gods

Comment by Manuel Núñez

"Ash vs Evil Dead" is awesome!

Comment by Patrick Smythe

Ian Paice - the Buddy Rich of rock...

Comment by Hiram

Elite: Dangerous

Comment by goodpappy

Only Purple People allowed on this channel

Comment by Phat Meow

144 people got air locked out to space!

Comment by Aurian1234

Don't wait up for me, Eli.

Comment by suedehead416


Comment by CaptKaboom

Big fan of Ash, but am I the only one dissapointed with the series? The mind demon was cool but his character was thus far just written as 85% asshole and not 65% in the original.

Comment by Tariq Dickens

Listen to this game playing Elite Dangerous to be meta as fuck.

Comment by Metal Head Mike

Every year I like to celebrate by getting blackout drunk... care to join me?

Comment by Joe Baumgart


Comment by Lemansky


Comment by syd man

dont worry purple, zeppelin.. were toghter the best of 70's

Comment by Antares 8001

This brought me to Ash vs Evil Dead.

Comment by Kevin Guimond

who else can't wait for the new season of ash vs. evil dead?!

Comment by Moon Stoner

well hello mr.fancy pants

Comment by Anonyymi

I brought myself here!

Comment by Andrea Mannini

do you like dancing granny

Comment by Nick Lanny

This is song is basically, "Smoke on the Water" SPACE!

Comment by PudelsRule

Well we had a lot of luck on Venus
We always had a ball on Mars
We meeting all the groovey people
We've rocked the Milky Way so far
We danced around with Borealice
We're space truckin' round the the stars
Come on, come on, come on
Let's go space truckin'
Come on, come on, come on
Space truckin'
Remember when we did the moonshot
And pony trekker led the way
We'd move to the canaveral moonstop
And everynaut would dance and sway
We got music in our Solar System
We're space truckin' round the stars
Come on, come on, come on
Let's go space truckin'
Come on, come on, come on
Space truckin'
The fireball that we rode was movin'
But now we've got a new machine
'Yeah yeah yeah yeah' the freaks said
Man those cats can really swing
They got music in their Solar System
They've rocked around the Milky Way
They dance around the Borealice
They're space truckin' everyday
Come on, come on, come on
Let's go space truckin'
Come on, come on, come on
Space truckin'
Come on, come on, come on
Let's go space truckin'
Come on, come on, come on
Space truckin'
Yeah yeah yeah space truckin'
Yeah yeah yeah space truckin'
Yeah yeah yeah space truckin'
Yeah yeah yeah

Comment by Frog King

Did this guy devote his channel to Deep Purple

Comment by Anurag Bordoloi

Thank you Ash Williams.

Comment by Mister Mitchell Man

Yeah it was supposed to have LOL behind it :/

Comment by Scotty J.

#DEEP PURPLE- "Space Truckin'"           \>sj~13

Comment by Chainsaw Guts Fuck

whats a misician?

Comment by Nig Nog Jenkins

You like that?, YOU LIKE MY WOOD!!!

Comment by Fagmin

i got two hands Brujo i need two beers!

Comment by evand848

those are british bands you fucktard

Comment by kasia kowalska

Blackmore is the best guitar player in the World, Gillan is (was) the best vocalist in the world, Lord was the best Hammond organ player in the World. The end, the dot!!! Stunning music. I listen to that music from a child. Greetings from Poland

Comment by slinkypow

hahaha good one buddy! Just one does that have anything to do with deep purple?

Comment by mehtaab sandhu

Most beautiful. Deepest of the deep purple

Comment by Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum

awesome bad ass rock track, i love deep purple huge fan, this one comes off my favourite deep purple album machinehead, oh the feels are insane. that riff from richie blackmore so bone crunching.

Comment by Joe Baumgart


Comment by Rodrigo Eyng


Comment by Mario Mendoza

Esa es una canción excelente!

Comment by Not Carlos

The theme song of Red Frog Freight.

Comment by DarcMetal02

I love this song

Comment by 7542ben

at 2:03 sounds like vince neil took a little voice lesson

Comment by Asus Pop

such a cool song!!
i just love the guirar riff in the chorus so much!!!

Comment by MecchaKakkoii


Comment by Accelerated Evolution

Come Get Sum... Muzac.

Comment by karlmoles65

Ash Vs The Evil Dead

Comment by Joel Herrera

Highway Star + Space Trucking = Speeding Ticket

Comment by ministryofsinners

this is not SpaceTruckin, this is an excellent Neil Young- Old man cover

Comment by Lesley Francis


Comment by shAWN sWINT

Too Bad This Song
Couldn't Have Been Used For Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Comment by Jamiro Smajic

If ritchie said they were playing on the record like they played live,
how should thy have sounded live?

wrong regenration, i am going to help make a better one.

