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March 31, 2006



Theres Your Trouble

Theres Your Trouble Mp3 Song, Download Theres Your Trouble, Theres Your Trouble Mp3 Download"Theres Your Trouble" is a soundtrack from 2006 Best Bollywood CD, Top of the World Tour Live.It swiftly get up on the youtube in 1928, and is seen by 2.93 million people.It was Dixie Chicks`s 135th song, Out of 154 till now.Dixie Chicks got respect and love for pleasant job of a Bollywood soundtrack. roled as a writer.Sony Music, launched the music track after releasing "Zielona Pani Ziemio" music track acted by Maryla Rodowicz.This track was casted 11 years ago, continuing to be delightful by English listeners.Main vocalist Dixie Chicks introduced in two responsibilities, roled as singers and composer.The soundtrack was originally composed by Dixie Chicks while it was kindly carried out by Dixie Chicks.Approximate revenue to Sony Music by the soundtrack is $6345.Music track is obtainable on platform itunes for just $1.29 or whole CD for $15.99.

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Song Name Theres Your Trouble
AlbumTop of the World Tour Live.
ComposerDixie Chicks.
LabelSony Music.
SingerDixie Chicks.
Duration 03:21
Record on March 31, 2006
Album Price $15.99
Song Price $1.29
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Theres Your Trouble Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Should Have Been Different But
It Wasn't Different, Was It
Same Old Story, Dear John, And So Long
Should Have Fit Like A Glove
Should Have Fit Like A Ring
Like A Diamond Ring
A Token Of True Love
Should Have All Worked Out
But It Didn't
She Should Be Here Now
But She Isn't

There's Your Trouble, There's Your Trouble
You Keep Seeing Double With The Wrong One
You Can't See I Love You, You Can't See She Doesn't
But You Just Keep Holding On
There's Your Trouble

[Verse 2]
So Now You're Thinking 'Bout
All You're Missing -- How
Deep You're Sinking, Round And Round And Dragging Down
Why Don't You Cash In Your Chips
Why Don't You Call It A Loss
Not Such A Big Loss, Chalk It Up to better luck
Could Have Been True Love
But It Wasn't
It Should All Add Up
But It Doesn't


Should Have All Worked Out
But It Didn't
She Should Be Here Now
But She Isn't


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Should have been different but
It wasn't different, was it
Same old story, dear John, and so long
Should have fit like a glove
Should have fit like a ring
Like a diamond ring
A token of true love
Should have all worked out
But it didn't
She should be here now
But she isn't

There's your trouble, there's your trouble
You keep seeing double with the wrong one
You can't see I love you, you can't see she doesn't
But you just keep holding on
There's your trouble

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