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January 7, 2018



These Wicked Days

These Wicked Days Mp3 Song, Download These Wicked Days, These Wicked Days Mp3 DownloadThe best CD "Elephantine", was launched in 2014 with a Best Alternative soundtrack "These Wicked Days" .This track was launched 3 years ago, going on to viral by English listeners. Vocals in this track was written by .Landmine Spring greetedvarious rewards for nice work of a Alternative song.Major expert Landmine Spring performed in two jobs, roled as singers and composer.The music track was framed by Landmine Spring where as it was kindly sung by Landmine Spring.It fastly got high on the video platform youtube in 2005, and is viewed by 55.41 thousand audience.Surreal Estate, produced the soundtrack after recording "Tarred And Feathered" song performed by Landmine Spring.It is Landmine Spring`s 6th soundtrack, Out of 26 all .Average profit recieved to Surreal Estate by this soundtrack is $1436.Song is accessible on itunes for just $1.29 and full list just for $9.99.

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Song Name These Wicked Days
ComposerLandmine Spring.
LabelSurreal Estate.
SingerLandmine Spring.
Duration 04:55
Record on January 7, 2018
Album Price $9.99
Song Price $1.29
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These Wicked Days Lyrics

What she said there I've heard it all before And once again I've got the floor Burned my bridges and now I can't return What will it take when will I learn Head on the table and I've been sick again I just can't seem to hold it in You thought you knew me But dig in deep you'll find Broken thoughts from a broken mind And I said I believe them These wicked days It's like it's all been stripped away And I said it's like a believe them No matter what they say It's like it's all been stripped away And I said it right now Older reason I should've taken heeds But I don't know what it is I need You may hate me in fact I know you do But that's just fine cause I hate you too I set out with the mind to make it good Do the right things and say what I should But love sees no colours And fate sets the rules up Despite all the lies my mind has been made up I gave you the key and you let yourself in Now you find yourself trapped under my skin There's no second chances and no going back My heart rules my head so go figure We walk so far to come to this You might be right But I don't think that I can take it anymore And I don't wanna hear a thing you say Greed - it's all you know It's just the taking And the always wanting something more Grown - into something that I don't like And things are never gonna be the same You could never be and never will But you didn't listen

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