Comment by Sammy Pisciotta

Alright I don't really understand why you would use the word nigger to describe bad people of every race but hey thats your thing I guess. Everybody has their own thing, this is yours. lol

Comment by max lewis

my favorite deep purple song!!!

Comment by Pedro Pabo

Clasicos que nunca pasaran!!!

Comment by TheEtz66

Com'on! Let's go Space Truckin'!!!

Comment by LazzMarrio

Gets better every time I listen

Comment by K C

ASH 2016

Comment by Sudha Vishwanath

Hmm, I don't seem to have the last few seconds of this song, on my Machinehead cassette...

Comment by Tudval Stone

Ridiculously infectious riffs!

Comment by bors615

"Yo Granny. Let's Go!"

Comment by Leonardo Nevárez

Cowboy Bebop.

Comment by Joe Baumgart


Comment by Mister Ash

"Hail to the king baby."

Comment by Bob Rosenburg

This sounds kind of like Electric Light Orchestra on acid. I don't know which band sounded sillier.
Wait . . . Hush is darn good song though and definitly their best.

Comment by Antoine Mouthon

Eurosport jingle anyone?

Comment by TheJbhmetal

Hey! What about Skid Row, Lynard Skynard, FFDP and Dream Theater! explain that

Comment by jerjets11

Wow, thanks for posting...

Comment by Sketchy [Gamer]

"When evil shows up, it blows up. Still working on slogans..."

Comment by Jesse Johnson

Ash William favorite song

Comment by jene genn

it's a good time for 70s music in the movies

Comment by Kelci Shuford

ash vs evil dead!!!!

Comment by Stratahoovius

Ian Paice was the most underrated drummer in music history!
What he does on this song is beyond most drummers today!

Comment by mws755

Then why is your dumbass on here listening ? Go listen to Led Zeppelin....the phony rip off version of this band

Comment by Klas

el jefe

Comment by John Henry

if the assholes weren't on the network, it would be better 🎙🎤🎧📣📢🔈😨

Comment by mwells219

Now this is zombie killing music.

Comment by Rose Kitty, Gray Kitty, and Jack Kitty

Moi is seeing something I am not very happy about and that is a bunch of morons, including the demons, 4 wheeling on the moon.  Vehicles are not allowed up there.  The moon is only a place for making love, but then, you cannot reason with a moron.  They call it space truckin, something Ian came up with, along with Ritchie.  It is perfectly fine for a true god to go space truckin, but never a moron.  All of the morons kept bugging Ritchie and Ian to allow them to do this, not that there was any choice.  Ian has always been very protective of the moons, something I forgot about all over again..

Comment by Mellowcanuck33

El Jefe.

Comment by a j

I just got my drivers license in 1973 and I had this song cranked up on my cassette player!!!

Comment by Ian Atkinson

Only the extreme right wing ones, I don't recall saying 'all.' Are you a stupid Tea Partier? I'll be you aren't fit to lick the shit of Neil DeGrasse Tyson or Lawence Krause. You grow up and grow a couple of neurons while you're at it you thick bastard.

Comment by hitman dejesus

I could still point out where the tracks break on the 4 sides, I wore out my 8-track until the tape just squealed.

Comment by Pikachu, The Couber

Ash vs Evil Dead Trailer

Comment by Joe Baumgart

Pink Fuck brought me here!

Comment by dante segovia

Yo les presto una soga!!! Una silla!!! y les hato las manos!!!

Comment by Todd Redekopp

My band broke into this last night at rehearsal. We don't play the song, and have never worked on it. We have never discussed doing it. But, WOW, the bass player and drumer knew the song, and the other guitar player has always wanted to play the song. We asolutely ROCKED it! The screaming vocal at the end.....our singer (50 years old!) NAILED it! We finished the song, and we all burst out laughing.....needless to say, it is now in our set list.

Comment by Player One

Hail to the king, baby!

Comment by BOBBY B

Ooooh yea this will get the lead out. Rock on

Comment by Reuben Seldo

Hail to the King, baby! Ash vs Evil Dead!

Comment by Antarctic Vortex

Bruce Campbell's awesomeness brought me here!

Comment by Michael Breene

R.I.P. Jon. A Hammond B3 through Marshall stacks was the key to Deep Purple's sound.
It blended well with Blackmore's guitar sound. I saw Jon kick ass at the Universal Ampitheatre (now the Gibson Ampitheatre) in 1998 and he more than made up for Ritchie's absence.

Comment by Flsun Racer

Sam Ash kicks Ash!!!!!

