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October 9, 2013



The Last One To Know

The Last One To Know Mp3 Song, Download The Last One To Know, The Last One To Know Mp3 Download"The Last One To Know" is a music track from 2013 Hit Rock cassette, RB Legends Vol 3 The Fleetwoods.This soundtrack was recorded 4 years before, towards the peak to be enjoyable by English teens.Average monetize to Supreme Media by this track is $2841.The music track was nicely composed by The Fleetwoods on the other side it was well performed by The Fleetwoods.It swiftly got to edge on the youtube in 1921, and is seen by 71.88 thousand people.Major expert The Fleetwoods roled in two jobs, played role as singers and composer. performed as a lyricist.The Fleetwoods greetedmuch title for well rendering of a Rock song.Supreme Media, released this track after casting "Poor Little Girl" music track performed by The Fleetwoods.It was The Fleetwoods`s 241th soundtrack, Out of 253 total till now.Track is reachable on itunes store for just $1.29 or all album just for $11.99.

Info You Must Know

Song Name The Last One To Know
AlbumRB Legends Vol 3 The Fleetwoods.
ComposerThe Fleetwoods.
LabelSupreme Media.
SingerThe Fleetwoods.
Duration 03:08
Record on October 9, 2013
Album Price $11.99
Song Price $1.29
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The Last One To Know Lyrics

I saw a friend as I walked down the street
He said "Let's sit down
Get a load off our feet"
We found a table inside a cafe
I smiled as we ordered and wondered what he had to say

He said "I'm sorry
I just found out"
I asked him what he was talking about
He said it's no secret (no secret)
We've all heard the news
You're taking it great
You don't even look like you're blue

Why, oh, why was I the last one to know?
Thought our love would do nothing but grow
It's all over town
I was the last one to know (the last one)

I left my friend and walked out on the street
My head had been high
Now I looked at my feet
My friends all look sad (look sad)
As I passed them on by
My friends were all sad
I was the last to know why (the last one)

Why, oh, why was I the last one to know?
Thought our love would do nothing but grow
It's all over town
I was the last one to know (the last one)

Mmmmm to know (the last one)
Mmmmm to know (the last one)
Mmmmm to know

Did You Know?

Although the Fleetwoods' sound was smooth, without many of the rougher edges of doo wop groups, they were one of the few white vocal groups of the late '50s and early '60s to enjoy success not only on the pop charts, but also the R&B charts. Their forte was ballads -- beginning with the 1959 debut single "Come Softly to Me," they racked up a number of hits over the next three years, and nearly all of them were ballads. The Fleetwoods broke up in 1963, but their songs -- particularly "Come Softly to Me" -- became pop/rock classics of the pre-British Invasion era. Gretchen Christopher, Barbara Ellis, and Gary Troxell formed the Fleetwoods while attending high school in Olympia, WA. Originally, the group consisted only of Christopher and Ellis, but the duo soon asked Troxell to accompany them on trumpet. Shortly after his arrival in the group, Troxell abandoned the trumpet and concentrated on singing once the other two members heard a portion of a song he had written. With some notable contributions from Christopher and Ellis, the group wrote "Come Softly to Me" and began performing the song at various events around Olympia, eventually gaining the attention of Bob Reisdorff, who ran the Seattle-based label Dolphin Records. Dolphin released "Come Softly to Me" early in 1959 and the song became an instant hit, climbing to number one on the pop charts and number five on the R&B charts;

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