The Riders Of The Silences Chapter 24 Mp3 Song Wordscape Lyrics

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January 2, 2018



The Riders Of The Silences Chapter 24

"The Riders Of The Silences Chapter 24" is a song of 2015 Hit Regional Indian track List, The Riders Of The Silences By Max Brand.The soundtrack was framed by Wordscape so on it was enjoyably sung by Wordscape.Wordscape, produced the track after making live "The Riders Of The Silences Chapter 23" soundtrack acted by Chemystry Set.Major singer Wordscape roled in three jobs, took part as singers, composer and label.
introduced as a song writer.It was Wordscape`s 2829th song, Out of 3357 in total .Wordscape gotmuch more gifts for good work of a Regional Indian music track.It instantly went high on youtube in 1925, and is viewed by 20.47 thousand audience.This song was released 2 years ago, going on to hit by English teens.Estimated profit recieved to Wordscape from the music track is $1587.Song is reachable on itunes library for only $1.29 and full CD only for $7.99.

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Song Name The Riders Of The Silences Chapter 24
AlbumsThe Riders Of The Silences By Max Brand.
GenreRegional Indian.
Duration 21:23
Record on January 2, 2018
Album Price $7.99
Song Price $1.29
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The Riders Of The Silences Chapter 24 Lyrics

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Here I am assuming Heath was level 10 prior to this chapter, so I can promote him (else he can't double any Wyvern Rider, and he will most likely die on the way). Unlike his brother, Linus will never move, and he is far harder to kill, which is an issue since I must kill him as soon as possible (Wallace isn't here to slow me down). Since I can't carry Hawkeye, Geitz is my best option to kill Linus, as Brave Bow!Geitz is barely strong enough to ORKO Linus with Filla's Might (Geitz may have 18 or 19 Str, Linus may have 48 or 49 HP, I need a favorable outcome for these two stats). The other option would be Killing Edge!Legault, who doubles and can ORKO Linus with a single crit, but dropping him next to Linus would be even more challenging than the Geitz strategy. I didn't really try, but the most important items (Earth Seal, Bolting, Silence) look impossible to obtain in a 3 turns clear, but at least I should be able to get the Orion's Bolt to reward Wil for his exemplary work (I am joking, he will never reach level 10).

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