Comment by Archer260


Comment by BigBoyMcEvoy

What about Jimmy Page?

Comment by WalterJacksonFreeman

u gotta be a liberal,to hold those ignorant view points even as a joke,u had time to reconsider what u said,yet u stuck with it,that shows bad judgement in my book.although I have been guilty of the same many times,if we learn from our mistakes they are useful

Comment by Christine D.

Such an awesome song!

Comment by Jordan Dempster

Fuck off cunt.

Comment by TheGuyInTheRobe

If DC ever gets around to that Lobo movie...

Comment by Mister Ash

this song would have went well with the borderlands the presquel intro

Comment by Ian Andrews

another good song by the greatest Rock band.

Comment by lycan73

guitar kicks ass...drums one of the best ! Oldie AND Goody !

Comment by Addison Dewitt

Gillan's screams always melt me into a puddle..always will be my favorite rock vocalist

Comment by Sonny Fausel

this better be on the guardians of the galaxy 2 soundtrack.

Comment by madjack821

Lookin good! Lookin sweet!! Uhhhh huuuuh!

Comment by bankrakk13


Comment by Miles Morales

Shoot first. Think never.

Comment by Derek Warren

Timone, Timone, Timone, Timone and Pumba!

Comment by Zane McKinnon

Their best ever tune

Comment by Gary Cowie

fucking bliss! ! ! ! ! !

Comment by Ethan Roberts

Lol, when shows bring the masses... xD

Comment by MrTurbowhitey

deep purple getting some recognition

Comment by kenton jones

fuk in death

Comment by Austin Trench

Hope you took your geritol!

Comment by WalterJacksonFreeman

Marx wore tennis shoes and played the Market...he does now

Comment by PGeorge61

My first album purchase. I was 12. I always would steal my brothers albums, but got caught and took a big brother beatin'. But i was cutting my teeth on Sabbath and Deep Purple, Hendrix, Zep, at 10 yrs. old. I now have three boys, ages 10, 8 and 7. And you can bet on what they listen to as well. This music....that era....will NEVER die out. Nuff said!!

Comment by D34d1y1

You are no better than him for saying that all "Yanks" are fascist/racist. Grow up.

Comment by Clubfuckingfooted 28

This band is so awesome that i peed purple last night

Comment by mark newman

Congrats on finally get the nod from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame !! I only hope Steve Morse is allowed to present the award .

Comment by 55stillgoing

@9backinblack yeah duh



Comment by alex kuepper

I'm space trucking right this second

Comment by hickorydickoryduck

Jon of the few keyboardists that rocked the keyboards hard!  Rock In Peace!

Comment by Idrol

chorus is pure thrash

Comment by Cesat Garciabueno

all the groovy people who  meet their needs through this song, I can only say keep on trucking. oh by the way the guitar and drum solo are exquisite.

Comment by British Ben

Cortana brought me here

Comment by Ian Ross

"Yo, she-bitch! Let's go!"

Comment by White Tigress

Let's dance, Daddy.

Comment by Nazım Can Işık

ok we get it you came from ash vs evil dead NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP

Comment by Steven R.

I wanna go space trucken

Comment by Paul Madsen

l was in a 68 barracuda, purple , cool car, they kicked me off my bike, in cambridge ont, around preston, and conatosga college, back roads.

Comment by farseer611

The level of backwardness in this comment is TOO DAMN HIGH

Comment by Will Cesário

tocava nas domingueiras do libertario na joao caetano , nos tempos do surf , nos tempos do meu pai!

Comment by Sérgio Mantzos

This album Kick ass

Comment by djwolf12

This album is absolutely timeless. It sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday.

Comment by LizardMan 2500

Guitar Hero anyone?

Comment by Praetor_Fenix420

Beavis, this Rulez! Damn-it, where are the nachoz?

Comment by alberto muceli

i have always this song in my mind

Comment by Joe Baumgart

You got real ugly real fast!

Comment by Ronny Cifuentes

Buen tema....puro viaje!!!

Comment by Man Hattan

Thumbs up if you have Bieber Fever!!!

Comment by MAX WELL

I always thought they said, "space Junkie" 

Comment by bmasta420

yea buddeh

Comment by Leonardo Guacaran

Ash bring me here evil dead anyone

Comment by Sammy Pisciotta

I don't know what it is with you and black people but that seems to be the only thing you think about haha. The only reason i commented was because a spelling error, and you turned it into some big racial thing, how the fuck do you get that from attic?? It's as if you're trying to cover something up, like maybe you secretly like black people but are ashamed to admit it.

Comment by Joe Baumgart

Elvis Vs The Evil Dead!

Comment by Eric Salazar

ash vs evil dead is awesome with space truckin

Comment by Dario Hall

Ash Vs The Evil Dead got me here. great show!

Comment by mongopipes

My favorite pastime!

Comment by bobinthegong

Is it any wonder waxdude1 ?

Comment by ODST1776


Comment by Frank Talotta

"Yeah,yeah,yeah&the freak said?"

Comment by TonysTwistedTake

I gotta say this song is WAY better than Smoke on the Water. I'm learning Smoke for a cover band but I'd rather do this one instead. Its a lot more proto-metal and I am a metal head. Then again opportunities to play music and actually make money are scarce in Helena, MT.

Comment by Samuel Mauldin

one of the possible themes in my sonic hack

Comment by Adachi Tohru

This makes me think of that cowboy bebop episode where Spike met the space truckers.

Comment by claudio farina

Awesome song!!!

Comment by CarrowMind

Listen to this on repeat while playing Elite: Dangerous!

Comment by Balls Mahone


Comment by Green Manelishi

Great tune on a classic LP.

Comment by TALIA YU

ASH vs EVIL DEAD brought me here

Comment by Lars Ulrich

>inb4 guitar hero van halen

Comment by Maureen Devries

yeah! yeah! yeah!

Comment by Tamekia Saint James Rattray Brown

I <3 this song. I'm pretty sure playing this song makes it rain.

Comment by MrCSRocker

Stranded on desert island, could survive with just 'Machine Head' album.

Comment by WalterJacksonFreeman

a liberal is someone who's happy with giving away someone else's money

Comment by Tommy Pwood

all idiotic comments unbeleeeeevable

Comment by The Big Bopper

this album was space truckin from start to finnish

Comment by alex smith

this guiter solo is so cool and dark its amazing

Comment by Vishas K

This was considered heavy metal back in my day.

Comment by siicpaxsheechpaw

That one dislikes,must be a BayCityRoller Fan,lol.

Comment by etru6

This song rocks more than anything made in the last 40 years.

Comment by Adrian Mateos Collantes

When Evil shows up, it blows up!!!

Comment by entwistle4ever

"Smoke On The Water" has been played to death. "Machine Head" is a great album. Purple reigns.

Comment by 30rdmag

Everyone needs to shut the hell up with the Evil Dead comments

Comment by joe brush

Had this crankin' on my Pioneer 5 way 100 watt speakers w/ Bose p
901's on a Sansui 5000x spinnin' on my Garrad zero 100 back in 1970 in the Army up in Alaska rattlin' the entire barracks , this is Music !

Comment by Gypsy Mandolin

I grew up with this album. Love it !!!

Comment by zippydude12345

@1chamberlain1 i have tried to explain that. they dont listen

Comment by TheJbhmetal

what about ted nugent

Comment by Joker West

This song took me from knowing nothing about science to owning 50+ physics and astronomy books, and three (soon to be 4) telescopes. Damn good song.

Comment by Yevgeniy Ayrapetov

I often play clips from movies or any footages and at the same time songs of my favorite bands on 2nd track and watch and listen them together and have interesting effect.I played Deep Purple "SPACE TRACKING" together with "Dead alive\Brain dead" movie clip(Cemetery seen\I kick ass for the lord).Try and you will have a lot of real fun.

Comment by Fabita Lorca

buen día, me llamo Fabian y soy de Argentina, si de Argentina, uno de los paises con las peores personas del mundo. Crecí escuchando Deep Purple y es la banda que mas me gusta y me recuerda mi niñez, Machine Head a mi entender es el mejor disco de rock de la historia, el rock es anglosajon sin dudas. En mi corazon esta la Marck II ya que los he conocido personalmente y son gente muy amable y educada como todos los britanicos. Mozart, Bach y Beethoven estan presentes en sus sinfonias, ja ja ja , saludos a todos y Jehova los bendiga

Good day, my name is Fabian and I am from Argentina, if Argentina, one of the countries with the worst people in the world. I grew up listening to Deep Purple and is the band that I like and reminds me of my childhood, Machine Head in my opinion is the best rock album in history, the Anglo-Saxon rock is no doubt. In my heart is the Marck II since I have known personally and people are very friendly and polite as all British. Mozart, Bach and Beethoven are present in their symphonies, ha ha ha, greetings to all and bless Jehovah

Comment by wheelmanstan

yeah yeah yeahhhhh, grrrroooooovvyyyyyy

Comment by PJGan13

GeneralMinus anyone? :P

Comment by Norfolk Southern Lehigh Valley Railfan

That's the way I am to I like listening to music I never heard of I got a lot of unknown artist in my playlist man I found a lot of good music but Deep Purple if you dig deep into there music more than just the regular one song they play on the radio Smoke on the water they have awesome albums and songs.

Comment by Escritor173

Hail to the King, Baby

Comment by MartianManFromMars

I really wish I could get Ash vs Evil Dead. Evil Dead 2 is one of my favorite movies.
> A <

Comment by Ville Pelkonen

Space Fuckin!

Comment by Belén Noir


Comment by cesarttito

I love it

Comment by William Lucas

First time I've heard the studio version. It's a lot sharper and tight than the live version I'm used to.

Comment by Jalil Ali

klaatu barada nikto thumbs up if you remember the words lol

Comment by SickOfIt All

Time to rock out

Comment by Joe Baumgart

Who else wants to see Elvis Vs the Evil Dead be a real thing?

Comment by newromantic888

These guys obviously did astrophysics at university.

Comment by Kylie Etzold

thankyou jon rip

Comment by ZeHoSmusician

Really? O.o How so?

Comment by xerxes450

the most accomplished song of "Machine Head " Album. Ian paice's drum is perfect

Comment by Robert Balliet

Great vocals !!!

Comment by bloed augurk

jisten beiber ist bitter

Comment by Urganite

Thumbs up if you're listening to this while playing Elite: Dangerous.

Comment by Tincho Tincho

Deep Purple brought me here.

Comment by JediMasterCheryl

As of 20 April 2016 there are 64 idiots who don't know what decent music is...they probably like that Beiber kid....

Comment by Ruby Rojas

Genius Song!

Comment by veikko453

Eipä ole

Comment by tony rock zeimpekakis

all the comments in here have nothing to do with this great song what the fuck ???

Comment by SepticSchizo955

If you haven't heard this song before that show, then kill yourself

Comment by Argonautica8

aerosmith is a half stones half zeppelin rip off. sorry.

Comment by MrRafaelBCK

Don't go losing that cargo full of ilegal alien immigrants now.

Comment by Frank Conquest   Jr

Should be on the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Tape #2.

Comment by dani finkel

el mejor rock!!

Comment by WalterJacksonFreeman

I'm sure that's a secret u'd not want exposed
I'll release it when I feel like it!

Comment by carole Looney

Oh Yeah!

Comment by Suzanne Reilman

Kicki' AZZ, don't even care about takin'names:)!

Comment by crussell4691

That Guitar Solo !!!!

Comment by Whodamanimal

Long Live Jon Lord!

Comment by candrew14

The Deadites disliked this 45 times.  But it don't matter - Ash is backing and he's cooler than you!

Comment by James Milham

lets tango bitch!

Comment by Nick Berry

It rocks, it funks, it hits all the right buttons. I grew up on this album and forty years later I still love it. that's the power of music. Thanks DP.

Comment by weelittledragon

I'm hoping that whoever disliked this, did so by accident.



Comment by mike hanold

u know

Comment by Aski

Yup, I got the 200 comment.

Comment by WalterJacksonFreeman

a liberal is someone who's happy with giving away someone else's money
and I don't give a flying fuck for ur reasoning

Comment by Logan Cracraft


Comment by ZL1 Camaro

Ash vs Evil dead

Comment by RyunWould

This would have been a much better choice for the Destiny live action commercial over Led Zeppelin. They actually reference the Moon, Venus and Mars. Someone dropped the ball and also paid WAY too much for an inappropriate song.

Comment by smojakayban

SMOKE on the WATER and this song R the theme for Rock n' Roll. I am 55 year old DJ- challenge me?

Comment by Russ Hendrix

This is my BOOM Stick!

Comment by RFKFANTS67

@MANHATTANBEEFMAN how about thumbs up if you think Bieber sucks guys lol!

Comment by Daniel saavedra

movie: lords of dogtown (2005)

Comment by Steven R.

such a great song

Comment by Pat O'Shea

My favorite DP song...

Comment by Sam Peterson

this song gives me power its so groovy

Comment by colin6768

Ian Paice - one of the most underrated drummers in rock history.

Comment by Peter Dahlin

One of the best

Comment by Joshua Colon


Comment by Milan Kolarski

Their best album ever.

Comment by Sammy Pisciotta

Blah Blah Blah.

Comment by TheJbhmetal

theyre ok but how about aerosmith

Comment by Gary Mitchell

Yes RIP Jon Lord.  I like Ian Paice's drumming on this album in particular.

Comment by masterpbk

Hail to the King baby

Comment by sqhatr

Getting baked and watching ash vs evil dead

Comment by Agent Orange

Bruce Campbell brought me here!

Comment by topher87090

lol 1 person sucks dick

Comment by Kumar Thiru

Bet my neck, if anyone makes a solid ROCK song like this now!!!....

Comment by mike hanold

smoke some more pot

Comment by Harri Palmroos

onks pojilla yhtään huonoa kappaletta ?

Comment by Gio Stepnadze

yeeeeeeeeeeeeee rockeeeeeeerr uhuuuuuu u u u u uu u u u

Comment by SCWP514

i feel like churro after this. and thats not a race thing Pablo its just a great dessert

Comment by Tyler Mccoleman

you other young adults make me sick.. this is real music been jamming this since day one.

Comment by Patrick G

I just hope that kids now and after are given the gift of Richie and ALL HIS BANDS.

Comment by Darren Verni

Ian Gillan's vocals on this track are so fuckin high and badass!!!

Comment by Sammy Pisciotta

His daughter is a "dope attic"? I for sure thought she was a dope basement, or atleast a dope second floor.

Comment by JohnnyBoy7267

One more for papa

Comment by Ron B Smoov

MACHINE HEAD was a game-changer!

Comment by Xylius Schaaij

I'm a regional (hopefully soon inter-regional) trader in EVE, this is my theme-song when I'm warping to my next buy/sell.

Comment by san oro

now THIS is real music!! not the like the crap they make now!

Comment by Robert Wright

00:53, jump to lightspeed!

Comment by Roger Andrews

Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin ..

Comment by Alto's Music Lab

one of my first memorable experiences with the demon weed in 1970 Satellite Beach, Fla.

Comment by Fagmin

Here's hoping they do an evil dead reanimator cross over

Comment by Elikstar

deep purple brought me here

Comment by WalterJacksonFreeman

without the story

Comment by kenton jones

u have uncovered me as i am dead top secret does not apply i amtorpedoeman secret still applies in death

Comment by kamran etemad

come on come lets go to mars

Comment by Trav Carmody

Hahaha Boom Stick! I get it, Ash Vs Evil Dead.

Comment by TheY2AProblem


Comment by TheJbhmetal

I wasnt insulting those bands Im just listing some great bands from America ok people!

Comment by Dave Black

how the fuck is that liberal?

oh American,,,there's no point.

Comment by Rick Cadliy

Been listening to this group for a very long time. Awesome that this song was used in Ash vs the Evil Dead.

Comment by Dustin Cassidy

Peoples court?

Comment by David Barnich

Hey at least some good fucking music here ...

Comment by L.K Mendez

Had this album on 8 track.Used to play it in my car all the time!!! (Many moons ago!!)

Comment by Strangefolk Primary

Move fleet in EvE. Been listening to this.

Comment by TheExaltedPheonix

What would the lyrics be like, if the song was 'Come on, come on, come on, lets go space fucking; come on, come on, come on, lets go space fucking... Come on, come on......'?

Comment by smojakayban

Y'all are correct. DJ from Boston and play till ears bleed'!

Comment by NewJerseyMilitia

Thirty deaf people.

Comment by Bryan Stahl

Ash brought me here.....Groovy baby 😃

Comment by TheVideocliper23

Get ready for a flashy break in 0:20 .

Comment by RetroGaming

thats a little extreme....

Comment by Drew Watts

Ash is the man!

Comment by Joseph Bordelon

"I'll be polite. . . Until I'm rude" Lmao! Ash vs. Evil Dead

Comment by Jozee Wales

get get get high

Comment by KTown Kidd704

nobody here from lords of dogtown??

Comment by Daniel PowerHail Hernandez

Ash Williams me ha traído hasta aqui... ¡y no me arrepiento!
Hail to the King Baby!

Comment by Clarissa Serpa

This was the song that Kalpana, the astronaut from Columbia (2003), used to listen everyday in the morning, when she was in the space. #Rip #Kalpana

Comment by JeffTheNebraskaDJ

ONE OF THE BEST!! From Deep Purple, the dj

Comment by KilroyTheGreat

Yo, granny- let's go!

Comment by Blister Monde


Comment by Terry C

Never got thru the live version from Made in Japan with a friend of mine at Mount A when we were out in space. Like listening to Queen's second album side black.

Comment by Dmdmello

That's the best sound Jon ever got out of his hammond in my opinion...just beautiful.

Comment by Tung Nguyen Xuan

Ash brought me here

Comment by Jason Vorhees

Lords of Dogtown

Comment by Bob Wells

This is basically a perfect example of rock and roll.

Comment by evand848

slayer, megadeth.....

Comment by jack crockatt


Comment by MR. FORGE

Hail to the king baby!

Comment by claybangsdrums

dude... sarcasm.

Comment by daniel heflin

you are an idiot sir

Comment by Mister Mitchell Man

People who dislike Deep Purple should go and hang themselves

Comment by shuroom57

The Classic Line-up. They knew it; just couldn't live with it.

Comment by Carleton LeGrant

Hail to the King

Comment by Anna Maria Delgado

Thank you for posting the entire song.

Comment by Juha Ahonen

love that spaceong gomomn!

Comment by Sean Kenney

Who are these schmucks hitting the dislike button? That is historic heavy metal there. :P

Comment by C.L. Williams

I rock around the Milkywayhayhey...

Comment by Gerald Kennedy

I can only imagine the pilots of the space shuttle playing this song 30 seconds before they launch. Star Trek: FC style!

Comment by Harry Lumley

Hail to the king baby, this should have been the track on a destiny game advert it just fits the game so well lol awsum fukin track

Comment by Hallows Victim

You faggots know this was a song before that fuck-all of a show, right? We don't need anymore shitty references and quotes in the comment section. Thanks.

Comment by Psunonymus Disguito

A full Load of ROCK !!!

Comment by Simon Connolly

Never will forget Bruce Campbell spazzing out to this tune with a carton of juice and a straw

Comment by Nick Schultz

yeah dude. its an immediate epic fail if one of todays ''stars'' tries a cover of a classic kick ass song

Comment by johnnymccraze

Ash vs Evil Dead hasn't even been around for three months, and already it's one of the highest rated shows on the internet. That's how good it is.

Comment by hYBRYDcOBRA

Let the BOOMSTICK do the talking.

Comment by Joe Baumgart

"I'm sorry Ma'am, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave the store!"

Comment by Sammy Pisciotta

Maybe you've forgotten, I typed the whole thing...on a computer....on the internet...I haven't spoken to you at all...You can't spell and you don't know the difference between speaking and typing, what will the world ever do with a moron of your stature?

Comment by Ale Zep


Comment by Andrew Strobel

"oh good. I was starting to feel like a reeeal dick."

Comment by Vivian mena matus

Pedazo de tema y que bueno que una serie de TV la traiga de vuelta ! !

Comment by minecraftfan10

awesome song

Comment by v1k1ngVince

This should have in Guardians of the Galaxy!

Comment by All that is now

The truth of life has been revealed, Google *_Truth contest_* and check out the top entry. 

Comment by Larry Colon

the early days of heavy metal was fucken kool awesome anything by Deep Purple!!!😀😀😀😀. in 1984 they kicked rock radio in the ass with the album Perfect Strangers.

Comment by William Harper

Saw them at a bar in 1988 in Winston Salem, NC. The lead singer gave me a beer, I was underage? Thanks dude!!! They did a real good show!

Comment by paralogos


Comment by Robert Schaefer

Awesome song I wish I downloaded this song when I was in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Comment by Danny Mundy

one of my favorite intros of all time.

Comment by Angus Landeryou


Comment by The Laughing Man

El Jefe! Ash vs Evil Dead!! Hail to the king baby!!!

Comment by louswire

I think this is the album that Jon Lord brought out the Hammond B-3 (B=Beast) He'd worked out something with a Hammond tech to bypass a board in the works inside the organ to run the unfiltered oscillator in the Hammond B3 straight into the amps... giving the organ almost the same sound power as the guitar of Richie Blackmor .

Comment by cybrfc

Incredible piece of music. Superb vocals.

Comment by Gaming Galaxies

The Orville?

Comment by Argonautica8

not my style but stranglehold rocks

Comment by Chunky BBQ

Dig it

Comment by Love God

Yeah I said it

Comment by Ibn Sina


Comment by jorge sanchez

fucking awesome song la mara teclena lencula deep purple, viva farabundo marti

Comment by Adrian Gauna

My favourite Deep Purple song thanks for uploading!

Comment by Rose Kitty, Gray Kitty, and Jack Kitty

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The Christians have no idea about this yet. all over again, until now.  I can see another Holy war starting, Fuckspan!
Fuckspan, you not only fuck with the accounts of qui spirits, but also with the accounts of all whom are religious, Jews included.  No one ever accused a Jew of being loyal to his/her own kind.
Fuckspan, Ann Riley knew all of this all along.  i always back her up, especially since YOU always love to rant and rave, like the evil idiot you are, right in front of me, ya dumb ass!  And what do you rant and rave about?  All of the sick things YOU have always gotten away with, especially when it comes to Ann, and the things YOU will always get away with, just to tell me " There is somebody coming, and there is nothing YOU can do about it ". it would seem as though Jim Morrison was watching YOU also and speaks on my behalf, something you never expected, only because Jim Morrison seems to have a very limited memory, like I thought I had and still do, but only when it comes to certain things as he is always out to get rid of a Jew, especially YOU and Biggie " big ass, small balls" Smalls.
It never makes sense to pay first, and get the product  weeks, sometimes years later, something all of us have become way accustomed to accepting as totally normal.
YOU told me Fuckspan that my Goddess Moon Stamp and my Orange Magic, was 
" stuck in time ", even though I already pre paid, a few years ago for these items.
No wonder Marisa Gomez at Capricorn Lair never refunded me for the Moon Goddess stamp I pre paid for, nor ever refunded me.  The Federal Reserve is where my products are stuck in time at, YOu dirty, nasty Jew, Fuckspan.  Remember, you told me this so many times, that YOU said I was to blame when this happened for " not doing anything about it ".  Since I worked nights at the Reserve, I was very easy prey for YOUr jew ass!!  That is how you sealed YOUr guilt into being mine.  YOU told me that is what I get for not shutting my big yap, about what YOUr Jew ass has been doing for centuries, yet I cannot speak unless it is through the Goddess Ann, whom is also the Goddess Sandy and Goddess Angie, both of whom are getting nothing but shit from YOUr jew ass ways.  I am telling you now, Fuckspan, they are never going to " shut the fuck up !"
Fuckspan, you are so evil, that I get off track, all of the time, as there is so much to report about YOUr being the Jew bag that YOU always were, and yet YOU say you are never going to change YOUr Jew ways.  I am telling you, " I don't give a flying F if you do or not "!!!  I already know that as you so politely put it , and something I already knew forever " A Jew and his ways shall never change ".  And you locked that in with money.
Now, where was I?   Michelle S at Best Buy refused to order the " one and only printer that will work with your computer ", without my paying first with my debit/credit card, even after I told her the Maria Gomez, at the Riverview Branch of Bank of America " placed restrictions/a block on the account, due to fraudulent activity ".  That is what she has always stated each and every time the Bank suspects each other of committing fraud as they fight over my password and Site Key and Online ID information, with which to do this, something I verified with Jordan Maxwell that these evil idiots had been doing to all of us, " ever since Fuckspan branched out from the Christian- Jew-DA ( deposit account )-O ( owe we back ) bank, but not first going through another bank and church branch, also known as the Jew-dicial system ( courts ) first.
Fuckspan, see what happens when YOU spout off like the mad man YOU really are, to a kitty cat, whom is also a lead Wiccan Goddess?  YOU get caught with YOUr jew bag, inside of YOUr Jew web, and from where I am standing, you are hanging from just one foot, upside down inside of, along with Ar;nie limp dick.  YOU went so far overboard with YOUr Jew ways, YOU are getting caught and trapped by YOUr own kind.
I told both Michelle S and Chad S, on the Best Buy website, that I was going to visit the Grand Regency Best Buy location and order the printer from there, without pre paying with the cash I have on hand.  I already know I will get a very hard time about this.  To be continued.
Also, always include names when qui complain about something stupid a moron jew has done to us,  There can be no exception if qui want to get anything resolved.  Qiui can use any name qui want in the complaints as all of humanity is involved in Jew-DA-ism.  Sometimes, innocense gets trapped via names, but all would agree, this is the one and only way to get rid of all crime, by getting rid of all evil.  Benevolence is always right, even when what qui do feels wrong at times.  Qui are never wrong, even though results say otherwise most ofter.  Our intent is genuine, and all have integrity.  For example, if a benevolent spirit finds a way to make money, perhaps the same way as  jew does, he or she is right to do so.  It is part of earning a living while qui are here on Planet Hell, getting rid of all evil.  Even when qui are convicted of crimes by the Jew_dicial system, it is never our fault for doing what it takes to survive in the most comfortable way as possible.
This can get very truck.
Fuckspan, what most do not know is that YOU moonlight during the day, as head of the Supreme Court, division of Jew-DA-ism, as a Chief Justice, along with Fuckafeller, Nixon, Fuckinger ( Kissinger, another Charlie Milles Manson long story ), and many other " talking heads ", such as yourself.  " Court never did make a damn bit of sense to me."---Charlie Milles Manson/Charles Manson brothers.
"It is all a game", states Jordan Maxwell, " a super hideous word game.  Yes it is a game.  Ya play ball in a court, aka, tennis ,badmitten, etc....and all other ball games.  All tie into the court system ", Jordan further explains.  " This is a devil's Racket ".-  Ball games have more to do with the Jew-DA-O court system than anything else"

To be continued.........

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Ash vs evil dead brought me here.

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ash vs evil dead! !

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Air guitarists around the world, rejoice!!

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